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To Love and Die in LA

Basic Details[edit]

Season 3, Episode 22 (56)

Original Air Date - May 2, 2011


Beckett's former partner is gunned down in an alley, sending her and Castle on a determined quest for justice to Los Angeles despite Captain Montgomery's orders. While searching for the killer, they visit the Heat Wave set, bump into KISS' Gene Simmons, butt heads with an LAPD Robbery Detective (guest star D.B. Sweeney), and share a hotel suite where sparks threaten to fly.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

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Castle: C’mon, Kate you don’t wanna remember him like this.
Beckett: Castle, if it was me lying there would you walk away?

Photo of Beckett and her former partner Mike Royce in Beckett's apartment; © 2010-2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Beckett: No, sir. I am committed, I’m not compromised!
Capt. Montgomery: You’re torn up!

Beckett: I am not a cop in L.A. I don’t have any authority or back-up.
Castle: I’ll be your back-up. Besides, going rogue is kind of my specialty.
Beckett: Yeah, but subtly isn’t. I’m not gonna get rid of you, am I?
(Castle waggles his eyebrows and Beckett relents)

Castle: Ok, look, the studio comped me a 2-bedroom, 4-star suite. You just stay with me.
Beckett: (laughs) Yeah right!
Castle: You’ll have your own room.
Beckett: No, I am not staying with you.
Castle: Ah, worried you can’t control yourself when we’re alone.
Beckett: Actually, it’s not me that I’m worried about.
Castle: I assure you my intentions are pure.

Maurice: And I’ve scheduled a couples massage at seven.
Beckett: Pure, huh?
Castle: Uh, Maurice, you can go ahead and cancel that. And get rid of the flowers and the champagne. We’re here to work.
Maurice: Very good, sir.
Castle: The last time I was here I brought this Parisian supermodel so he thought…it’s…not important.

Beckett: Castle, I’m not here for room service. I’m here for justice.
Castle: Wow. In L.A. for all of a minute and already she’s spouting cheesy movie dialogue. Must be something in the air.

Castle: This is so weird.
Beckett: What?
Castle: I’ve dressed up as him (Gene Simmons) for Halloween.
Beckett: I did too.

Beckett: (to actors playing Raley and Ochoa) You guys look great. (walks away with Castle). That is just creepy.
Castle: Totally.

Lanie: Wait, wait, wait. Is your friend that top-heavy tramp in Reception?
Esposito: What? I…You know I only have eyes for you…
Lanie: Hmm-mmm. And you know I have easy access to sharp objects.

Castle: You sure this is ok?
Beckett: No, this is not ok. It is actually completely illegal.

Beckett: Listen, Kyle, this is a misunderstanding…
Kyle Seeger: Meaning you didn’t pick the lock or illegally enter this house?

Beckett: Sir, I can explain. I was…
Capt. Montgomery: No, you cannot! What you can do is get your ass on the next plane out.
Castle: Uh, we have a dinner reservation at Spago. Is the morning, ok?
Capt. Montgomery: Oh this is all a big joke to you, isn’t it, Castle? Well, when Beckett is working mall security, I guess following her around isn't gonna have the same allure. Both of you, come home, now!
Seeger: Wow. That was awkward.

Castle: Would Montgomery really fire you?
Beckett: Yeah.
Castle: So we’re going back to New York?
Beckett: Hell no.

Beckett: Look, I need a favor from you, but you can feel free to say no.
Ryan: Oh, c’mon whatever it is I’m saying yes.

Esposito: ‘Sup, girl. How’s the weather in your world?
Beckett: Sunny, chance of ass-kicking.

Castle: You know what I thought when I first met you? That you were a mystery I was never gonna solve. Even now, after spending all this time with you, I’m still amazed at the depths of your strength, your heart…and your hotness.
Beckett: You’re not so bad yourself, Castle. (they look deep in each others eyes for a long moment) I should go. It’s late. Good night.
Castle: Kate…
Beckett: Good night, Castle.

Castle: Maurice is amazing. I’ll bet if I ordered the Ark of the Covenant, he’d come though.
Beckett: Wouldn’t you be afraid to open it?
Castle: No, it only melts Nazis.

Castle: Don’t poke me.
Beckett: Poke you? I wanna kiss you.

