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The Fast and the Furriest

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 5, Episode 20 (101)

Original Air Date - April 15, 2013


When a young woman's body is dumped at a hospital emergency room with her face partially ripped off, Castle and Ryan suspect Big Foot is responsible, but Beckett and Esposito are more than skeptical.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

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Guest Cast[edit]

  • Arye Gross - Medical Examiner Sidney Perlmutter
  • Raphael Sbarge - Dr. Darrell Meeks
  • Aaron Hill - Kurt Wilson
  • Albie Selznick - Dr. Devlin
  • Matthew Holmes - Chase Diggins
  • James Madio - Eddie Maslon
  • Maya Stojan - Tory Ellis, NYPD Tech
  • Paul S. Tracey - Franco
  • Palmer Davis - Garland Meeks
  • Marissa Quinn - Anne Cardinal
  • Jeryl Prescott Sales - Nurse
  • Michanne Quinney - Trainee Nurse




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Martha: Maybe you’ve been sleep eating, again.
Castle: Again? I’ve never sleep-ated…sleep-ate…eaten.

Alexis: Maybe there are tiny Borrowers living under the floor boards who come out at night to steal your food!
Castle: It’s not realistic. They’d be too small to get the fridge door open.

Beckett: Talk to friends and neighbors to see if they know of anyone in her life drove a blue sedan.
Castle: And who wanted to mangle her face.
Esposito: I may have an explanation for those facial wounds. Turns out our victim worked in a retirement home called Haven House.
Castle: Vicious, bloodthirsty old folks? Is that your theory?

Ryan: I always wanted a monkey when I was a kid, big Curious George fan.
Castle: Yeah, wait ‘til George grows up. An adult chimpanzee can reach 200 pounds; tear off a man’s hands, face, and naughty bits.
Beckett: Alright, we’re gonna go to the primate sanctuary. If Anne was attacked there, maybe somebody dumped her body to cover it up. And call me if you get anything on that sedan.
Ryan: George would never do that!

Castle: Did you see how that gorilla looked at me?
Beckett: Yeah, I think it was lust actually, Castle. You are ruggedly handsome.
Castle: Blood lust maybe. Don’t let Moonshine fool you. I’ll bet he and his fellow ‘retirees’ are actually super-intelligent apes plotting to take over New York City. They’re gonna round up all the people, put us in a sanctuary…most likely, Anne got on to them, they took her out.
Beckett: Now if this monkey cabal really wanted to get Anne out of the picture, why did they drop her off at the hospital?
Castle: Well, obviously…they were conflicted. It’s very complicated the relationship between man and primate. Didn’t you see Rise of the Planet of the Apes? Cautionary tale.

Beckett: Take a look, Castle: a person of interest, emphasis on the word ‘person.’

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Ryan: Um, I wouldn’t rule out Big Foot just yet. Turns out, there have been dozens of reported Big Foot sightings in the city in the past couple months.
Castle: Is that right? Why, Detective Ryan, please tell us about this new and extraordinary development?
Ryan: Like this woman in Brooklyn. She says that Big Foot tried to break into her apartment on the second floor.
Esposito: Gentlemen, I hate to rain on your parade.
Castle: Do you?
Esposito: No.

Beckett: See Castle, all of this evidence that you claim proves Big Foot’s existence is actually people angling for money.
Castle: So you’re saying, it’s just a coincidence that Anne was working with primates and mysteriously killed where Big Foot prints were found?
Beckett: No, not a coincidence, just a hoax.
Ryan: If it’s such a hoax, then tell me why I found this: I dug into her phone records. Turns out the last phone call she ever made was to Darrell Meeks.
Castle: The Darrell Meeks?
Beckett & Esposito: Who’s Darrell Meeks?
Castle & Ryan: Who’s Darrell Meeks! Just a world-renowned crypto-zoologist. That’s a scientist who searches for as-yet undiscovered creatures?
Beckett: Such as unicorns and centaurs…
Esposito: Banshees and leprechauns?

