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The Final Nail

Basic Details[edit]

Season 3, Episode 15 (49)

Original Air Date - February 14, 2011


Castle and Beckett find themselves on opposite sides of the case when Castle’s old school friend (guest star Jason Wiles) emerges as the prime suspect in his own wife’s murder. As they work to solve the crime, Castle comes to realize that one of two terrible things must be true… Either Detective Beckett is about to arrest an innocent man for murder, or his old friend is a cold-blooded killer.

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Andrea Bogart - Callie
  • Paul Clausen - Charles Utley
  • Alicia Coppola - Amber Patinelli
  • Jack Dimich - Morris Hasberg
  • Efrain Figueroa - Ray SalazarMarlene Forte - Blanca
  • Kareem J. Grimes - Omar Washington
  • Tom Irwin - Simon Campbell
  • Michelle Anne Johnson - Officer Greta Bailey
  • Ethan Phillips - James Forsyth
  • Jason Wiles - Damian Westlake




Esposito: Rich people, man. Society murders are always the freakiest.

Castle: Maybe we should go run check out that lead before we rush to judgment on an innocent man.
Beckett: I’m sorry, is this you staying out of the way?

Ryan: My fiancée never takes her ring off her finger.
Amber: Is your fiancée’s ring 11 carats?

Castle: Do I see two men jumping on a hot workman-related lead? That sounded a lot dirtier than I wanted it to.

Beckett: Hasburg’s alibi is true.
Castle: Shut the front door!

Castle: I don’t care about statistics. I am telling you Damian is not capable of murder.
Beckett: You know, I could say that about maybe three people that I’ve met in my entire life. What is it about this guy that warrants this unshakeable faith that you have in him?
Castle: When I was 14, my mom sent me to Edgewick Academy. I was homesick and I didn’t have any friends, so I wrote about it. One day I submitted a story to the literary magazine. Damian Westlake was the editor.
Beckett: And he published it.
Castle: More than that. He called me down to his office. He sat me down and he said “Ricky, you have a great talent.” No one had ever said anything like that to me before. Damian, he encouraged me, he critiqued me, he always made me dig a little deeper. Without Damian Westlake, I’m a lawyer, I’m a grifter, I’m a rodeo clown, but I’m not a writer. Without him, I’m not me.

Ryan: What’s going on?
Esposito: Mom and Dad are fighting.

Martha: Richard, I thought you went to bed hours ago.
Castle: Couldn’t sleep.
Martha: Couldn’t sleep because of your fight with Beckett or because there’s the possibility your old friend Damian may be a double murderer?
Castle: Both and thank you for putting it so bluntly.

Castle: I know if he is guilty, I’ll need to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. I’ll need solid evidence, not just coincidence and speculation.
Martha: Have you ever known Beckett to settle for less than that?

Castle: When I told Damian the best detective in New York was working his wife’s case, I meant it and I’m sorry to have doubted you.

Ryan: What’s in a playroom?
Castle: Not much more than a bed. Yes, I’m a member.

Castle: That’s just because you don’t know him.
Beckett: Castle, neither do you. The Damian that you think you know doesn’t exist. You made him up just like you made up Derek Storm, just like you made up Nikki Heat. He’s a character in a story that you told yourself when you were a homesick 14 year old little boy. Maybe it’s time to let him go. (Castle and Beckett see a uniformed cop bring Damian in for questioning) You can watch from observation. You don’t wanna be in there for this.

Castle: I realized I have the choice to believe in two terrible things: either Damian is a killer or Beckett’s arrested an innocent man. Just thinking about it’s making my head hurt.
Martha: Well, then forget your head. Listen to your heart.

Beckett: People close to this guy seem to die violently.

Damian: Have you come to apologize?
Beckett: No.
Damian: At least you’re honest.

Damian: You really think I’m that cold?
Beckett: Personally, I have no doubt. But Richard Castle believes in you and I believe in him, so show me those diamonds. Show me that none of them are missing or I will haul your ass back to jail.

Esposito: What about you? What’re you gonna do?
Ryan: Aw, Jenny loves chocolate.
Esposito: Jenny’s planning her wedding. Your girl’s on a diet and you’re gonna give her chocolate?

