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Significant Others

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 5, Episode 10 (91)

Original Air Date - January 7, 2013


While investigating the death of a divorce attorney, Castle must deal with the uncomfortable presence of his ex-wife Meredith at his loft at the same time Beckett is staying with him while her apartment is being fumigated.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Darby Stanchfield - Meredith
  • Mark Deklin - Corey Francis / Noah Kesswood
  • Jack Wagner - Billy Piper
  • Nancy Lee Grahn - Samantha Voss
  • Victoria Pratt - Jane Garrison / Leann Piper
  • Allan Wasserman - Samuel Schuster
  • Deji LaRay - Herman Poquille
  • Adrian LaTourelle - Robert Garrison
  • Stephanie Drapeau - Michelle Twohey
  • Brendan Ford - Walter Voss




Alexis: Why’d I have to get mono?
Castle: Well, it’s called the kissing disease for a reason. I assume you and Max were…and I’m going to stop right there.
Alexis: I think that’s best.

Beckett: Besides, I gave you the look.
Castle: What look?
Beckett: The look look. My look. Please don’t tell me that after four years you don’t actually know the look.

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Beckett: Men are clueless.
Lanie: Men? Or just Castle?

Ryan: It has always been a dream of mine to come home to a house like this.
Esposito: Screw the house. It has always been a dream of mine to come home to a woman like that.
Ryan: Right. Until, of course, things got serious which is when you dump her and start looking for your next dream woman.

Lanie: This is a war, girl, and guess who’s losing?
Beckett: Maybe you’re right.
Lanie: Maybe I’m right? Of course, I’m right!

Castle: Listen, Meredith, about you staying here-
Meredith: Thanks again, Richard. I can’t tell you how much this means to me.
Castle: Yeah, it’s just, Beckett and I are-
Meredith: Wonderful. It’s so refreshing to see how secure you two are in your relationship. You know, most women would take issue with an ex-wife staying with her boyfriend, but not Kate Beckett. She gets it.
Castle: Yeah, Kate gets it. Um, here’s the thing, Meredith, I-
Meredith: I know, and it isn’t easy for me to admit. I haven’t been the best of mothers. I’ve missed so much of our daughter’s life, so the fact that you’re letting me be here now for Alexis during her time of need, Richard. I’ll never, ever forget this.
Castle: Neither will Beckett.

Beckett: Oh, wow. Troublesome ex-wife. Imagine that.

Esposito: Ever get that bad with either of your exes?
Castle: No, both my divorces were amicable.
Beckett: Yeah, a little too amicable.

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Esposito: Letting an ex stay with you while you’re with someone else? That’s like throwing gasoline on fireworks.
Castle: C’mon guys. It’s not that bad.
Esposito: Castle, you are on the edge of a very, very steep cliff, my friend.
Ryan: If you don’t do something about it quick-
(Ryan and Esposito whistle and point downward)

Castle: It means so much to her to be there for Alexis and it’d just seem heartless to kick her out and send her to a hotel.
Beckett: Really, Castle? ‘Cause you just tried sending me to one.
Castle: No, but that was because-
Beckett: But nothing. Button up, Kitten. We’re going home.

Meredith: Whenever Rick pulled all-nighters, I’d sprinkle nutmeg in his coffee. Gave it an extra kick. You wanna try?
Beckett: Uh no, thanks. I think I’ve had enough kick for one morning.

Castle: So you’re not mad?
Beckett: About what? About how comfortable your ex-wife is in your home and with your family? How she seems to know things about you that I don’t know? Why would I be upset?

Castle: So you’ll stay?
Beckett: Yeah. Sure. I’ll just be subjected to her parading around half naked.

Billy Piper: I lost my endorsements, my status, my own family wants nothing to do with me.
Castle: Interesting on the list of things you lost you didn’t include your wife.
Billy Piper: Well, she never was my favorite trophy.

Ryan: Just dinner between your ex-wife and your new girlfriend. That’s deadly. Castle, you have two worlds-
Esposito: Two.
Ryan: Right now they’re both coming together.
Esposito: Uh oh.
Ryan: What happens when worlds collide?
Esposito: Boom.

Esposito: So’s there anything Meredith knows that you don’t want Beckett to know?
(Castle looks horrified)
Esposito: Boom.
Ryan: Two worlds colliding.

Beckett: What are you so worried about? I mean it’s just two people you’ve been intimate with coming together and comparing notes.
Castle: (chuckles) Comparing notes. What notes?

