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Under the Gun

Basic Details

Season 3, Episode 3

Original Air Date October 4, 2010


As Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a bail bondsman, their path intersects with that of Beckett's old training officer, Mike Royce, now a bounty hunter and possible object of Beckett's affection. His stories about Beckett's early years on the force aren't the only things that send Castle's imagination into overdrive - the victim was found to have hidden a coded document, whose secrets he suspects will lead to the identity of his killer. At the same time, Alexis announces to her father than she is interested in getting a motor scooter, further calling to his attention the fact that his little girl is growing up.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jason Beghe – Mike Royce
  • Sophina Brown – Brooke Carver
  • James Handy – Clifford Stuckey
  • Brian Krause – Father Aaron Low
  • Keith Robinson – Random Pierce

Ratings Information

Date Viewers (Mil) 18-49 Demo
Oct. 4, 2010 10.834 2.6


Castle: You were a girl once.
Beckett: Still am.

Beckett: Bikes are what girls want when we realize we're never gonna get a pony.

Castle (about Beckett's getting a motorcycle in high school): How did your parents feel about it?
Beckett: Well, my Dad threatened to send me to a nunnery. And my Mom just shook her head and said 'Katie, every time you ride that thing, just remember how much you hate hearing me tell you I told you so.'

Beckett: Alexis is entering her 'wild child' phase.
Castle: My daughter? I don't think so.
Beckett: Oh yeah, Castle. All girls go through it. And good girls are THE worst. In fact, I remember this one time when...(Beckett sees Esposito enter) Hey, did you find anything?

Castle: So this Harley of yours, do you have any pictures?
Beckett: Uh, yeah, I do, but I'm not gonna be showing any of them to you.
Castle: Why not?
Beckett (flirtatiously): Well, because I don't think you can handle the sight of my straddling it in tight black leather.

Beckett (on the phone with Royce): Mike, I was in love with you.
Royce: Oh, Kate don't.
Beckett: You were the only one who understood the obsession that drove me, who didn't tell me that I would get over my mother's murder and that she wouldn't want me to do this.
Royce: Just trying to do right by you, kid.
Beckett: I dreamt about you. The night that I shot the guy who killed my mother, I dreamt that I was the one who was on the ground dying and that you came up to me and told me to stand up 'cause there was still work to be done. When I woke up that morning, I just wanted to call you, but we hadn't talked in so long.
Royce: You shoulda called. I never forgot.
Beckett: I'm going to catch Carver's killer, Royce. And then I'm going to recover Lloyd's score. And when I arrest you, you're gonna realize that what you destroyed today was worth a helluva lot more than money. (Beckett hangs up the phone, and speaks calmly to Ryan and Esposito) Did I keep him on long enough?

Ryan: You shoot you die, Gramps!

Beckett: Castle? Do you mind?
Castle: Why me?
Beckett: Because you’re the only one without a gun.
Castle: Good point.


This episode was the Second episode to be filmed for season 3.

Featured Music

  • Healing Hands performed by Citizen Cope

Full Episode Recap

A bail bondsman visits his office late one night, finds the front door open, and hears noises coming from inside. He pulls his handgun and slowly sneaks in. He quietly creeps in the direction of his office and shoves his way through the closed door.

At the same time, Alexis Castle brings her father, Richard Castle, breakfast in bed, arousing his suspicions that she wants something. When Alexis protests that she doesn’t need any reason to bring her Dad breakfast in bed, he ticks off two previous occurrences from her childhood when she did the same thing because there was something she wanted. Alexis caves in and tells Castle that she wants a Vespa motor scooter, since all her friends at school have one and it will provide a convenient way for her to get around the city. When Castle looks unsure, she promises always to wear a helmet and never drive it at night. Castle says that he doesn’t worry about her, but rather the other drivers in New York. Alexis uses her best cute face to convince him to think about it. Just as he goes to take a bite of breakfast, his cell phone rings and he announces that Detective Kate Beckett is calling. Alexis takes the fork from his hand and reminds him of what happened the last time he went to a crime scene on a full stomach. Castle makes a sick face in remembrance and answers the call.