Castle: I was hoping you’d still be here.
Beckett: I was just about to call you.
Castle & Beckett: (simultaneously) I think I know who the killer is!

Castle: Tell me you didn’t do it.
Damian: Ricky, I…
Castle: Tell me I haven’t been believing in you all this time for nothing. (door bell rings) That’s them, Detective Salazar and some New York detectives. They’re here to take you in. I told them you’d be a gentleman.

Beckett: “Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” F. Scott Fitzgerald said that.
Castle: It must have been Ernest Hemingway who said “Man, I sure could use a drink right about now.”
Beckett: Lead the way. I’m buying.

Beckett: You OK?
Castle: Yeah, I’m fine.
Beckett: (elbows Castle lightly) Liar.


Andrea Bogart said of her experience as a guest star working with Nathan and Stana: "What a lovely, funny, talented pair to work with. Thank you for being so gracious and cracking me up."[1]

Featured Music[edit]

  • Anywhere with You performed by The Seventeens: Beckett invites Castle to get a drink after a tough case.

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Late one afternoon, two men walk down a sidewalk in a wealthy neighborhood. Both are wearing athletic clothing and one carries a basketball. The empty-handed man, Charlie, criticizes the other, named Damian Westlake, for elbowing him in his nose and wipes away a trickle of blood. Damian apologizes and promises to get his friend some ice when they get to his house. They head inside and Damian calls for his wife, Vicki, to let her know he and Charlie are home. Charlie points out that Damian’s dog has tracked an extensive trail of bloody footprints around the home and both call out in concern for Vicki. After a short bit of searching, they find Vicki dead on the floor with nails from a nearby nail gun protruding from her head.

That night, Detectives Javier Esposito, Kevin Ryan, and Kate Beckett arrive outside Damian’s house. As they walk to the front door, Ryan asks Esposito what his plans are for his first Valentine’s Day with his new girlfriend, Medical Examiner Lanie Parish. Esposito says Lanie isn’t much interested in “that stuff”, but Ryan disagrees. To prove his point, he asks Beckett what she has planned for the holiday with her boyfriend Josh Davidson. She answers that since he is a surgeon and she is a cop, she’s lucky if the two of them have a couple hours free to go to dinner on any night. As they reach the front steps of Damian’s house, Beckett leaves a message on Richard Castle’s cell phone telling him to call her. At the same time, Esposito says Castle will be sorry he missed the murder scene since wealthy society murders tend to be the freakiest.

Inside, a uniformed cop briefs the detectives on the scene. Damian Westlake left around 5:00 p.m. to play basketball with his friend Charles and when they returned an hour later, they found Damian’s wife, Vicki, dead. Upon seeing the body, Esposito emphasizes his point made moments earlier about weird society murders. The uniformed cop adds that the back door to the house was ajar and that what looks to be a gang tag was found painted on the building’s rear wall. Esposito says he’ll contact the gang unit to see if they can identify it and Ryan volunteers to talk to Damian’s friend Charles. Beckett mentions the Westlake’s dog and says if neighbors heard it barking they might be able to establish a timeline, but the uniform says their canvas revealed no noises heard by the neighbors. Lastly, the Medical Examiner placed the time of death between 4:30 and 6:00p.m. Beckett wonders if Vicki was dead before Damian left and asks to speak to Damian. The cop directs her to a nearby room where, to her surprise, Beckett finds Damian talking with Castle.

She pulls Castle aside and asks him what he is doing there. He explains that he and Damian were prep school classmates and that Damian called him after finding his wife since he knew of Castle’s connections with the police. Beckett is put off initially and Castle tries to mollify her by saying he just arrived and didn’t know Beckett would be assigned to the case. Beckett asks him if he has any information on Damian that might be pertinent to the case and he says no, but that he can reassure his friend that the best detective in the city has been assigned to the investigation. Beckett smirks at his attempt at flattery and steps away to begin her interview.

