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The Late Shaft

Basic Details[edit]

Season 2, Episode 20 (30)

Original Air Date - April 12, 2010


When Castle appears on a late-night talk show to promote his book, Heat Wave, legendary host Bobby Mann (guest star Tom Bergeron) leans in during a commercial break and whispers, “They want me dead.” When Mann dies later that night, seemingly of natural causes, Castle has to convince Beckett that there was foul play. During the investigation, Castle is seduced by a Hollywood hottie (guest star Kelly Carlson), who was the other guest on Bobby Mann’s show the night he died.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Amy Aquino – Janine Marks
  • Bill Bellamy – Mickey Reed
  • Brittany Belt – Kayla
  • Tom Bergeron – Bobby Mann
  • Beth Broderick – Barbara Mann
  • Kelly Carlson – Ellie Monroe
  • Dan Cortese – Howard Weisberg
  • Michael Cummings – Burt
  • French Stewart – Zach Robinson
  • Nicholle Tom – Cindy Mann
  • Sydney Walsh – Patty DeLuca
  • Fred Willard – Hank McPhee
  • Nika Williams – Angel Santana


  • Bryan Spicer



Beckett: Wow. The camera really does add 10 pounds...to his ego.

(Alexis and Martha are watching Castle’s appearance on a late night talk show and notice the attractive actress sitting next to him)
Alexis: Do you think he's asked her out yet?
Martha: Your father, pretty girl like that? He may have proposed by now.

Castle: Um...you're going orienteering, not librarying. You sure you want to take that many books?
Alexis: Overambitious for a 5-day trip?
Castle: You're gonna be responsible for your own pack. I think you're supposed to be more Sacagawea than a scholarly reader. Besides, look at all those pages. The trees might want revenge.

Castle: In my book Gathering Storm, the former KGB official killed with an undetectable poison that stopped the heart. What if that's what happened to Mann?
Beckett: Need I remind you that you make up stuff for a living, and there is no such poison in real life, and if there was, there would be a whole slew of angry spouses who'd be getting away with murder?

Lanie: You know how many strings I had to pull for this, Castle?
Castle: If I'm wrong, I'll reimburse the city.
Lanie: To hell with the city, it's me you're gonna owe. I take spa certificates, jewelry, and cash.
Castle: Duly noted.

Castle: We should have a signature line. "She's armed, he's dangerous."
Beckett: No.
Castle: No. How about "A whole new chapter in crime solving?"
Beckett: Ooh.
Castle: "Chapter." Get it?
Beckett: No.

Lanie: Okay, I ran every extra tox screen outside of standard protocol. All negative, no trace of any known poisonous substance.
Beckett: Okay, Castle? Don't forget to tip your M.E. on the way out.

Castle: No crime scene, no clear place to begin the investigation. Don't you just love poisoning?
Beckett: Especially a poisoning without poison. Whoever did this was very smart. They chose a murder weapon that's probably in half the kitchens in the city.
Castle: Good thing we're smart, too.

Beckett: How many ex-wives did he have?
Ryan: 6, ranging in ages from 25 to 50. It seems every five years, he traded in for the latest model.
Beckett: So he didn't so much marry them as lease them.

Cindy: He was dating a younger woman, and she looked just like me.
Castle: Tell that to his previous wife.

Beckett: Ellie Monroe, huh?
Castle: Yeah, she's pretty upset about this whole Bobby Mann thing, that we were his last guests. She thinks it would be comforting if we were to be together.
Beckett: "Comforting"? Is that what the cool kids call it these days?
Castle: Wow. You are so cynical. You know, sometimes after a tragedy, two human beings just need to--to be with each other just for no other reason than to show each other some understanding and support. (Later, Castle and Ellie stumble into Castle’s bedroom, tearing each other's clothes off.) Mm. I'm just glad I can be comforting. (Ellie pushes him onto the bed.) Oh! Yes.

Castle: Good morning, Detective.
Beckett: Really?
Castle: What?
Beckett: Lose the "I just got laid" voice, all right?
Castle: What are you talking about?
Beckett: I am a trained detective, so don't bother denying it.
Castle: Okay, fine.
Beckett: Oh, so now you're not denying it?
Castle: You just told me not to.

