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The Squab and the Quail

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 5, Episode 21 (102) (as aired: on DVD as episode 22 (103))

Original Air Date - April 22, 2013


When his life is threatened, Beckett is forced to guard handsome entrepreneur Erik Vaughn who asks Beckett pointed questions about her relationship with Castle, causing her to become concerned about their future together. Meanwhile, a jealous Castle works furiously to solve the case to keep Beckett and Vaughn apart.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

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  • Ioan Gruffudd - Eric Vaughn
  • Russ Bain - Bruno Toft
  • Erin Cardillo - Cindy Paralti
  • Scott Allen Rinker - David Anderson, Vaughn's attorney
  • Andy Wagner - Lucas
  • Jamie Hill - Petra, Vaughn's assistant
  • Michael Buonomo - Cory Harrison
  • Robert Craighead - Arthur Felder
  • Maya Stojan - Tory Ellis, NYPD Tech
  • Leonard Jackson - Hotel attendant
  • Miles J. D. Vedder - Chef




Castle: You want more? Come get it, buddy. ‘Cause I got something special for you.
Beckett: (seductively) And I got something special for you too.
Castle: Well, that’s not looking too good.
Beckett: What?!

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Beckett: Castle, would you rather play with a kid in an imaginary world or with…in the real world?
Castle: I, uh…uh…
Beckett: Oh my God.
Castle: What?
Beckett: Oh my God! You actually have to think about this!

Castle: I was in the zone. I was like Gretzky.
Beckett: Well, at least Gretzky knew how to score.
Castle: Ouch.

Beckett: You know, Castle, it wasn’t too long ago that me wearing a sexy outfit would get an immediate response from you.
Castle: What are you saying? I’m taking you for granted?
Beckett: I don’t know, Castle. Are you?

Castle: Looks as though Vaughn is on your list as well.
Beckett: The things you notice when you’re paying attention, Castle.

Lanie: Speaking of paralyzing agent, can I just say Eric Vaughn!
Beckett: See Castle. He’s on everybody’s list.
Castle: Yes, yes. He’s quite impressive.
Beckett: And handsome.
Lanie: And don’t forget rich and that accent! Ooh, honey!
Beckett: Oh, I know-
Castle: Alright!

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Beckett: Is this you being jealous?
Castle: Jealous? Yes! The guy won a McArthur Genius Award. Do you know who they give those awards to? Geniuses! Ok. He’s got one company bringing clean water to Africa and another one that might actually cure cancer, so yes, when you’re in a room with him, alone, I’m a little jealous.

Castle: The guy’s so impressive.
Beckett: But he’s not you. Besides the guy could get any woman he wants. He’s not interested in me.
Castle: (Chuckles) Right.

Esposito: Beckett’s hanging with Vaughn? Oh, hell yeah you should be worried. His hit list includes half of Maxim’s Hot 100. Oh, and unlike you, his helicopter doesn’t need a remote control.
Ryan: Don’t listen to him, Castle. Beckett’s loyal to you. She’s not gonna be seduced by his charms.
Esposito: Really? So you’d let Jenny hang with him then?
Ryan: Hell no. I wouldn’t let Jenny near that guy.

Castle: I can’t believe that the department is forcing her to hang out with some womanizing rich guy against her will.
Ryan: Yeah, unbelievable.
Esposito: Yeah, she’s never done that.

Eric Vaughn: Do you have any idea how remarkable you are? (Sees Beckett get embarrassed) You don’t, do you?

Lanie: Speaking of supercharged, is it true you’re with Eric Vaughn? I mean, Kate, I know you love Castle and all, but girlfriend-
Beckett: Bye, Lanie.
Lanie: (In British accent) Aye. Hello there, Lanie. I’m Eric Vaughn and I think you’re absolutely ravishing.

Vaughn: Detective, we’re all mislead by our hearts sometimes. It shouldn’t end a career.
Beckett: It shouldn’t end a life either.

Esposito: You’ve keyed cars, slashed tires, straight out of a Carrie Underwood song.
Ryan: Yeah, but you know what Carrie Underwood never sang about? Using a chemically enhanced neurotoxin to poison a guy in a restaurant.

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Castle: It is one thing to follow him around, but quite another to be shacking up with him.
Beckett: Castle, I am not shacking up with him. I’m just doing my job.
Castle: Right.
Beckett: You don’t trust me.
Castle: Oh, no. Of course I trust you.
Beckett: No you don’t. That’s what this is all about. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be an issue.
Vaughn: (To Beckett) Shall we?
Beckett: Yes.

