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(Guest Cast)
(Guest Cast)
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===Guest Cast===
===Guest Cast===
*Maya Stojan - Tory Ellis, NYPD Tech
*Maya Stojan - Tory Ellis, NYPD Tech
*Sam Anderson
*Sam Anderson - Principal Dunnan
*Hannah Marks
*Hannah Marks - Jordan Gibbs
*Malese Jow
*Malese Jow - Hillary Cooper
*Leigh Parker
*Victory Van Tuyl - Kris Howard
*Victory Van Tuyl
*Leigh Parker - Lucas Troy
*Lori Alan
*Lori Alan
*Cas Anvar
*Cas Anvar

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Basic Details

Season 6, Episode 15 (120)

Original Air Date - February 17, 2013


The murder of a high school mean girl draws Castle back to one of his many alma maters, where he is giddy to learn that the evidence points to a surprising perpetrator – a teenage telekinetic, throwing he and Beckett into a real-life “Carrie”.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Maya Stojan - Tory Ellis, NYPD Tech
  • Sam Anderson - Principal Dunnan
  • Hannah Marks - Jordan Gibbs
  • Malese Jow - Hillary Cooper
  • Victory Van Tuyl - Kris Howard
  • Leigh Parker - Lucas Troy
  • Lori Alan
  • Cas Anvar
  • Jackie Debatin
  • John Mese
  • Julie Penson





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