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*[[David Grae]]
*[[David Grae]]
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Photo Credit: Seamus Dever via Twitter

Basic Details

Season 4, Episode 11

Original Air Date January 9, 2012


When a lothario is killed, Castle and Beckett suspect that the victim's mysterious double life holds the key to his murder. Their investigation leads to a shocking twist that threatens to disrupt Ryan's wedding with Jenny.

Episode Images

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

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  • Juliana Dever - Jenny Scout Duffy O'Malley
  • Desmin Borges - Pablo Barnes
  • Parisa Fakhri - Colette Rubens
  • Donna Feldman - Jody Garcia
  • Jenna Gering - Lisa Hill
  • Sam Hennings - Seth Harris
  • Brian Johnson - Ron Hill
  • Mo Mandel - Max Landon
  • Jaime Ray Newman - Holly Franklin
  • Daniel Romer - Cute Young Guy
  • Haley Strode - Hot Young Woman



Ratings Information

Date Viewers (Mil) 18-49 Demo
Jan 9, 2012 9.8 2.3


Ryan: Thanks, sweetie. I love you.
Jenny: I love you more.
Ryan: That’s not possible.
(they kiss and Jenny leaves)
Ryan: (to Esposito, Castle, and Beckett) I know, I know, I know. We’re nauseating.

Beckett: You’re bringing a date?
Castle: I am.
Beckett: Who?
Castle: Oh, well, she’s beautiful, she’s intelligent, she’s funny, and the way she smiles at me sometimes just melts my heart. It’s Alexis.

Castle: So, he’s naked.
Lanie: Perceptive.
Castle: Well, it is pretty cold out. If this was a suicide, wouldn’t you rather be warm and toasty on your way down to your certain yet, citrus-y death?

Beckett: Looks like he did the deed before taking the dive.
Castle: Last item on your bucket list?

Castle: She’s a black widow, coldest hearted creature on earth. She lures an unsuspecting male, takes him into her web, and then, the moment they culminate, as soon as he feels the ecstasy of achieving his biological destiny, she opens up her jaws and eats him alive.
Ryan: I’m glad I’m in a healthy relationship.
Beckett: Yeah.
Castle: I’ll bet male black widow spiders think they’re in healthy relationships too.

Alexis: There’s always poison.
Martha: True. Watch him writhe then suffer.
Alexis: Die like the rodent he is.
Castle: Wow. All these years writing about murderers, I had no idea I was living among them.

Castle: Even their hypothetical fury is unnerving. William Congreve had it right when he talked about scorned women.
Beckett: Yeah, well, you haven’t heard what I would do.
Castle: Yeah, I don’t think I ever wanna know.

Castle: It’s the like the beginning of The Bachelor, but without the appletinis.
Beckett: Bailey was involved with all of them?
Ryan: Uh, yeah. And each of them thought that they were his one and only.
Castle: That’s lot of a scorned women and a lot of fury.

Beckett: Alright, unless you guys are enjoying the Warhol-esque quality of this, we can just shut it down.

Castle: He really was Jason Bourne!
Beckett: You gotta be kidding me.

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Castle: Can’t you see it? Bailey is in covert ops. They placed him at a giant multi-national company, Global 12 Consolidated, as a cover. Then, a month ago, they activate him. They give him an alias, a backstory. They give him unlimited walking around money. And then, somehow, the enemy gets to him. They grab him off the streets. He manages to escape so they exploit his Achilles heel: his love of beautiful women. They send in a super-sexy secret agent. She seduces him and then kills him by feeding him a poison protein shake.
Beckett: I can’t think of anything better. (sighs)

Esposito: I was this close to getting my plus one.
Castle: Hey, relax man. It happens to a lot of guys. Get a little excited, lose control of your steamer.

Man: You know, you have some beautiful eyes.
Beckett: Seriously?
Man: What? It’s a numbers game. I strike out ninety percent of the time.
Beckett: Thus, restoring my faith in my gender.

Esposito: I don’t know what this dude Bailey was into, but whatever it is, he had it goin’ on!
Ryan: Really? This impresses you? These women are pathetic for falling for this guy. And Bailey? Bailey was just a con man and a liar.
Beckett: Thank you! At least there is one real man amongst us. Ryan, why don’t you take The Situation down to The Magic Bottle and see if we can get an ID on Lisa.