Vaughn: It’s amazing how fate changes lives, isn’t it?

Castle: What about pajamas? Homely flannel or skimpy sleep shorts?
Beckett: My gosh, you’re sounding like my Dad dropping me off at summer camp.
Castle: Did they serve champagne at your summer camp?

Alexis: And I was just reminding Dad that Beckett is a professional and totally committed to their relationship.
Martha: Well, not totally committed.
Castle: What do you mean?
Martha: Well, there isn’t a ring on her finger, is there? Technically, she’s not really committed at all. Ta!

Vaughn: I feel completely safe in your care.
Beckett: After knowing me for just two days?
Vaughn: No, after knowing you for two minutes.

Beckett: Yeah, you can say it’s serious.
Vaughn: But the truth is you don’t really know, otherwise you wouldn’t have hesitated.
Beckett: No, it’s just we’ve never really talked about it. That’s all.
Vaughn: Why not?
Beckett: We just haven’t.
Vaughn: He’s a fool.
Beckett: No, it’s just that, it’s complicated.
Vaughn: Kate, there’s nothing complicated about meeting a woman like you and knowing what to do.

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Castle: So he ate the wrong entrée and avoided being poisoned and then he stumbled at just the right moment to avoid being shot by an assassin through a window. Nobody’s that lucky. What’s going on here, Kate?
Beckett: He kissed me, ok Castle?
Castle: He what?
Ryan: I think I have all I need here.

Vaughn: It’s amazing you can know someone for ten years and never really know them at all and know someone for a few days and feel like you know them so well.
Beckett: Well, you will be happy to know that the Feds caught Thomas Barber trying to cross the Canadian border so…it’s over.
Vaughn: Yeah, I suppose it is.

Vaughn: You know that’s an extraordinary woman you have there.
Castle: I know.
Vaughn: Do you?

Beckett: Castle?
Castle: Yeah?
Beckett: Where are we going?
Castle: To the bedroom.


Full Episode Recap[edit]

In the kitchen of an exclusive New York City restaurant, the head chef puts a completed order where a waiter is to pick it up, but doesn’t see someone spray the food. A waiter retrieves the order and delivers it to where wealthy entrepreneur and inventor Eric Vaughn is having dinner with colleagues and an investor, Arthur Felder. Felder offers to invest another $20 million in Mexi Solar, one of Vaughn’s companies, once he sees the factory, but Vaughn stops the discussion of business in favor of dinner. Suddenly, in the middle of the meal, Felder chokes, foams at the mouth, then collapses onto his plate.

Meanwhile, at Richard Castle's loft, Castle is focused on playing a video game when Detective Kate Beckett appears in the doorway of his bedroom wearing only one of his button-down shirts and strikes a seductive pose. When Castle can't decide between returning her flirtation or putting down his controller, she becomes incredulous at his indecision. She stalks into his bedroom having lost interest and Castle chases after her confused about what is wrong.

As they arrive outside their latest crime scene, Castle apologizes, but Beckett doesn’t accept and reminds him how, once, seeing her in a sexy outfit would provoke a more immediate reaction. As they enter the restaurant, Beckett hints that he is taking her for granted. Detective Kevin Ryan leads them to the body where Medical Examiner Lanie Parish is at work. Lanie rules out an allergic reaction and suspects poisoning, but she won’t know by what until she gets him to the morgue. Castle spies Vaughn nearby on his cell phone and explains to Ryan how he is on his list of 10 people with whom he’d want to have his last meal. As ticks off the others, he sees Beckett’s cold stare and hastily adds her, but she tells him his effort is too little, too late.

As Beckett speaks to the other dinner guests, she demands that Vaughn get off his phone. He apologizes, explaining that he was making arrangements to fly Felder’s family to New York from the Caribbean, snuffing out Beckett’s anger. Vaughn admits that he and Felder had been doing business for years, but they weren’t close and that he has no idea who would want to kill him.

Detective Javier Esposito pulls her away, saying the kitchen’s back door was propped open and CSU found a waiter’s vest in a dumpster outside, meaning their killer was posing as a waiter. She tells him to canvas the area and to bring in the kitchen staff for questioning. He leaves and Beckett regards Vaughn from a distance. Feeling Castle’s eyes on her, she turns to him and he points out that apparently Vaughn is on her list too. She responds that he’d be amazed at what else he notices if he just pays attention.