Perlmutter: Ugh, the ‘B’ Team.
Esposito: Talk about the ‘B’ Team.
Ryan: Yeah.
Perlmutter: I’d hoped to see Castle’s look of dismay was nothing more exotic than blunt force trauma to the cranium.

Ryan: Big Foot has claws.
Esposito: So does Wolverine. Is he real?
Perlmutter: Are you done?

Dr. Meeks: Was she attacked by a Big Foot?
Beckett: Not a chance.
Castle: Yes.

Dr. Meeks: This is my wife, Garland. She’s the skeptical one.
Castle: Trust me, I feel your pain.

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Beckett: Is there anything that you don’t believe in?
Castle: Sure there is. There’s um…Ok, well, what about you? If not Big Foot or zombies or ghosts what do you believe in?
Beckett: I just, I believe in the everyday magic of life. I mean, things that I can see and touch, like uh, the green shoots that pop through the snow in February or the Flatiron Building or the way that I feel when I hear Coltrane…It’s-
Castle: I can appreciate the everyday, but why not live in the possible? The world just doesn’t have as many mysteries anymore. There’s no new continents to explore, there’s no more deepest, darkest Africa, everything’s all mapped out by satellites and sonar, yet still people reach for the unknown. It’s what makes us grow. Coltrane wouldn’t have had that saxophone if Antoine Sax hadn’t imagined it. Isn’t that what separates us from, uh, say Moonshine?
Beckett: Well, you know, there is one inexplicable, mysterious phenomenon that I do believe in still – us.

Castle: She’s still not taking my calls.
Beckett: Well, can you blame her Castle? You practically turned her into a Smurf.
Castle: Na’vi would be a more contemporary reference.

Castle: Unless she was looking for someone else in those woods?
Esposito: Something with fur?

Beckett: Castle! Castle! Please! No more Wookie calls!
Castle: It’s not Wookie. I’m not doing Wookie. I can’t do Wookie. Alexis does a really cute Wookie!
Beckett: Well, whatever you’re doing, could you stop?
Castle: You scared of my work?
Beckett: No, I’m scared that I might murder you and then I’ll have two crime scenes.

Castle: Someone or something had to build it.
Beckett: Something, Castle? You think Big Foot came out here with a shovel?
Castle: You’re right. I don’t think Big Foot built this.

Beckett: C’mon, Castle. Why don’t you pop a squat. We’ll pull a cheerleader move.
Castle: Right. Shouldn’t you be wearing a short skirt for this? It’s the rule.

Beckett: You set a trap for Alexis and now someone – or something – has set one for you.
Castle: Promise me you’ll come back.
Beckett: In case I don’t make it. (She tosses him an energy bar)
Castle: Oh that’s cute, but, seriously, hurry back! K?

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Kurt Wilson: A few months ago, I came out of hiding to find Anne. I told her I was innocent, that I didn’t kill Justine, and I begged her to look into the case and she agreed to because she believed me.
Beckett: Yeah, well, I’m a little more skeptical.
Castle: I can vouch for that.

Alexis: Dad, you believe in all these unbelievable things, like Big Foot, and I don’t judge, but I believe in people and what they can accomplish. I believe in Jonah and his vision and I wanted to support him. I think he could make a real difference in the world. And, ok, so maybe it was stupid to give him all of my allowance, but I am not the first person to do something stupid for something they believe in.
Castle: No, no, you’re not. As a matter of fact, it’s a bit of a family trait.

Castle: I believe in people too.
Alexis: And Borrowers.
Castle: And Big Foot.