Castle arrives at the bail bonds office of the victim, Deon Carver, and meets Beckett and Medical Examiner Lanie Parish. Beckett explains that Carver must have walked in on someone breaking into his office and that person whacked him over the head with a sharpshooter trophy, a fact which Castle humorously points out, before he could defend himself with his handgun. Lanie says that the killer also left a partial shoe print in Carver’s blood, the tread of which can be used to identify the type of the shoe, but not the size, and that the trophy was wiped clean of fingerprints. Finally, Beckett mentions that the killer dialed 9-1-1 on the office phone and left the receiver off the hook. Lanie estimates the time of death at around 11p.m., and says that the call came into 9-1-1 roughly an hour earlier, so the killer couldn’t have been feeling too guilty. Beckett concludes that the intervening time gave the killer an hour to ransack the office, as files and papers were strewn all over the floor. She guesses that maybe the killer was looking for money, since bail bondsmen get paid in cash. She tells Castle that she sent Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito to check around the building for security cameras. Just then, Ryan comes over Beckett’s walkie-talkie and says their search came up empty. When Beckett notices feedback coming from the walkie, she waves it around the office until she locates the source of the interference – a bug planted in Carver’s calculator. Castle theorizes that maybe the robbery was done to cover up the placement of the bug, to which Beckett answers that it wouldn’t make any sense to leave the bug once Carver is dead. Castle speculates on who would want to bug a bail bondsman’s office.

Back at the precinct, Beckett sits down at her desk, and tells Castle that she confirmed that law enforcement and national security agencies weren’t bugging Carver. She also says that she gave the bug’s serial number to the manufacturer who promised to track down where it was shipped to, allowing her to figure out who bought it. Esposito enters and says that the partial shoe print matches a brown type of loafer, featuring, as Castle calls it, a “no hassle tassel”, which has since long gone out of fashion. She asks Esposito to show around some photos of former clients of Carver’s with violent histories to his neighbors to see if any were lurking around the building the day he died.

Castle answers his buzzing cell phone, flashes Beckett a picture Alexis just texted him of herself sitting on a Vespa, and asks why his daughter would want such a thing. Beckett teases that a motor scooter is what girls want when they realize they aren’t getting a pony. Castle asks her if she ever had a bike and she tells him that she still has the 1994 Harley Soft Tail that she worked all through high school to pay for. When Castle asks her about her parents’ reaction, she describes how her Dad wanted to send her to a nunnery and how her Mom merely told her, every time she climbed aboard, to remember how much she hates hearing her tell her “I told you so.” Beckett goes on to tell Castle that Alexis must be entering her “wild child” phase. When Castle disputes this, Beckett tells him that all girls go through it and that good girls are the worst. She begins to recount some of her own wild antics when Ryan enters and Beckett stops in mid sentence to ask if he found anything. He tells her that he tracked down Carver’s wife Brooke, who was out of town at the time of the murder, and that Lanie called and said she found something.

Castle and Beckett arrive in the morgue and Lanie shows them a mysterious piece of paper that she found in Carver’s sock. To Beckett, it looks like a worthless doodle, but to Castle it looks like some kind of code that needs to be broken. Beckett doubts that it is related to Carver’s murder, leading Castle to ask why it was worth Carver hiding it.

Back at the precinct, Beckett and Castle interview Carver’s widow, Brooke, who says that her late husband didn’t talk about work much, but that he did tell her that he had to straighten a client out yesterday. She has no idea who. She also says that he didn’t take cash in his business, preferring money orders or traveler’s checks. Castle, after a moment or two of indecision, then shows Brooke the mysterious document from Carver’s sock. Her hand trembles as she reaches for it to get a better look at it, but she says it doesn’t look familiar.

After the interview, Castle hangs a copy of the document on the murder board and says that just because Brooke doesn’t know what it is, doesn’t mean it’s not connected to the murder; his Spidey Sense says so. Beckett comments that she can’t base an investigation on his Spidey Sense, but Castle is insistent. He says that the killer was obviously looking for something and that it can’t be a coincidence that, at the same time, Carver was hiding something. Beckett still maintains that it could have been an attempted robbery gone awry. Esposito reports that a waitress in Carver’s building says she saw Carver and one of his clients get into a shouting match the day of the murder and identified the man as Random Pierce, who just got out of jail and a week later was arrested for breaking and entering. He also says that the waitress remembered Random yelling at Carver that if he didn’t give it back, he was going to take it back. Castle gestures to the mysterious document as what Pierce could have meant. Beckett looks at Pierce’s file and notices that he missed a court hearing that morning and that a warrant was issued for his arrest. The gang heads for Pierce’s most recent address to pick him up.

After Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito arrive at Pierce’s and split up, Ryan and Esposito taking the back and Beckett and Castle taking the front, Castle asks her if she has any photos of her on her Harley. Beckett answers that she does, but that she won’t share them with him, and when he asks why, flirtatiously adds that she doesn’t think he can handle seeing her straddling the bike wearing tight black leather. Just then, the two see a man climbing down the fire escape of the front of the building. Castle recognizes the man as Pierce as he drops from the fire escape and lands on the hood of their squad car. Beckett orders him to freeze, but he takes off running. She and Castle, who delightfully squeals as he gets a long-awaited opportunity to roll over the hood of a car, chase him into an alley where a yellow older-model sports car charges forward and swings into Pierce’s path, causing him to roll over the hood and land on the ground in a heap. Beckett runs up and demands to know what the driver is doing interfering with her suspect. The driver snaps some cuffs on Pierce and tells her to relax because they’re on the same team. Beckett immediately recognizes him as her old partner and training officer, Mike Royce, who introduces himself to Castle as a bounty hunter. Pierce volunteers to go in case he is interrupting their reunion, but Beckett tells him that the only place he is going is jail.

Back at the precinct, Royce teases that the reason Pierce was getting away was because of the height of her heels, a fact Beckett denies. Beckett tells Royce that she suspects Pierce might have killed Carver, a man Royce once helped out, and Castle backs her up by telling him about the document Carver was hiding that they think Pierce wanted. Royce says that he doubts it, because in his experience people only kill for money and asks if he can take Pierce to central booking to collect his bounty. Beckett tells him only if his alibi checks out, and begins walking towards the interrogation room where Pierce is waiting. She asks Castle if he wants to join her, and he says that he’d rather hang back and hear stories about Beckett from Royce. Beckett agrees, but reminds Royce that she has an embarrassing story to tell about him if he shares one of her more embarrassing moments. He agrees and promises Castle that has lots of other stories with which to regale him.

In the interrogation room, Pierce smugly claims that he was merely exercising when he was caught, and that the breaking and entering he was charged with a week after his release from jail was due to the fact that he wrote down his friend’s address wrong, a fact that Beckett seriously doubts. She then hits him with Carver’s death, and refuses to believe that he didn’t know Carver had been killed. She presses him about the connection between his record, the break-in and murder at Carver’s office, and the argument he had with Carver at the restaurant. Pierce claims that Carver wanted to meet him to stress that he show up at court in the morning, which Beckett notes he failed to do. Pierce says that his alarm clock didn’t go off, and Beckett theorizes that he slept right through it because he was tired from having killed Carver the night before. Pierce says that after they had dinner, he went uptown to a bookstore where he was caught shoplifting, so he couldn’t have killed Carver. He insists that the security guard at the book store would remember him.

Outside at Beckett’s desk, Royce is telling Castle and Esposito a story of how Beckett once offered to show a guy holding a spear gun her boobs if he put the weapon down. Castle and Esposito instantly freeze and ask if both complied, to which Beckett says no because the man’s jaw dropped just like theirs did. Royce then puts his arm around Beckett and says that he quickly figured out that with Beckett you had to be ready for anything. Castle teases about how he’s seeing a new side of her and she mildly chastises Royce for embarrassing her. Ryan then enters and confirms Pierce’s story, saying that he was caught shoplifting The DaVinci Code. This causes Castle to spin a wild theory about how Pierce may have been trying to decode the document found in Carver’s sock to fend off an upcoming zombie apocalypse. Beckett teases Castle, telling Royce that his wild theories usually involve the CIA and Castle defends himself, saying that he was close to being correct once. Beckett then gives Royce permission to take Pierce to central booking. Before leaving, Royce pulls a camera from his pocket and asks Castle to take a picture of him and Beckett in front of the murder board for old time’s sake. He complies and Beckett and Royce hug before Royce leaves with Pierce. Castle watches them go and Beckett teases him about having a bromance with Royce, but hushes Castle’s protests, saying that Royce is hard to resist.