At the precinct, Ryan interviews bus boy Corey Harrison, who says he was washing dishes when Felder died, but he remembers someone he didn’t recognize brushing past him in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Esposito briefs Castle and Beckett on Felder, who made his fortune in hostile takeovers and just recently received death threats after putting 200 people out of work by closing a chemical plant. Beckett tells him to find out if the people making the threats were located near the restaurant while she and Castle find out from Lanie if there’s a connection between the plant and the poisoning.

In the morgue, Lanie rules out Beckett’s theory and adds that the poison is some kind of sophisticated paralyzing agent that didn’t show up on her first screening, so she is running a second one. She then begins mooning over Vaughn and, to Castle’s chagrin, Beckett eagerly joins in. Having had enough of listening to his girlfriend drool over another man, Castle admits that while Vaughn is someone even he would want to emulate, doing so won’t solve the murder. Lanie mentions that the poison was also fast-acting since the mushrooms Felder ate didn’t even make it to his stomach. Castle becomes confused because the mushrooms were supposed to come with the quail, not the squab which Felder ordered.

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In the precinct conference room, the waiter, Lucas, confirms that Felder ordered the squab, but when told he was given the poisoned quail, admits he might have mixed up the entrees, meaning Felder wasn’t supposed to die. He checks the ticket and sees Vaughn ordered the quail, making him the target.

In the break room, Vaughn admits that he has made enemies, but he refuses to complain given that his problems are small compared to what Beckett is used to and she surprises him by saying he’s entitled. He says he wouldn’t know if he’s received any recent death threats since his staff doesn’t tell him unless they take the threat seriously and promises to have his assistant, Petra, give Beckett anything she needs. Beckett says it is likely the killer will make another attempt on his life, so he may want to hire private security or she can assign someone to protect him.

Later in the break room, Castle hands Beckett a cappuccino to convince her that he isn’t taking her for granted then asks what she and Vaughn talked about. She correctly guesses he is jealous of Vaughn and reassures him that anyone would swoon over him because he is an interesting man. She adds that Vaughn is different from Castle and that since Vaughn can have any woman he wants, he’s not likely to be interested in her, but Castle doubts this. Captain Victoria Gates enters, saying the Commissioner has approved assigning Vaughn a security detail and that Vaughn specifically requested Beckett. Beckett protests since she needs to be solving the murder, but Gates says her hands are tied.

Later on, Esposito tells Castle he should be worried, but Ryan reminds him that Beckett is too loyal to cheat and Castle fumes over how Beckett is being forced to spend time with a wealthy womanizer, leaving the guys grinning at the irony of his comment. Castle now realizes the sooner they solve the case, the sooner Beckett gets away from Vaughn, so Castle demands that they make another effort at finding trace evidence on the waiter’s vest from the dumpster since the first pass revealed nothing. Esposito tells him to relax and explains that a homeless guy who was camped out in the alley may have seen something, but they have to wait until he sobers up. Castle heads for the break room, determined to make the man the best pot of coffee ever.

At Vaughn’s offices, Vaughn tells Beckett he is confident she can both protect him and solve the case, having reviewed her stellar service record. David Anderson, Vaughn’s attorney, interrupts them to discuss Mexi Solar as Beckett’s cell phone rings. Lanie tells her the poison was a super-charged chemically synthesized agent similar to saxitoxin, meaning the killer had access to a sophisticated lab. She then brings up Vaughn, but Beckett cuts her off and hangs up.

Beckett briefs Vaughn on Lanie’s finding, and one of his colleagues says that Vaughn’s company partnered with a university lab to develop an antidote to the same class of poison. Overhearing the conversation, Petra fills Beckett in on how Cindy Paralti, the lead researcher on the project, did not take it well when Vaughn rejected her advances. He confirms that she still works for him, since he didn’t want to end her career over his own mistake and Beckett becomes suspicious when she finds out Cindy lives hear the restaurant and would have access to saxitoxin.

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In an interrogation room, Ryan and Esposito question Cindy about three restraining orders placed on her by ex-boyfriends, but she says she recovered from Vaughn’s rejection and denies trying to kill him. She gives an alibi of being at the opera, but before she can say more, a highly-caffeinated Castle interrupts.

Outside, he says he succeeded in waking up the homeless guy, who identified Cory Harrison as the one who dumped the waiter vest in the dumpster, meaning he lied to Ryan. Ryan and Esposito head to his apartment and find feathers floating underneath the front door. They kick it down and enter with guns drawn, but find Cory dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

As Lanie works on the body, Ryan guesses that Cory knew his killer since he found no signs of forced-entry. Lanie notes that she found defensive wounds on Cory’s wrists and that his hands were washed with bleach, wiping out any trace evidence. Ryan predicts that their killer is a professional just as Esposito shows them an empty bottle he found in the apartment.

