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Basic Details[edit]

Season 5, Episode 22 (103) (as aired: on DVD as episode 21 (102))

Original Air Date - April 29, 2013


When Beckett accidentally steps on a pressure-sensitive bomb, requiring her to stay completely still, her team must work against the clock to defuse it before it detonates. While Ryan and Esposito try to solve a related murder in hopes that it will provide a clue to saving Beckett, Castle distracts his partner by beginning a debate over who fell for who first.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Allan Louis - Capt. Frank Mahoney, NYPD Bomb Disposal Unit
  • Adam Rose - Mike Boyer, Fosse's attorney
  • Stefan Marks - Archibald Fosse
  • Andy Goldenberg - Diego Jimenez
  • Jerry Ying - Bomb Disposal Unit Tech




Beckett: Castle, you said you had a chapter due.
Castle: Yes, which is writer-speak for ‘All procrastination is welcome.’

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Castle: I feel like I haven’t seen you in days.
Beckett: You know, I really do have to get going, but-
Castle: But, you’re powerless to resist me. You always have been.
Beckett: Really?
Castle: Mm-hmm.
Beckett: Do you remember when we first met? I kinda thought you were an ass.
Castle: Oh, I know you pretended you thought that, but c’mon. We’re together. You can admit it. You fell for me the first moment you saw me.
Beckett: No, I didn’t.
Castle: Please. You did.
Beckett: You believe that, don’t you?

Castle: A goat cheese omelet to die for…which would be a poor choice of words if you’re standing on a bomb, but guess what? You’re not.
Beckett: You know, if I have to be, uh, stuck not standing on a bomb, then I’m glad I’m stuck with you.
Castle: I know.

Castle: What if we replaced Beckett with something of equal weight? You know? Just, the old Indiana Jones bag of sand golden idol trick?
Beckett: Remember how that turned out?

Capt. Mahoney: All non-essential personnel must evacuate.
Castle: Uh, no. I am essential personnel.

Beckett: There’s nothing that you can do here.
Castle: Nothing? Excuse me, who’s gonna be your bomb buddy?
Beckett: My bomb buddy?

Castle: I’ll leave, if you admit to me you had feelings for me when we first met.
Beckett: Fine. I did have feelings for you when we first met. I couldn’t stand you! Do you even remember what you were like in the beginning?
Castle: Apparently, I was irresistible.
Beckett: Irresistible? Are you joking?

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Beckett: We were just huddling for warmth.
Castle: Cuddling?
Beckett: Huddling.
Castle: Or one could see it as a small part of a larger pattern: unwanted touching in the workplace.
Beckett: Oh, so you’re being harassed? Is that it?
Castle: You’re very lucky. A less understanding man would have pressed charges with all the inappropriate things you’ve said to me.

Beckett: That’s it? That’s all ya got?
Castle: There’s more, but I’m thinking back. I was momentarily distracted by your dizzying array of hairstyles over the years.

Beckett: I can’t help it if you get off by putting things in my mouth.
Castle: See, like that. I can’t even…it’s uncanny.

Capt. Gates: Turning this madman loose on society to save a single life, even hers is against everything we stand for. Beckett, she’d be the first to agree with that.

Beckett: Castle, listen to me-
Castle: I’m not leaving.
Beckett: Look, I know, but depending on what happens there’s something that I need you to do, something that I can’t do myself.
Castle: You need me to hide your porn stash so your Dad doesn’t find it?

Castle: You can convince yourself of almost anything, much like you’ve convinced yourself you weren’t crazy about me.

Castle: I admit I found you not unattractive and occasionally fun to be around, but into you? No, definitely not.
Beckett: Ok, fine. Then why were you following me around? And don’t say that it was research because no one believed that for a second.

Esposito: Seriously? Who liked who first?
Beckett: That’s right. Who was into whom first, me or Castle?
Esposito: You do realize that I’m busy trying to save your life?

Castle: Good news. They’ve isolated the bomb and they’re deploying their bomb disposal robot. It’s a new prototype model with advanced AI. They’ve had a lot of success in field simulations. It’s…what?
Beckett: A prototype robot? I can tell when you’re lying, Castle. You know that. Like when you said you were following me just to play cop.

Castle: The story always matters. That’s actually why we make such a great team: you find the evidence, evidence helps me build the story, the story points us to the solution.

Beckett: It’s time to say goodbye.
Castle: I’m not leaving.
Beckett: Castle you promised that you would help me with something when the time came. This is it.
Castle: Beckett, no.
Beckett: Please, Castle. Please don’t make this any harder than it needs to be.
Castle: I wish I could kiss you, I wish…so many things.
Beckett: No. There’s no regrets. All in all I think we’ve had a great run. You should go. Rick? I love you.
Castle: I love you too.