Damian says everything was fine when he left to play basketball and that Vicki wished him a good game before he left. He also has no idea who may have spray painted the gang mark on the back of the building. Beckett asks what Vicki did for a living and Damian says she was an interior decorator. She asks him what he does and He is reluctant to answer, so Castle says he is a writer. Damian finally admits he’s had nothing published. When Beckett’s questions turn to the state of Damian’s marriage, Castle gets defensive, but Damian calms him down and says his wife was his whole world. When Beckett asks about the murder weapon, Castle again interrupts, but Beckett calmly gets him to back down. Damian describes how they had been doing some remodeling and the nail gun must have belonged to one of the workmen. Beckett goes to ask about the workers, but Castle interrupts her again, increasing her agitation, and asks if Damian or Vicki had any problems with any of them. He says he overheard Vicki fire someone and when he asked her about it, she brushed him off. He suggests Beckett talk to her assistant, Amber Patinelli and stands up, saying he wants to call Vicki’s first husband to give them then news before they hear about the death in the press. He leaves and Beckett casts Castle a severe look before leaving herself.

Outside on the sidewalk, Castle asks Beckett why she is mad at him since he was just looking out for his friend and she chastises him for challenging her authority in front of a suspect. Castle questions why Damian is a suspect and Beckett reminds him that she way she works is that everyone is a suspect. He apologizes and suggests they begin looking into the workmen and gang members as real suspects, but Beckett is not satisfied. He tells her how he promised Damian that they would catch his wife’s killer and begs Beckett to keep him on the case. Before she can answer, Esposito and Ryan exit the house. Ryan briefs Beckett on how Charles told him that Damian was distraught when he they found Vicki, but that during the game he seemed overly tense and aggressive. Esposito suggests Damian killed Vicki, went to play basketball, and deliberately injures his friend to establish an alibi. Castle then tells Ryan and Esposito about Vicki’s argument with one of the workmen in an effort to shift the focus off Damian. Beckett picks up on his tactic, reminding him of his promise to stay out of her way during the investigation, and Castle tells her he is merely trying to keep everyone objective. During their back and forth, Ryan and Esposito look confused, but keep their thoughts to themselves.

The next morning, Ryan and Esposito interview Amber Patinelli who says Vicki fired the carpenter who had been working at their house, Morris Hasburg, because she believed he had stolen her 11 carat engagement ring. Amber continues that when Vicki confronted him about how he was the only one working in their bedroom who could have stolen the ring, he went off saying bad things would happen if she didn’t stop telling lies.

Back at the precinct, Ryan and Esposito tell Beckett that witnesses reported seeing Hasburg’s truck in front of the Westlake’s house the day of the murder. Castle arrives with his and Beckett’s usual coffee and asks if they’ve found a hot lead to jump on. In embarrassment, the guys don’t answer and Castle takes back his comment, realizing it came out much dirtier than he intended. Ryan and Esposito leave to pick up Hasburg, but grab his and Beckett’s coffees out of Castle’s hands in the process. Castle sits down in his chair next to Beckett’s desk and says this proves his point that Damian isn’t the killer, and Beckett counters that she never said he was and that she hopes Hasburg is their murder.

In an interrogation room later, Hasburg denies killing Vicki even after Beckett confronts him about his fingerprints being all over the nail gun and his truck being spotted outside the Westlake’s house. He explains it all away by saying Vicki asked him to come over to the house and when he arrived, she told him she found her ring and tearfully apologized for accusing him of stealing it.

Back at Beckett’s desk, Beckett tells Castle that Hasburg’s alibi checked out since CSU found Vicki’s engagement ring among her jewelry in the house. She walks off towards the break room and Castle follows her, asking about the other fingerprints found on the murder weapon which Beckett says they can’t identify. Castle asks who their new suspect is and Beckett gives him a knowing look. He protests, but Beckett ticks off why it could be Damian: Hasburg brought his own tool to the house, the Westlake’s dog didn’t bark so the murderer wasn’t a stranger and one third of wives are murdered by their husbands. Castle remains unmoved, saying he knows Damian is incapable of murder. Beckett doubts this since she knows of only three people she has met in her whole life that she can say the same about, and asks Castle why he is so adamant that Damian is innocent. He tells her how when he was sent to boarding school he became homesick, wrote about it, and submitted his piece to the school literary magazine where Damian not only saw it and published it, but told him he had a talent for writing and from then on was there to help him and encourage him to work harder at developing his talent. He adds that without Damian he most likely would not have become a writer at all. Esposito enters and gives Beckett a background check he ran on Damian that revealed the violent death of his father. Castle immediately recalls how Damian’s father was found murdered in their vacation house when Damian was 19 and Esposito questions why Castle didn’t tell them about the case. Castle says he didn’t think it was relevant since the death took place twenty years ago, but Beckett corrects him saying that Damian was the prime suspect in the crime.

