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Hello everyone!

I became a Castle fan via my sister and husband in early 2013 (I confess, they had to bribe me and coax me to give it a try - I was skeptical about it at first). I watched the entire series to date in about 4 weeks, "catching up" with real-time airing just in time to see Hunt live. I joined the CastleTV.net forum shortly thereafter, where I am known as "Someone To Stand With You", a reference of course to Beckett's eulogy for Montgomery in Knockout and my all-time favorite scene. I love Castle not only because it is entertaining, but because there is a depth to it that I find both compelling and insightful into real life. It is a wonderful blend of drama, comedy, and romance, and I am so thankful to the cast and crew for the work that they do - they do a terrific job with the show. Castle is the only show that I currently watch, and is one of the few that I have ever really followed in any dedicated way (Babylon 5 and Boy Meets World are my other two favorites; I like Wings, Star Trek, Murphy Brown, and Home Improvement as well).

The pages that I tend to focus on/contribute to regularly are as follows:

Personality-wise, I relate most to Beckett, and my favorite episodes tend to revolve around her and her relationship with Castle (of course):
My Top 10 List
My Ranking of All Castle Episodes