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The Limey

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 4, Episode 20 (78)

Original Air Date - April 2, 2012


A devilishly handsome detective from Scotland Yard, Colin Hunt, teams up with Castle and Beckett to find the person responsible for the murder of a friend's daughter. Chief among the suspects, is a prominent official at the British Consulate, Nigel Wyndham, whom Castle and Beckett suspect is up to more than just ambassadorial balls and diplomatic lunches. Meanwhile, as Castle never misses a chance to show off his latest fling with a stewardess to Beckett, Lanie prods her friend to confess her true feelings to Castle or move on, possibly with someone like Colin.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

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Guest Cast[edit]

  • Charles Shaughnessy - Nigel Wyndham
  • Brett Tucker - Scotland Yard Detective Colin Hunt
  • Danielle Bisutti - Claire Panchard
  • Omar J Dorsey - Biggie Slim
  • Vanessa Vander Pluym - Jacinda


Bill Roe


Elizabeth Davis


Beckett: I’m telling you something happened, something changed. It’s been weird between us lately.
Lanie: Lately? Kate, it’s been weird for four years.
Beckett: No, this is different. He’s different. It’s like he’s pulling away.
Lanie: Well, can you blame him? He’s probably tired of waiting.
Beckett: Waiting for what?
Lanie: What do you think? The guy is crazy about you. And despite your little act, you’re crazy about him. Oh, what? Was that supposed to be some big secret?
Beckett: Yes! (sees Lanie’s doubtful look) No. Do you think he knows?
Lanie: You remember how he used to be, girl on either arm? You really don’t see that guy too much anymore. Why do you think that is? He’s waiting for you!

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Beckett: I just, I don’t want to lose what we have, you know?
Lanie: Girl, please. What exactly do you have, really?
Beckett: A friendship.
Lanie: No, what you and I have is a friendship. What you and Castle have is a holding pattern. How long can you circle before the fuel runs out?

Lanie: Don’t think you were saved by the bell, Kate Beckett. As your friend, I’m not gonna let this drop.
Beckett: So, what? You think I should tell him how I feel?
Lanie: Yes! You hunt murderers for a living. You can do this.
Beckett: OK. OK. I just have to find the right time.
Lanie: No time like the present. (They see Castle arrive and turn over the keys to his Ferrari to a giggling blonde) What the – on second thought, maybe you should wait a bit.

Beckett: I feel like I just walked into a bad episode of Miami Vice.
Castle: OK, first, there are no bad episodes of Miami Vice. Second, who died?
Beckett: You from the looks of it. You look like you just got run over by a truck.
Castle: Yeah, a truck delivering a shipment of awesome. Nah, I just flew away to Vegas for the weekend. See a little change of scenery.
Beckett: And you won the blonde in a high stakes poker match?

Beckett: Hey, Lanie. How does it look?
Lanie: Like you waited too long!
Beckett: The vic!

Beckett: Well-dressed woman in a seedy motel and a guy who flees the crime scene. This might have been a one-night stand gone wrong.
Lanie: Are we talking about the victim or Castle?

Beckett: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Castle: Yeah, that we should throw a party and hire and bunch of models.
Beckett: No: that maybe Naomi somehow got into that party last night and that that’s where she met our killer. That’s what I was thinking.
Castle: Weird. We’re usually more in synch than that.

Colin Hunt: Look, I know I shouldn’t have been investigating. But if you were in a foreign country and someone you loved was killed, what would you do?

Colin Hunt: What’s she like? Your Captain?
Castle: You ever see that youtube video with the grizzly bear that decapitates a moose with one swing of its paw?
Colin Hunt: Comforting.

Colin Hunt: This whole thing with Naomi doesn’t add up. Turning down conventional modeling jobs, booking sleazy gigs at private parties, that just doesn’t sound like the Naomi I know.
Castle: Yeah, well, sometimes it’s the people we think we know best that we don’t really know at all.

Beckett: So that story you told Nikki Jay about your girlfriend…
Colin Hunt: Total pants. I just wanted her to think I sympathized, and honestly, after meeting Biggie Slim, I do.
Beckett: Well, maybe she’s hanging on hoping that he’ll change.
Colin Hunt: Guys like him never do.

Lanie: I’m sorry. But you know she’s just a passing thing.
Beckett: Do I? I mean, the guy has been divorced twice and he’s still chasing bimbos. Maybe that’s just who he is.
Lanie: Look, maybe it’s the wrong time or maybe he’s even the wrong guy, but if he is, how long are you gonna wait to find out? Ten years I’ve been keeping them company (gestures towards the body storage units) while they spend a night or two here on their way to where we’re all going. They all had plans, Kate. Things they were gonna do when they got around to it: go on a cruise, lose ten pounds, fall in love. They thought they had all the time in the world, but nobody does.

