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When The Bough Breaks

Basic Details[edit]

Season 2, Episode 5 (15)

Original Air Date - October 19, 2009


Castle’s book agent, Paula Haas (guest star Debi Mazar), approaches him with a career changing opportunity, but taking it would mean the end of his relationship with Beckett. Will the murder of an unidentified woman found dead in a manhole be their last case together?

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

Castle & his agent, Paula Haas, played by Debi Mazar; © 2009-2010 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
  • Griffin Cleveland – Zane Talbot
  • John Brantley Cole – Uniform
  • Reed Diamond – Dr. Cameron Talbot
  • Jeff Doucette – Super
  • Arye Gross – Medical Examiner Sidney Perlmutter
  • Elaine Hendrix – Melissa Talbot
  • Debi Mazar – Paula Haas
  • Ivo Nandi – Teodor Hajek
  • Heather Pennington – Hero Witness
  • Timi Prulhiere – Talbot’s Nurse
  • Diana-Maria Riva – Det. Roselyn Karpowski
  • Francisco Viana – Manager




Police Officer: City workers found her when they opened the manhole to check the line.
(Beckett and the boys peer into an open manhole)
Beckett: Something tells me she didn't trip.

Ryan: Yeah, body was found down the manhole over there half-eaten.
Castle: Half-eaten?
Ryan: Yeah, it was covered in some kind of green slime.
Castle: Whoa.
Ryan: Yeah, it was creepy.
Esposito: As if someone or something is down there.
Castle: Ah, that's...okay, very funny, that's great. Was there a body down the manhole?
Beckett: Yeah.
Castle: Okay, thank you, an adult.
Beckett: Yeah, you should have seen what else was down there. Two metal canisters with bio-hazard stickers and yellow powder inside of it.
Castle: You opened the... All right. Will someone please tell me what's really going on here?
Ryan: We're gonna check nearby trash cans for the murder weapon.
Castle: Ah, what was the murder weapon, by the way?
Ryan: Some kind of death ray.
Esposito: Turns your insides out.

Castle: I almost ordered a Russian bride once. You know, a Czech-mate.

Martha: You really are something, you know. You always think everything is about you. (Hands him a sheaf of papers) Here.
Castle: What are these?
Martha: Oh, they're flyers for my play. I thought you could hand them out at when you're signing books at the party tomorrow.
Castle: Ah, gee, I was thinking, actually, that I might keep the evening about me.

Castle: Well, I mean, I'm flattered to even be considered writing a certain British secret agent, it'd be a very big opportunity for me.
Beckett: I was talking about Nikki Heat.
Castle: Oh.
Beckett: Wait a minute, a certain British secret agent, are you--
Castle: If they actually offer it to me. They may not.
Beckett: Yeah, but if they do--
Castle: Well, I, uh, I'd certainly consider it. Like I said, I thought you'd be relieved.
Beckett: I am. I mean, I would be, if they offered it to you.

Castle: I don’t know that I’m ready to walk away from Nikki Heat.
Paula Haas: The one on the page or the one standing over there in the Herve Leger dress?

Dedication in Heat Wave: To the extraordinary KB and all my friends at the 12th.

Castle: (To Beckett about the dedication in Heat Wave) I meant it. You are extraordinary.

Beckett: I didn’t see it that way.
Castle: You’re saying that because you’ve never been scorned.
Beckett: What makes you say that?
Castle: C’mon. What man has ever turned you away?

Castle: (Irritated) You know, a lot of people would be flattered that someone chose to write a book based on them.
Beckett: Flattered?
Castle: Yeah.
Beckett: Do you have any idea how much grief I've had to put up with over this Nikki Heat thing?
Castle: Gee, I'm sorry.
Beckett: I'm not asking you to be sorry, I'm just...Just do whatever you want to do. You always do anyway.
Castle: Oh, fine, it's settled then.
Beckett: Fine.
Castle: I'll do the other book.
Beckett: Great.

Castle: Enjoy the party.
Beckett: Thanks, I will.
Castle: You know what, it's just as well because there really wasn't enough to the character of Nikki Heat for more than one novel anyway.
Beckett: Oh, there's plenty to the character. She just needs a better writer.
Castle: Fine.
Beckett: Fine.

Beckett: The irony is it never would have connected them. We don't go through a victim’s mail unless there's probable cause and we have a warrant first.
Castle: Thank you.
Beckett: For what?
Castle: For using irony correctly. Ever since that Alanis Morrisette song, people use it when they mean coincidence. It drives me nuts.
Beckett: Yeah, well, it must be your great grammatical influence over me.
Castle: I may be going, but I'm leaving something of myself behind.

Beckett: Thank you, Castle. I uh, never would have been able to solve this case without your help. Well, uh, good luck on your new book. I know you'll do it proud.
Castle: Thanks.
(Both look deep into each other’s eyes. Castle extends his hand, Beckett smiles, and they shake.)
Castle: You take care of yourself, and...
(Both their cell phones ring, interrupting the moment)

Beckett: (To Castle) I am going to kill you! (To Capt. Montgomery into her cell) No, no, sir, I wasn't talking to you. I, uh, no need to thank me, sir. I am happy to help his Honor out in whatever way I can.
Castle: (As Beckett slowly approaches, furious) Uh, huh. You know what…I think...I'm gonna...Paula, I'm gonna have…I'll call you back. (To Beckett) I had, I had nothing to do with that phone call.
Beckett: (Answers her cell phone) What! ...Okay. I'll be right there.
(Beckett walks away)
Castle: Where are you going?
Beckett: That was Esposito, there's been a murder. Are you coming or what? (Castle hurries to catch up with her) Do you really expect me to believe you had nothing to do with that phone call?
Castle: I swear I had nothing to do--
Beckett: Swear a little harder Castle.


  • Includes scene with the Launch party for Heat Wave.
  • Reed Diamond was in a TV movie in 2006 called Faceless with Stana Katic
  • Sound technician Anna Wilborn appears in a scene in an obstetrician's office as a pregnant woman. She actually was pregnant at the time and the cast and crew threw her a surprise baby shower on set.[1]
  • The gentleman with whom Castle is talking when Beckett arrives at the launch party is Tom Straw, who has written at least one of the Richard Castle novels published in the real world.[2]

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Full episode recap from ABC.com


Who: Eliska Sokol, single Caucasian female, early 30's probably Czechoslovakian
Found: in a manhole
Where Killed: down the street away from where she was dumped
How: blunt force trauma to the back of her head

Killer: Dr. Cameron Talbot
Motive: Had an affair (maybe, maybe not) with the victim. But he really needed to cover up the baby swap he performed when his child and Eliska's child was born. Dr. Talbot's child was born with a fatal incurable disease.


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  2. Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, 14 February 2011

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