Ryan: (to suspect Esposito just knocked down) That hurt as much as it looked? Good!

Beckett: I have a dinner date with your ex-wife, remember?
Castle: Yeah, I remember. I just hoped you’d forget.<br.

Martha: What you shouldn’t have done is let Meredith stay here in the first place. This isn’t a flop house, darling. You’ve gotta stop letting freeloaders just live here.
Castle: Please tell me you see the irony.

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Castle: What story, what did you tell her?
Meredith: The truth, Richard.
Beckett: Castle, you’re not the man that I thought I knew.
Castle: I’m the man you thought you knew! I’m the man you know! I thought you…you think…I know you…I’m…(Beckett & Meredith begin laughing at Castle) This is so not cool.

Beckett: Do you want me here because you actually want me here or do you need protection from the redheads?
Castle: A little of both.

Beckett: Why didn’t it work out between you and Rick? I’m sorry. Is that too personal?
Meredith: No, no, no it’s fine. You know, being married to Richard was great, full of romance and excitement, like a deliciously sweet soufflé. And then one day I realized he knew everything about me, my deepest secrets, my worst pain, enough to fill a million novels. But I didn’t know enough about him to even write a pamphlet.
Beckett: I don’t understand.
Meredith: For instance, whenever I asked him about how he felt about never knowing his father, he would smirk, you the way he smirks, and then he would throw out a quip and change the subject. Our marriage went one way. It wasn’t enough for me. I mean, soufflés are wonderful, but sooner or later they always fall. Oh, but that was a long, long time ago, what, fifteen years in fact. He’s a totally different man now.


Featured Music[edit]

  • Secret performed by Missy Higgins

Full Episode Recap[edit]

A woman nervously sits in the driver’s seat of her car late at night clutching a slip of paper with an address written on it. Someone gets in the car behind her and stabs her in the neck.

The next morning at Richard Castle’s loft, his daughter, Alexis, laments the fact that she has mono, and Castle guesses she caught it by kissing a guy she likes, Max. He leaves her curled on the couch and greets Detective Kate Beckett in his kitchen. He apologizes to her for having to deal with a sick Alexis while at the loft because her apartment is being fumigated. Beckett reassures him the arrangement is fine and Castle flirtatiously promises to make it up to her. Meanwhile the front door buzzer sounds, Martha Rodgers, Castle’s mother, answers, and finds Castle’s ex-wife Meredith at the door. She explains that she put off a trip to Paris to help Alexis feel better.

Later as Beckett and Castle approach their latest crime scene, Beckett chastises Castle for letting Meredith stay with them, but he reminds her that she was agreeable to it. She says she simply didn’t want to be the bad guy and that he should have seen her “look” that meant she didn’t approve.

Beckett finds Medical Examiner Lanie Parish and chalks up her bad mood to men being stupid. Both women look harshly at Castle before Lanie identifies the victim as Michele Twohey, a high profile divorce attorney who only represented women, and says the cause of death was a stab wound to the neck with an ice pick. She notes that she found a slip of paper in her hand with an address written on it which Detective Kevin Ryan found belongs to an R. Garrison. Detective Javier Esposito comes over and says a store clerk remembered seeing a man fleeing the scene and entering a nearby subway station just after the murder. He plans on pulling surveillance camera footage of the station and having the witness sit with a sketch artist. Ryan tells Beckett Twohey had no family, but was dating a man named Corey Francis. Beckett tells them to investigate R. Garrison while she and Castle talk to Francis.

In the precinct break room, Corey Francis explains that the last time he spoke to Twohey was over the weekend as she was working on a case. He doesn’t remember her having any enemies, but admits it was possible given her high profile cases. Beckett shows him the sketch of the man seen fleeing the scene, but he does not recognize the face, nor the R. Garrison address.

At the Garrison’s house, Ryan wishes he had as nice a house, while Esposito, wishes he could come home to the attractive female occupant. The woman, Jane Garrison says R. Garrison is her husband, Rob. He says he spoke to Twohey the night before and agreed to a meeting with her on the assumption that she needed his expertise as a forensic accountant for one of her cases. She never told him the exact reason for needing to meet, but remembers that she seemed frantic.