Beckett: Thank you for staying with me.
Castle: Always.

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Capt. Gates: Glad to see you, Detective. Even you, Mr. Castle. I have to say, I don’t know too many men who would’ve done what you did.
Beckett: Neither do I.
Capt. Gates: Oh, for heaven’s sake, Detective, just kiss the man.
Beckett: Sir, you know?
Capt. Gates: What? Do you think I’m an idiot? I needed to maintain plausible deniability, which I can continue as long as you both act professionally at the precinct.
Castle: I know I can, but, Captain, she has a long history of coming onto me at work-
Beckett: I don’t think it’ll be a problem, Sir.
Capt. Gates: Good. Meanwhile, as long as we’re on neutral ground here, I’d say, uh, he deserves it. Wouldn’t you?
Beckett: Yes, Sir. I would. (Capt. Gates, Ryan, and Esposito walk away) You know, Castle, when I was standing up there, I kept thinking about all the times we’ve kissed and I was trying to decide on the best one.
Castle: And what do you think?
Beckett: I think we’re just getting started.


  • This episode was originally scheduled to air after episode 5.20 (The Fast and the Furriest), but after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, ABC switched it with The Squab and the Quail. And according to tweets by Terri Miller on March 18, 2013, it's the extra episode ABC ordered late in the season.[1]
  • This is the only clip-show of the series.
  • Regarding Beckett and Castle's argument: who was into whom first, the answer is Castle.
  • 47 is a reoccurring number on this show. In this episode, the Bomb Disposal Unit found that there were 10 minutes and 47 seconds left on the bomb's timer. Examples are:

Full Episode Recap[edit]

It’s morning and Richard Castle makes two cups of coffee, one for himself, and the other for his sleeping girlfriend, Detective Kate Beckett. He brings both cups and the morning paper to his bedroom and watches Beckett for a moment until she awakens. She sits up and explains that she caught a case late last night where someone blew up a building downtown. Castle protests that she didn’t call him, but she reminds him that he’d said he wanted to write. He tells her he was really just procrastinating and Beckett fills him in that the canvas revealed a man leaving the scene in a silver hatchback. She gets up to shower to get to work, but Castle pulls her back to bed, saying she is powerless to resist his charms. She tells him she thought he was an ass when they first met, but he insists she fell for him immediately. Her protest is interrupted by her ringing cell phone, where the caller tells her that traffic camera footage caught the hatchback’s license plate. She pecks Castle on the lips, runs to the bathroom to shower, but comes back for another kiss.

Later on outside the suspect's apartment, Detective Kevin Ryan reports that the hatchback is registered to Archibald Fosse, who was recently released from jail after his conviction for killing his bookee six years ago was overturned. Detective Javier Esposito brings over Diego Jimenez, who was headed for Fosse’s apartment for an appointment to look at some 1930s business cards Fosse had advertised online. Suspecting Fosse is home since Jimenez was heading for his apartment, everyone storms into his apartment, guns drawn. A brief search turns up nothing, but when Beckett peers out a window, she sees a man matching Fosse’s description fleeing into an alley. She radios to Ryan and Esposito that he is headed their way and they catch him, but not before he activates some kind of remote trigger. Esposito advises Beckett to leave and she agrees, ordering her colleagues to get out. In heading for the apartment’s front door, she steps on a straw mat and hears a clicking. She immediately suspects she is standing on a bomb.

Frozen in his spot, Castle asks how long both will have to stay still. Beckett explains that the bomb squad will have to finish its sweep before they’ll know if there are any other bombs. Castle optimistically doubts she is standing on a bomb, but Beckett says something she suspects is a trigger plate gave way under her feet. Castle remains unmoved, saying it makes no sense for anyone to put a bomb in their own apartment and Beckett says she is glad is stuck with him. Captain Mahoney from the bomb squad joins them and explains that there are no other bombs, but Beckett is standing on a sensor plate which is wired to a detonator and if she takes her weight off the plate, the bomb will go off, so she must stay still.

At the precinct, Captain Victoria Gates confirms that Beckett is standing on a bomb to Ryan and Esposito. Ryan explains that last night’s victim testified against Fosse at his trial six years ago, so they suspect his motive is revenge and that he has a vendetta against cops since Fosse’s defense centered around evidence tampering by the police. Gates tells them to put Fosse in interrogation and find out how to deactivate the device.

In interrogation, Fosse refuses to say how to diffuse the bomb, even acting like it can’t be diffused. He then demands a lawyer.