The comment isn’t lost on Castle, so he asks Esposito why the two didn’t stay partners. Esposito replies that Beckett became a detective and Royce retired, supposedly because he realized he couldn’t train a better cop than her. Esposito examines the mysterious document from Carver’s sock and agrees with Beckett that it doesn’t look like something worth killing for. Beckett returns to the guys and says that they got a fingerprint hit from Carver’s office on an ex-con named Clifford Stuckey, whose apartment was the one that Pierce broke into after getting out of prison.

Ryan and Esposito go to Stuckey’s apartment and find him to be a hard-of-hearing elderly man with a walker. They bring him into the precinct where Castle and Beckett interview him about how his fingerprints got in Carver’s office. Stuckey dreamily describes how he went to Carver’s office because he felt that he might not have committed the crimes he did when he was younger if someone had given him a second chance, so he wanted to give Pierce one. Beckett then asks him where he was at the time of Carver’s death and he says he was at home in bed trying to sleep. They help him stand up so he can go, and as he walks past the murder board, he recognizes Pierce’s picture on the murder board and asks where he is because he still wants to drop the charges. Stuckey is disappointed when Beckett tells him that Pierce is already headed to jail, and as Stuckey leaves, he takes a good look at the document found in Carver’s sock also posted on the murder board. Beckett notices, and guesses that he was only feigning interest in Pierce’s picture in effort to get a closer look at the document. Castle reminds her about how she thought the document was unimportant, but before she can retort her phone rings and Lanie is on the other end. Castle and Beckett head to the morgue and Lanie tells them that she found evidence of holy oil in the shape of a cross on Carver’s forehead, indicating that someone gave him last rites before he died.

The next morning, Castle enters the kitchen at his loft and interrupts Alexis again preparing to bring him breakfast in bed. Castle explains that he is concerned that, coming from a wealthy family, she might have an unrealistic view of money. When Alexis asks if he is saying no to the scooter, her sad face melts some of Castle’s resolve, and he tells her that if she wants it, she’ll have to earn the money for it herself. Martha Rodgers, Castle’s mother, overhears the conversation and shakes her head at Castle’s decision. Alexis, however, is very pleased that, in her opinion, her Dad gave his consent. Martha rebukes a confused Castle, telling him that Alexis never shrinks from any challenge and predicts that she will raise the money by the end of next week. She goes on to say that the bike will inevitably lead to tattoos, nose rings, and maybe worse, supporting Beckett’s comment about Alexis becoming a wild child.

At the precinct, Castle asks Beckett about just how wild her wild child phase was, and after thinking for a second, she merely replies that he doesn’t want to know. Beckett changes the subject, telling Castle that Carver’s financial history shows that he made several donations to church in the Bronx, where a Father Arron Low is pastor. Ryan arrives with Father Low, and Castle notices that he is wearing the shoes that match the imprint left in Carver’s blood at the crime scene. In an interrogation room, Father Low confirms that Carver was a member of his congregation. Beckett asks for his alibi and he says that he was performing a late service at the church and afterward he went home to bed. He then gets up to leave to go to an appointment, when Castle stops him and asks him about his shoes. Beckett goes on to say that she bets that she’ll find Carver’s blood on the treads, which match the imprint left in Carver’s blood at the crime scene. Low turns back and claims that Carver was already dead when he arrived at his office, so he administered last rites then dialed 9-1-1. He further says that he was helping Carver get through some marital troubles. Beckett then shows him the mysterious document, which Low says he doesn’t recognize. When pressed by Beckett, he professes his innocence of the murder and says that he ran because he was afraid of being framed by the police for the murder. Beckett says that she cannot just take his word for it and she arrests him.