Capt. Montgomery: Hey, you heard from Beckett?
Esposito: No, sir.
Ryan: Yeah, me neither.
Capt. Montgomery: She’s not answering her cell.
Esposito: Maybe she’s airborne.
Ryan: That would explain her phone being turned off.
Capt. Montgomery: You know, I’m trying to decide who is the worse liar, him or you. (Esposito nods towards Ryan) Go find Violet Young. Help Beckett put this thing to bed, alright?

Mannis: I’m hit. Now call an ambulance.
Esposito: Oh, my partner’s on that.
Ryan: 9-1…what comes after that one?

Castle: So how close did you come? With Ganz?
Beckett: Let’s go home, Castle.

Royce: (in letter) And now for the hard part, kid. It’s clear that you and Castle have something real and you’re fighting it. But trust me putting the job ahead of your heart is a mistake. Risking our hearts is why we’re alive. The last thing you want is to look back on your life and wonder “if only.”


  • Justice Gamble also played a bartender in A Deadly Affair
  • The Heat Wave lot seen in the episode is actually the ABC lot where Castle is filmed. The airplane set used at the beginning and end of the episode can be seen in the background of some shots.
  • This episode contained a Nathanism.

Featured Music[edit]

  • La La La performed by The Californias: Castle and Beckett drive to his hotel in their rented Ferrari
  • Come and Find Me performed by Josh Ritter - Castle and Beckett have several "moments" while sharing a hotel suite
  • The Other Side performed by Sloan - Beckett climbs out of a swimming pool in a sexy bathing suit
  • Just Breathe performed by Pearl Jam - Closing scene in the hotel and on the plane

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Mike Royce, Detective Kate Beckett’s former partner and training officer, limps out the back door of a row house and falls into an alley, having been shot in the thigh. He crawls for a bit, looking for a place to hide, but his pursuer, Russell Ganz, finds him and aims his gun at Royce’s head. Royce warns him that hell as he has never known will rain down on him if he kills him. Ganz ignores him and fires.

That night, Beckett arrives at the crime scene and meets Richard Castle and Captain Roy Montgomery, who wait for her. Montgomery tells her to go home and let him handle the scene, but Beckett refuses. He steps aside and Castle and Beckett head towards the body. Castle tries to get Beckett to turn back, but she rhetorically asks if he would walk away from the scene of her murder.

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They meet up with Medical Examiner Lanie Parish and Beckett is shaken when she glimpses Royce’s body, a bullet in his forehead. Lanie apologizes for Beckett’s loss and explains how Royce sustained a broken bone when he was shot in the leg, leaving him unable to get away. She hands Beckett a boarding pass from Royce’s pocket indicating that he flew into New York from Los Angeles earlier that day. Beckett mentions that she heard he had relocated there to start over after having lost his bounty hunters license. She adds that she hadn’t spoken to him since she arrested him. She asks Lanie for a moment with the body and Lanie agrees. Beckett crouches down and gently strokes Royce’s forehead, fighting back tears as Castle looks on concerned. She stands and Lanie hands her a note addressed to Beckett that she also found on the body. Beckett begins to read the letter, but is interrupted when Detectives Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan join her with the murder weapon: a cheap hand gun. Beckett notices marks on the gun indicating that the killer used a silencer, meaning it is unlikely anyone heard the shooting. Seeing her frustration, both men reassure her they will find the killer.

At the precinct, Beckett hangs Royce’s photo on the murder board and suspects he was running from something. Esposito says the lab concluded that the silencer used was an expensive one, leading Beckett to conclude that the killer followed Royce on the plane, on which he couldn’t bring his own gun, so he packed a silencer and bought a gun once in town. Beckett tells Esposito to pull flights from LA to New York and particularly look for people who bought tickets last minute. Later on, Ryan tells Beckett and Castle that their search turned up a Neil McCauley, who bought his ticket an hour before the flight took off and has no credit history and a fake driver’s license. Castle recognizes the name as being the same as Robert DeNiro’s character in the movie Heat, leading Beckett to zero in on the man as their killer. Ryan adds that the same person flew back to LA two hours after Royce was killed.

Beckett and Castle approach Montgomery about going to LA, but he refuses to allow it, saying she doesn’t yet have solid enough evidence to justify flying them across the country. Beckett and Castle disagree, but Montgomery refutes all their arguments. He further tells her she is too close to the case, but she vehemently insists she can handle it. Montgomery remains unmoved and finally says he will reassign the case. Beckett, to Castle’s surprise, then agrees to take some time off to de-stress. She promises not to do anything “reckless” and heads to her desk to gather her things to leave. Castle follows her, suspecting that she isn’t headed home as she says she is, but Beckett asks him to back off and give her space.