Colin Hunt: Then when she was 22, she fell in love with a young doctor, good guy. He died last year in Africa doing God’s work. I don’t think she ever really got over it because hearing what she was up to, it’s like she was a different person.
Beckett: People change when you’re not looking.

Beckett: So, how was lunch?
Castle: Oh, I loved the special.
Beckett: I’ll bet.

Castle: Ryan, you’ll be here, front door, dressed as a flower delivery boy. Esposito, you’ll be here, dressed as a hobo.
Esposito: Question, why does the brown man gotta be a hobo?
Castle: You want the flowers?
Esposito: Hobo it is.

Beckett: What about you? Are you the crusader type as well?
Colin: Married to the bill, I’m afraid. Job comes first. Sometimes I wish it didn’t.
Beckett: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Beckett: You like her.
Castle: Yeah. Why?
Beckett: She just doesn’t seem like your type.
Castle: Well, she’s fun and uncomplicated. I think that’s what my life needs right now.


Full Episode Recap[edit]

In a seedy hotel, Scotland Yard Inspector-Detective Colin Hunt quickly, but methodically searches the hotel room of a young woman who lies dead on the floor. He accelerates his search as he hears noises approaching from outside. He finds what he is looking for in the inside coat pocket of the victim’s jacket, kisses her, and leaves, just as a maid was entering the room. Colin disappears into the night as the maid’s scream echoes.

At Detective Kate Beckett's apartment, she pours her friend, Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, a glass of wine and explains how Richard Castle seems to be pulling away from her. Lanie chalks up distance to his getting tired of waiting for Beckett to admit she is as in love with him as he is with her and encourages her to tell him how she feels. When Beckett protests that she’s still working through issues related to her shooting and that she doesn’t want to ruin hers and Castle’s friendship, Lanie cautions her that Castle isn’t likely to wait much longer for her. Beckett’s cell phone rings and she answers.

In the motel parking lot, Lanie again advises Beckett to confess her feelings to Castle and Beckett promises to do so when the time is right. Just then, Castle roars up in his Ferrari with an attractive giggling blonde woman as his passenger. The woman gets out and takes his place behind the wheel then drives off. Lanie makes herself scarce and Beckett confronts Castle, who says he flew to Las Vegas for the weekend for a change of scenery and that the woman, Jacinda, is a flight attendant he met on the return flight. When Beckett presses him about trusting his Ferrari to a woman he just met, he sloughs it off, further arousing her concern, but says nothing is wrong when she corners him.

Inside the hotel room, Detective Javier Esposito briefs Beckett and Castle that their victim is Naomi Allen, a British citizen, so his partner, Detective Kevin Ryan, is contacting the consulate. He also says that the maid who discovered the body saw a man leaving the room and is describing him to a sketch artist. Beckett notices that the room has been searched and Esposito says since her wallet. Watch, and cash weren’t stolen, robbery was not a motive. Beckett approaches Lanie, who is kneeling over the body and pokes that Beckett waited for Castle to long. At Beckett’s prodding, she calls the cause of death strangulation, but points out a bruise on Naomi’s cheek leading her to believe she fought back. Beckett guesses the murder was a hook up gone wrong and Lanie again skewers her about Castle. Not missing a beat, Beckett asks Esposito to contact Naomi’s next of kin and to canvas the area once the sketch is done. Ryan joins her with Naomi’s business card, from a Manhattan modeling agency, which he found in her purse.

At the agency, Naomi’s U.S. booking agent says she has no idea why Naomi would be in the hotel where she died and does not recognize the sketch of their suspect. After some prodding from Beckett, she admits that Naomi lately had been taking unconventional modeling gigs such as attending a London party for a foreign dignitary, leading her to suspect that she was after something besides extra cash since the job was beneath her talent level. The night before she had asked to get into an album launch party in Midtown, but her agent couldn’t make it work.

At the precinct, Beckett suspects that Naomi met her killer at the record launch party, where Castle suggests that they throw a party and hire models. It strikes both of them how out of sync they are when Ryan joins them saying Naomi’s apartment has also been searched and that a witness identified the same man who was seen leaving the crime scene as leaving Naomi’s apartment. Ryan adds that their canvas yielded a hit at a liquor store where the man charged a bottle of whiskey on his credit card. He identifies him as Colin Hunt and says he checked into a SoHo hotel that morning.