Later, Esposito sits at his desk listening to Beckett and Castle having a loud argument over the case in the break room. Beckett accuses Castle of withholding valuable information about Damian from her and he defends himself saying he didn’t know Damian had been fingered as a suspect and that he assumed since Damian was never arrested for the crime, that the investigators didn’t have any evidence linking him to it just like Beckett has no evidence pointing to Damian killing his wife. Beckett tells him if it anyone else, Castle would be asking her why she hadn’t already arrested Damian, and Castle tells her Damian isn’t just anyone to him and that her suspicions are wrong. Outside, Ryan joins Esposito in listening to the argument and wonders who is winning. Beckett then reminds Castle how he promised to stay out of her way, which he acknowledges, but says he did not agree to sit by and let her railroad his friend. This is the final straw for Beckett who tells him he is too close to the case and sends him home. He walks out of the precinct without a word to Ryan or Esposito, who upon seeing Beckett emerge from the break room, attempt to look busy on their phones. When they finish their acts, she tells them to track down the case file on Damian’s father, Philip Westlake’s, murder and to bring in Vicki’s first husband, Simon Campbell, for questioning.

Castle sits outside Damian’s house on his front steps and when he arrives from walking his dog, tells him how the subject of his father’s murder came up in the investigation on Vicki. Damian tells him how someone must have broken into the house and shot his father, but the cops zeroed in on him from the beginning even though he was away at college at the time. Castle confirms that Beckett thinks he killed his wife since he killed his father, inheriting all of his money, and since Castle knows he had a rocky relationship with his father. He adds that he should have told him about being a suspect in his father’s murder since he is his friend. Damian then recollects how he gave Castle a chance in school and that he is now looking for the same chance.

Back at the precinct, Beckett interviews Simon Campbell who says Vicki left him for Damian, who he knows she came to regret marrying. He tells her how Vicki’s interior design business is on the bottom floor of the brownstone they once shared and where he still lives with her kids. She seemed happy for a while, then changed and finally told him the day she was murdered that she thought she made a mistake marrying Damian. They even talked about getting back together.

That night at Castle’s loft, his mother, Martha Rodgers, finds him reading on the couch in his living room. When she says she thought he was already in bed, he says he cannot sleep and she guesses it is either because of his fight with Beckett or because Damian may have killed his wife as well as his father. He answers it could be both and says that if Damian is guilty, he’ll need to be convince with solid evidence not just innuendo and speculation. Martha asks him if he has ever known Beckett to settle for anything less and suggests he apologize to her, especially if he wants to help her with the case.

The next morning, Beckett tries to make coffee with the espresso machine Castle bought for the unit, but grows frustrated when it malfunctions. He appears at her side and asks if she needs help, only to have her tersely refuse his offer and ask why he is there. He apologizes for doubting her and promises to remain objective if she lets him back on the case. She grins in acceptance of his apologize, but then says he may find being objective more difficult.

She leads him into the conference room where Ryan and Esposito are poring over Damian’s and Vicki’s financial histories. She tells Castle that according to their prenuptial agreement, if they divorced, Damian got nothing, but if Vicki died, he stood to get $10 million. Castle tells her he wouldn’t need the money since he inherited his father’s fortune. Ryan then jumps in and says Damian spent all of his father’s money courting Vicki and by the time they were married, he had nothing, leaving Vicki the bread winner. Ryan adds that Damian spent the money Vicki earned on sports tickets and expensive scotch and cigars while all of Vicki’s money went into her business. Beckett guesses Vicki got tired of Damian’s spending and threatened to cut him off like his father did. She then tells Castle she read Philip Westlake’s case file and that the cops were sure Damian was behind the murder. Castle is undeterred and says those cops were wrong like Beckett is now, causing her to remind him of his promise made moments ago. He suggests they broaden their suspect pool just as Esposito enters and says the gang unit identified the spray painted mark on the back of the Westlake’s house as the signature of Omar Lincoln who has been previously arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and breaking and entering. Castle becomes increasingly excited as Esposito briefs the team that they have Omar’s location. Castle joyously heads out the door with Esposito and Ryan following, leaving Beckett behind.