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Later, at her apartment, Beckett reads the beginning of Royce’s letter in which he apologizes for losing her trust and explains that the new path he is pursuing will hopefully earn him her forgiveness. Beckett folds up the letter, picks up a suitcase, and heads for her front door.

On the plane, Beckett is uncomfortably squished between two large men in coach. A flight attendant tells her she has been upgraded to first class, and she happily extricates herself from her seat. The flight attendant points out her new seat assignment: next to Castle, who offers her a glass of champagne. When Beckett sits, Castle explains that the producers of the Heat Wave movie have been after him to visit the set and claims it is purely a coincidence that they ended up on the same flight. Beckett cautions him that he cannot help her since she has no authority as a cop and no backup. He volunteers to be her backup, but her concerns are not allayed. When she realizes Castle’s mind is made up, she relents, but requires that they maintain a low profile. Castle agrees.

Once on the ground, Beckett rides shotgun as Castle drives a bright red Ferrari convertible through the California streets. At a stop light, Castle asks where they are headed and Beckett directs him to her hotel which is far from Castle’s. He tells her he has a two bedroom suite waiting for him at a four-star hotel and she can stay with him but she laughs off his invitation. Castle teases that she is afraid of being unable to control herself with him around, but she turns the accusation around on him. Castle promises his “intentions are pure.”

At the hotel, the concierge, Maurice, shows Beckett and Castle their suite, which features a bouquet of red roses, iced champagne, and a couple’s massage for later. This gets Beckett’s attention and Castle asks Maurice to cancel everything. Maurice agrees and follows the porters out. Castle tells Beckett how on his last stay he enjoyed himself with a French supermodel, thus Maurice assumed he’d require similar accommodations. Seeing Beckett doesn’t care, Castle invites her to choose a bedroom, but Beckett refuses, being eager to start investigating.

At the mansion listed on Royce’s driver’s license, Castle and Beckett are surprised to meet KISS front man Gene Simmons, the owner of the house. He explains that Royce helped him out not too long ago after he got in some trouble and in return, he let him stay in his guest house. He also remembers that two days ago an attractive woman Royce was also helping paid him a visit and left a head shot. He leaves to retrieve the photo and Castle admits that he once dressed up as Simmons for Halloween. Grinning, Beckett says she did too. As they leave, Castle identifies the beautiful woman as aspiring actress Violet Young and adds her only film to his Netflix queue. Beckett snatches the photo away and begins dials Violet’s agent.

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Meanwhile at the precinct, Ryan tells Esposito that he found video footage of the killer leaving the alley where Royce was killed and entering a car being driven by a black man, meaning the killer had an accomplice. Ryan asks Esposito to call a friend of his at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to ask if they can send over surveillance footage from the airport in hopes of getting a better look at the killer’s face.

Beckett gets off her phone and tells Castle that Violet is due to shoot a television commercial at the same studio where Heat Wave is being shot. At the studio, both are enthusiastically greeted by the film’s director. Beckett hurries off to find Violet while the director, after observing how hot Beckett is, tells Castle Natalie Rhodes, the actress set to play Nikki Heat, is in rehab and introduces him to the actors cast to play Detective Raley and Detective Ochoa, whose resemblances to Ryan and Esposito are uncanny. After Castle explains their motivation, Beckett rejoins him and explains that Violet didn’t show up for the commercial which, being a big break, she should not have blown off. In the middle of her story, she is also struck by the actor’s similarities to her colleagues. She adds that she got Violet’s address from her agent and is concerned that she too is in trouble. As she and Castle head back to the car, both admit to being creeped out.

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Back in New York, Esposito pays Lanie a visit in the morgue. As they kiss, he says he was hoping the bullets she pulled from Royce’s body were ready to go to ballistics since he has a friend who promised to process them right away. They kiss again, but Lanie backs off, remembering his friend as a “top-heavy tramp.” Esposito stumbles over his words as Lanie reminds him she has access to sharp objects. She checks on the bullets and both are shocked to find them dissolving.