  • This episode had a few call backs to previous episodes:
    • Beckett's referring to Castle as "ruggedly handsome" is callback to when he called himself that in Always Buy Retail
    • Castle's and Beckett's conversation about magic builds upon when Castle told her "If you don't believe in even the possibility of magic, you'll never ever find it" in He’s Dead, She’s Dead
    • Castle mentions that his fall into the trap in the woods isn't good for his knee, by which he means the broken knee he was recovering from in The Lives of Others

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Two nurses are relaxing outside a hospital emergency room when a car peals into the drive, dumps a woman’s body out the passenger door, and takes off. One nurse finds a pulse on the woman, whose face is severely mangled, and tells the other to get a gurney.

The next morning at Richard Castle's loft, Castle opens his refrigerator to get the Chateau Briand leftover from his recent dinner at Le Cirque to use in an omelet. Finding it missing, he asks his mother, Martha Rodgers, who is applying makeup nearby, where it is and she denies eating it. He notes that food has been disappearing for the last month and tries to get his daughter, Alexis, to admit she is the culprit, but she doesn’t bite. She picks up a bag of laundry and heads to class as Castle suspects their housekeeper only to have Martha remind him that she hasn’t come by in three days. Castle then resolves to get to the bottom of what is going on.

As he and Detective Kate Beckett walk to their latest crime scene, she tells him it’s not a big deal then denies that she took his food since she hasn’t been to his loft in days. Whoever is responsible, Castle says he’s taken steps to catch the thief. Detective Javier Esposito joins them and explains how the body was dumped around 4a.m. by the driver of a blue sedan and that the victim died shortly thereafter. He adds that the nurses got a good look at the car, so he’s requested hospital security camera footage. Beckett tells him to canvas the staff and guesses the killer’s guilty conscience led him to dump the body.

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Beckett and Castle find Medical Examiner Perlmutter who warns them that the sight of the body will be gruesome. He pulls a sheet back to reveal the victim’s torn face and says lots of different tools could have caused the wound, but it looks like claw marks. He can’t determine where she was killed, but estimates that she sustained her injuries 5 to 6 hours before death.

At the precinct, Detective Kevin Ryan has identified the victim as Ann Cardinal, a Native American college student. Beckett tells him to send CSU to her apartment and to ask around if any of her friends drove a blue sedan. Esposito joins them and explains that Ann worked at a sanctuary for primates, like chimpanzees and monkeys. Beckett tells the guys she and Castle will head to the sanctuary while they are to check into the sedan.

At the sanctuary, Ann’s boss and faculty advisor, Dr. Devlin, agrees to let CSU process the facility in case Ann was killed there. While he says that the animals aren’t aggressive, Castle watches one, named Moonshine, which growls at him and aggressively pulls the head off a child’s doll. Dr. Devlin explains that he hired Ann when he heard she was taking a couple months off recently and a colleague, Franco, says Ann left early the day before claiming she had something important to do. Dr. Devlin guesses it had something to do with an argument he saw her having with a man in the nearby parking garage. He agrees to give a description to a sketch artist.

Back at the precinct, Castle is still scared of Moonshine and spins a wild theory that he and his fellow primates killed Ann when she uncovered their plan to take over the city and imprison all the humans. Beckett plays along and asks why they would have dropped Ann at the hospital and Castle answers that they have a complex relationship with man, which caused them to have second thoughts about killing her. Beckett’s phone beeps with a report that CSU found no crime scene at the sanctuary. Esposito arrives and says he identified the driver of the blue sedan as Eddie Maslon, who was recently released from Sing Sing for murder and who owns a pit bull. Beckett tells him to pick him up.

In interrogation, at first Eddie denies that he knows Ann, but when Beckett threatens to send him back to jail, he explains that he found Ann after taking a wrong turn down an alley after leaving a bar and couldn’t leave her there. He dumped the body and took off because he was afraid he would be suspected of hurting her and tells Beckett where he found Ann.