In an alley later, the guys find Omar standing on the rear bumper of a truck he his marking with his signature. Before they can arrest him, the truck begins driving off, leaving Omar hanging from the back. After a brief foot chase, the truck stops, and Ryan cuffs Omar, who says he knows nothing about Vicki Westlake’s murder. He then grimaces as he realizes his slip of the tongue, while the guys exchange looks.

At the precinct, Esposito and Castle have Omar in an interrogation room where he admits to being at house, but denies killing Vicki. Esposito guesses that Vicki caught Omar tagging her house and to keep her from calling the police and alerting them that he violated his parole, he shoved her inside the house and killed her. Omar again admits to marking the Westlake’s house, and then says he hit a nearby flower shop where the owner caught him and threatened him with a gun around 4:45, causing him to take off. He further offers to tell them who the real killer is if they drop any vandalism charges for his spray painting the truck. Esposito agrees and Omar accuses Damian, causing Castle to groan loudly. Esposito quickly quiets him and Omar says he overheard Vicki call Damian a thief and a liar and threaten to divorce him in the midst of a vicious argument.

On their way back to the conference room, Castle is incredulous that Esposito believes Omar’s story. Esposito recalls for Castle how the flower shop owner confirmed Omar’s story that he did in fact threaten him at around 4:50 the day Vicki was murdered and that Omar took off running in the opposite direction of the Westlake’s home. Castle tries to make another point, but Esposito gives him the hand. They enter the conference room and report on their interview to Beckett who remembers that Damian never said anything about arguing with Vicki before leaving for his game. Castle chalks it up to a regular marital disagreement, causing Beckett to ask why Damian would lie about it. Castle suspects he was worried that it would make him look guilty and Beckett counters that he was more likely afraid they’d find out the reason for the fight: that Vicki discovered Damian had a secret credit card on which he charged flowers, jewelry and weekly visits to a room at a gentleman’s club, of which Castle sheepishly admits to being a member. He tries to come up with a logical explanation and Beckett suggests they go find one by paying the club a visit.

At the club, the receptionist greets Castle warmly and he says he is there for business not pleasure. When Beckett drops Damian’s name and asks about his frequent visits, the receptionist grows nervous and tries to call her supervisor, only Castle stops her, and encourages her to tell them who Damian was seeing. Back at the precinct, the receptionist, Callie, tells Beckett and Castle in interrogation room that she and Damian had been seeing each other and fell in love. She then says Vicki came to the club and told her that she knew about the two of them and that she planned on divorcing him which would leave him out of money. She wanted to warn her that the only reason Damian was chasing her was to use her for whatever money she had. She adds that she told Damian about the encounter and that he responded that he loved her. When she found out about Vicki’s murder, she called him again and he said they wouldn’t be able to see each other until things calmed down and that if the police started asking her questions, she should says they weren’t together since it would look bad. As Callie reveals more and more information, Castle grows more and more disturbed.

Later that evening, Castle sits alone in the conference room in front of the murder board. Beckett brings him a cup of coffee, sits down next to him, says Callie’s alibi checked out and that uniformed cops are bringing in Damian. Castle admits that Damian is a cheater and a bum, but insists such does not make him a killer and that Beckett does not know him as he does. Beckett counters that Castle doesn’t know him at all, but created a fantasy character, like he did with Derek Storm and Nikki Heat, to comfort himself when he was homesick at school. She suggests he let him go just as cops escort Damian into an interrogation room. She tells Castle to watch her interrogation of his friend from the observation room and he agrees glumly.