At Violet’s house, Beckett pounds on Violet’s door and rings her bell. When it appears nobody is home, she pulls a metal hook from her pocket to pick the lock. Castle sees a neighbor walking by and wonders if her actions are legal. She answers no and pushes the door open anyway. They find the house empty, but a note on the kitchen table indicating that Violet was on the same flight to New York as Royce, leading Beckett to conclude that he was bringing her to New York to protect her. They find surveillance photos of a black businessman exiting a building Castle recognizes as well as articles on Corgis, surfing and wine tasting. As they wonder about the connection, Castle also finds a recorder with a rather cryptic message on it in a male’s voice. They hear a car pull up outside and Castle sees it is the police. Beckett quickly takes a picture of the man with her cell phone then both scramble for the back door. They get outside, but are quickly caught by a uniformed officer.

LAPD Robbery-Homicide Detective Kyle Seeger introduces himself to Castle to Beckett as they sit on the house’s rear patio. Beckett explains away her presence as a misunderstanding, but Seeger is skeptical and, despite sympathizing with Beckett’s loss, cautions them against further meddling. When Beckett asks if he is arresting them, he pulls out his cell phone and a furious Captain Montgomery threatens to fire Beckett if she and Castle do not return to New York immediately. With the call ended, Beckett gets up to leave, but stops when Seeger asks if she found what she was looking for. When she answers no, he also tells her to go home.

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As they head back to their car, Beckett tells Castle there is no way they are going home. She calls Ryan to ask for a favor, which he gladly agrees to perform, despite knowing how upset Captain Montgomery is. She explains that Violet went to acting school in New York and asks him to find out if she contacted any friends there. He agrees and Esposito joins in and tells Beckett he is sending her a photo of the killer gleaned from airport surveillance. Beckett tells him to run a facial recognition search on the guy to get his name and ends the call. Castle then tells her the building from Violet’s surveillance photos was used in a movie and found it is the home of Kelvin North America, a weapons development company, and that the CEO, Charles Kelvin, lists his hobbies as Corgis, wine, and surfing, meaning Violet was studying him.

That evening, Castle and Beckett find Charles Kelvin on the beach surfing and ask him about Violet Young. He remembers meeting her for coffee, then asked her out to dinner, but she disappeared in the middle of the date. Castle plays the recording he found on the dictaphone and Kelvin becomes worried, saying the phrase unlocks the high-security vault at his office and guesses Violet pieced it together from words he said on their date. He, Castle, and Beckett burst into the vault and find it empty. He refuses to say what he was storing, but Castle finds a bullet on the floor and connects it to the dissolving bullets Lanie took from Royce’s body. When Beckett says the bullets were used in a murder, Kelvin says the bullets were developed in hopes of getting a defense contract, and the dissolving property was accidental. He figures that while the military doesn’t want them, someone plans on selling them.

Back at the precinct, Ryan tells Esposito that Violet’s ex-boyfriend let her spend the night at his apartment the night of the murder and took his wallet. Two hours after she took off, a large black man also inquired about Violet and beat up the boyfriend when he couldn’t tell her where she was headed. Esposito supposes the man is their killer’s accomplice. Ryan shows him a sketch of the guy that the boyfriend helped put together.

In their hotel room in LA, Castle spins the theory that their killer posed as a movie producer and promised to make Violet famous if she helped him play a practical joke on a friend, when in reality, he uses her to get the voice code to the vault. Violet figures out what she unwittingly agreed to, enlists Royce’s help, and he flies both of them to New York to hide, but the killer follows them. Beckett then recalls how she admired Royce when they met then laments how she’ll never see him again. Castle, in turn, remembers how he thought Beckett was an unsolvable mystery when they met, and that he is still amazed by her strength, heart, “and hotness.” She returns the compliment and their eyes lock for a long moment. Beckett breaks the contact and bids Castle good night. She shuts the door to her room, and leans against it, deeply conflicted about whether or not to rejoin Castle and risk something happening, or play it safe. For his part, Castle watches her door intently. Finally, Beckett opens her door, hoping to find Castle waiting, but merely sees the door to his bedroom close. She retreats back into her room and exhales heavily.

The next morning, Castle finds Beckett creating a murder board on a dry-erase board Maurice helped her procure. Beckett describes that 800 pounds of bullets were stolen from Kelvin’s company, so the thieves had to have taken the goods off a loading dock and past a guard house. She adds that she called the security company who told her the guard working the night of the theft, Reggie Walsh, asked to be reassigned the day after the robbery.

