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==Online Chapters==
==Online Chapters==
*[http://a.abc.com/m/pdf/shows/castle/storm-front/chapter-1.pdf|Chapter 1]
*[http://a.abc.com/m/pdf/shows/castle/storm-front/chapter-1.pdf | Chapter 1]
*[http://a.abc.com/m/pdf/shows/castle/storm-front/chapter-2.pdf|Chapter 2]
*[http://a.abc.com/m/pdf/shows/castle/storm-front/chapter-2.pdf | Chapter 2]
*[http://a.abc.com/m/pdf/shows/castle/storm-front/chapter-3.pdf|Chapter 3]
*[http://a.abc.com/m/pdf/shows/castle/storm-front/chapter-3.pdf | Chapter 3]
*[http://a.abc.com/m/pdf/shows/castle/storm-front/chapter-4.pdf|Chapter 4]
*[http://a.abc.com/m/pdf/shows/castle/storm-front/chapter-4.pdf | Chapter 4]
*[http://a.abc.com/m/pdf/shows/castle/storm-front/chapter-5.pdf|Chapter 5]
*[http://a.abc.com/m/pdf/shows/castle/storm-front/chapter-5.pdf | Chapter 5]

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Storm Front is the first full-length Derrick Storm book written by Richard Castle and released since 2009 when Castle supposedly killed off Storm in Storm Fall, starting the chain of events that leads Castle to shadow Detective Kate Beckett.


Prominent bankers around the world are being found dead, tortured and killed by the vicious psychopath Gregor Volkov. Derrick Storm is brought in to investigate why and to attempt what he has failed at repeatedly in the past: bringing Volkov to justice. Joining Storm in his mission is the beautiful Chinese agent Li Xi-bang and his old CIA handler, Clara Strike. Together they uncover a plot that if put into action, would unleash a chain of events that could ruin not only the United States' economy, but that of the world.

Basic Details

  • Author: Richard Castle
  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Hyperion (May 21, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9781401324902
  • ISBN-13: 978-1401324902


  • For my father

Major Characters

  • Derrick Storm – Rugged ex-Marine and private detective, recruited to intelligence work by former lover Clara Strike and now the top agent for a secret CIA unit
  • Jedediah Jones – Veteran, secretive CIA insider, head of the unnamed special unit for which Storm works
  • Carl Storm – Derrick's widowed father, an equally rugged retired FBI agent living in Virginia
  • Gregor Volkov – Vicious former KGB agent with a scarred face and an eyepatch, now in business as a freelance criminal

Secondary Characters

  • Agent Javier Rodriguez – one of Jones's two key lieutenants, who bears a close resemblance to Javier Esposito
  • Agent Kevin Bryan – the other of Jones's key lieutenants, who bears a close relationship to Kevin Ryan
  • G Whitely Cracker V - Hugely wealthy Wall Street financier who comes from old money
  • Senator Donald Whitmer – Alabama politician facing an electoral crisis in his home state
  • Ling Xi-bang – Attractive, mysterious Chinese agent who appears to have been assigned the same mission as Storm
  • Sister Rose McAvoy – Elderly Irish nun in charge of a Romanian orphanage and a friend of Storm's. He covertly provides money to keep the orphanage going
  • Dr Rodney Click - Heavily bearded economics professor at Iowa State University who is an expert on foreign exchange market theory
  • Clara Strike - Enigmatic and elusive CIA agent, mentor and former lover of Rook's.

References to Castle Episodes, Cast, Crew

  • The book is dedicated to Castle's father, and was published only three months after he finally met his father, Anderson Cross, for the first time in Hunt
  • The opening passages of the book describe Derrick Storm as "ruggedly handsome", as Castle is often described in the series
  • The building in Manhattan where one of the banker victims is killed is called the Marlowe Tower, after Castle creator Andrew W. Marlowe
  • When Li Xi-bang has a drink with Senator Whitmer, she claims to be an intern for "Senator Jordan Shaw". Jordan Shaw is the federal agent assigned to take over the serial killer case in Tick, Tick, Tick and Boom.
  • The sixth banker victim, found tortured and murdered in his apartment, is called Timothy Demming. Tom Demming is the detective who dated Beckett towards the end of season two.
  • After being found at the sixth murder scene, Storm is briefly arrested and taken to the NYPD 20th Precinct, where, for the first time, he meets Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook.

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