In Gates’ office, Gates tells Castle and Beckett that the bottle contained the saxitoxin that killed Felder, indicating that someone used Cory to try to kill Vaughn and having failed, killed Cory to cover up the attempted murder. Beckett predicts that digging through Cory’s financials may reveal the guilty party, but Castle wants to talk to the staff at the restaurant. Gates says he can do so with Ryan and Esposito, but that Beckett is going to an exclusive hotel with Vaughn until the case is solved. Beckett continues to object, but Gates says Vaughn is insistent. Castle leaves the office, visibly unhappy, and Beckett follows. At her desk, Beckett disputes that she is interested in Vaughn and insists she is trying to do her job. She then accuses Castle of not trusting her and doesn’t believe it when he denies it. When Vaughn offers to escort Beckett out, she confidently goes with him. Castle sees Ryan and Esposito on a coffee break and demands they go to the restaurant to question more staff.

At the hotel, Beckett is impressed by the suite Vaughn has booked and they have a moment of eye contact before Beckett gets to work. That night, Vaughn is rearranging his schedule while Beckett runs through possible suspects. She goes on alert when there is a knock on their door and Vaughn says he ordered room service. Beckett turns away the food, saying the NYPD should observe its preparation, but Vaughn convinces her to at least let him take the champagne. He offers Beckett a glass, but she refuses and when he opens the bottle, the cork hits him in the face.

At the restaurant, the head chef said that Cory was late the day Felder was poisoned, and while his usual policy is to fire any staff for lateness, he didn’t fire Cory because he had a terrified look on his face.

Beckett puts ice on Vaughn’s face and he tells her she should have been a doctor. She explains she wanted to be a lawyer, but became a cop because someone close to her was murdered. Vaughn says he was studying to be an architect, but when his sister died of a heart defect while he was in college, he dropped out and invented a new valve, which became his first patent. They have another moment and Vaughn convinces Beckett to have a glass of champagne.

Back at the precinct, Esposito briefs Gates on how Cory missed the bus he always took to get to the restaurant after dropping off his daughter at school. They join Castle and Ryan in the conference room where Ryan has security footage from the bus shelter queued up. They see Cory miss the bus while talking to a man whose back is to the camera, meaning the conversation was important enough to him that he was willing to risk getting fired. They also see the man hand Cory the bottle of saxitoxin.

At the hotel, Vaughn doesn’t recognize the man from the video when Ryan shows it to him. Castle notices the champagne glasses and wanders into the bedroom to look further. Beckett follows him and chastises him for sounding like her father with his complaining. When he offers to stay with her, she refuses to let him turn the case into a competition and begs him not to make things harder than they already are. He agrees and leaves.

In the precinct conference room, CSU Tech Officer Tory Ellis tells Esposito that the man in the video is likely in his early forties since his posture shows signs of spine curvature and notes that he is left handed. She also spies a bandage on his neck, meaning either he is covering a tattoo or he’s been injured recently. Ryan joins them and explains that a teacher at Cory’s daughter’s school recognized the man as someone who had been hanging around the day before the murder, leading him to conclude that he threatened to hurt Cory’s daughter if he didn’t carry out the hit.

At Castle’s loft, he is working out his frustration on chopped vegetables when his daughter, Alexis, tries to allay his concerns, reminding him Beckett is crazy about him and this case is no different than when she had to protect Senator Bracken. Castle disagrees, since Beckett never had to stay at a hotel with Bracken, and compares Vaughn to George Clooney. His mother, Martha Rodgers, joins them, says Vaughn is much sexier than Clooney, getting Castle further riled up, but Alexis again tries to calm her father, saying that Beckett is totally committed to him. Then Martha shocks everyone saying that since Beckett doesn’t have a ring on her finger, she isn’t committed at all.

At the precinct, Ryan and Esposito inform Beckett that they connected the bullet that killed Cory to a gun used in four other out-of-state shootings, which are suspected to be the work of hitman Thomas Barber, who matches the man in the bus stop video. She orders them to put out an APB on him and to check all transportation systems to be sure he won’t leave the country and hangs up. Vaughn observes that Beckett is the best security he’s ever had, but she doubts he could make that conclusion after knowing her for two days. He counters that it was obvious after two minutes and asks about her and Castle. After hesitating, Beckett tells him they are in a relationship and it is serious, but sensing her uncertainty, Vaughn forges ahead, calling Castle foolish for not appreciating her. He joins her in front of a large window and kisses her, but she pushes him back just as three gunshots ring out.