When she and Castle head back to her desk, they find Royce there. He comments on how it looks like she found the killer, only Beckett says she isn’t so sure. He then pulls an old picture of Beckett in her uniform out of his coat pocket, which gives Castle a good chuckle, but causes Beckett more embarrassment. Royce then asks if he can buy Beckett lunch for helping him catch Pierce and she agrees. Then Ryan tells them that the bug in Carver’s office was bought by Carver’s wife, Brooke. Beckett remembers that she failed to mention that she was bugging her husband’s office in her initial interview, and Castle says that maybe Father Low was telling the truth about their marital problems. Beckett says that it doesn’t necessarily mean that Brooke or Father Low murdered Carver, so Castle suggests they re-interview Brooke. As Beckett heads out with Castle, she suggests to Royce that they get a drink after her shift instead of lunch. He agrees to the date, another comment which is not lost on Castle.

Castle and Beckett meet Brooke at her husband’s office and she explains that she bought the bug because his long hours at work made her think he was cheating on her. She then says that once she got up the courage to listen to the recordings, she heard him talk about how much he loved her and heard him pray with Father Low that he could save his marriage. She claims that she threw the receiver away and muses about how they had just started to repair their marriage when he was killed and that all she has is left with is a box containing his ashes.

Back at the precinct, Ryan says that Brooke’s sister confirms her story and Esposito reports that Father Low’s alibi checked out. Beckett then notices that Father Low volunteers at the same prison where Random Pierce served his time in jail and asks if Stuckey did his time there as well, to which Esposito answers no. Beckett then asks Ryan to look up who Pierce’s cell mate in prison was and he pulls up a dossier of Malcolm Lloyd, a long-time thief in jail for a major jewel heist who died 3 weeks ago in prison. Castle then jokingly wonders if Father Low administered last rites to Lloyd too, a suggestion that peaks the detectives’ interest. They check on Lloyd’s known associates and come upon Stuckey, who was arrested with Lloyd for the same jewel heist. Ryan explains that the District Attorney apparently didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute Stuckey, so he walked while Lloyd was sentenced to twenty years in jail. Ryan also explains that the jewelry Lloyd was convicted of stealing was a collection of rare rubies and sapphires and was never found. Castle then realizes that the mysterious document is a treasure map that leads to where the jewels are hidden.

Castle and Beckett interrogate Father Low again and press him about his relationship with Malcolm Lloyd. He admits to administering last rites to him and says that Malcolm wanted to give him the map so he could find the jewels, sell them and put the money towards the church. When he went to Lloyd’s cell to retrieve the map, Pierce had already taken it. Beckett and Castle then begin building theory: Pierce can’t figure out the map so he breaks into the apartment of Lloyd’s old partner Stuckey in hopes of forcing him to help, only Stuckey isn’t there and someone calls the cops on Pierce. Father Low says that he called the cops, having followed Pierce and in hopes that his arrest would force him into sharing the map. Beckett then figures out that Father Low planned on using his relationship with Carver, the bail bondsman, to force Pierce into turning the map over to him since Father Low says that Pierce had no money for bail. Father Low continues that Carver agreed to cover Pierce’s bail if he could get a third of the treasure, but he insisted on keeping the map himself. When Castle asks Father Low what he was doing at Carver’s office, he says that Carver told him that he had figured out the map, but by the time he got to his office he was already dead. Father Low suspects that Stuckey killed him, since Stuckey had threatened to get violent if Carver didn’t turn over the map.

Esposito and Ryan find Stuckey hobbling along the street with his walker. When Stuckey sees them, he takes off running, suddenly not in need of help from the walker, eventually scaling a fence behind which Ryan and Esposito end up trapped. They predict that they will never hear the end of the debacle at the precinct, and sure enough, Castle has their desks laden with adult diapers, plastic false teeth, canes and prune juice bottles within a short amount of time.

Back at the precinct, Beckett tells Castle that she sent Ryan and Esposito to central booking to ask Pierce about the map. She further explains that the jewels from the heist would be worth $30 million if found. Royce arrives to pick up Beckett, who quiets Castle’s protests at her leaving by saying that her training officer taught her that taking a break can sometimes help a detective solve a case.

