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The Fifth Bullet

Basic Details[edit]

Season 2, Episode 11 (21)

Original Air Date - December 7, 2009


When an art dealer is gunned down in his gallery, Castle & Beckett discover that a bullet is inexplicably missing from the crime scene. The mystery is deepened by an amnesiac who witnessed the crime but can’t remember what he saw or even who he is.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Marc Blucas – Jeremy Preswick
  • Anne Dudek – Emma Keane
  • Courtney Ray Geigle – Driver
  • Phil LaMarr – Dr. Holloway
  • John Paul Pitoc – Darius Langley
  • Marisa Ramirez – Angelica Fink
  • Carlo Rota – Bahir Harun
  • Dahlia Salem – Tory Westchester
  • Rider Strong – Rocco Jones
  • Desiree Taylor – Attendant
  • Eltony Williams – Officer Marino




(Castle is petting a dog tied up outside the latest crime scene)
Castle: (To the dog) That's a good girl.
Beckett: What's up Castle? You proposing?
Castle: Oh, no. Just waiting for you.
Beckett: That's too bad. You two make a cute couple.
Castle: Yeah. Hey, you think I should get a dog?
Beckett: What am I, your wife?
Castle: Yeah, you're my work wife.
Beckett: No, I'm not your work wife.
Castle: I could get a bloodhound. I could name him Sherlock, and then I could-- I could bring him to crime scenes. Beckett: No, you couldn't.
(They enter the crime scene, an art gallery)
Castle: Oh, what? It'd be adorable. I could get him to wear a little Sherlock hat, train him how to carry a little magnifying glass. Oh, see? Right there. Disapproving, judgmental. You're totally my work wife.

Castle: The bullet was made of ice…Fires the bullet, it melts before we can find it. An ice bullet! Hello? An ice bullet? Are you even paying attention to me?
Beckett: No! You aren't saying anything worth paying attention to.

Castle: I'm telling you. Ice bullet.
Esposito: Nah, bro. An ice bullet would still make a bullet hole.
Ryan: You mean, ice hole.
Castle: What did you just call me?

Castle: You suppose "the flea" had a gun? A tiny gun with vanishing bullets?
Beckett: Ice bullets and fleas with guns? Do you have writer's block again?
Castle: Stephen King wrote stories of bloodthirsty cars and sold millions of copies. I figure, why be limited by logic?

Castle: Hey, what's up with Ryan?
Esposito: Mugging case. The guy got hit on the head and can't remember who he is.
Castle: Oh, missing bullets are cool, amnesia's even cooler.

Alexis: Gram! I thought you were just sleeping in.
Martha: I was, just not in my room.
Alexis: You know what? We all share way too much.

Beckett: Not only was he there, but someone tried to kill him, as well. Good thing he reads.
Ryan: Good thing he reads Russian literature. If the guy was a Nicholas Sparks fan, he'd be dead.

(Beckett gets up, marches off, and runs into Castle as he's carrying her coffee to her. It spills all over her white shirt.)
Castle: I brought you coffee.
Beckett: Thank you, Castle.

Jeremy Preswick: Isn't this supposed to be where I get a headache and flashes of memory start overwhelming me until all the pieces come together?
Ryan: Okay, you've seen too many movies.
Jeremy Preswick: Yeah, that I can't remember.
Ryan: Wow. That's very chicken-egg.
Jeremy Preswick: Welcome to my world.

Castle: This is a Jules Matterson. This is worth $100,000, easy.
Beckett: Yeah, but you only pay Rocco a grand to knock it off.
Esposito: Fink could've ripped Harun off for millions.
Castle: Who says crime doesn't pay?

Jeremy Preswick: You know, it's terrifying to think that someone actually tried to kill me, and I don't know who it was, or why. And they're still out there.
Ryan: That's why we're gonna catch the bastard.
Beckett: But to do that, we need to find out who you are. So we're gonna release your photograph to the media tomorrow morning.
Jeremy Preswick: What if nobody recognizes it?
Ryan: I'm sure someone will.
Jeremy Preswick: But what if no one does and I don't remember? Then who am I?
Beckett: I promise you, we won't give up on you.

