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The Lives of Others

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 5, Episode 19 (100)

Original Air Date - April 1, 2013


Bored out of his mind while recovering from a broken knee and frustrated at the prospect of being hurt on his birthday, Castle spends his time spying on his neighbors across the street with binoculars and comes to believe he's witnessed a murder, but nobody from the precinct believes him. Meanwhile, Beckett and the team investigate the murder of an IRS investigator.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • John Griffin - Gavin DeWinter
  • Raquel Alessi - Selena Rigas, security guard
  • William deVry - Dan Renner
  • Eric Nenninger - John Dessens, security guard
  • Brent Witt - Brent
  • Jason Mac - Michael
  • Lauriane Gillieron - Emily
  • Lou George - Charlie Blunt, IRS supervisor
  • Angela Matemotja - Maid
  • Jim Pacitti - Jack Langstrom
  • Caroline Whitney Smith - Mother
  • Sal Viscuso - Tommy Valentine
  • Arielle Zimmerman - Clara DeWinter




Martha: Now wait a minute, you and Katherine were supposed to be celebrating in Bora Bora this week.
Castle: No, you’re right. Have a great time on your retreat, on your only son’s birthday.
Martha: It is a spa trip, darling, not a guilt trip.

Ryan: Then you are missing out. (wolf whistles)
Esposito: What? Let me see.
Ryan: No, hey!
Esposito: Give me the binoculars.
Ryan: Dude, she was just about to take off her towel.
Esposito: Oh, the towel is off.
Ryan: Really?
Esposito: Yeah. Mmm.
Beckett: Unless the body that you're looking at is dead, I suggest you drop those binoculars.

Beckett: Why are men such babies when they get sick or injured?
Esposito: It’s an evolutionary thing. Men who can get women to take care of them, they have a greater chance of survival.
Beckett: Really, Espo? Where’d you read that? ‘You’re Making It Up’ Magazine?

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Beckett: (answers cell phone) Hey, Castle.
Castle: Where are you?
Beckett: At work. Why?
Castle: You said you were bringing home dinner.
Beckett: Yes, on my way home.
Castle: So when are you leaving?
Beckett: Soon.
Castle: When’s ‘soon’?
Beckett: Like in half an hour?
Castle: Fine.
(Castle hangs up)
Beckett: (to Ryan and Esposito) Shut up.

(Beckett finds Castle asleep in his wheelchair holding his binoculars)
Beckett: Seriously?
Castle: Oh. I can explain.
Beckett: Please don’t.
Castle: Listen, he was pacing back and forth in his apartment and he kept looking towards the bedroom then he slept on the couch. Now why would you sleep on the couch when you have a perfectly good bed?
Beckett: I could ask you the same question.

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Beckett: As long as by ‘writing’ you don’t mean staring out the window and ogling at your neighbors.
Castle: No, that would be immoral and intrusive.
Beckett: Yeah, like you’ve never done that before.

Esposito: (about Castle) How’s Jimmy Stewart?

Alexis: He’s taking off his clothes-
Castle: What! Give me those!
Alexis: He’s cute…
Castle: Alright!
(Castle takes binoculars from Alexis)
Alexis: No, hey!
Castle: Seriously.

Ryan: Staring at the phone won’t make it ring. I learned that in junior high.

Castle: I go inside. I get whatever’s in the shredder and I get out, two minutes tops.
Alexis: On crutches?
Castle: The doctor did say I need more exercise.
Alexis: What if I go? I’m smaller, faster, and younger.
Castle: Ooh, no, no, no. If you get caught, you get a B & E on your record and you’ll never become President.

Beckett: You’re talking about an illegal search.
Castle: When you do it, it’s an illegal search. When I do it, it’s just illegal.

Capt. Gates: Oh, and Mr. Castle, your neighbor did say that if you bother him in any way, he will press charges and I will be so happy to take you into custody personally.
(They step outside Gates’ office)
Esposito: Hey, Castle, is it hard to balance on those crutches when you’ve just had your ass chewed out?
Castle: I’ll be in the car.

