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The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

Basic Details[edit]

Season 2, Episode 16 (26)

Original Air Date - March 8, 2010


When a half-naked woman is found covered in caramel sauce and hanging by bondage cuffs in a public park, Castle and Beckett’s investigation takes them into New York’s underground world of sexual domination. Naturally the case serves as sexy fodder for their already charged relationship banter.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Keiko Agena – Kelly
  • Juliana Dever – Jenny
  • Mark D. Espinoza – Professor Stevenson
  • Azita Ghanizada – Mistress Sapphire
  • Amy Gumenick – Danielle
  • Devon Gummersall – Matt Haley
  • Gil McKinney – Tyler Benton
  • Dina Meyer – Lady Irena
  • Angel Parker – Receptionist
  • Paul Schackman – Barry
  • Tom Schanley – William Carraway


  • Thomas J Wright



Castle: Cheerleading?
Alexis: Yeah. Why?
Castle: Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?

Castle: Is that honey?
Lanie: From the smell of it, I'd say it's caramel sauce. But I'll be testing, not tasting.

Lanie: I can do the chocolate, I’ll even do the whipped cream bikini, but caramel? I prefer slippery to sticky.
Castle: Does she know we can hear her?

Castle: How can you tell the difference between custom and regular?
Beckett: The leather is too high quality to be mass-produced, and it's hand-stitched.
Castle: No, I mean, how can you tell the difference?<br.

Castle: Only a handful of shops? What aren’t you telling me?
Beckett: So much, Castle. So very, very much.

(Ryan & Esposito are looking at fetish club websites & videos on Ryan’s computer)
Esposito: What does that thing do?
Ryan: Looks like a potato peeler.
Esposito: Oh, that is nasty!
Castle: And illegal in 12 states.

Ryan & Esposito: (Simultaneously) Oooooooh!
Esposito: No, no, no, no.
Ryan: How do you even get in that position?
Esposito: I don’t know, but you should try that with your girlfriend, Honeymilk. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna buy this for you right now.
Castle: Oh geez, how do you even get in that position?
Ryan: Right? It’s not even possible!
Beckett: Oh, it’s possible.

Ryan: We found seven shops in Manhattan that make custom bondage gear.
Esposito: And while we're waiting to hear back, we're gonna buy a gift for Ryan's imaginary girlfriend.

Castle: Oh, a field trip to a sex store. I love this case.
Ryan: Look at him following her. Who's whipped, huh, me or him?
Esposito: You, bro, hands down.

Castle: You know, while we're here, we should really pick up something for that new imaginary boyfriend of yours. (He shows her a spanking paddle) Oh, this his speed?
Beckett: No. But if you keep talking, I'll put you in one of these. (She shows him a gag mask)
Barry, Store Owner: Hey, guys. Looking for something special?
Castle: Yes.
Beckett: No.

Barry: But if you're just looking to dip your toe in the water, these little guys are best sellers. (Holds up fuzzy handcuffs) Want to give 'em a try?
Beckett: No, thanks. I've already got a pair of my own.

Barry: Yeah, I remember this kid. Very vanilla. Then again, it's always the normal-looking ones that end up being the most freaky, right?

Beckett: We need to talk to Tyler Benton and find out what he was doing last night.
Castle: My guess is killing his girlfriend.

Beckett: Apparently her dissertation compares the overt expressions of dominance in the dungeon to more subtle expressions in real-world relationships. Like who drives?
Castle: Hey, I would drive if you would let me! That actually didn't prove my point like I thought it would.

Castle: Dungeon Alley?
Beckett: It's an area between Chelsea and Midtown. There's a whole slew of fetish clubs there.
Castle: Yes, I know where Dungeon Alley is. I want to know...How do you know?
Beckett: Vice raided a few of them looking for a reason to shut them down. But since there's no sexual contact and the acts are all consensual, it was perfectly legal.
Castle: Hmm. You know, you should moonlight. Seriously, you would make a fortune. C’mon, haven’t you ever wanted to do something with your handcuffs other than arrest criminals?
Beckett: (Seductively) No…but there is one hot, wild, kinky thing that I do like doing…(Castle’s arm slips off the table) Putting killers behind bars!
Castle: See, you’re already a tease. You’re halfway there.

