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Talk:Easter eggs

I'm pretty sure the guy in the photos of the murder victim (Gordon Burns) in the "Slice of Life" episode is a mystery writer in real life, but I can't remember who it is. Can anyone out there match the name to the face? It's been driving me nuts since I saw it.

It has been suggested that the man in the photo either is or looks like Stephen Cannell. This link goes to a photo of Stephen Cannell. I don't have a still from the episode in question, but I didn't see a resemblance when I watched the show again on Hulu.


I thought the guy in the photo kinda reminded me a little bit of Michael Connelly, but it's definitely not him either.


Maybe the guy is an actor or a model, and I'm just imagining things. It's just that the people who put this show together are so good at sneaking in Easter eggs that I feel like it has to be someone from the realm of mystery writers. I would appreciate it if anyone can confirm the identity of the person in the photos of the victim in this episode.

(note: I posted the same question on IMDb.com, so if you see it there and here, it's not plagiarism. I am the original author of both posts.)

I'm pretty sure the beginning of s01e05, "A Chill Goes Through Her Veins" has a Twilight Zone easter egg. It's around 3:30. It is a spot on impersonation of the narrator in the beginning of Twilight Zone episodes.

112819 S4E17 @7:11 Espinoza says "As you wish". The episode is about fairy tales, and this is a reference to "The Princess Bride", a story about a grandfather (Peter Falk) reading his grandson (Fred Savage) a fairy tale, The Princess Bride.