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The Third Man

Basic Details[edit]

Season 2, Episode 14 (24)

Original Air Date - January 25, 2010


Mysteries abound when a family returns from vacation to discover a dead man in their daughter’s bed. Thinking they’re investigating the murder of a squatter, Castle and Beckett soon find themselves unraveling a multi-million dollar heist. Meanwhile, Castle tries to keep Beckett from finding out that they’ve been romantically linked when he’s featured as one of New York’s 10 most eligible bachelors.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Scott Elrod – Brad Dekker
  • Sarah Brown – Amanda Livingston
  • Jack McGee – Dale Fickas
  • Rick Gonzalez – Mickey Carlson.
  • Shania Accius – Candace Dyson
  • David Appelbaum – Clerk
  • Yurie Ann Cho – Hostess
  • Jon Curry – Stan Kopek
  • Michael Enright – Noel du Preez
  • Siena Goines – Donna Vincennes
  • Senta Moses – Michele Langford
  • Kortney Nash – Simone Dyson
  • Corey Mendell Parker – Reggie Dyson
  • Christie Lynn Smith – Melanie Kopek




Martha: Ha ranked number nine. Weren’t you number seven last year?
Castle: Yes, and thank you for pointing out my shortcomings once again, Mother.
Martha: Well, it’s my job.

Castle: What about this is embarrassing?
Alexis: Nothing. It’s a secret dream of every sixteen year-old to have their father crowned one of the most available hotties of the year.

Alexis: Detective Beckett is not going to love this.
Castle: Oh, maybe she’ll just laugh it off.
Martha: How is it for a man that is surrounded by women that you know so little about us?
Castle: (His cell phone rings. It’s Beckett) Speak of the devil. Either Beckett’s calling because there is a dead body or because she read the article.
Martha: Pray for murder.

Castle: You know who kills with syringes? Mad doctors and B movie Nazis.

Castle: You’re right, it makes no sense.
Beckett: What? No grand theatrical to spin for us?
Castle: Honestly, I got nothing.

Michele Langford: By the way, that photo in the paper did you no justice. You're much better looking in person.
Beckett: There's a picture of you in the paper?
Michele: So, are you the detective girlfriend?
Beckett: I'm sorry, the what?
Michele: He is such a catch.
(Castle begins to speak, but Beckett stops him)
Beckett: Don't. Show me. Now. (Later, after reading the article) Romantically involved?
Castle: Rumored to be!
Beckett: What did you tell them?
Castle: Nothing! Why would I do that? Do you have any idea what this does to my reputation?
Beckett: Your reputation?! What about my reputation?
Castle: I am just as upset as you are. I'm on your team! This is shoddy journalism, and I am two seconds away from canceling my subscription! My subscription...
Beckett: Do you have any idea how hard it is to be a female cop? The last thing I need is for you to give them more ammo to--

Castle: Yes, I would like vacation hold information on two of your subscribers, please. Who am I? I...I sometimes forget I'm not actually a cop.
Beckett: I don't.

Ryan: It’s ironic, you know, people put on vacation holds to avoid break-ins.
Castle: Good use of irony.

Castle: Yes I did, which worked out really well for me. As it turns out, Most Eligible Bachelorette Numero Tres, very interested in meeting me. Once the infotainers get ahold of her with me, they’re going to forget all about you and me.
Beckett: I can just see the headlines now. "Nine meets three at dinner for two."
Castle: Ha-ha. Believe it or not, there are a lot of women in this town who like the idea of being romantically linked to me.

Beckett: I have no life.
Lanie: No, Mr. Bishop has no life that’s why he’s on my table.

Castle: Sorry I missed dinner.
Alexis: There’s quiche if you’re hungry.
Castle: Sweet! Or savory, actually.

Alexis: I had a truly great day. I got pulled out of class and called to the vice principal's office.
Castle: Why, what did she want?
Alexis: You. Here’s her number.
Castle: Her number?
Alexis: Oh, and my German teacher Fraulein Sonnenberg wanted me to tell you 'Du habes sex appeal.' She’s two years from ordering off the senior menu, but here’s her number too.
Castle: Fraulein Sonnenberg.
Alexis: Too old? Oh, that’s ok, because my friend Sloane thinks you’re "real choice." She’s seventeen but she’ll be legal in three months. Hey, maybe we could double?
Castle: Oh, you hate me a little bit right now, don’t you?

Beckett: Hey, have you ever heard of Drago?
Castle: Yeah, it’s on The Ledger's top ten most romantic restaurants, it’s pricey and impossible to get a table, unless you know someone. Why?
Beckett: Just looking for a place to go.
Castle: What, like on a date?
Beckett: Yes, on a date. Why do you sound so surprised?
Castle: Nah, no, I just ah…never figured you for a Drago kind of girl.
Beckett: Really? And what kind of girl do you figure me for, Castle?
Castle: It…oh…

Castle: I’m just saying it’s a really good story. Come on, mysterious bad guys, crescent-shaped scars, hiding in a closet.
Beckett: It sounds like fiction because it probably is.
Castle: Oh, that’s too bad. He was a nice guy.
Esposito: So was Jeffrey Dahmer. Didn’t stop him from eating people.