Beckett: Lady Irena's House of Pain? That must be where Mistress Venom works. Did you get an address?
Esposito: Yeah, an office building on 38th.
Ryan: Oh, conveniently located for all your lunchtime spanking needs.

Castle: Whips, women and murder - sounds like my lucky day.

Beckett: (On the phone) Hi, my name is Kate, and my boyfriend has been a very bad boy. Yes, that's right. His name's Ricky.
Castle: What are you doing?
Beckett: (On the phone) Actually, a friend of mine recommended a Mistress Venom.
Castle: Wait.
Beckett: (On the phone) Is she available tonight? 4:00 pm?
Castle: You know what?
Beckett: (On the phone) Sure, that's perfect. Thank you.
Castle: Okay, that's very funny. Now call her back.
Beckett: Unh-unh, Castle. This is the perfect way to get Venom without tipping our hand. What's the matter, Castle? You afraid of a little role play? (Laughs and leaves the room)
Castle: (Quietly) Yeah, you better run.

Beckett: What’d you think it was gonna be – torture wheels and women in corsets?
Castle: Well, yeah.
Beckett: That’s in the back.
Kelly: Welcome to Lady Irena’s House of Pain. How can I serve you?
Beckett: (To Castle) Well, answer her! (To hostess) You see what I have to deal with? My boyfriend Ricky has an appointment at 4p.m. with Mistress Venom.
Kelly: Will you be joining him?
Beckett: (Looking at Castle) Oh yes. I’ve been dying to watch him squirm.
Kelly: Mistress Venom would be delighted to have an audience. Follow me please.
Beckett: (To Kelly) Do you think we could gag him?
Castle: Remember my safe word is "apples."

Lady Irena: Detective, all of the services that we provide here are perfectly legal. Now part of that service is protecting the privacy of our client. I'm not about to betray the trust that they've paid for because you have a hunch.
Beckett: Oh, I think it's more than just a hunch.
Lady Irena: Well, gee, I'm sorry. Unless you have a court order, my hands are tied, so to speak.
(Castle chuckles.)

(Castle is watching video of Mistress Venom on his laptop)
Alexis: Dad! (Castle startles and tries to close his laptop) Do we need to talk about this?
Castle: This is research for a case.
Alexis: Oh.
Castle: And we need to get you some noisier shoes.

Esposito: Instead of asking for what he wants, he makes a game out of making other people upset so they can be punished.
Beckett: Really? There's people like that? (Looking at Castle)

Castle: Sam I am…in a box…
Esposito: With a fox…
Castle: We are gonna need some popcorn!

Mistress: Is there a problem?
Esposito: Just this knot. It's like an octagonal knot. It's got, like, eight sides. I've never seen a knot like –
Ryan: Detective Esposito bringing crime to its knees.

Castle: You know you are morally challenged if your murder alibi is a blackmailing scheme.

Ryan: Guys, uh, I want you to meet...Jenny.
Jenny: Hi.
Beckett: Welcome. We've heard wonderful things about you.
Jenny: Oh, the same goes for all of you. I-I feel like I know you guys already. (To Beckett) You are so much prettier than your picture in Cosmo. (To Castle) Kevin gave me his copy of Heat Wave. I could not put it down. (To Esposito) And thanks for being such a great partner. You know, make sure you keep him safe out there.
Esposito: You got it.
Ryan: We have a movie to catch. I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Beckett: You guys have a great time.
Esposito: Damn. If I had a girl like that, I might be whipped by her, too.
Castle: Now we know why he didn't bring her around sooner.
Beckett: So the two of you don't act like idiots around her.
Esposito: No, so we wouldn't try to steal her from him.

Full Episode Recap[edit]


Who: Jessica Margolis, late 20's, aka Mistress Venom
Found: hanging from the "monkey bars" play structure in Central Park
Where Killed: in her apartment bedroom (wheeled to Central Park in a suitcase)
How: smothered with a pillow

Killer: Danielle (her roommate)
Motive: Jealous and upset. Danielle didn't want Jessica to move out. Jessica described being in a dysfunctional relationship in her research and Danielle read it and figured out Jessica was talking about her.

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