On her cell phone, Beckett tells the two to find out if any of the soon-to-be divorced men from Twohey’s recent cases had threatened her. Castle joins her, apologizes for Meredith, and promises to take care of it all. Beckett’s cell phone rings and Lanie says she has information about the case for them. Castle tells her to talk to Lanie while he heads back to the loft.

In the morgue, Lanie criticizes Beckett for agreeing to let Meredith stay and says she needs to establish boundaries for her. Beckett agrees and Lanie goes on to say how she found traces of someone else’s blood on Twohey’s coat button, meaning their killer may have been cut during their attack.

At the precinct, Beckett finds Ryan tacking several photos of men to the murder board. He reports that Twohey’s colleagues said she’d been acting odd over the last couple weeks and that the photos are all of men who threatened her, but none match their sketch. Beckett suspects they could have hired someone to kill Twohey and Esposito joins them identifying the man in the sketch as Herman Poquille.

In an interrogation room, Poquille explains to Ryan and Esposito that he used to work for Twohey as a photographer taking pictures of the philandering husbands. She fired him after he botched a job, but recently she begged him to work one last assignment for her. The night she died, she had promised to wait for him near the subway station, only when he arrived she was already dead. When Ryan and Esposito don’t believe him, he promises that text messages on his phone will corroborate his story.

Later on, Ryan and Esposito discover that he is right: text messages show that he turned down Twohey’s offer numerous times, but they and Beckett guess he was convinced when she sent him a video message saying he had to help her because a life hung in the balance.

Castle arrives at the loft to find Meredith making some soup for Alexis. He tries to tell her to leave, but she repeatedly interrupts him, praising Beckett for letting her stay, acknowledging that she hasn’t been a very good mother, and thanking Castle for giving her the opportunity to make up for it. She becomes teary-eyed and heads up to Alexis’ bedroom with the soup leaving Castle bewildered.

He arrives back at the precinct and Beckett quickly figures out that his efforts were unsuccessful. When Ryan joins them and suggests that an angry ex-wife might have killed Twohey, Beckett can’t resist commenting on how ex-wives can be trouble. Ryan says that the blood trace on Twohey’s button matched that of Samantha Voss, one of Twohey’s former clients, who lost big in her divorce.

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At Samatha’s apartment, she admits to getting physical with Twohey and cutting her hand on one of her jacket buttons, but she denies killing her. As Samantha gives her alibi of being at a charity auction and explains that Twohey had seemed distracted for the last month, she destroys a valuable painting that was awarded to her husband and one by one smashes fragile sculptures and vases she lost in the settlement. She adds that the morning she was killed Twohey arrived in court late and seemed to have been crying. Walter, Samantha’s ex-husband, arrives and, seeing the damage she has inflicted, he begins smashing items awarded to her. As each pick up one last piece, Beckett threatens to arrest them.

At the precinct later, Beckett, Castle, Ryan, and Esposito watch as uniformed cops escort Walter and Samantha, both in handcuffs, inside for processing. Esposito asks if Castle’s divorces ever got so contentious and when he calls them amicable, Beckett call them too amicable. Ryan and Esposito pick up on Beckett’s comment, but Castle changes the subject to what could have upset Twohey. Beckett tells them her financials show that she bought breakfast at a café that morning, so she heads for the conference room to call and see if anyone there remembers anything. Once she is gone, Ryan and Esposito coax out of Castle what is going on and both tell him he is headed for disaster. Beckett reports that the café owner saw Twohey having an argument with a man matching Corey Francis’ description.

That night, Castle ends a call to the Four Seasons hotel and joins Beckett at the murder board. He suggests they try to figure out what Michele was up to in their suite there, but Ryan and Esposito return saying Francis’ cell phone is disconnected and that his name and address are faked. Castle remembers him wearing a college ring and all agree it was for the University of New York. Beckett tells them to pull yearbooks to find his real identity, but given the late hour, Ryan agrees to do so in the morning. Beckett suggests they leave as well and refuses to go to the hotel. Castle protests that it’d be heartless to send Meredith to one, but Beckett insists that he should have done so from the beginning.

The next morning, Beckett is in Castle’s kitchen having made some coffee when Meredith comes downstairs wearing nothing but a t-shirt and panties. She takes what would have been Castle’s coffee and tells Beckett that Alexis is sleeping, making her a bore. Beckett sees Castle coming and suggests Meredith put on some pants, but she refuses. Meredith pours Castle a cup of coffee and he notices she put nutmeg in it. When Beckett asks, Meredith tells her how she used to put some in Castle’s coffee after he would pull an all-nighter to give it an extra kick. She offers Beckett some, but she declines, and curtly says she is going to work.