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Beckett: You know what, Castle? It’s ok. Your overactive imagination has actually brought a lot of people to justice. In fact, it’s one of the things that I love about you.
(Castle sees Beckett dressed up in a black formal dress)
Castle: Wow…and wow. Happy birthday to me! If that’s my present, I can’t wait to unwrap it.

Beckett: I am going to go over there and open that bloody fridge and then you and I are going to dinner and never talking about this again.
Castle: No, don’t do it. It’s too dangerous.
Beckett: Not as dangerous as me if you blow up my plans.
Castle: What if he doesn’t let you in?
Beckett: Look at me. He’s gonna let me in.

Castle: This is…without a doubt…the greatest birthday gift of my life!

Castle: And the boys?
Beckett: Oh yeah. They were great, except you didn’t have to kick down the door.
Esposito: I was in the moment.
Ryan: We wanted to be convincing.

Castle: Even Captain Gates?
Ryan: Yeah. She jumped at the chance to dress you down for any reason.
Castle: Where is Captain Gates?
Esposito: She couldn’t make it.
Castle: Good. (He looks around at the party) Wow. (He and Beckett kiss) You really blew my mind.

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Castle: How many murders do you think we’ve solved since we met?
Beckett: I don’t know, uh, maybe a hundred or so?
Castle: A hundred?
Beckett: Mm-hmm.
Castle: Here’s to a hundred more.

Castle: You know, what you did for me? Nobody’s ever done that for me before. That was…epic. But you do know that now I will have to get you back.
(Castle pulls Beckett onto his lap)
Beckett: Oh really? And you think that you can top that?
Castle: Just you wait and see.
(Castle wheels them both to his bedroom)


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  • This episode marks Castle's 100th episode and airs on Richard Castle's birthday
  • Castle and Beckett subtly reference the show's success when Beckett guesses she and Castle have solved 100 murders, Castle then hopes for 100 more.
  • Like in past special episodes, the "Castle" title reflects that this is the 100th episode, by showing the number 100 in the blood puddle
  • The episode is also an homage to Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window where a wheelchair-bound Jimmy Stewart watches and becomes suspicious of his neighbors. At one point, Esposito even calls Castle "Jimmy Stewart".
© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
  • Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller made cameo appearances as neighbors of Castle's. He very accurately guesses that they write for a living.
  • Callbacks to previous episodes:
    • Castle plays with then breaks the same remote controlled helicopter from One Man's Treasure
    • According to a twitter post by Andrew Marlowe, Castle's idea of the body being hidden in a rolled up rug is the same as the murder in Hell Hath No Fury
    • Castle & Beckett's breaking into the storage locker is reminiscent of Secret's Safe With Me
    • Beckett's gift to Castle harkens back to a comment he made in Reality Star Struck when he suspected that their murder case was Beckett's Valentine's Day present to him: "A complex mystery where nothing makes sense? You know me so well." It also recalls when Castle told Captain Roy Montgomery that the perfect anniversary present for a woman is "something she said she wanted when she didn’t think you were listening."
    • Alexis calling her dad on the phone to get out of the apartment is a callback to Tick, Tick, Tick when Castle warned Beckett
    • When Castle calls Beckett, the picture of him on her cell phone is from the show's first season
  • In deleted scenes, you see Lanie and Esposito dancing and kissing
  • References to Rear Window:
    • Beckett's dress -> Grace Kelly's costume
    • Beckett bringing takeout dinner home -> Lisa brings Jeff takeout
    • Beckett not believing Castle -> NYPD detective, Tom Doyle is the one who tries to convince Jeff not to look into the murder across the street
    • Layout of the apartments where the murders took place are exactly the same
    • Castle getting injured in a skiing accident -> Jeff was injured in a racetrack accident
    • Castle being confined to the wheelchair -> Jeff was also handicapped
    • Castle is a writer, his alter ego, Jameson Rook is a famous journalist -> Jeff was a professional photographer
    • Castle's blue pajama shirt -> Jeff wears a lighter blue pajama shirt for most of the film
    • Beckett sitting in Castle's lap -> mirrors Lisa sitting in Jeff's lap in the same way

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Two security guards see a woman enter an alley via a video camera feed. The woman’s face is obscured by a bright light, but they see her approach another woman then hit her over the head with a baseball bat. One guard runs to the alley, but finds the attacker gone and the victim’s body in a dumpster.

