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Smells Like Teen Spirit

Basic Details

Season 6, Episode 15 (120)

Original Air Date - February 17, 2013


The murder of a high school mean girl draws Castle back to one of his many alma maters, where he is giddy to learn that the evidence points to a surprising perpetrator – a teenage telekinetic, throwing he and Beckett into a real-life “Carrie”.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Maya Stojan - Tory Ellis, NYPD Tech
  • Sam Anderson - Principal Dunnan
  • Hannah Marks - Jordan Gibbs
  • Malese Jow - Hillary Cooper
  • Victory Van Tuyl - Kris Howard
  • Leigh Parker - Lucas Troy
  • Lori Alan - Ms. Papen, Jordan's Aunt
  • Cas Anvar - Dr. Rampinel
  • Jackie Debatin - Realtor
  • John Mese - Charles Beaumont, Madison's father
  • Natasha Hall - Jordan Beaumont
  • Julie Pinson - Mrs. Beaumont
  • Sam Towers - Riley Mitchum
  • Arianna Ortiz - Librarian
  • Liz Benoit - Principal's assistant
  • Will Deutsch - Nerdy Guy





  • The song that Castle and Beckett make their own is the same song that played in Always as Alexis gave her valedictorian speech, Esposito left to go on suspension, and Beckett cleaned out her desk, having quit the NYPD, and eventually found her way to the swing set where she and Castle shared numerous special moments.

Featured Music

  • In My Veins performed by Andrew Belle - Castle and Beckett dance at the school's prom and make the song their wedding song.

Full Episode Recap


  • Victim: Madison Beaumont
    • Cause of Death: Blunt force trauma to the head from being thrown against a ceiling joist
  • Perp: Kris Howard
    • Motive: Fear: Kris wanted out of a theft ring started by Madison where she, Kris, and Hillary Cooper stole jewels and other valuable property from the families of students at their school, but Madison wouldn't let out of the ring.