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Storm's Last Stand


Storm's Last Stand is one of the series of successful novels featuring Derrick Storm written by Richard Castle in the years before he met Beckett at the start of the series. Although referenced in the show, unlike some other Storm books, it has never been made available in the real world.


(From richardcastle.net) An ex-con out for vengeance, an old lover looking for closure, and a hardened cop hoping to find peace of mind all come crashing into Storm’s life when a man they all know jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge. Or was he pushed? Now these former foes must work together to solve a crime that brings up their complicated past history and some memories better left forgotten. Storm must protect his reputation, heart, and possibly his life while unlocking the mystery behind his friend’s death. In the midst of this, CIA Agent Clara Strike calls on Storm to help with what she deems, an “easy” task. But when this mission leads to Clara’s abduction by MI5 agents, Storm must balance his two identities and cases while trying to save Clara’s life.

References in Episodes[edit]

Flowers For Your Grave (episode 1x01): In Kyle's apartment