At Richard Castle's loft, he strains to scratch an itch on his foot, encumbered by the open cast on his broken right knee. As Detective Kate Beckett scratches it for him, she chastises him for showing off on their recent ski trip and reassures him that he only has two more weeks of recovery, but he continues to complain. Castle’s mother, Martha Rodgers, comes downstairs and reminds Castle that the spa she is heading to is out of cell phone range so he shouldn’t be mad if she doesn’t call on his birthday. He guilts her for making other plans, but she sloughs it off and finds Detectives Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan at the front door waiting for Beckett. Ryan asks him how his knee is feeling and he says the boredom is worse than the pain, since he can’t even write because his pain medicine makes him loopy. Ryan notices a pair of binoculars and Castle says, his daughter, Alexis bought them for him as a joke, but he has not stooped so low as to use them. After Ryan spies an attractive woman getting dressed, Esposito snatches them away, but Beckett reminds them to knock it off. They all leave, despite Castle’s pleas to take him along.

As they head to the crime scene, Beckett complains about Castle’s neediness and Esposito explains it is endemic to men, but Beckett doesn’t buy it. They find Medical Examiner Lanie Parish who explains that their victim, married IRS investigator Clara DeWinter, was struck in the head repeatedly with a baseball bat. Ryan says they don’t have a witness, but have the next best thing.

Ryan, Beckett, and Esposito watch the surveillance camera footage. They see the woman with the obscured face enter the alley, beat Clara with the bat, stuff her body into the dumpster, run out of the alley then speed away in a silver car. Esposito guesses that the light is designed to be invisible to the naked eye, but interferes with the camera’s view. Beckett assumes the perpetrator used the light because they knew the camera was there, making the crime premeditated. She tells the guys to have Tech try to determine the make and model of the car and identify the attacker.

At the precinct, Beckett interviews Clara’s husband, Gavin. He admits she made enemies because of her work as an IRS auditor and seemed fine the night she was killed, but remembers someone angrily confronting her a couple weeks ago while they were at dinner.

At Castle’s loft, he plays with a remote controlled helicopter, but crashes it, breaking its tail wing. Left with nothing else to do, he picks up the binoculars.

Ryan and Esposito interview Clara’s supervisor who says she did not file a complaint about the confrontation at the restaurant because it would have reflected badly on her performance evaluation. The guys tell the man they’ll need to take the last year’s worth of Clara’s case files.

In watching his neighbors, Castle sees a young woman admit a young man to her apartment. They kiss passionately and head for the bedroom where they begin removing their clothes, but are interrupted when the woman hears her boyfriend arrive home and has to shove her lover in the closet. She puts her clothes on, greets the boyfriend as if nothing happened and when he enters the bathroom, shoves her lover out of the apartment. The boyfriend exits the bathroom and finds the lover’s hat on the floor.

In the precinct conference room, Beckett tells Ryan and Esposito that Tech couldn’t identify their killer from the video, but expect to be able to ID the car by morning. The guys explain that they are making slow progress going through Clara’s files, so Beckett tells them to make a list of suspects and they’ll see if her family can identify anyone. Her cell phone rings and she finds Castle on the line, silly from his pain pills and asking when she’ll be home. When she promises to leave in half an hour and to bring dinner he whines in agreement and hangs up.