Castle watches as Beckett interviews Damian in interrogation. He maintains his innocence, but Beckett says for every time he proclaims his innocence, she finds a dirty secret that he failed to disclose to her. She then likens him to a prince who wanted a good life, so he killed his father the king, stole his gold and spent it all until it was gone. Damian insists he loved his wife and that he didn’t marry Vicki for her money, only to have Beckett confront him with her knowledge of his affair with Callie and accuse him of being the only one with a motive to kill Vicki. When he angrily proclaims his innocence again, Beckett stands, looks sadly at the mirror through which she knows Castle is watching, and calls in a uniformed cop who cuffs Damian as she reads him his rights.

The next morning, Castle enters his kitchen to find Martha having coffee and his daughter, Alexis, gone shopping for a Valentine’s Day present for her boyfriend Ashley. He muses over the difficulty of the choice she has to make since it is her first Valentine’s Day with Ashley, then reflects on how he has his own hard choice to make: to believe that either Damian is a killer or that Beckett has arrested an innocent man. He confesses that the whole prospect has given him a headache, to which Martha suggests he not use his head to make the choice, but his heart.

At the precinct, Castle visits Damian in his holding cell and remembers how when he was a senior in high school and Damian was in college at Harvard, he would send him pages of his writing which Castle thought were excellent. He asks why he threw away his talent and Damian admits that after his father died and he inherited his fortune he didn’t want to try anymore, but that he will always consider finding Castle one of his few great accomplishments. Damian then swears he didn’t kill Vicki and Castle asks he can think of anything they may have overlooked. Damian says when he came home after getting lunch, Vicki was there having already been to see Callie. They fought for hours and Vicki eventually showed him an envelope with divorce papers inside that her lawyer had drawn up. He begged her to reconsider, but she asked him to leave so she could think. Castle asks for a description of the envelope.

Later, he exits the precinct elevator with a petite Hispanic mail carrier who insists she has to get back to her route. Castle tells her he will only keep her a few minutes and then introduces her to Beckett and Esposito. Ryan joins them from the conference room as Esposito and the mail carrier, Blanca, converse in Spanish and give him just enough funny looks to make him paranoid. He quickly moves on and concedes that Vicki and Damian did argue and Vicki did ask for a divorce. He then tells everyone about the envelope which Beckett doesn’t remember CSU listing in its report of the crime scene. Blanca then recalls how she saw Damian and his friend Charles while on her route and when she approached the Westlake’s house, Vicki came running out with the large manila envelope wanting to be sure it went out with the day’s mail. Beckett asks if Blanca is sure she saw Vicki and she is positive. Castle dismisses her and the team realizes Damian can’t be their killer.

Later on, Captain Roy Montgomery gets off his phone and says the DA is unhappy about having to cut Damian lose, but did so. Beckett tells Montgomery she now thinks Damian hired someone to kill his wife just like he could have with her father. Castle confronts Beckett with how the evidence doesn’t suggest Damian killed Vicki, but Beckett refutes all of his suggestions, leading him to accuse her of refusing to accept that Damian didn’t kill his father. Beckett says a pattern has emerged with Damian in that people close to him tend to die violent deaths and Castle wonders if maybe someone with knowledge of his father’s murder is trying to frame him for Vicki’s. He suggests Simon Campbell could be a suspect since Vicki left him for Damian and he still lives above Vicki’s business. He then asks if she wouldn’t be pushing so hard for Damian to have killed Vicki if she didn’t think he is responsible for his father’s death and that the cause wasn’t just a random break-in gone wrong. Beckett insists there is no evidence to support Castle’s theory and he volunteers to review Philip Westlake’s file and disprove Beckett’s suspicions about Damian being his killer. He picks up the file and leaves while Montgomery asks Beckett if she can prove Damian had his wife killed. She says she only needs a couple days and Montgomery agrees. Ryan and Esposito ask what to do next and Beckett tells them to look into Simon Campbell while she tracks down the money trail that will prove Damian hired someone to kill Vicki.

Back at his loft, Martha presents Castle with Alexis’ idea for a gift for Ashley: an engraved frame containing a picture of his rat, Theodore. Alexis notices the box Castle brought in and he tells her how he vowed to solve Philip Westlake’s murder to exonerate Damian. When both women doubt him, he reminds Martha how she told him to listen to his heart, but Alexis tells him the case is older than her. When Castle says he doesn’t feel encouraged by their doubts, Alexis offers to help him with the case and he agrees.

