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Storm Season (Novel)

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Storm Season is the second graphic novel "adaptation" of Richard Castle's second Derrick Storm novel. It was released on October 15, 2012.

Like the first Derrick Storm graphic novel, it was written by Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue Deconnick, but drawn this time by Emanuela Lupacchino.

It is shown in The Final Frontier when Castle is signing copies of it at a science fiction fan convention.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

From Amazon.com: The sequel to the critically acclaimed, best-selling graphic novel Richard Castle's Deadly Storm! In this "adaptation" of Derrick Storm's second novel, the private investigator is hired to bug the hotel suite of an African head of state - but what should have been a routine mission quickly spirals out of control when Storm overhears a woman's terrifying scream on the wire. Plagued by the victim's helpless cry, Storm - despite an ominous warning - investigates. Soon, he'll discover an international conspiracy reaching further than he ever imagined - and perhaps the truth about Clara Strike, a CIA agent the world thinks is dead! Richard Castle's Storm Season reunites the lauded writing duo of Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick (Richard Castle's Deadly Storm) for their second Castle story, and the dynamic artwork of rising star Emanuela Lupacchino (X-Factor) brings the world of Derrick Storm to life like never before.

Product Details[edit]

  • Pages: 112
  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Marvel
  • ISBN-10: 0785164820
  • ISBN-13: 978-0785164821
  • Extras:
    • Introduction by Castle
    • Three breakdowns showing how a page is developed from script to final art
    • Author's biography (from richardcastle.net)
    • Illustrated, combined real/fictional bibliography (from richardcastle.net)

Major characters[edit]

  • Derrick Storm - Successful private investigator who takes secret assignments from the CIA
  • Clara Strike - Charismatic, mysterious CIA agent, back from the dead
  • Carl Storm - Derrick's father, retired from the FBI
  • Sassy Monroe - Former stripper whom Storm met in Deadly Storm, now working for him at the PI firm
  • Rebecca Ortiz - Former super of Storm's apartment building, now working for him at the PI firm

Minor characters[edit]

  • Mrs Polly Matthews - Storm's latest client, a CIA widow who has been defrauded
  • David Kayembe - Conman captured by Storm who says he has fled Congo to escape a powerful politician and fears for his sister's life
  • Helen Pierce - Storm's CIA handler, succeeding Clara Strike
  • Mawatu - Feared Congolese warlord, of interest to the CIA
  • Charles Styles - executive at International Domestics Agency, where Kayembe's sister was last expected
  • Borya Baburin - Russian mobster that Clara is working with while undercover
  • Sarah Kayembe - abducted sister of David Kayembe

References in episodes[edit]

  • In The Final Frontier, Castle is promoting the book at SupernovaCon and signs a copy for a fan (played by Jonathan Frakes, the episode's director) before Beckett finds him to tell him there has been a murder at the convention.

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