Castle picks up the binoculars and sees the couple from earlier making dinner. The boyfriend is obviously angry at his girlfriend and an argument quickly ensues. When she heads to the bedroom, he picks up a large knife and follows her. Even though the blinds looking into the bedroom are drawn, Castle sees someone fall backwards against the blinds of one window then slide to the floor. He immediately calls Beckett back to report a murder.

Castle and Beckett watch as Ryan and Esposito shake hands with the boyfriend then leave. Castle is incredulous that they aren’t arresting him and when they get back, they explain that he was cooperative, they found nothing incriminating in the apartment and even spoke to the girlfriend on the phone, who said she was on her way to her mother’s. Castle suspects the boyfriend got someone else to pose as his girlfriend, but admits that he could have missed her leaving apartment. Ryan and Esposito leave and Beckett reminds Castle that he has been cooped up in his apartment and out of boredom, manufactured a murder in his mind.

That night as he lies in bed with Beckett, he continues to be suspicious about the neighbor and eventually gets up. The next morning, Beckett finds him asleep in his wheelchair and clutching the binoculars. She says she doesn’t want to hear his explanation, but he continues to plead his case, saying he saw the boyfriend pacing in his apartment and that he spent the night on his couch instead of in the bedroom since he hid the body there. Beckett is unmoved and suggests that he join her at the precinct to work a real case, but he says he wants to get some writing done.

At the precinct, Beckett finds Esposito updating the murder board with the make and model of the killer’s car: a light colored CLS 550 and that he has uniforms looking through Clara’s cases to see if one was repossessed. Ryan shows them a photo of an angry man who tried to force his way into Clara’s office, but was restrained and drove off in a CLS 550. His name is Dan Renner and Beckett notices that he matches Gavin’s description of the man who confronted them at dinner. Ryan says Renner is facing criminal charges for ten years’ worth of tax evasion and his wife recently filed for divorce.

Castle resumes his spying and sees new rope and a tarp in the boyfriend’s kitchen. The man then exits the bedroom and begins washing what looks like blood of his hands in the kitchen sink. He tries to pull out his cell phone, but drops it on the floor out of his reach.

In interrogation, Beckett ignores a call from Castle on her cell phone to continue questioning Renner. He admits he was angry at Clara and tried to force his way into her office, but says his 550 was seized by federal agents two weeks ago. He adds that Clara came to see him and said that if he helped her, she’d make the charges against him disappear. She wanted his advice and help about how to disappear, but didn’t say why. Ryan interrupts them saying Castle is calling with an emergency.

At his loft, Beckett still won’t believe Castle that the neighbor is cutting his murdered girlfriend into pieces to more easily move her out of the apartment and guesses he just wants her company. He becomes aggravated at her assertion and that she won’t believe him and tells her not to bother coming to stay with him after work.

Back at the precinct, Beckett worries to Esposito about Castle, but asks about the case. He says Renner’s alibi checked out as did his story about her car. She tells him to dig further into Clara’s life.

Late that night, Castle notices the boyfriend dragging a carpet out of his apartment and tries to record the act on a video camera, but can’t get it recording before the man goes out of sight.

The next morning, Alexis, agrees that taking a rug out of your apartment at 3a.m. is suspicious. Castle tells her he didn’t come back until after 4, making him wonder where he went. Alexis uses the binoculars to see the man stripping out his clothes and becomes excited. Castle takes away the binoculars, but Alexis finds her own pair and they both see the man put on a gas mask and rubber clothes, and head into the bedroom.

At the precinct, Ryan and Esposito find Beckett at her desk staring at her phone and wondering if she should call Castle. Esposito tells her he’ll call when he’s ready and they update her that Clara was hiding $500,000 in a secret bank account which she used every legal means possible to hide from her husband. They traced the deposits going into the account to businesses owned or operated by notorious mobster Tommy Valentino.