Later at a nearby bar, Beckett confirms for Royce that the document does seem to be a treasure map and kicks herself for not getting on to Stuckey sooner. Royce reassures her that nobody is perfect and she says that in her eyes, he was. She then praises him for giving her something to anchor herself to mentally and for teaching her more than the academy ever did about becoming a cop. Royce then compliments her on being easy to teach, but not so easy to keep out of trouble. The two reminisce about how Beckett once got a female biker gang member to rat on her crew when she offered to let the woman sleep with Royce. After laughing about the incident, Beckett gets serious and tells Royce that she caught the man who murdered her mom, but that she had to shoot him before finding out who paid him to do it. Royce then jokes that she should have just shown him her boobs, and Beckett playfully punches him in the shoulder. The two clasp hands and Beckett looks coyly into his eyes.

Back at the precinct, Castle is blearily trying to decipher the map when Alexis surprises him and says that she plans on selling two replica light sabers to raise the money for the scooter. Castle is surprised and reminds her that they were among her most treasured possessions as a child. Alexis agrees with him, but says that she’s outgrown them, a point with which Castle reluctantly concurs. Alexis offers to help him decode the map and mentions that it looks like puzzle. A thought strikes Castle that it could be akin to one of the puzzles featured in Mad Magazine where one had to fold a piece of paper a certain way to reveal a hidden message. Castle and Alexis do this and find the words “Under the Gun” written on the map.

Back at the bar, Beckett gets ready to head back to the precinct and Royce excuses himself to go to the men’s room. Beckett admiringly watches him walk away. Her cell phone rings and Ryan tells her that Pierce isn’t at central booking and that Royce never delivered him there. Beckett looks shocked as Royce turns around to see her face. He then disappears.

The next morning, Beckett posts Royce’s picture on the murder board as a suspect and is still in disbelief that he lied to her. Castle tries to reassure her, but she says that until she can definitively rule him out, she has to assume he could have murdered Carver. She asks if Castle thinks he only came to precinct to see the map, and Castle realizes that when he took the picture of her and Royce, the map was in the background on the murder board. Castle then concludes that he must have come back to the precinct because he was having trouble figuring out the map and wanted to see if they had. Esposito then enters and says that Royce was one of the investigators on the original jewel heist, meaning that he knew about the missing jewels from the beginning. They also say that they have no leads on what Under the Gun might mean.

Beckett’s phone rings and it is Royce. She tells him to turn himself in and he refuses, saying he is too close to the money and that he didn’t mean for things to work out for them like they did. Beckett asks him if he killed Royce and he pleads that she knows him better than that. She disagrees, saying that the man she knew wouldn’t have betrayed her. When he tries to leave, Beckett admits that she was in love with him when they worked together because he was the only one who understood how her mother’s murder affected her and he didn’t tell her that she’d just get over it. She further says that the night after she killed the man who murdered her mom, she dreamt that she was the one on the floor dying and that he approached her and told her to get up and continue pursuing the case. The morning after she wanted to call him, but didn’t because they hadn’t talked in so long. Royce says that she should have him because he never forgot about her or her mother’s case. Beckett then vows that she will catch Carver’s killer, recover the missing jewels, and arrest him, and that only then will he realize that her trust was worth a lot more than the jewels. She hangs up and calmly asks Ryan and Esposito if they were able to trace the call. A befuddled Ryan trips over his words and Esposito answers that they were. Beckett gets her gun and tells the guys to get ready to go. A confused Castle asks if her admission was just an act to get a trace, to which she answers yes. As she turns her back to Castle to leave, her face momentarily contorts with grief. Castle watches her, still concerned.

Beckett and the guys, minus Ryan, head to the address from the trace and find Pierce handcuffed to a radiator in an empty apartment. Pierce claims that Royce kidnapped him, then Beckett cuts him off saying that they already know about the map. When Pierce claims that Royce that he betrayed him too Beckett threatens to let Esposito hold Pierce outside a window by his feet until he tells the truth. Pierce spills that he got the map from Lloyd in prison and was forced to work with Father Low and Carver to find the jewels, only all the two of them wanted to do was argue over how wrong it was to cut Brooke Carver out of the score. Pierce also confirms that the argument took place in Carver’s office, leading Castle to conclude that Brooke must have heard all about the scheme through the bug. Beckett then remembers that Brooke saw the map in their interview and Castle realizes that that was why her hands were trembling when she looked at it. Esposito says that Ryan traced Brooke to Carver’s office, and they all leave, with Pierce still handcuffed to the radiator.