Someone knocks on the suite door and Beckett and Castle quickly hide the murder board. Castle opens the door to reveal Detective Seeger. After kidding Beckett about how it pays to travel with a best-selling author, he asks what a robbery at Kelvin’s company has to do with their murder investigation. Beckett feigns ignorance at first, but when Seeger doesn’t buy her act, she admits to knowing little more than he does. Castle promises to share any new information they may find while on their way to the airport, and Seeger sternly asks them to do just. After, he leaves Castle disputes that leaving Seeger out of the loop is a good idea, but Beckett says he doesn’t care about Royce’s murder. For them to solve it, they have to make the connection between his murder and the robbery, which means talking to Reggie Walsh. When Castle reminds her how she isn’t a cop in La, Beckett answers that Reggie doesn’t know that.

Later on, Beckett has Reggie in the back seat of a police car, which he doesn’t know came from the Heat Wave set. Driving them are the actors playing Raley and Ochoa, who, to keep up the charade, are in uniform and in character. Beckett lends a nervous Reggie her blazer, suggesting that he put it over his head, so the news media who are waiting at the station, won’t catch his face. With his head covered, they pull onto the studio lot. In what Reggie thinks is an interrogation room, Castle and Beckett question Reggie. He describes how two guys paid him $500 dollars to take a cigarette break around midnight the night of the murder. Beckett shows him the photos of their suspects and he identifies them as the men who approached him. He didn’t get their names, but heard one call the other Ganz. Beckett nods at Castle and he yells out a thank you to the Heat Wave crew. A large metal door begins lifting, revealing the crew to Reggie, who remains confused.

As they leave the set, Ryan explains to Castle over the phone that the killer must be Russell Ganz, a dangerous, wealthy man with a record of theft of valuable military technology. He finds no address for him, but notices that only one of his associates, Donald Mannis, who resembles the man who attacked Violet’s boyfriend, is not in jail. Beckett tells Ryan to distribute photos of Mannis and ends the call. Beckett insists they find Ganz since he will disappear once he sells the bullets. Castle knows exactly how to find him.

Back at the hotel, Maurice names the hotel where Ganz is staying and goes on to say how Ganz likes to conduct business from a cabana at the hotels’ pool, where he is surrounded by beautiful women. Castle thanks him, tips him, and he leaves. Beckett says that if she can catch Ganz with the bullets, she can then connect him to Royce’s murder. Castle asks if she wants to bring in Seeger, but she says she has a better idea.

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Poolside, Ganz tells a waiter to prepare a celebration for later that night and lights up a cigar while Castle sits nearby sipping a drink and acting inconspicuous. At that moment, Beckett, clad in a sexy monokini bathing suit, climbs seductively out of the pool. As Castle almost loses his drink, Beckett keeps her eyes fixed on Ganz as she wraps a skirt around her waist and settles on a lounge chair. Castle watches as Ganz leaves his cabana, and his phone, and approaches Beckett.
© 2010-2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
He compliments her on her “entrance” and Beckett introduces herself as Lola Black. When Ganz sits next to her, she explains how she represents a small, powerful group of Colombian businessmen who are interested in the dissolving bullets. He acts like she has the wrong guy, but Beckett adds that she thought his murder of Royce was an effective product demonstration and that her clients don’t like being told no. As Ganz considers her offer, she notices Castle sneak into Ganz’s cabana. Ganz tells Beckett the bullets have been sold and stands. Needing to protect Castle, she stalls by offering $2 million within the hour for the bullets. Castle, meanwhile, snaps a photo of Ganz’s call list on his phone. Ganz makes Beckett as an overeager inexperienced cop and heads back to his cabana which Castle left the moment before. Beckett swears under her breath at Castle.

Outside the pool area, Castle receives two vicious pokes in his chest as Beckett angrily fills him in on how he blew her cover. He tells her how he saw Ganz’s phone unattended in the cabana and took advantage of the opportunity to get a photo of his recent call list. He shows it to Beckett, who, in her excitement, tells Castle she wants to kiss him for his help then says they need to run down the numbers, for which, Castle observes, they will need Seeger’s help.