At the loft, Castle and Alexis munch on popcorn while watching the neighbor. They see him leave the bedroom with two large garbage bags and Castle guesses he is disposing of her clothing. When they see him drop her purse on a desk, Alexis says the girlfriend would never have left without her purse if the boyfriend’s story about their break up is true. They see him shredding credit cards and guess he is eliminating any trace of his girlfriend’s identity. Alexis suggests they call Beckett, but Castle insists he needs solid proof in order for her to believe him.

Later on, he is dressed and excitedly explains to Alexis that he plans on breaking into the neighbor’s apartment to get whatever is in the shredder so they can identify the girlfriend. He gives Alexis a walkie-talkie and makes her promise to let him know when the boyfriend comes back so he can escape. Alexis reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Beckett interviews Tommy Valentino, who admits to knowing Clara, but denies killing her. He explains that Clara was working for him in an effort to squirrel money away for when she leaves her husband, whom she feared. Later, Beckett says Tommy’s alibi checked out and guesses that if he had even sent someone to kill Clara, he wouldn’t have talked to her. Ryan joins them and says that Gavin took out a $1 million life insurance policy on his wife three months ago, leading them to believe that Gavin set up Dan Renner to take the fall for killing Clara.

When the boyfriend leaves, Castle picks the front door lock and gets inside the apartment. He finds the shredder, but becomes distracted by the bedroom. Ignoring Alexis’ advice to get the evidence and leave, he enters the bedroom and finds what looks like painted-over bloodstains in the bottom of the closet. In his excitement, he loses his balance with his crutches and falls to the floor. Alexis radios him, telling him the boyfriend is back and that he needs to leave, but Castle can’t get up, so he hides under the bed, overhearing the man talking on his cell phone about not being able to keep something for very long and using a friend’s boat while he’s at work so he won’t know. When he goes into the bathroom, Castle gets up, takes the bag of shredded material, and leaves the apartment.

In interrogation, Gavin vehemently denies killing his wife. When Beckett confronts him about the life insurance policy, he lawyers up. Outside, Ryan confirms that Gavin was working at the supermarket he manages when Clara was killed. Beckett tells them to talk to the market employees and to dig into Gavin’s financial records for evidence that he hired someone to kill Clara. Beckett’s cell phone rings and she answers.

At Castle’s loft, she cannot believe that he broke into the neighbor’s apartment with Alexis’ help. He shows Beckett a crumpled receipt for a storage unit the boyfriend rented when he left his apartment with the rug the night before. Beckett guesses the rug belonged to the girlfriend and he is keeping it in storage until she can pick it up, but before she can explain his phone call or the blood stains in the closet, Alexis notices that the girlfriend’s lover has paid the apartment a visit. The boyfriend refuses to let him inside and shoves him away, so he leaves. At Castle’s urging, Beckett runs down to talk to him on the sidewalk. When she comes back, she says the lover’s name is Brent and that the girlfriend, Emily, and he took a class together at college, but he hasn’t gotten a response from multiple texts he sent her. She adds that Ryan contacted Emily’s parents, but they haven’t heard from her either. After Castle insists that she look into it, Beckett says she needs evidence and Castle reminds her about the storage unit. She tells him she can’t search it legally, but he is undeterred.

At the storage facility, Castle tells Beckett that if he finds the body, he’ll just report to the management that he found the lock on the unit was cut and when they investigate, they’ll find it the body as well. As long as Beckett doesn’t enter the unit, she can’t be accused of searching it illegally. After cutting the lock, they find no body in the rolled up carpet, nor any body parts in some nearby garbage bags. They turn to leave, but come face to face with the gun of a security guard.

At the precinct, Captain Victoria Gates is furious and threatens to take Beckett’s badge. She says the boyfriend corroborated what Beckett had thought about Emily asking him to store her belongings and that the bleach and paint was to get rid of mold in the closet. Further, she spoke to Emily and she is fine. Gates then says that if she gets another complaint from the neighbor about Castle harassing him, she’ll be glad to arrest him herself. Outside, Esposito and Ryan tease him before he sheepishly goes to wait in the car. Ryan and Esposito report that they found no unusual activity in Gavin’s financial records, but that his fellow employees said that night, instead of holding up in his office as usual, he made a sure he was seen on the floor, as if he was purposefully establishing an alibi. Beckett now knows he was involved in the murder, but admits they have no proof at the moment.