Back at the precinct, Beckett sits back in her chair in the conference room frustrated by hers, Ryan’s and Esposito’s inability to find evidence that Damian hired someone to kill Vicki since his financial records reveal he had no money. Esposito says they just haven’t dug deep enough yet. Ryan suggests that Damian pawned some of the house’s expensive knick knacks, but Beckett is dubious since as an interior designer, Vicki would have noticed if something went missing just like she did her engagement ring. This sparks a thought and she remembers how Morris Hasburg said Vicki cried when she apologized to him and how Omar said she overheard her call Damian a thief. This makes her wonder if Vicki discovered Damian was stealing from her and she also remembers how one of the charges in Vicki’s credit card was for an appraiser.

Later, Beckett and Ryan visit the appraiser who says Vicki came to him and asked him to estimate the value of a number of pieces of her jewelry including her engagement ring. He confirms this and says he found that a number of the diamonds were fakes, and that he assumed they were sold and replaced with lookalikes.

At Castle’s loft, Alexis tells her father that neighbors of Philip Westlake’s reported seeing someone lurking around the house around the time of the murder as is detailed in the case file. She pulls out an artist’s sketch of the person and Castle instantly recognizes the face.

The next day, Beckett pays Damian a visit at home. He lets her in and asks if she has come to apologize to him to which she flatly answers no. He appreciates her honesty and she asks to see the diamonds he stole from his wife. She recounts her conversation with the appraiser and how he said over a six week period he replaced 26 diamonds valued at a total of $8 million and gave him the real ones. Damian asks if her theory was true why she thinks he didn’t just leave Vicki to be with Callie and Beckett suspects he got greedy and used the money from the first diamond to pay the hit man he hired to kill Vicki so he could inherit the $10 million on top of what he got for the other diamonds. He asks if she really thinks he would do such a thing and she responds she does, but that since Castle believes in him and she believes in Castle, she wanted to confront him about her theory. She demands he show her the diamonds which he does, admitting to replacing only the stones he gave her since he knew once their marriage was over, she wouldn’t have any attachment to them.

Meanwhile in another part of town, Castle meets the detective who investigated Philip Westlake’s murder, Ray Salazar, in a coffee shop. After kidding Salazar about why he moved from Puerto Rico to New York, Castle asks him about the Philip Westlake murder, particularly about the unidentified man seen outside the Westlake’s house. Salazar says it looked a lot like a local tough, but when they put the person in a lineup, the neighbors couldn’t pick him out. Castle then shows him his prep school year book and points to a photo of a student named Michael Rutherford, a smart sociopathic student who barely graduated because Damian turned him into the school’s headmaster for stealing. Castle suggests that Rutherford heard about the Westlake’s house which was mostly uninhabited but full of valuable items, broke inside, and decided to take revenge on Damian by killing his father.

Back at the precinct, Beckett returns to her desk and tells Ryan and Esposito of her meeting with Damian and that Castle may be right. They agree that Castle may be right about Simon Campbell as well, and Ryan tells her that Campbell’s real estate business took a big hit a couple years ago leaving him short of cash. He adds that if Vicki died, he would inherit their brownstone, which is worth $5 million, and that he is also named as the executor of their kids’ estate. Esposito says that at the time of the murder he was home on the second floor of the house, but the kids were on the third floor, leading Beckett to think that he had time to sneak out of the house and kill Vicki without being missed. Esposito further says that the house’s security system recorded every time a door or a window opened and recorded that the front door opened at 4:37 on the day of the murder and again at 5:42, meaning someone left the home before the murder and returned afterward. Beckett tells them to pick up Campbell, but Esposito says his office has him out on personal business all night and he isn’t answering his cell phone. Beckett tells them both to stake out his house and bring him in if he shows.