At the hotel, Beckett and Castle enter Hunt’s room and find him exiting the shower with a towel around his waist. He calmly obeys Beckett’s order to raise his hands, letting the towel fall to the floor. Castle covers both their eyes, but Beckett cannot resist peeking as Colin introduces himself as a Scotland Yard Detective-Inspector. He explains that he was in Washington, DC when Naomi called him begging for help, so he flew up, but she was dead when he arrived and that she was like a sister to him, being the daughter of his first partner. He defend his leaving the scene by saying he knew that the killer was looking for something, so he thought he’d try to beat them to her apartment, only again he arrived too late. He apologizes for investigating, but asks what they would do if someone they loved were killed in a foreign country. Castle and Beckett exchange a look and Castle asks what he thinks the killer wanted. Colin tells them that Naomi’s father had her cut an inside pocket into her coat in which to keep pepper spray for protection, so he searched there and found a clue she left him, which he refuses to share unless Beckett allows him to help with the case. Beckett threatens to arrest him for withholding evidence, but he says she can’t prove he has anything since she doesn’t know what he has and vows to catch the killer himself if she refuses his request. She thinks and agrees, but says she first has to clear it with her Captain.

At the precinct, Colin and Castle watch as Beckett talks to Captain Victoria Gates in her office. Colin says Naomi’s conduct lately doesn’t add up to the girl he knew, but Castle, thinking of Beckett, says that sometimes it’s the people we think we know who surprise us the most. Beckett steps outside and says Colin is in, since Gates was impressed with his record. Castle is shocked and now realizes that Gates’ dislike of him is personal. Colin then hands over his clue: a locker key which he knows Naomi left for him. Beckett promises to have uniforms canvas local businesses around the crime scene to see which have lockers that fit the key. Esposito joins them and after Beckett introduces Colin, he says that Naomi did get into the album launch party last night, but was thrown out by security after she got into a fight with the host, rapper Nicky J, who Esposito says is being brought in for questioning. Castle’s cell phone buzzes as Colin asks if he can sit in on the interrogation. To Beckett’s surprise, Castle bows out to meet Jacinda for lunch.

In interrogation, Nicky admits to punching Naomi because she was hitting on her boyfriend, rapper and entrepreneur Biggie Slim and because she knew Naomi wasn’t invited. Colin plays on Nicky’s being angry about Biggie’s potentially cheating on her by saying he was infuriated when the same thing happened to him and he could understand why she’d want revenge. When Beckett confronts her about the murder, she denies it and says her driver took her and Biggie home where they stayed all night.

In the break room, Beckett and Colin interview Biggie Slim who agrees that he went home with Nicky after the fight and admits that Naomi was hitting on him. He is sketchy about what they talked about, but says she was acting paranoid and claimed someone followed her to the party, but he didn’t think anything of it since he gets hit on all the time.

Outside, Beckett, Esposito, and Colin look at the murder board. Beckett tells Esposito to canvas the area around the party site to see if someone really was following Naomi and to confirm Nicky and Biggie’s alibi with their driver. He leaves and Beckett asks about his story of being cheated on, but he says he made it up and sympathizes with Nicky. Beckett guesses she is hanging on in hopes that Biggie will change, but Colin disagrees, saying guys like him never do. Beckett thinks of Castle for a moment until her cell phone beeps with a message from Lanie.

In the morgue, Lanie says Naomi’s larynx was crushed, indicating that her killer was strong and likely a large male. She also shows Beckett and Colin a fingerprint on Naomi’s neck left by the killer from which she was able to pull a partial that resulted in no hits, but could yield a match if they bring her a full print. Colin excuses him to make a call and steps outside. Lanie teases Beckett about Colin then apologizes sympathetically when Beckett tells her where Castle is. Beckett worries that Castle won’t change from chasing bimbos, but Lanie insists that even if it is the wrong time and he is the wrong guy that Beckett still needs to find out. When she balks, Lanie points out the dead bodies she works with everyday who represent people who once thought they had an endless amount of time to accomplish their hopes and dreams and reminds her that nobody’s time is limitless.

Outside in the hall, Beckett finds a shaken Colin. He explains that when Naomi was twenty-two she fell in love with a doctor who volunteered in third world countries, and who was killed last year in a helicopter crash. He suspects she never got over it since she had been acting like a different person. Beckett starts to say how people can change when you’re not looking, but is interrupted when her cell phone rings. She answers and Ryan tells her they found that the key from Naomi’s jacket matches the lockers in a gym near the hotel where she bought a day pass the day she was killed and where the clerk remembers seeing her for three minutes. At the gym, they open the locker and find inside a picture of a man with an odd combination of numbers written on the reverse side.