In the alley, Beckett finds a pool of blood and Castle finds a large animal’s footprint, leading him to believe that their killer is Big Foot. As CSU processes the scene later, Beckett insists that Big Foot doesn’t exist, but Castle is enthralled by the possibility. Perlmutter reports that the blood type matches Ann’s meaning they found their crime scene. Castle asks Perlmutter his opinion of the footprints and he merely says that anyone who believes in the elusive creature is a fool. Castle retorts that he is merely ignorant and Perlmutter stalks away. Beckett challenges Castle to explain how Big Foot got around the city without being seen and Castle shows her how the footprints lead to an abandoned subway station. Beckett tells him to focus on another set of fresh footprints that might be the killer’s, but are likely not Eddie Maslon’s because they are too big for his height.

At the precinct, Beckett and Castle continue to debate. Esposito shows them the sketch put together by Dr. Devlin and Beckett tells him to run it by Ann’s friends and any family she has left in case someone recognizes it. Ryan puts in that they shouldn’t write off the Big Foot theory yet since dozens of Big Foot sightings have been reported around the city over the past month, but Esposito refutes the idea by showing them a TV show’s website which offers a reward for the capture of Big foot. Beckett says those making the reports are just interested in money, but Castle refuses to believe it merely a coincidence that Ann worked with primates and large footprints were found at her murder scene. Beckett calls it a hoax but Ryan persists, saying that one of the last people Ann called was Dr. Darrell Meeks, an expert on Big foot. Beckett’s phone beeps and she dispatches Ryan and Esposito to see him while she and Castle talk to Dr. Meeks.

In the morgue, Perlmutter is dismayed to see Ryan and Esposito arrive, having looked forward to Castle’s reaction when he ruins his Big Foot theory. He pronounces cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the head and admits that he still can’t explain the wounds to Ann’s face. He also shows them a shard of glass with an anti-reflective coating like that used on prescription glasses in the wound on Ann’s head, as well as a pendant he found in her stomach. He estimates she swallowed it around the time she died, meaning either she wanted to keep it from the killer or she was trying to send a message.

At Dr. Meeks’ office, he supposes Ann called him the day she died because she had evidence of Big Foot’s being in New York. He explains that, as a Native American, Ann’s tribe believed that Big Foot was a protector and ever since she saw a Big Foot as a child, she devoted her life to studying them. He confirms that a Big Foot can be violent, but Beckett refuses to let him examine Ann’s body. Dr. Meeks’ wife, Garland, joins them and he introduces her as a skeptic, to which Castle says he can relate. Garland says that ever since the TV show Esposito found earlier had begun advertising a reward for Big Foot’s capture, Ann had been under a lot of pressure to lead people to one. They show both Dr. Devlin’s sketch and they recognize the man.

At the precinct, Ryan and Esposito brief Castle and Beckett on the man, an eccentric Australian adventurer named Chase Diggins who is determined to capture Big Foot and who has a prosthetic hook on one hand. Beckett tells them to pick him up and they head to a warehouse where he lives. As they search the warehouse, Ryan becomes increasing wary, but Esposito more serious. After firing two arrows from a crossbow at the detectives, Diggins reveals himself.

In an interrogation room, Diggins claims he was at a target range when Ann was killed, but he changes his story when Beckett says the boot prints they found at the crime scene match those he is wearing. He says the night before Ann died, he followed her to the alley and caught her making Big Foot impressions in the dirt to throw everyone else off the trail to the real thing, so he confronted her at the sanctuary, but Beckett doesn’t buy it.

Outside, Esposito says Diggins’ alibi check out and his arm has no DNA on it, so he didn’t kill Ann. He adds that the lab identified the glass shard found in Ann’s head as being from a camera lens, but Beckett and Castle remember finding no camera at the crime scene. Beckett tells them to re-canvas the alley, but Ryan interrupts, saying the pendant from Ann’s stomach belonged to Justine Bolton, Ann’s roommate, who was killed a year ago.