That evening, Castle, dressed in a suit for his birthday dinner, apologizes to Beckett as he watches the boyfriend get a soda out of the kitchen cupboard. Beckett accepts the apology and appears in the kitchen in a formal black dress which Castle loves. He flirts with her, but she tells him to hold off and offers him a drink from the refrigerator while they wait for a car to pick them up. Castle then realizes that the neighbor didn’t get his soda from the refrigerator and becomes convinced that Emily’s body is inside, even refusing to leave until he knows for sure. In desperation, Beckett volunteers to prove it to him, looking in the refrigerator herself. As Castle watches, she gets into the apartment, but when the man won’t let her near the refrigerator, a struggle ensues. The man restrains her with one arm and reaches for a knife with the other as the power goes out, leaving Castle scared for Beckett.

Castle hurries across the street and meets Ryan, Esposito, and a few uniformed officers who kick down the door to the apartment and burst inside. Castle is shocked when the lights come on and he finds Beckett, Lanie, Martha, Alexis, and others from the precinct have thrown him a surprise birthday party. He also sees the boyfriend, Brent, and Emily grinning at him and Beckett explains that the whole murder was staged as his birthday present. After the surprise and worry wears off, Castle proclaims it the best birthday present he ever got. Martha explains that the three young people are students at her acting school and she directed them, Alexis says she bought the binoculars since she was in on the surprise, as were Ryan, Esposito, and Captain Gates, who didn’t want to pass up the chance to yell at Castle for no reason. Castle kisses Beckett and tells her she blew him away with how she staged the whole thing. This gives her a thought and she tells Castle she thinks she solved her case, but she’s not leaving the party. They toast champagne glasses and kiss again.

The next day at the precinct, Beckett shows the surveillance footage to one of the security guards, Selena. Beckett points out that a bit of graffiti appears in one corner of the footage then mysteriously disappears, leading her to believe that the feed was tampered with and the murder staged to provide the killer with an alibi. Beckett guesses that Selena herself played Clara on the video since the victim’s face is never seen on camera, like the killer’s. Selena claims not to know Clara, but Beckett tells her she must have known Gavin since she once worked security at his supermarket. When she claims it is a coincidence, Beckett tells her how they know she rented a CLS 550 a week before the murder. She claims she didn’t kill Clara and Beckett says she knows, but needs to know who did.

Later on, some uniforms escort an arrested Gavin into the precinct. Beckett explains to Ryan and Esposito that they began an affair after meeting at Gavin’s supermarket and instead of divorcing Clara, Gavin decided to kill her. She adds that Gavin killed Clara in his garage earlier that day and changed her into the same clothes that Selena wore in the video. Just before Gavin put Clara’s body in the dumpster, Selena switched the feeds.

That night at Castle’s loft, Beckett and Castle share a glass of wine to celebrate the closing of the case. She estimates that they’ve solved about 100 murders together and Castle toasts to 100 more. He sets their glasses on a side table and tells Beckett nobody has ever done for him what she did and calls it epic. As he pulls her onto his lap, he promises to top her and when she doubts him, he tells her just to wait. He then rolls both of them into his bedroom.


  • Victim: Clara DeWinter
    • Cause of Death: Beaten over the head with a baseball bat

  • Perp: Gavin DeWinter
    • Crime: Murder
    • Motive: Anger: Gavin was having an affair and wanted his wife out of the way so he could claim the money from her life insurance

  • Perp: Selena Rigas
    • Crime: Conspiracy to commit murder
    • Motive: Jealousy: She was having an affair with Clara's husband and helped him stage her murder to provide him a fake alibi

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