Meanwhile at the precinct, Ryan and Esposito are on their way out, when Captain Montgomery asks them about Violet. Esposito responds that Violet’s mother says she once had a roommate who lived on Canal Street and that they are headed there to see if she contacted her. Montgomery tells them to keep him informed, and before they can leave, asks if either has heard from Beckett. Both lie and say no, and guess that she isn’t answering her cell phone because they are on a flight back to the city. Montgomery then tells them he knows they are lying and orders them to find Violet so Beckett can close the case.

At the hotel, Detective Seeger enters Castle’s and Beckett’s room indignant that they are asking him for a favor after they disobeyed orders and stayed in town. Beckett insists they are trying to apprehend a dangerous criminal and reminds him how they are on the same team. Seeger agrees to help them out, but only if he calls the shots. Beckett agrees and Seeger tells them they know Ganz’s phone is a burner phone and most of the numbers he called were dead ends, except for one they traced back to New York City. Castle guesses that is Mannis’ number and that Ganz likely called him because he knows Violet is still alive. Seeger says they could only trace the call to Manhattan. Beckett volunteers to call Mannis and make him mad by implying that Ganz plans on cutting him out of the deal since he couldn’t kill Violet. This will hopefully get Mannis to call Ganz and one of them to reveal where the exchange is going down. Seeger agrees and promises to get a warrant for a phone tap.

That night in New York, Ryan and Esposito talk to Violet on the street. She apologizes for running and says she never intended for Royce to get hurt. As the three climb into the squad car, Mannis emerges from the shadows with a machine gun, but his ringing cell phone blows his cover. He fires at Violet, but Ryan knocks her out of the way while Esposito shoots Mannis. Esposito answers Mannis’ phone and is surprised to hear Beckett on the other end. He says he shot Mannis and she explains how they need to know where Ganz is planning on handing off the bullets. Mannis demands an ambulance, for which Ryan deliberately moves slowly in calling. Finally, Esposito gets Mannis to reveal that the deal will go down at 6p.m. at the Santa Monica Pier. He also pins Royce’s murder on Ganz.

At the pier, Beckett and Castle follow a man carrying a briefcase in the direction of a white van. Seeger apprehends the man while Beckett arrests the driver. She demands to know where Ganz is, but the man stays silent. Seeger and Castle find the bullets in the back of the van while Beckett spots Ganz casually walking off the pier and follows him. As she reaches for her gun, he bolts and jumps off the pier to the beach to try to escape. Beckett follows on his heels and shoots him in the leg as he runs away. She walks closer and aims her gun at his head as he recognizes her from the pool. She tells him how Royce was her friend and that she considers his capture “poetic justice.” Her finger tightens around the trigger of her gun, but when Castle comes running with Seeger and some uniformed cops, she lowers her weapon and places him under arrest. As they leave Ganz to Seeger, Castle asks Beckett if she is ok. She thinks and says yes.

Back at the hotel, Beckett and Seeger shakes hands while Castle insists Seeger take one of hotel’s bathrobes with him. He finally agrees and leaves. Castle then asks Beckett how close she came to killing Ganz, but instead of answering, she merely says it is time to go home.

On the plane, Beckett reads the rest of Royce’s note to her. He writes that he knows she is fighting feelings for Castle and encourages her to stop, not wanting her to look back on her life and wonder “if only.” Beckett studies Castle for a long moment as he sleeps in the seat next to her. She folds up the note and stares into space, lost in thought.


Who: Mike Royce, Beckett's training officer (see Under the Gun)
Found: In a NYC alley
Where Killed: In the alley. He was first shot in a building, escaped into the alley where he was finished off
How: Shot in the leg in the building, then in the head in the alley

Killer: Russell Ganz
Motive: Royce was in the way. Royce was helping Violet Young who helped Ganz steal military technology and wanted out.

Who: Charles Kelvin, CEO of Kelvin North America, a weapons development company
What: Light weight military bullets
Where Happened: in the secure vault of Kelvin North America
How: Violet Young "seduced" Charles Kelvin and got the voice recording that opens the vault


  • Leader: Russel Ganz
  • Muscle: Donald Mannis
  • Seductress: Violet Young

Motive: Greed. Stole the bullets to sell on the black market

Who: Violet Young
Found: In New York City
Where Killed: streets of NYC (survived)
How: Shot at (Ryan and Esposito were with her)

Killer: Donald Mannis
Motive: Tying up loose ends, under orders to kill her by Ganz

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