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That night as Beckett settles into bed with Castle, who is a Big Foot book, she refuses to admit that Big Foot exists. After Castle questions her, she says she believes in everyday magic like that of John Coltrane’s music or when flowers begin peeking through snow in winter. Castle argues that accepting the possible makes life more fascinating and gives people something to reach for. Beckett takes the book away from him, says she also believes in the phenomenon that is them, and kisses Castle. They then hear a pop and Castle announces that it is his refrigerator trap. They sprint to the kitchen and find Alexis, her face covered in blue paint, with her head in the refrigerator. She says nothing as she runs out of the apartment, groaning with embarrassment.

The next day, Castle tells Beckett Alexis still isn’t returning his phone calls and Beckett is sympathetic. While Castle can’t figure out why his daughter lied to him, Beckett reminds him about everyday life’s mysteries. Ryan reports that Justine was found strangled in hers and Ann’s apartment and since the crime looked to be a crime of passion, the prime suspect was her boyfriend at the time, Kurt Wilson. He had a violent history and Justine had told the Dean the day before she died that she wanted to drop out of school despite being at the top of her class, leading everyone to believe she wanted out of the relationship. By the time the police focused on Kurt, he’d disappeared. Ann asked the detective assigned to Justine’s case for the file a few months back, the same time she took a break from school, so it looked like she was looking into the murder. Esposito joins them and says that he found the serial number on the lens which was made for a WIFI enabled camera that synchs to Ann’s cloud account. They pull up the video and see Ann starting the camera then running through woods in the dark from something menacing which eventually kills her.

At the murder board later, Esposito says Tech is trying to get the geodata from the camera to figure out where the footage was shot. Beckett guesses Ann’s body was dumped in the alley to throw the police off the killer’s trail. If Kurt killed Ann too, he wouldn’t want the police near his hideout in the woods. Castle still suspects Big Foot could be the killer, but Beckett and Esposito remain doubtful. Beckett finally tells Ryan and Esposito to circulate Kurt’s photo to Ann’s family and friends while they talk to Tech about the video.

At the sanctuary, Franco says Kurt might have been a homeless guy he saw in the parking garage last week. Ryan asks for security camera footage and Franco agrees. Esposito guesses Kurt was waiting to kill Ann having found out that she was on his trail and Ryan promises to set up a canvas and pull traffic camera footage to see where Kurt went after leaving the parking garage.

In the precinct conference room, Beckett and Castle work with Tech detective Tory Ellis to determine where Ann was killed. Tory uses various factors from the video to narrow down the likely crime scene to being within a two square mile area in a nature preserve. Beckett asks Castle if he’s up for a hike and he agrees.

Later on, Castle, dressed in camouflage gear, taps on a log with stick and makes odd-sounding animal calls he says to try to attract Big Foot. Beckett tells him to stop since it could scare off their killer if he’s hiding there and guesses they are near the crime scene. Castle continues tapping and Beckett threatens to kill him if he doesn’t stop. He answers by listing all the respected people throughout history who believe in Big Foot and suggests she open her mind since life is full of surprises.

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At that moment, they fall into a large, deep trap dug into the ground. After getting a look at their predicament, Castle suspects Big Foot dug the trap, but a frustrated Beckett shoots down the theory, favoring poachers or their killer. Castle boosts her onto his shoulders and she is able to climb out, promising to get a rope from her car and return for him. Nevertheless, he is wary of Big Foot and reluctant to see her go.

At the precinct, Esposito tells Ryan that one of Ann’s neighbors just spotted Kurt entering Ann’s old apartment. They head to the address and catch Kurt on his way out of the building. He tries to run, but Esposito knocks him down. Later on, Ryan calls Beckett to report that Kurt isn’t talking. As she takes the rope out of her car, she tells him to check his clothes for Ann’s blood and says that if she and Castle find the crime scene, they won’t need Kurt to talk.