Beckett: "F.T.W."?
Castle: "For the win." It means, uh, "my Tweet kicks your Tweet's butt." Come on, Beckett. You gotta keep up. Hang with the cool kids.

Beckett: And what's at 1525 Broadway?
Ryan: The Park view penthouse of Mickey Reed, the gregarious and affable host of Late Talk.
Castle: Oh, Mickey...Not so fine.

Mickey Reed: So I lied. So what?
Beckett: So you lied to a cop.

Castle: Killing the king of late-night to take his throne-- It's very Richard III. It appeals to the writer in me.

Castle: (Giggles at a text message from Alexis) It's Alexis. She just saw a loon feeding. (Takes a bite of whatever he’s still holding)
Beckett: Funny. So did I.

Ryan: Aren't famous people crazy and narcissistic?
Beckett: I don't know. Gotta ask Castle.

Castle: Good morning.
Beckett: It's okay, Castle. You don't have to pretend to not be in a good mood for my sake.
Castle: Why should I be in a good mood? I mean...I'm a writer. We...famously brood. We...I should brood more.

Beckett: That's why she was throwing herself at you. She wanted you to recommend her for the part.
Castle: What?
Beckett: Oh, and for the record, she's nothing like Nikki Heat.
Castle: Oh, you just can't stand it that a beautiful actress is actually interested in me.
Beckett: Why would I care?
Castle: Exactly. That's a good question. Why would you care?
Beckett: I don't.
Castle: Fine. I'm gonna go get some coffee.
Beckett: Fine. I've got work to do.
(They walk away, but turn around and walk the opposite direction.)
Castle: Break room's that way.
Beckett: Desk.

Esposito: We just finished the sweep of Bobby's car. First off, the Bugatti-- holy shift!

Ms. Marks: He was banging my daughter right under my nose? I will kill him!
Castle: He's already dead.
Ms. Marks: Well, I will kill him again. I don't care. Where's the corpse?

Hank: He was a great boss. Everyone loved him.
Castle: Yeah, and apparently, he loved them back.

Beckett: So how was your date with your little starlet?
Castle: How can you tell this time?
Beckett: Like I said, Castle...(Picks a hair off his shoulder)...Trained detective.
Castle: Well...It went lovely, no thanks to you.
Beckett: What did I have to do with it?
Castle: You pulled your Jedi mind trick on me. You made me doubt Ellie's honesty. Foolishly, I told her what you said, made her cry.
Beckett: Castle...She's an actress, a professional liar. She's paid to cry on cue.

Castle: Have a nice life...sentence.

Beckett: You know, it's late, and I'm kinda tired. How about we pick this up in the morning?
Castle: All righty, then. And the boys'll be back on duty tomorrow, to coin a phrase...Which would be inaccurate...because you are not a boy.
Beckett: Is this some kind of a weird come-on?

Castle: Yet another example of why you shouldn't mix business with pleasure, even show business.
Beckett: Are you talking about the case or yourself?
Castle: Yeah. Touché, Detective.
Beckett: So you want to go for a victory lap and grab a burger?
Castle: Oh, can't. Gotta go. Big date.
Beckett: You're kidding, right? You're going out with Ellie Monroe even though you know the only reason that she was interested in you was for a part? Have you lost all sense of human decency and self-res— (Castle is smiling) What?
Castle: My big date...is with Alexis. She's getting back from her trip.
Beckett: Oh.

Featured Music[edit]

  • "With You" performed by Graham Colton plays when Alexis returns from her camping trip.
  • "Turn Around" performed by Soul P plays when comedienne Angel tells Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito about how she turned down Bobby Mann's show and how her motorcycle was vandalized.
  • "How Much I Feel" performed by David Pack is Ellie's ringtone on Richard Castle's cell phone.

Full Episode Recap[edit]


Who: Bobby Mann, late night talk show host
Found: on a sidewalk, near his house
Where Killed: by the West Side Highway
How: poisoned by food interactions with his medicine

Killer: Hank McPhee
Motive: misguided loyalty. Wanted Bobby to quit the show rather than fire him

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