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Castle finds her in the precinct conference room going through University of New York yearbooks, and apologizes for Meredith, saying she was only trying to be helpful. Beckett is skeptical and hints that she is upset at her casual conduct with his family and that she is throwing things she knows about Castle but that doesn’t know in her face. Castle offers to send Meredith and Alexis to a hotel with a doctor, but Beckett knocks down the idea, saying she can handle being in the loft with Meredith, but not her walking around in her underwear. Castle reaches his wits end, but finally admits Beckett is right and they just have to persevere through the next few days. Beckett then finds Corey’s yearbook photo, where is identified as Noah Kesswood.

Later at the murder board, Esposito shows Noah’s photo and tells Beckett and Castle he is a former Army intelligence officer. He notes that the only trace of his identity he could find is a series of wire transfers from a law firm to a corporation in Kesswood’s name which started around the time he began dating Twohey. Castle and Beckett spin the theory that a rival attorney paid Kesswood to spy on Twohey, she found out about it and threatened to report the attorney, who had Kesswood kill Twohey.

That afternoon, Ryan and Esposito question Mr. Schuster, a partner in the law firm which was paying Kesswood. He denies paying anyone to kill Twohey and arrogantly tells them it was a client of his who told him to hire Kesswood to spy on Twohey, that he doesn’t know why, and he won’t say which client.

Back in the precinct conference room, Ryan reveals that Schuster represented golf champion Billy Piper in his trial for murdering his ex-wife when she went missing off their boat in the Caribbean. The assumption was he had killed her, but there wasn’t enough evidence to indict him. Ryan found out that Twohey had represented his wife, Leann in her divorce from Billy and that Twohey had been looking into the murder case over the last month. Castle now suspects that Twohey came across evidence that proves Billy killed his wife and Billy killed her to keep the evidence from coming out.

At Billy Piper’s residence, Billy denies knowing Twohey or hiring Kesswood and becomes angry at the implication that just because he was suspected of killing his wife, he automatically committed another crime. His version of his wife’s death is that they went to the Caribbean on his boat to try to save their marriage, Leann got drunk, and fell into the ocean. In the aftermath, he lost all his endorsement deals and his own family disowned him.

Later in the precinct break room, Castle is convinced Billy killed his wife and then Twohey to keep her from revealing his guilt, but he doesn’t know how they can prove it. Beckett says if they can find Kesswood, they might get him to turn on Billy, but Castle reminds her they have no idea how to find him. Esposito and Ryan enter, saying they were able to pull the license plate off Kesswood’s vehicle and traced it to a pharmaceutical company with which Kesswood seems to have no affiliation. Beckett’s phone rings and she tells them to keep digging as she answers. She finds it is Meredith and is surprised when she invites her to dinner that night. She agrees, to Castle’s shock, and explains to him that to refuse would have made her look insecure. She heads back to her desk and Castle asks Ryan and Esposito if things are as bad as they seem. They answer that they are much worse since two worlds of Castle’s are colliding. When he tries to slough off their concerns, Esposito points out that Meredith could reveal to Beckett information about his past that he doesn’t want her to know. He becomes horrified and immediately searches for her.

He finds Beckett studying the murder board and tries to butter her up by complimenting her penmanship, but she sees through him. He asks her if she is sure she wants to have dinner with Meredith since she is crazy and overly-dramatic, but Beckett tries to reassure him that’s it’s just two people with whom he’s been intimate coming together to share experiences. He chuckles at this at first then gets nervous again, but Beckett merely turns away, letting him worry. She finds Esposito who tells her the Vice President of the pharmaceutical company went to the University of New York with Kesswood and has been letting him use one of their company cars as well as stay with him.

Ryan and Esposito catch Kesswood leaving his friend’s address and he bolts. Ryan catches up with him and jumps on his back, but Kesswood flips him over his shoulder. Esposito brings him down with a kick to the chest and both pull their guns on him and place him under arrest.

In the interrogation room, Kesswood confidently gives his alibi as being at a University of New York athletic event and denies killing Twohey. He refuses to say more, instead suggesting he and Beckett get a soda. At the vending machine, Kesswood says Billy was always paranoid and became even more so when Twohey visited him a month ago, saying she was very close to figuring out what really happened on his boat using information from the DEA.

