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Stana Katic

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Actress Stana Katic was born in April 26, 1978[1] in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the eldest of six children (four brothers and one sister) of Croatian immigrants. Raised in Illinois, her family still owns a furniture store outside of Chicago.[2]. She frequently recalls how she and her siblings would play in the store as children, letting their imaginations run wild and putting on amateur theatricals. As a child, she had such spiky and unruly hair that her grandfather called her "porcupine."[3] She attended the Goodman School of Acting in Chicago prior to getting her first break and sold furniture to make money, once even selling a mattress to Jack Black's sister.[4]

She beat out over 100 other actresses for the part of Kate Beckett on Castle, refusing to be rattled by whatever Nathan Fillion threw at her in her audition and displaying a "moxie" that got the show's creators' attention. It wasn't until the scene in the show's pilot where Richard Castle cold reads Beckett and Stana's eyes filled with tears, that the show's creators were convinced they had made the right choice in casting her and realized that she was even more talented than they originally thought.[5]

Along with her Castle co-star Seamus Dever, started an initiative called The Alternative Travel Project that encourages people to use more environmentally-friendly modes of transportation besides cars. As part of the project, in the fall of 2010, she and Seamus did not drive to work for 7 days.

When asked about taking time off in [between shooting seasons of Castle, she said "This is rest for me. When I get to do creative story-telling, that's rest for me. That's my passion, I'm energized from it. It's better to me than going on some beach in the Caribbean and doing nothing. That, to me, is terrorizing. But when I go to Paris or when I go to Istanbul or Morocco or wherever on the planet, even if it's just Baton Rouge in Louisiana and I'm telling an incredible story and I'm working opposite amazing actors, that can feed me for a year. That's life, energy for me."[6]

When asked about his co-stars, Jon Huertas said the following about Stana: "She’s an interesting character. She likes to soak in as much as she can. She’s very genuine, and everything is heartfelt. There’s never any meanness from Stana. I can tell you that, there’s never any meanness. She’s amazing. She’s great."[7]

She is represented by Thirdhill Entertainment, located in Beverly Hills, CA.


  • (2011) A feisty Russian prostitute in The Double
  • (2010) Sophia in For Lovers Only (available only on iTunes)
  • Emma in The Truth About Kerry (not yet released)
  • (2008) Morgenstern in The Spirit
  • (2008) Simone Renoir in The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice, in which she sings the film's love theme 'Simone's Song'[1]
  • (2008) Corrine in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace
  • (2008) Raina Mavias in Stiletto
  • (2007) Jenny in Feast of Love
  • (2005) Marianne in Pit Fighter
  • (2003) Angela in Shut-Eye
  • (1999) Annie in Acid Freaks


  • (2009) Detective Kate Beckett in Castle (all episodes)
  • (2008) Julianna Martinelli in Would Be Kings (TV mini-series)
  • (2007) Special Agent Deborah Lane in episode 3.9 (Binary Explosion) of The Unit
© 2010-2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
  • (2007) Rita Sullivan in episode 6.5 (Deep Freeze) of CSI: Miami
  • (2007) Hana Gitelman in episodes 1.16 (Chapter Sixteen 'Unexpected' ) and 1.20 (Chapter Twenty 'Five Years Gone' )of Heroes
  • (2006) Karen Wells in episode 1.1 (Patriarchy) of Brothers and Sisters
  • (2006) Collette Stenger in episodes 5.13 (Day 5: 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.), 5.14 (Day 5: 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.), and 5.15 (Day 5: 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.) of 24
  • (2005) Blaire Collins in episodes 12.4 (Blame it on the Rain) and 12.5 (Wake Up) of ER
  • (2005) Nadia in episode 1.3 (The Big Picture) of The Closer
  • (2004) Lucienne Charmoli in episode 10.5 (This Just in from Bagdad) of JAG
  • (2004) Ayla in episodes 3.14 (All In) and 3.15 (On Tilt) of The Shield
  • (2004) Miriam Nelson in episode 2.8 (Retribution) of Dragnet
  • (2004) Flight Attendant in episode 3.15 (Facade) of Alias
  • (2004) Mariella in episode 1.12 (Bleak House) of The Handler

Stana Katic Singing[edit]

  • 'Simone's Song' [2] Love theme from The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice.
  • 'Hey Blue Eyes' [3]

Other Projects[edit]

She provided the voice for the character of Talia al Ghul in the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham Asylum: II.

In early 2010, she appeared in a "Meeting of the Minds" one act play with Bill Smitrovich in California. She portrayed the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Stana owns a production company called Sine Timore Productions. The company is located in Los Angeles (CA). Sine Timore means 'No Fear' in Latin.


  • In 2012, Stana won a PRISM Award for her portrayal of Beckett's post-traumatic stress disorder in Killshot. Her co-star, Jon Huertas also won an award for his performance. The episode also won an award in the Drama Series - Mental Health category. The PRISM Awards are annual awards organized by the Entertainment Industries Council to recognize the accurate depiction of substance abuse disorders, addiction, and mental health issues in various entertainment formats.


  • She is 5' 9" (175 cm) tall [8]
  • She is fluent in several languages including Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Slovenian, French, and Italian [8].
  • Her hobbies include archeology, archery, astrophysics, flamenco dancing, and designing clothes [8]. She also enjoys soccer, yoga, karate, baseball, softball, basketball, horseback riding, swimming [8].
  • Is good friends with actor Alex O'Loughlin, who stars on the TV show remake of Hawaii Five-0, which airs in the same time slot as Castle but on a different network. She frequently texts him about this fact, engendering some friendly competition.[9]
  • In the fall of 2010, was voted the hottest cop on TV by TV Guide in an informal online poll.
  • Is a fan of Harry Potter[10] and the movie The Princess Bride[11] Also, she is a fan of the classic Hepburn & Tracy movies and The Thin Man series.[3]
  • Lists The Master and Margarita and Zorba the Greek as her favorite books[4]
  • In a tweet on her Twitter page posted February 26, 2011, Stana corrects misinformation that her middle name is not Jacqueline.
  • Would "die" to play Cleopatra, Antigone, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Kate from The Taming of the Shrew and a female pirate named Anne Bonny[3]
  • Her "dream" guest stars on Castle are Tom Hardy, Russell Crowe, Daniel Day Lewis, Vanessa Redgrave, Charlotte Rampling, and Kate Winslet.[11]
  • Studied international relations, law, and economics at the University of Toronto[12]
  • She married her boyfriend, Kris Brkljac, in April 2015.[13]



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