Castle: So, what are we gonna do?
Beckett: About what?
Castle: Well, we have to tell Ryan about Jenny.
Beckett: What?! Why? Castle, if we were getting married would you want to know about all the guys that I’ve slept with?
Castle: All?
Beckett: Seriously? You sign women’s chests at book readings, you cannot be shocked that I’m not a virgin.
Castle: It’s just the word “all” suggests “a lot.” How many we talkin’ exactly?
Beckett: Are you really asking for my number?
Castle: You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.
Beckett: Men, you all wanna know, but you don’t wanna know. Listen, every woman has her secrets including Jenny and sometimes for the sake of a relationship, it is better not to share.

(Beckett and Castle break up a fight between Ryan and Esposito)
Beckett: Guys! What the hell is going on?!
Esposito: Talk to Hunger Strike over here!
Ryan: He was flaunting that donut!
Esposito: I was eating it!

Castle: Yeah, she’s going from mud wrap to murder rap, exfolitation to interrogation, manicure to manacles, shiatsu to…shiatsu.

Beckett: That’s espionage.
Castle: More like sex-pionage.

Beckett: You’ve got the posture of a feral cat.
Ryan: Guys, I made a sacred vow to the woman I love. Is that mu shu pork?

Ryan: I’m just glad I’m out of the game.
Castle: No, the games are only beginning for you, my friend.

Esposito: Toby, huh?
Lanie: What do you mean ‘Toby, huh?’
Esposito: I don’t know. You tell me.
Lanie: You and I broke up two months ago, so unless you thought I joined a convent, you need to take a step back.
Esposito: So you two serious now?
Lanie: Yeah, we’re serious – about dancing. That’s why his boyfriend let me borrow him. Besides, I figured I’d need somebody to keep me company while you flirted with all of Jenny’s sorority sisters.
Esposito: Toby’s boyfriend?
Lanie: And I seem to recall you here with the center for the New York Liberty.
Esposito: She’s my cousin. I heard you were coming with a date so I thought I had to have somebody…You look great, you know.
Lanie: Yeah, I know.
Esposito: Can I show you to your seat?
Lanie: That would be nice.

Beckett: Castle, you look like a lost puppy. Where’s your date?
Castle: At a Lady Gaga concert with a teenage boy. How do I compete with that?!

Castle: I hate going to weddings alone.
Beckett: Well, maybe we could be each other’s plus one.
Castle: Yeah! And then avoid the stigma of sitting at the singles table. Yes, that would be nice.

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Ryan: Hey! I’m so glad you’re here.
Beckett: Where else was I gonna be? You look fantastic.
Esposito: We clean up pretty nice, huh?
(Castle spies Jenny in her dress)
Castle: Oh Jenny, you look amazing.
Jenny: Thank you, Rick.
(Ryan begins to turn to look at her, but Beckett catches him)
Beckett: No, no, no, no, no! You can’t see her yet.
Castle: Kevin, you are a lucky man.
Ryan: Don’t I know it.

Castle: You know, I gotta say. I kinda envy him.
Beckett: Oh, who knows, Castle? Maybe third time’s the charm.
Castle: Yeah. Could be.


  • In advance of the episode's air date, Ryan and Jenny set up their own website announcing the event.
  • Of shooting the episode, Stana Katic said “I loved being able to see Juliana walk in with her wedding gown, because it was the kind of gown that she wanted when they were young actors getting married but they didn’t have the finances they needed to make the wedding as large as maybe it would have been in their dreams. This was a chance to kind of do a ‘second take,’ and it was fantastic to be a part of that real-life experience as well as that ‘movie-life’ experience.”[1]
  • After the episode, Seamus Dever posted a picture from his real wedding from May 27, 2006[1] and from his "fake" wedding [2]
  • Seamus also responded to fan questions via twitter while the episode aired on the west coast of the U.S.. Here are some tidbits about the episode picked up from his responses:
    • The Chinese food scene at the end of the episode was his favorite to film; [3]
    • The juice he drank was "Super green juice, water, cayenne pepper" [4]
    • Jon Huertas ate 2 dozen doughnuts while shooting the episode. "His stomach hurt" [5]

Full Episode Recap

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  1. Castle is Heading for a Wedding - Will It Get Rick and Kate Ready for Romance?, by Matt Webb Mitovich, TVLine.com, posted December 13, 2011