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*[[Moira Kirland]]
*[[Moira Kirland]]
{{Ratings|Mar 22, 2010|12.94|3.6|Mar 28, 2010|4.266/4.604|1.0/1.2|May 15, 2010|3.53|0.8}}  
{{Ratings|Mar 22, 2010|12.94|3.6|Mar 28, 2010|4.266/4.604|1.0/1.2|May 15, 2010|3.53|0.8|Aug 4, 2010|3.63|0.9}}
== Quotes ==
== Quotes ==

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Basic Details

Season 2, Episode 17

Original Air Date: March 22, 2010

Also Aired On: March 28, 2010; May 15, 2010


In the special two-part storyline, Dana Delany (“Desperate Housewives”) plays Federal Agent Jordan Shaw, an insightful and accomplished Federal investigator who teams up with Castle & Beckett to hunt down a cunning and elusive serial killer. This will reunite her and Nathan Fillion, who played Dr. Adam Mayfair, the younger husband of Katherine Mayfair (Delany) on “Desperate Housewives.”

Episode Images


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Dana Delany – Federal Agent Jordan Shaw
  • Leonard Roberts – Federal Agent Jason Avery
  • Andrew Rothenberg – Donald Salt
  • Dameon Clarke – Scott Dunn
  • Sabrina Guyll – Michelle lewis


  • Bryan Spicer


Ratings Information

Date Viewers (Mil) 18-49 Demo
Mar 22, 2010 12.94 3.6
Mar 28, 2010 4.266/4.604 1.0/1.2
May 15, 2010 3.53 0.8
Aug 4, 2010 3.63 0.9


Dr. Lanie Parrish: Let's face it, New Yorkers are famous for their hear no evil, see no evil attitude.

Richard Castle: We'll call you K-Becks

Martha Rogers: You are not another man. Besides I trained you.

Richard Castle: Either a UFO just landed on the other side of the park...
Kate Beckett: Or else the FBI is here to claim jurisdiction on the case.
Richard Castle: Maybe they just want to ride on the carousel before the line gets too long.

Jordan Shaw: I also play a mean game of scrabble.

Richard Castle: Wow, there is a app for that?
Jordan Shaw: That's why I joined the FBI Mr. Castle - for the toys!

Kate Beckett: Tell me everything you know about Jordan Shaw.
Richard Castle: She is like the federal you. She is good, real good.

Jordan Shaw: It takes a mind to hunt a mind.

Jordan Shaw: If our killer is obsessed with Nikki Heat, than so are we.

Kate Beckett: He, um, touches things.
Richard Castle: Maybe in my third book Nikki Heat will cross swords with a good looking yet cold-hearted profiler. Call it Federal Heat. (Beckett glares at Castle)
Richard Castle: Or maybe not.

Jordan Shaw: So how long have you two been sleeping together?
Kate Beckett: Um, we're not sleeping together. He just observes me.
Jordan Shaw: Yeah I've seen the way he observes you.
Richard Castle: No she's s right. Besides my second wife, this is the most sexless relationship I've ever been in.
Jordan Shaw: I've been profiling people a long time. I'm hardly ever wrong.
Kate Beckett: Well this time you are...wrong.

Jordan Shaw: So if you're not sleeping together, why do you keep him around?
Richard Castle: You know I can hear you.
Kate Beckett: He's actually proven to be surprisingly helpful.
Jordan Shaw: I'll take your word on that.

Jordan Shaw: [to Castle, who is playing with Jordan's tazer] Put...the tazer...down.

Richard Castle: See, I'm helping.
Jordan Shaw: Yeah, I'll buy you an ice cream later.

Richard Castle: Taking it old school?
Kate Beckett: The white board has always worked for me.

Jordan Shaw: I see what you mean by him being helpful.

Richard Castle: I never intended to put her in harms way.
Martha Rogers: Let me tell you something about Detective Beckett. That gal can take care of herself. Really.

Richard Castle: No, I'm not leaving. I am here to protect you.
Kate Beckett: What with your vast arsenal of rapier wit?
Richard Castle: There is a mad man gunning for you because of me. I am not going to leave you alone.
Kate Beckett: Ok, fine I'm too tired to argue. But if I see that door knob turn I will have you know Mr. Castle, I sleep with a gun.
Richard Castle: Understood.

Kate Beckett: You're still here and you're making pancakes.
Richard Castle: I was hoping for bacon and eggs but your eggs have expired and your bacon has something furry on them.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well I mostly order in.
Richard Castle: I figured that with the styrofoam temple you got going on in the refrigerator.

Kevin Ryan: What kind of breakfast was he making?
Kate Beckett: Pancakes.
Kevin Ryan: Well isn't that domestic.

Javier Espositio: Pancakes is not just breakfast. It is an edible way of saying thank you so much for last night.

Richard Castle: There are no details!
Javier Esposito: I can't even look at you right now.
Kevin Ryan: Witness refuses to cooperate.

Jordan Shaw: Why don't you two escort the body to the morgue, once you're dressed, of course.

Richard Castle & Kate Beckett: [together] He's a taxidermist!
Dr. Lanie Parrish: So cute the way you two do that.

Kate Beckett: Seems a little absurd.
Jordan Shaw: You must be a cat lover.

Richard Castle: Nikki will burn. I can see the poetry in that. The terrible homicidal poetry.

Jordan Shaw: If the pattern holds, he should have a four-letter word for us.
Kate Beckett: It’s funny. I have a four-letter word for him too.

Jordan Shaw: [talking on the phone to her child] Mommy’s gotta go arrest someone, OK? I’ll be home for dinner.


Four Murders, "NO" Killer
1) Grand Central Station, 2) Carousel in Central Park, 3) Parking Garage, 4) the "Killer"

Attendees at the Paley Center for Media "An Evening with Castle" event held on Tuesday March 16, 2010 were treated to an early viewing of this Tick, Tick, Tick. They aired a slightly unfinished version a week before the episode aired.

Full Episode Recap

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