(Alexis and Castle are helping Martha get over her break up with Chet)
Alexis: Dad, back off. The spark died. She's obviously reconsidered.
Martha: That's right. And now we're going through the five flavors of grieving.
Castle: Is the first stage accepting the ice cream?
Martha: Exactly.
Castle: Then I'm in.

Ryan: We've been through this, it's just a bunch of junk.
Beckett: But if we take a look at everything we know about him collectively, maybe a picture will emerge.
Ryan: Nothing distinctive about these keys.
Castle: Yeah, and that plastic bag really narrows it down.
Beckett: Okay, he's got asthma, he's allergic to cats, he reads.
Ryan: And he's good at math and he can't draw. Put it together, he's your average asthmatic mathlete with a lot of crap in his pockets.

Jeremy Preswick: An ex-wife that I can't remember.
Castle: Hey, some men would consider you lucky.

Castle: The guy is guilty of a murder he can't remember. That just sucks. I mean, if you're gonna kill someone, get caught, spend the rest of your life in prison, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing why you did it. Hatred. Revenge. Hell, maybe he even cut you off on the highway. But Jeremy won't even have that, even if we do find motive, because he won't remember why it meant anything to him.
Beckett: I'm with you, Castle. It sucks.

Castle: But don't you want to know why he did it?
Beckett: Yeah, but the truth is, is that we don't need it.
Castle: The DA doesn't need it. But you and me? I know I couldn't sleep last night, could you?

Bahir Harun: What part of diplomatic immunity are you not clear on?
Beckett: See, every time you say something like that, it makes me think that you have something to hide.
Bahir Harun: Well, it's too bad that you will never find out.
Beckett: License and registration, please.
Driver: What? Why?
Beckett: You are double-parked.
Driver: This is New York. Everyone double-parks.
Castle: Is he resisting arrest?
Beckett: I believe so. Step over here.

Darius Langley: This is crazy. I told you already, I was in class when Mr. Fink was killed.
Beckett: Nobody remembers seeing you there.
Darius Langley: I sat in the back.
Castle: The naughty kids always do.

Ryan: One of them has 15 years of baggage. Marriage. Divorce. The other's on a first date. How long you think that'll last?
Beckett: Hopefully for a long time.
Castle: Why, Detective Beckett, I had no idea you were a romantic.
Beckett: I also sleep with a gun. Bet you didn't know that either.
Ryan: How about you, Castle? How long you think it'll last?
Castle: Well, I guess it's just the writer in me, but I'm hoping for a happy ending.

Martha: Ooh! Well, well, well. Look who's doing the walk of shame now.
Castle: I was with Beckett.
Martha: Really?
Castle: Uh, wrapping up a case.
Martha: Ah. Well, you should kiss that girl while you're both young.

Martha: And I'm scared. I mean, what if it doesn't work out? What if it does?
Castle: That's the cost of living.
Martha: I just don't want to ruin this.
Castle: (He takes the old boutonniere Chet sent to Martha from her and sets it down) This is dead. You are not. Time to start making some new memories.
Martha: Boy, how did you get so smart?
Castle: It must be my dad.

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Full episode recap from ABC.com


Who: Victor Fink, age 43, art gallery owner
Found: on the second floor of his art gallery
Where Killed: where found
How: shot in the back twice with a 9mm from close range

Who: Jeremy Preswick - (survived) an attempted murder (saved by the book - Crime and Punishment

Killer: George Heller, going by the name of Darius Langley. He was Victor's assistant. George has two prior felony counts of counterfeiting
Motive: Greed and Cover Up an attempted murder.

  • Jeremy Preswick: George stole the money that Fink gave him to buy a painting from Jeremy Preswick. He then painted a forgery, bribed Preswick's building supervisor and switched the paintings. Preswick discovered the forgery and confronted George. George shot Preswick
  • Victor Fink: George then shot and killed Fink because Fink was a witness.

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