At the apartment, Captain Mahoney sprays a red circle around what he believes is the sensor plate’s perimeter and says nobody can cross the line. Castle asks if they could just replace Beckett with something of equal weight, but Beckett reminds him how doing so didn’t work for Indiana Jones. Captain Mahoney agrees, explaining that the plate will detect even minor fluctuations in pressure. He tells Castle he has to leave, but he refuses. Captain Mahoney promises that his team is working hard on a solution and leaves.

Beckett encourages Castle to go, but he insists she needs someone to keep her company. She claims to feel fine, but Castle disputes this, figuring that since she still can’t accept that she fell for him first, she cannot judge if she is OK or not. Beckett refuses to even discuss the subject and Castle agrees to leave if she’ll admit she had feelings for him when they first met. She says she did, but they were feelings of annoyance, not irresistibility. She then describes all the instances where he drove her crazy during their first year working together. Castle counters by talking about all the times she couldn’t keep her hands off him, ending with when they huddled together for warmth while locked in a freezer. Castle believes they were cuddling, but Beckett disagrees. Castle goes on to say he was borderline harassed and remembers all the inappropriate comments she made to him while working together. He pauses after a short time and then pokes fun at the variety of hairstyles Beckett has had during their time together. He continues remembering her flirting and when done, Beckett points the finger back at him and recalls all of his flirtatious moments and touching. During a lull in their debate, Beckett asks if everything will work out and Castle promises it will since the bomb squad has diffused hundreds of bombs.

One floor below Beckett, an officer on the squad tells Captain Mahoney that the only way to deactivate the remote for the trigger is to enter the correct 5 digit code and if you guess wrong, the bomb will go off.

At the precinct, Fosse’s public defender says he is willing to give up the code in exchange for complete amnesty. Ryan tells the lawyer to keep working on Fosse to change his mind and promises to take his demands to the District Attorney, but he doubts they’ll be interested in a deal.

Later on, Captain Gates reports that the D.A. refused Fosse’s demands, as she thought they would and guesses even Beckett wouldn’t have thought it right to release him. Ryan says he’ll continue to work with the public defender. Back at his desk, the attorney says Fosse remains adamant that he walk. Fed up, Esposito asks Ryan to keep the lawyer busy while he visits Fosse in his holding cell. He finds Fosse on the floor of his cell, having stabbed himself in the neck.

Later as medics take away Fosse’s dead body, Ryan tells Esposito and Captain Gates that Fosse was dying of brain cancer. He also says that Fosse set a bomb a week ago in Connecticut that killed the Assistant District Attorney who put him away. Captain Gates tells them to compile a list of everyone involved with Fosse’s prosecution and warn them, then to see if the bombs had any common components that might reveal how they could be disarmed.

At the apartment, Captain Mahoney has filled Castle and Beckett in on Fosse’s death and explains that their only way to disarm the bomb is to use a fiber-optic scope to go between the floors and get eyes on the device. He promises to be as careful as possible then leaves.

Beckett tries to get Castle to leave, but he refuses, so she makes him promise to do her a favor at the right time. He agrees, but doesn’t tell him what the favor is and adds that she is feeling fatigue set in. Castle tells her that you can trick your mind into believing anything, much like she tricked herself into believing she didn’t have feelings for him. Beckett sees his comment as a simple distraction, but he interrupts her, reminding her that while she may have convinced herself, she didn’t convince anyone else. She then remembers everyone who pointed it out to her, but believes they misread the situation. As evidence to the contrary, Castle lists all the times Beckett dressed up in revealing outfits to get his attention and Beckett insists many of those times she was just undercover. Castle asks if it was just a coincidence that he was present at the time and Beckett says no, but agrees that he was always around. She says he was into her first, which he denies, so she demands to know why he was around so much. He answers simply that he was having lots of fun and thinks back to those moments. Realizing they won’t agree on who is right, they seek out a third opinion.

At the precinct, Esposito cannot believe they are bothering him with something so trivial while he is in the midst of trying to save Beckett, but they insist on finding out from him who fell for who first. Ryan asks what is going on and Esposito puts them on speaker phone to prove that Beckett and Castle have officially gone crazy. The guys ignore the argument so Ryan can report that the components from Fosse’s previous bombs have nothing in common with each other, so it’s up to the bomb squad.

Meanwhile, the squad has fed its fiber optic cable, including a pinhole camera, through the floor and has found the bomb. To their horror, they see a timer attached to the device which reads 35 minutes until detonation.

In apartment, away from Beckett’s ears, Captain Mahoney explains the situation to Castle, who starts his own timer on his cell phone. He pleads with Captain Mahoney for a solution, but he says everything they’d typically use to diffuse the device is shielded and that if it does go off, it will take the building down. Beckett yells for an update and Captain Mahoney promises to keep doing all he can, but says they have to be realistic. He leaves and Castle heads back to Beckett.