At the precinct, a tech explains that the number sequence hasn’t yielded any matches and that the architecture of the building behind the man in the photograph is most likely from Midtown Manhattan. Castle arrives and Beckett surprises him when she casually explains that they’ve most likely found their killer in the man in the photograph. She asks how lunch was and gets snarky when he comments on how he really loved the special. Colin asks the tech to blow up one section of the photograph that he identifies as the British seal, meaning the photo was taken outside the British consulate. They search for employees and find that Deputy Consular General Nigel Wyndham is the man in the photo.

Later, Colin ends a call to a friend in England and details to Beckett and Captain Gates that Nigel had two girlfriends die mysteriously while on vacation in Rome, but was never charged in either death. He had a series of bad investments until he married into a prominent family who pulled strings to get him his appointment at the Consulate. Esposito arrives and explains that Naomi’s financial records indicate that she paid a car service to take her to a fancy restaurant where she had dinner with Nigel who slipped the host a hundred dollar bill for a secluded, intimate table. Ryan adds that the day after the dinner Consulate security removed Naomi from Nigel’s office after they had a fight, leading Castle to spin the theory that Naomi and Nigel struck up an affair, but when she wanted more, he killed her to protect his job and reputation. Gates tells them all that Nigel’s position gives him diplomatic immunity, but if his fingerprint matches the partial Lanie found on the body, his immunity will be waived.

Later that night, Esposito explains to Ryan that officials like Nigel aren’t required to register their fingerprints with local law enforcement, meaning that if they make a request through the Consulate, it will tip Nigel off. Castle rolls over a dry erase board where he has worked out an elaborate scheme to get one of Nigel’s fingerprints from his apartment which involves Esposito dressing up like a hobo, Ryan as a flower delivery boy, and Castle to repel down the side of the building with an acrobat hidden in a backpack. His explanation is interrupted when Colin arrives in a tuxedo looking for Beckett. The guys’ heads all turn, especially Castle’s, when she joins them wearing a sleeveless, form-fitting formal black gown. Colin says he pulled some strings to get them into a diplomatic reception at the Consulate where they plan on getting one of Nigel’s prints right under his nose. Beckett takes Colin’s arm and they leave as Castle jokes that they’re going about things the easy way.

At the reception, Colin tells Beckett he is taking the place of a nobleman who he knows isn’t attending and that he is sure Nigel will be drinking, so they just need to get a hold of his glass. He leads Beckett to the dance floor, to her dismay, claiming that it provides a good vantage point for them to watch for Nigel. As they dance, he compliments Beckett as the most beautiful woman in the room, but she sloughs it off, notes how relaxed he is, and guesses it’s because he’s among his own people. Colin disagrees, and explains that his family was poor and asks about Beckett’s background. She doesn’t go into a lot of detail, merely saying that it was her calling to become a cop and Colin understands her dedication, since he considers himself married to the job.

Beckett then spies Nigel by the bar, handing his business card to another man from a brass case. Beckett and Colin separate and Beckett heads to the bar while Colin blends in. Nigel immediately notices Beckett, who sees he is holding a tumbler glass, and introduces herself as a very bored Jean Harrington after he introduces himself. He flirts with her briefly then escorts her to the dance floor with drink in hand. As they dance, he continues his flirting and Beckett gets him to polish off his drink and discard the glass on a tray carried by a waiter. Colin notices and tries to follow, but is waylaid by security who says the man he is impersonating has just arrived. Beckett watches as Nigel remains oblivious, and sees that Colin didn’t pick up Nigel’s glass. Beckett leans in to whisper seductively in Nigel’s ear as security arrives to escort her out. She rejoins Colin who apologizes for failing to retrieve the glass. Beckett then pulls Nigel’s business card case which she lifted from his pocket out of her dress.

Later, Esposito douses Beckett’s and Colin’s excitement by pronouncing Nigel’s prints as not being a match to the partial on Naomi. Colin is confident that Nigel is involved somehow and Beckett wonders if he got one of the security staff to kill Naomi for him. Castle interrupts, having returned from dinner with Jacina, and says showed her the number in a picture he took on his phone and she recognized it as representing a diplomatic pouch. Colin remembers that Nigel’s position requires him to sign for all diplomatic pouches, meaning Naomi’s murder wasn’t about an affair, but smuggling since pouches aren’t screened at airports. Colin suspects Naomi caught onto Nigel’s smuggling and was murdered because she knew too much. Esposito doubts the Consulate will ever release the contents of the pouch, but Castle tells them that the airline keeps a copy of the weigh bill, so Beckett tells Esposito to get it from the airline.

