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Storm Watch

Storm Watch is one of Richard Castle's very successful Derrick Storm novels, written by Castle in the years before he met Beckett. Although referenced in the show, unlike some other Storm books, it has never been made available in the real world.


Storm Watch is the only Storm novel mentioned in the show not to have a corresponding entry on the richardcastle.net bibliography. However, there is an entry in the bibliography for Driving Storm, which is the only Storm novel that is neither mentioned in the show or published in the real world. It is possible that either there has been confusion over the title of what is meant to be the same book, or that they are intended to be two separate titles.

References in Episodes[edit]

Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind (episode 3.9) In the precinct Castle mentions how a Jefferson Starship CD got him through two weeks of writer's block when writing this book.