Beckett meets Castle later and tells him she is fine. Ryan reports that Gates has Vaughn at the precinct until they can find another safe house and guesses the shot came from the hotel across the street and that uniforms so far have found no sign of Barber. Ryan asks Beckett for her statement and she shows him where she and Vaughn were standing when the shots rang out. Castle becomes increasingly suspicious as Beckett relates what happened, finally getting her to admit that Vaughn kissed her. Ryan runs off hastily and Beckett explains that the kiss didn’t mean anything to her and that the only reason Vaughn isn’t dead is because she pushed him away and out of the bullet’s trajectory. Esposito tells them that they confirmed that Barber was staying in the hotel across the street under an assumed name and that he made several phone calls from his room to Cindy Paralti.

The next morning, in an interrogation room, Castle and Beckett spin their theory that Cindy sold the saxitoxin to save her father’s company from going bankrupt. When Beckett shows her the list of phone calls she exchanged with Barber, Cindy confesses that she was still angry at Vaughn, so she sold him the poison believing he was from a rival lab. She dropped the bottle at a pre-arranged location and the money was deposited into an offshore bank account she’d been ordered to set up.

At the murder board, Ryan tells Castle and Beckett that Cindy’s money was sent via wire transfer from Mexi Solar, the company Felder wanted to invest in and that Vaughn authorized the transfer. Esposito puts in that, based on everything he’s found, Mexi Solar doesn’t exist, since the factory was shut down months ago. Castle now believes that Vaughn’s entire enterprise is a scam, that he killed Felder to cover everything up, and tried to throw the police off the trail by making himself look like the target.

As a uniformed officer escorts Vaughn to the break room, Castle muses over how he can’t wait to hear his confession, but Beckett benches him, saying they can’t let the case get personal. In the break room, Vaughn is disappointed that Beckett rejected him, but she brushes the issue aside. When she shows him pictures of Mexi Solar’s empty, closed factory, he claims to know nothing about it being shut down and admits that he doesn’t oversee the day-to-day operations of his companies.

At his headquarters, Castle and Beckett interview Vaughn’s attorney, David, and accuse him of stealing millions from Mexi Solar then hiring a hitman to kill Vaughn when he and Felder wanted to inspect the factory. When Beckett tells him that the bank that transferred the money to Cindy captured his computer’s IP address, he confesses that he used the money to make what turned out to be bad investments and when Felder invested more, he took that money to try to cover up the hole. He didn’t want to go to jail, nor let his crimes comes to light, so he had no choice but to kill Vaughn.

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As uniforms lead David away, Vaughn think aloud about how you can work with someone for years and never really know them, yet meet someone else briefly and feel like you’ve known them forever. Beckett reports that they caught Barber trying to leave the country, so it’s over. Reading her meaning, he wishes her luck then boards the elevator which Castle just exited. Vaughn tells him Beckett is extraordinary and Castle says he knows, but as the doors close, Vaughn doubts that he truly does.

That night at his loft, Castle ceremoniously cuts the cord to one of his video game controllers and admits to Beckett that he has been taking her for granted. He surprises her with candles throughout his bedroom and relaxing music as part of his plan to give her a full-body massage. He kisses her, but she backs off, asking where they’re going. To her chagrin, he answers the bedroom then heads inside, missing the concern on her face.


  • Victim: Arthur Felder
    • Cause of Death: Poisoning that was meant for Eric Vaughn

  • Victim: Cory Harrison
    • Cause of Death: Gunshot wound to the head

  • Victim: Eric Vaughn
    • Crime: Nearly shot in the head and had money stolen from one of his companies

  • Perp: Cindy Paralti
    • Motive: Revenge: She was angry at Eric for dumping her and that his company beat hers to patenting a new toxin, so she agreed to sell it to Thomas Barber, but she didn't know what he would use it for. David Anderson paid her, but covered his tracks by using Eric Vaughn's name.

  • Perp: Thomas Barber
    • Motive: Professional: David Anderson hired him to kill Eric

  • Perp: David Anderson
    • Motive: Greed: David had been using the invested funds from one of Eric Vaughn's companies to cover some bad investments he made for Vaughn, but which failed. When the debt snowballed and Arthur Felder wanted to inspect the company from which Anderson had stolen the money, he hired a hitman, Thomas Barber, to kill Vaughn. When he accidentally killed Arthur Felder, he had Barber kill Cory Harrison, who poisoned Felder, to cover up the failed attempt.

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