In the break room, Beckett admonishes Castle for sharing evidence from an open investigation with Jacinda, but he doesn’t understand the problem since her information broke the case open, unlike hers and Colin’s efforts at the reception. Beckett says the break doesn’t change the fact that he violated procedure, and he says Jacinda just wanted to help. Flustered, Beckett tells him he doesn’t understand and he agrees, but before she can elaborate, Ryan with new information.

Ryan shows everyone the weigh bill which traces the pouch’s path from the British Consulate to Uganda, where Colin says Naomi’s boyfriend died. Ryan adds that the pouch weighed two hundred pounds and Esposito comes over to say that he noticed ten pouches of the same size having been shipped monthly from the Consulate to Uganda over the last year and that one is currently sitting at JFK airport. Beckett says that if the NYPD opens the pouch they could cause an international incident, but Colin volunteers to go for it anyway.

At JFK, Colin impersonates an agent from Homeland Security to talk his way into the baggage storage area. As the guard announces that he plans on notifying his supervisor, Colin calls the precinct where Beckett and Ryan do their best to describe the pouch and he tries to match the number. Eventually, Colin finds it and opens it to reveal Stinger missiles.

Later on, Colin explains that Homeland Security has impounded the crate and that while they all were more interested in its contents he expects to be in trouble soon for illegally opening it. He goes on to say that they can’t prove that Nigel knew what was in the crate and since they opened it illegally it can’t be used as evidence. Ryan tacks a picture of Naomi’s boyfriend, Aiden Miller, to the murder board and reviews that he died when his helicopter was shot down by Ugandan rebels while he was volunteering there. Colin recalls that the British government launched an inquiry, but was never able to figure out how the rebels acquired the missiles. Beckett suspects that Nigel wouldn’t want to get his hands dirty by killing Naomi, meaning he must have had a partner who did. Castle asks about the attendees at the party for foreign dignitaries that Naomi attended and Colin recognizes the name of the rebel leader. They piece together that Naomi worked the party as a regular gig, but overheard talk about the smuggling so she ingratiated herself to Nigel to get inside his office to find the pouch number. Castle realizes that the only piece that doesn’t fit involves why Naomi attended Nicky J’s record launch and spoke to Biggie Slim.

The next morning, in an interrogation room, Beckett shows Biggie a photo of himself exiting an SUV, but he sloughs it off as just paparazzi. Beckett then reviews how he has a history of failed businesses, including a music sharing website based in Britain that got the attention of English authorities. She reminds him how Nigel, then an aide to the minister of culture lobbied on his behalf. Beckett then shows him Naomi’s photo of Nigel exiting the same SUV as Biggie was photographed exiting. Biggie denies it, even when Colin tells him that his driver admitted dropping him off at the Consulate. They keep the heat on, telling him how they know his cousin, who is in the military, works at an armory, giving him access to the missiles and that he used Nigel’s connections to smuggle them to Uganda. They spin the theory for him that he killed Naomi when he realized she was onto the scheme. He again claims to be innocent until they tell him that his fingerprint matched the partial from Naomi’s body. Biggie comes clean finally, saying it was all about the money. Later at the Consulate, Beckett and Colin arrest Nigel.

That evening at the precinct, Colin says he must return to London to answer for his actions, but Beckett says they should give him a commendation. He thanks her for her help and she reciprocates. Colin then asks Beckett if he can buy her a drink since he has a few hours before his flight leaves. She spies Castle over her shoulder, talking on his cell phone, and declines, citing paperwork. Colin suggests another time, gathers his things, and leaves. Castle approaches her, having ended his phone call and Beckett asks if they can talk. He refuses since Jacinda has his Ferrari double parked outside and Beckett is surprised that he’s had so many dates with her in only a few days and since she doesn’t seem to be his type. He agrees that he likes her, since she is fun and uncomplicated, which is exactly what he is looking for at the moment. He leaves as Beckett silently kicks herself and sits back down at her desk. As Castle boards the precinct elevator, she dials Colin and accepts his invitation to have a drink.


  • Victim: Naomi Allen, British citizen
  • Cause of Death: Strangulation

  • Victim: Aiden Miller, British citizen and Naomi's boyfriend
  • Cause of Death: Helicopter was shot down by Ugandan rebels

  • Perp: Biggie Slim, rapper & mogul
  • Motive: Revenge and greed: Killed Naomi to keep her from revealing how he had conspired with British government officials to smuggle stinger missiles to Ugandan rebels through diplomatic channels

  • Perp: Nigel Wyndham, British diplomat
  • Crime: International arms dealing, abetting in murder
  • Motive: Greed

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