He fibs that they will deploy a bomb disposal robot, but Beckett doesn’t buy it. He tells her about the timer and how it’s down to thirty minutes. She doubts they can save her, but he reminds her of all the tight spots they’ve gotten out of in the past. Beckett observes that the scariest was getting away from his mother the morning after their first night together and Castle agrees, pointing out that they even found a way out of that. Castle guesses the solution to her predicament must lay in Fosse’s story, just as it has with all their previous cases. Beckett then points out how the problem comes when his stories are too fantastic. Castle wonders why Fosse would be so worried about selling his baseball cards when he is going to die anyway and Beckett guesses he was trying to lure someone to his apartment. Castle then sees a receipt showing Fosse bought the baseball cards a few weeks ago, so Beckett could be right.

At the precinct, Ryan and Esposito question Diego Jimenez again, but he swears he’d never met Fosse previously, nor had a connection to his trial or to anyone involved with it.

Back at the apartment, Castle ends his call with Esposito and Captain Mahoney arrives to tell Castle he needs to leave since only ten minutes is left until the bomb goes off. Beckett reassures Captain Mahoney that he did everything he could, and he responds that his team will continue to work until the last possible moment. Beckett asks for a minute alone with Castle and Captain Mahoney agrees and leaves. Castle still refuses to go, but Beckett reminds him of his earlier promise to do her a favor and says this is it. He wishes he could kiss her or do or say so many things, but she tells him not to regret anything since they’ve had a great run. He turns to leave, but she calls him back and tearfully tells him she loves him. He returns the sentiment and leaves. Beckett calls her dad on his cell phone, but gets his voicemail, so she tearfully tells him she loves him too then hangs up. As she awaits her fate, she thinks back on all the significant moments, good and bad, since she and Castle partnered up.

Castle surprises Beckett by joining her, despite his promise, and says while there is still a chance he won’t give up. He then realizes that if Fosse intended to kill a cop, he would have placed the bomb near the door instead of n the kitchen, unless his target was Diego Jimenez. Seeing a laptop near to Beckett, Castle opens its search history and notes that Fosse had been searching for someone and looking up private investigators.

Ryan reports to them via cell phone that the prosecution’s main witness in Fosse’s trial, his girlfriend Dorothy Novak, was put in witness protection when Fosse was release out of fear that he’d come after her. Once the team puts together that last night’s victim was Dorothy’s cousin and that the Connecticut victim worked for the D.A., they figure that Fosse was not out for revenge, but to find Dorothy. Realizing that Diego worked for the New York State Education department, they guess Dorothy had a son who is Fosse’s. Ryan and Esposito confirm this and Castle and Beckett suppose that Fosse found out when he was released and wanted to meet the boy before he died. Castle thinks the 5-digit code is Fosse’s son’s name so he asks Ryan to search. Beckett tells him to leave since only a minute is left on her timer, but he insists Ryan will come through. Finally, Ryan reveals that the boy’s name is Billy and Castle enters it into the remote. It works and the plate under Beckett’s feet releases. She steps forward cautiously and then falls into Castle’s arms as he relays the news to the precinct.

Outside the building, Beckett thanks Castle for staying with her and he responds with their special word “Always.” She leans in to kiss him, but sirens from an approaching squad car interrupt them. Beckett sees Captain Gates exiting Ryan and Esposito’s car and they try to act normal. Ryan hugs Castle and Esposito hugs Beckett, promising that Gates saw nothing. The Captain greets both of them then expresses her admiration for what Castle did. Seeing the love in both Beckett’s and Castle’s eyes, Gates cuts to the chase and tells her to kiss him. Everyone is surprised that Gates knows about their relationship and she merely says she isn’t an idiot, but had to maintain plausible deniability from her superiors. She approves their relationship as long as they can keep things professional at work, giving Castle the opportunity to tease Beckett about her flirting. Beckett promises it won’t be an issue and Gates suggests Beckett reward Castle. Gates, Ryan, and Esposito step away and Beckett tells Castle that as she waited to die, she was trying to decide which of all their kisses is the best. He asks what she decided and she answers that they’re just getting started.


  • Victim: Jeffery Sklar
    • Cause of Death: Bomb explosion

  • Victim: Kelly Runther
    • Cause of Death: Bomb explosion

  • Perp: Archibald Fosse
    • Motive: He killed anyone who wouldn't help him find his son or her mother


  1. Castle season finale air date revealed, and episode numbering clarified, by Kate Jennings, examiner.com, posted March 20, 2013

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