As Castle tries to dig footholds in the side of the pit with a spork, he hears something approaching. Thinking it is Beckett he calls out, then turns around and sees Big Foot staring down at him. Hearing Castle’s yells for help, Beckett pulls her gun and hurries to the pit to find Big Foot standing at the edge. She tells it to freeze and it does then backs up and accidentally falls into the pit with Castle. Before Beckett can shoot it, it pulls a mask off to reveal Dr. Meeks in a Big Foot costume.

Out of the pit, Dr. Meeks denies hurting Ann and says he followed Ann to the woods on the suspicion that her regular trips there meant she’d found Big Foot. He built the pit and put the costume together to lure it out into the open. He suspects his efforts worked since he’d heard tapping and Big Foot calls earlier. Beckett glares at Castle and he silences her with a hand, but they change their attitude when Dr. Meeks says he found a club with blood on it nearby.

In interrogation, Beckett shows Kurt the bloody club and he denies killing Ann. He admits to hiding in the woods and says Ann was bringing him food and had agreed to help him find Justine’s killer since she believed he didn’t do the crime. He explains that both he and Justine planned to leave the university together and had even toured another college, but he doesn’t know why she wanted to drop out, except that she was afraid of someone. He suspects Ann figured it out since she told him last week that she was close to cracking the case and when she turned up dead, he assumed the same person who killed Justine also murdered Ann. He broke into Ann’s apartment to find any evidence she had come across that would lead him to the killer. He guesses the killer is someone Ann knew, who she would let into her apartment easily and who would know to steal Justine’s pendant. He says when he found Justine, the pendant, which she never took off, was gone, so her killer took it. Beckett shows a photo of the pendant Ann had swallowed and Kurt identifies it as Justine’s, meaning Ann had found Justine’s real killer.

At the animal sanctuary the next day, Beckett and Castle question Dr. Devlin, saying that Justine took a course of his and afterward reported to a counselor that someone on campus was obsessed with her. Dr. Devlin points to Kurt, but Castle says Justine met with the counselor before she met Kurt. Beckett goes on to remind Dr. Devlin that he has bounced around between several colleges in the last six years all amidst allegations of stalking and sexual harassment. Dr. Devlin tells them none of the allegations were proven to be true, but Beckett continues, saying that the day Justine was killed, she had schedule a meeting with the Dean to explain why she was leaving school, so Dr. Devlin killed her to keep her quiet and took her pendant. Then when Ann found the pendant, he followed her into the woods and killed her. When he denies being in the woods, Beckett says his cell phone pinged a tower near the nature preserve where the bloody club was found.

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That night at the precinct, Castle still believes that Big Foot exists. Kurt thanks them for solving Justine’s murder and says he plans on continuing Ann’s work, having had company while out in the woods.

Castle arrives at the loft to find Alexis reading on the couch. He points out a bit of blue paint still in her hair and sheepishly apologizes. Alexis tells him how humiliating the experience was and admits she ran out of money since she’d invested it in an environmental cause founded by a friend of hers form school. She lied to Castle because she was afraid that he’d think she was throwing her money away. While he believes in supernatural creatures, she tells him that she believes in what people can accomplish and feels that her friend can really make a difference in the world. She knows she shouldn’t have given him all of her allowance, but she also realizes she isn’t the first person to do something foolish in support of what they believe in. Castle agrees and says doing so is a family trait. He then invites her to Le Cirque to replace the Chateau Briand she ate and tells her to invite her friend, since he believes in both people and Big Foot.


  • Victim: Anne Cardinal
    • Cause of Death: Blunt force trauma to the head. She was also mauled severely in the face.

  • Victim: Justine Bolton
    • Cause of Death: Beating, resembling a crime of passion

  • Perp: Professor Devlin
    • Motive: Secrecy: He had been stalking Justine and killed her when she planned to go to the Dean of the college where he taught and report him. When Anne, Justine's former roommate, began looking into her murder, he killed her to keep her quiet.

Episode Analysis[edit]

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