(The boys are watching Beckett talk on her cell phone to a firefighter with whom Lanie has set her up)
Castle: You know him?
Esposito: Yeah met him once. Good guy. Fireman. He was in the FDNY calendar. Chiseled good looks, rock hard abs. Oh, and get this--once during a fire, after saving the parents and the kids, he went back in for the puppies.
Castle: Did she just flip her hair?
Esposito: I’m telling ya, bro, puppies. Gets ‘em everytime.
Ryan: (Nods) Puppies.

Beckett: You're such a metrosexual.
Castle: Yes well, better than being a pin-up boy.
Beckett: So you heard? (Castle nods) And it's pin-up man, Castle. Pin-up man.
Castle: Yes well, have fun with your hose jockey, whilst I go out with Nuevo York's Most Eligible Bachelorette Number Three.
Beckett: I guess that means she must be slumming it, her being number three and you being a lowly number nine.
Castle: What number were you again?

Castle: Hey, I know that this can be weird for you, how parents aren't supposed to date...
Alexis: I know you date, Dad. I know probably do other things that I am not wondering about that we'll never, ever mention. Castle: Fair enough.

Alexis: I know. She seems nice and all, but, I mean, if that’s who you date are you really going to find happiness with the kind of person who’s a number on a list?
Castle: Well I already have. You’re number one on mine. Look, it’s my job to worry about you not the other way around. I’ll be fine.
Alexis: Yeah, that’s what you said when you tried to deep try a turkey, and we all know how that turned out. I just don’t want you to get hurt. Or burn your eyebrows off, again.
Castle: I’m glad they grew back.
Alexis: They’re finally matching.

Castle: I knew you wanted to come here. I didn’t think you could get a table last minute.
Beckett: You got a table last minute.
Castle: Yeah, I got connections.
Beckett: So do I, city health inspector.
Castle: Wow, nice abuse of power.

(Beckett, like Castle, has spent her entire date thinking about the case and spinning theories)
Beckett: It’s just not like there was anything to steal there…In which case, the owner might have been lying when he said that nothing had been stolen.
Brad Dekker (Beckett's Date): (Trying to get her attention) Do you wanna have sex with me later?

Beckett: Mickey’s attacker said there were millions at stake.
Castle: And the dumbwaiter goes right down into the pet store, that’s why the Maitlands' trip had to be this week because they knew the shipment was coming in. And then the ketamine…
Beckett: Was to dope the snakes so they could take them up the shaft without a fight, and then we came to the store…
Castle: The owner couldn’t say a word, otherwise he’d implicate himself in smuggling.
Beckett: So if we find out who robbed him…
Castle: We find our third man!
Ryan: (To Esposito, both of them have been listening to Castle’s and Beckett’s conversation over Ryan's cell phone) Do they know they’re finishing each other's sentences?

Beckett: Hey, are you okay?
Castle: Yeah, oh yeah, it takes a lot more than that to scare me.
Beckett: What about a big hairy spider on your shoulder?
Castle: Yeah. That would do it. (She points to a big, hairy spider crawling on his shoulder) Gah!

Castle: You know Remy’s is open all night, they’ve got those burgers.
Beckett: Oh, and those shakes. (Castle takes her dress bag, drapes it over his arm, and offers his other arm to Beckett. She thinks for a moment.) Oh, why not. (She takes his offered arm)
Castle: Mmmm.
Beckett: So how did your date go?
Castle: She was kind of boring. Didn’t talk much. Mr. July?
Beckett: A little self-absorbed.
Castle: Looked it.
Beckett: Really?
Castle: You can tell. Some people just don’t know how to behave on a date.
Beckett: Especially on a first date.
Castle: Exactly.


Senta Moses said of guest appearance "… I enjoyed working with Nathan a lot. He's incredibly kind. In between set ups, I was sitting off to the side watching everyone work...I'm not the type of actress that goes back to her trailer to be alone. Anyway, I was sitting by myself, and Nathan saw me there alone, came over, sat down, and asked where I was from...It was such a sweet gesture that I won't ever forget it. A lot of times, when I'm doing a guest spot on a show, I feel a bit like the odd man out at a family dinner...but Nathan's friendliness made me feel welcome, and I appreciated that. Stana was very sweet as well...All in all, a great set to be on…."[1]

Full Episode Recap[edit]


Who: Douglass Bishop
Found: on the bed of the Dysons' little girl
Where Killed: in the Dysons' apartment
How: injected with an anesthetic, Ketamine, aka Special K - a "club drug" but in a very high dose

Killer: Stan Kopch (brother in law to Douglass Bishop)
Motive: Greed - money, they stole snakes that a diamond smuggler imported. Doug tried saving an innocent victim in the robbery scheme. The Ketamine was to paralyze the snakes that had the $3 million in diamonds in them.

Who: Anton Francis aka the "Crescent Scar" face man
Found: in the Maitlans' refrigerator
Where Killed: in the Maitlans' apartment
How: single gun shot wound to the chest

Killer: Stan again
Motive: Greed and self defense. Allegedly Anton came after Stan after they stole the snakes


  1. "Actors share some Castle love" Examiner.com, written by Laurie Flesch, posted January 26, 2011

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