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Victoria Gates

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Victoria Gates takes over as Captain of the 12th precinct at the beginning of the fourth season after the death of Captain Roy Montgomery. Nicknamed "Iron Gates," she spent the early part of her career with Internal Affairs and, once promoted to head of the 12th, will be more interested in furthering her career than in the minutiae of police work.

Her portrayer, Penny Johnson Jerald, says "Our last captain was like a nurturing father figure, but my character's a little different in that she has eyes in the back of her head and won't let them get away with anything."[1] And by anything, she includes the sexual tension between Richard Castle and Kate Beckett: "She's on to it...Oh yeah," but, she'll have "none of that in my precinct," says Jerald.[2]

Relationship with Castle[edit]

Everyone agrees that Gates' arrival will make things much more difficult for Castle:

  • Andrew Marlowe: "Everybody's getting along really well in the precinct, and we think there can be a little more conflict...We think it's interesting to grow Beckett and Castle by having somebody who ... may not look as favorably on the Castle-Beckett relationship."[3]
  • Nathan Fillion: "She's not invested in these cops and certainly not Castle in the way that Montgomery was. It's going to be much more difficult for Castle...Castle is accustomed to being surrounded by women, he’s accustomed to people adoring him. He thinks pretty highly of himself, he thinks he’s pretty charming and he’s never had a lot of trouble in that area....But when you have someone like our new captain who is not swayed by his charms, who does not see a use for him being around when she has plenty of good cops, you have someone who’s a thorn in Castle’s side. But Castle is not someone who takes failure to heart."[4]

Penny Johnson Jerald herself said "She bonds with no one but herself, and there is contention with Castle. She's trying to figure out why he's here. He's like a fly you can't get rid of."[1]

Relationship with Other Characters[edit]

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Gates is hard on her police officers and detectives, but ultimately has good intentions. With Kate Beckett, she is just as tough, but not entirely cold, says Jerald: "I think you could really put that into a category of tough love. You have to [be] better than the best because you're a woman. I think she sees a little bit of herself in Beckett. So she wants Beckett to do it by the book so that Beckett isn't the reason for her own demise."[6]

Meanwhile, Detective Kevin Ryan is clearly unnerved by her, as he fumbles over his words and gets nervous in her presence, whereas Detective Javier Esposito is not at all intimidated.

Over time, Gates begins to open up to Beckett, eventually telling her that her father and uncles were cops. She also reveals that she worked in Internal Affairs because a Sergeant once assaulted her patrol partner and she feels that someone should be held accountable when cops abuse their authority.[7]

Gates has an equally high-flying sister, Elizabeth Weston, a U.S. attorney, with whom she has had a strained relationship for some years after Gates ruined a case by exposing a dirty witness. After a difficult case brings them together, the sisters are able to patch up their philosophical differences and their relationship starts to heal. [8]

At the start of season 8, it emerges that she has been promoted to deputy chief of police and is now working at 1 Police Plaza. Beckett takes over as captain of the 12th.[9]


  • Prefers to be called "Captain" or "Sir", but definitely not "Ma'am"[1]
  • Was the second youngest woman in the NYPD to make detective, behind Beckett, who beat her by six weeks.[10]
  • She is married, but little is ever revealed about her husband.[11]
  • She enjoys watching reality TV at home.[12]
  • She is knowledgeable about antique dolls. [13]


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