Later, Ryan confirms Kesswood’s alibi and Beckett tells him to find out what Twohey was doing with the DEA. He agrees, but says given the late hour, he might not hear anything until the morning. Beckett gathers her things to leave and reminds Castle of her dinner with Meredith. He admits he remembered, but was hoping she had forgotten.

That evening, Castle paces his loft nervously and Martha tells him he should never have let Meredith stay at the loft in the first place. Castle is convinced both are sharing horrible stories about him and asks if he should call Beckett, only to have both women enter the loft. Beckett is telling Meredith how she can’t believe she married Castle then says he isn’t the man she thought she knew. When Castle asks what Meredith told Beckett, she says merely the truth and as he struggles for an answer, both break down in laughter. Castle now knows they were playing a joke on him, but then he is surprised when Beckett and Meredith hug, and Beckett thanks her for dinner. Meredith heads upstairs to bed and Beckett to Castle’s bedroom.

Castle finds her, begs to know what they talked about and apologizes for mishandling the whole situation. Beckett stops torturing him, puts her hands around his waist and says she actually likes even more now. She admits Meredith is a fun, hard-to-say-no-to woman, but makes him promise that she’ll never stay at the loft with him again. He agrees and they kiss passionately. Beckett’s cell phone rings, and despite Castle’s pleas that she let it go, she answers when she sees it is the precinct. Ryan is on the other end, saying he just heard back from the DEA and that they both need to come in immediately.

Ryan tells them that Twohey had been interested in the DEA’s Caribbean drug interception efforts which tracks boats in the area using satellite photos. She found a photo taken the night of Leann Piper’s death which shows another boat not far from Billy’s. Beckett guesses that Billy found an accomplice to pick up Leann’s body and dump it where it would never be found, meaning the accomplice probably killed Twohey also. Ryan then says that Twohey caught onto it when the second boat was listed amongst the assets of Walter Voss, Samantha’s ex-husband.

In the interrogation room, Beckett and Ryan tell Walter about how they know he and Billy Piper were friends and members of the same yacht club as well as that Walter refueled his boat not far from where Leann Piper disappeared. They show him the DEA satellite photo of his boat near Billy’s and spin the theory that Twohey discovered that Walter was likely an accomplice of Billy’s in Leann’s murder. Walter lawyers up.

In the morning, Esposito shows Beckett and Castle phone records indicating that Walter called the Garrison residence on the morning of Twohey’s murder. Castle sees Jane Garrison’s photo and compares it to that of Leann Piper and finds it to be the same woman.

In the break room, Beckett takes a cup of coffee from Jane so she can examine the photo of Leann Piper. Beckett drops the mug into an evidence bag, telling her she can’t change her fingerprints. She also says that her husband told her the night Twohey was killed they drove into the city and he found their ice pick missing. Leann finally admits that faking her death was the only way she saw to disgrace Billy since he destroyed her reputation when she filed for divorce. She worked it out with Walter that once Billy was asleep after drinking, she’d jump onto his boat and disappear. She met Rob and fell in love with him, but then Twohey discovered the plot and felt that Billy deserved to be cleared.

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Later on, Beckett wheels her luggage out of Castle’s bedroom as he makes sure she wants to leave. He eventually admits that he partially wants her for protection from Meredith, and Beckett promises that he can stay with her if it gets to be too much. Just then Meredith comes downstairs, followed by Martha, and Alexis who is pleading with Meredith to enjoy Paris without her. Castle begins to argue then sees Alexis and Martha shushing him, so he stops. Meredith then realizes she left her purse upstairs and Castle agrees to get it, leaving Meredith and Beckett alone. Meredith admits that she not only wanted to help Alexis, but she wanted to check out Castle’s new relationship and that she thinks they’re great together. Beckett asks her why her marriage failed and she explains that she realized Castle knew everything about her, but she knew little about him and it wasn’t enough for her. She reassures her that it was a long time ago and that Castle is a different man now, but Beckett remains worried. Castle returns and Meredith leaves. He then volunteers to make Beckett breakfast and while he heads for the kitchen, Beckett watches him, now deeply concerned.


  • Victim: Michele Twohey
    • Cause of Death: Stabbed in the neck with an ice pick
  • Perp: Leann Piper/Jane Garrison
    • Motive: Fear: Michele discovered that Leann had faked her death, so Leann killed her to keep the secret.

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