They arrive at Carver’s office and find it empty, but with notes Brooke took on what she heard on the recordings, which indicate that he heard her husband figure out the map and knows about the Under the Gun reference, and attempts at recreating the map on the desk. Castle then figures out that the treasure must be buried in a cemetery, because Carver was cremated, giving Brooke no reason to be looking at cemetery brochures, which are also scattered on the desk.

At the cemetery, Ryan and Esposito debate which of them would die first if this was a horror movie. In a different part of the cemetery, Castle wonders the same thing, but Beckett cuts him off quickly. They both find a headstone marked Gunn, where shovels indicate that someone has been digging. Then Brooke pulls a gun on Beckett and admits to murdering Carver since he planned on cutting her out of the score. She vows that she’s not leaving without the treasure, only to have Stuckey pull a larger gun on Brooke saying that he’s been after the treasure for twenty years and deserves it more than she does. Then Royce pulls a gun larger than Stuckey’s on him and Brooke, and Ryan and Esposito finally arrive and order everyone to drop. Beckett questions whether or not Royce is willing to shoot her for a piece of the treasure and he reminds her that he isn’t aiming his gun at her and Castle. Stuckey threatens to shoot Beckett and Castle unless he gets a cut, and Beckett suggests they continue digging to be sure if they even have the right spot. She volunteers Castle, and when he protests, she says that he is the only one without a gun. He agrees and begins digging. Royce asks Beckett if she has a plan and she says that she doesn’t plan on telling him anything. He suggests that she show them all something, a tip which makes sense to Castle. He drives his shovel into something solid and claims that he found something. As Brooke and Stuckey move closer, he flings dirt in their faces, giving Beckett and Royce time to subdue both of them. Esposito aims his gun at Royce, who raises his hands. Stuckey pleads to see the treasure and Castle explains that he faked having found something to distract them. Esposito and Ryan take Stuckey and Brooke away, leaving Beckett with Royce. He pulls his cuffs out of his pocket and hands them to Beckett, who, with a heavy heart, snaps them on him. She takes him away leaving Castle in the hole alone and wondering aloud if they all don’t want to find out if the treasure is there.

Back at the precinct, Ryan and Castle wonder whatever happened to the treasure and are concerned about Beckett. Castle approaches her and comments on how disappointing it was that they didn’t find the treasure. Beckett reminds him that it was a murder investigation, not a treasure hunt, and Castle asks her if she wasn’t just a little excited at the possibility of finding the jewels. She finally admits that she was a little excited. Castle confesses that he is curious as to why Lloyd made a treasure map if there was no treasure. Beckett speculates that maybe he got the spot wrong or the Under the Gun reference was a red herring to throw them off. Castle says that if it were him, he’d deliberately leave a clue off the map and keep it somewhere close to him. He then spies the picture of Malcolm Lloyd and sees a tattoo on his arm with the roman numerals for two inked diagonally above the numeral for six. He guesses that it means that they have to dig two rows up and six stones over from where they dug earlier. He then asks Beckett if she cares to do some digging and a mischievous grin crosses her face.

Later that night, a dirty and disheveled Castle arrives home, looking disappointed. Alexis and Martha ask him if he found the jewels and his sad face morphs into glee when he says that they were successful, only Beckett made him agree to return them to their rightful owner. The goes on to say that the evening wasn’t a total loss, since he did get a sweaty hug from Beckett when they found the gems. Castle then asks the women if they picked out a color for Alexis’ scooter and she tells him that she changed her mind about selling the light sabers. The memories attached to them mean much more to her than a new scooter ever could. Castle hugs his daughter and tells her he is proud of her. When Alexis asks if he is proud enough to buy her the scooter, he refuses, saying he does not want to go back on their deal, but that there is nothing stopping him from buying a scooter for himself and letting her borrow it. Alexis then joyfully comments that when he is using the scooter, she can borrow their car. Not anticipating that response, an uncomfortable look crosses Castle’s face.