That night, as they both sit in their squad car watch Campbell’s house, Ryan asks Esposito what he decided to do for Lanie for Valentine’s Day. He says he picked up some jewelry and asks Ryan what he’s doing for his fiancée Jenny. He answers that Jenny loves chocolate, but Esposito disagrees with the decision, saying bringing chocolate to a woman who is dieting for her wedding is never a good idea. Before Ryan can respond, Simon appears with a woman on his arm. They climb his front steps and share kiss just as Esposito recognizes the woman as Vicki’s assistant Amber. Esposito calls Beckett who tells them to bring in both Simon and Amber for questioning since it now seems unlikely that Simon had any intention of reconciling with Vicki. She ends the call just as the precinct elevator dings and Castle gets off. He admits that he was hoping she would still be at the precinct while Beckett says she was just about to him. They both simultaneously say they know who the killer is and break out into wide smiles.

Later on in the break room, Beckett and Castle interview Amber and Simon, who protests the late hour. Beckett admits she didn’t know they were together, and Simon says it has been a casual relationship, but Amber describes how they were initially just friends then became lovers as she gave him support through his divorce. As she speaks, Beckett notices how uncomfortable Simon appears and how head-over-heels in love Amber is. Beckett asks about his plans for Valentine’s Day and Simon admits to having nothing special planned. Castle guesses that would be because he thought he’d be with Vicki, which causes Amber’s happiness to fade into surprise. She asks Simon what is going on and he says he had been talking with Vicki, then, in frustration, asks how his relationship with Amber is relevant to Vicki’s murder. Beckett asks if Vicki knew about him and Amber, and Simon says he didn’t want her to know. Castle guesses that Vicki innocently confided in amber that she planned on leaving Damian and going back to Simon not knowing that Amber was now with Simon. Beckett confronts Amber with the fact that she ordered a sedan to take her to the Westlake’s at around 4:15 the day of the murder and that an hour later it took her back to her place, plus they found fingerprints on the nail gun that they couldn’t identify, but now suspect belong to her. Amber finally admits that she just went over to Vicki’s to talk to her, and begged her to let her have Simon, but she said no, so she killed her.

The next day, Castle visits Damian at his house and tells her about how Amber killed Vicki. Castle notices Damian has luggage packed and he says he is going to Barcelona to get away. He asks Castle to thank Beckett and congratulate her on solving the case, and Castle says they also solved Damian’s father’s murder. He shows him the sketch of Michael Rutherford from the case file and describes how he broke into the house and shot and killed his father. Castle says the proof lies in a cigarette butt found at the scene which contained DNA matching Rutherford’s and that he confessed when he was arrested. Damian seems overwhelmed and reminds Castle how he has a plane to catch and asks if they can talk about the case when he gets back. Castle stops him by saying Rutherford told the police how Damian got in touch with him, paid him to kill his father, and drew him a map of the house that would direct him to his father’s bedroom. Damian says Rutherford is lying and Castle begs him to tell him he hasn’t believed in him for so long for nothing. Just then the front door bell rings and Castle says it is Detectives Salazar, Beckett and other police. He stands to leave and tells Damian he promised he would be a gentleman. He turns and leaves.

As the cops lead Damian out of the house in handcuffs, Castle follows and meets Beckett on the street. She quotes F. Scott Fitzgerald talking about heroes and tragedies and in response, Castle makes up his own quote about needing a drink and attributes it to Ernest Hemingway. Beckett agrees to treat him, but Castle protests saying she must have plans for dinner with Josh. She sloughs off his concerns saying she has a couple hours to kill, and as they walk, she notices his downtrodden expression. She asks him if he is OK, and she says he is fine. Not believing him, she elbows him gently in his ribs and calls him a liar as they continue walking to the closest bar.


Who: Vicky Westlake
Found: In her home
Where Killed: where found
How: shot in the head multiple times with a nail gun

Killer: Amber Patinelli (worked for Vicky)
Motive: Love, lust, jealousy. She wanted Vicky's ex husband as her hubby. Vicky and Ex where thinking of getting back together because Vicky was going to divorce her current husband (Damian)

Who: Philip Westlake, father of Damian Westlake
Found: In his vacation home in Puerto Rico (over 17 years ago - the case is older than Alexis)
Where Killed: in the bedroom
How: gun shot

Killer: Damian Westlake hired Michael Rutherford to kill his father
Motive: Greed and "revenge". Damian did not get along with his father and he inherited is fortune.


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