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*Reed Diamond – Dr. Cameron Talbot
*Reed Diamond – Dr. Cameron Talbot
*Jeff Doucette – Super
*Jeff Doucette – Super
*[[Arye Gross]] – [[Sidney Perlmutter}Medical Examiner Perlmutter]]
*[[Arye Gross]] – [[Sidney Perlmutter|Medical Examiner Perlmutter]]
*Elaine Hendrix – Melissa Talbot
*Elaine Hendrix – Melissa Talbot
*Debi Mazar – Paula Haas
*Debi Mazar – Paula Haas

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Basic Details

Season 2, Episode 5

Original Air Date: October 19, 2009

Also Aired On: December 26, 2009


Castle’s book agent, Paula Haas (guest star Debi Mazar), approaches him with a career changing opportunity, but taking it would mean the end of his relationship with Beckett. Will the murder of an unidentified woman found dead in a manhole be their last case together?

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Griffin Cleveland – Zane Talbot
  • John Brantley Cole – Uniform
  • Reed Diamond – Dr. Cameron Talbot
  • Jeff Doucette – Super
  • Arye GrossMedical Examiner Perlmutter
  • Elaine Hendrix – Melissa Talbot
  • Debi Mazar – Paula Haas
  • Ivo Nandi – Teodor Hajek
  • Heather Pennington – Hero Witness
  • Timi Prulhiere – Talbot’s Nurse
  • Diana-Maria Riva – Det. Roselyn Karpowski
  • Francisco Viana – Manager


  • John Terlesky


Ratings Information

Date Viewers (Mil) 18-49 Demo
Oct 19, 2009 9.88 2.4
Dec 26, 2009 3.58 0.9


Richard Castle: I don’t know that I’m ready to walk away from Nikki Heat.
Paula Haas: The one on the page or the one standing over there in the Herve Leger dress?


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