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Secret's Safe With Me

© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Basic Details[edit]

Season 5, Episode 3 (84)

Original Air Date - October 8, 2012


When the murder of a young woman leads Castle and Beckett to the contents of a repossessed storage unit, they must sort through the seemingly random junk for a clue that might not solve only one crime. At the same time, Castle deals with the reality of Alexis' growing up as she moves into her dorm at college.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

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Guest Cast[edit]

  • Caroline Lagerfelt - Angelica Henley
  • Shaun Duke - Felix Gozarian
  • Chad Lindberg - Marco Vinstrolli
  • Kevin Brown - Big Percy Jenkins
  • Rob Nagle - Kirby Smith
  • John Littlefield - Joe Pratt
  • Carlease Burke - Storage Manager
  • Dennis Cockrum - Auctioneer
  • Paul Zies - Frankie
  • Jacqueline Herrera - Peggy
  • Tara Batesole - Wendy Dupree (uncredited)
  • Alex Arleo - Wendell Dupree (uncredited)




Martha: Seems like just yesterday you were checking under the bed every night promising her that monsters aren’t real.
Castle: Well, I lied. Monsters are real, like the boys in her freshman dorm.
Martha: Speaking of which, before Alexis leaves, don’t you think you should have the, uh, talk with her?
Castle: You mean the sex talk? Mother, I covered that ages ago. I learned so much.

Martha: I don’t think you want Alexis to walk in unannounced and find you and Beckett…out of the closet. And by out of the closet, I mean-
Castle: I, I, I, I know what you mean by the closet.

Beckett: You told Alexis?
Castle: I didn’t want to. Mother used her Jedi mind tricks on me.

Beckett: We all need our stuff, Castle. I’ve got boxes and boxes of it. It’s comforting. Reminds me of my past.
Castle: Your kinky past?
Beckett: I’ve got that box too.

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Castle: A dying declaration, but what does it mean?
Lanie: Hey, that’s your department.

Castle: (thinking out loud) Long Island Expressway. Literary Institute of Excellence. Love is Everything. Oh, did I just say that? I’m getting soft.

Castle: Detective Beckett’s phone.
Lanie: Castle? You’re not allowed to answer Beckett’s phone.
Castle: Yes, I am.
Lanie: Since when?
Castle: Since I…Is there something I can do for you?

Lanie: Are you writing this down?
Castle: (lies) Yes.
Lanie: Castle!
Castle: Ok, hang on.

Beckett: What are you doing?
Lanie: (over the phone to Castle) Ooooh, you are in trouble.

Beckett: Stay out of my stuff, Castle.
Castle: Your stuff? Need I remind you, I’ve already seen your stuff.

Castle: An old boyfriend made that for you.
Beckett: No.
Castle: Really? ‘Cause it’s totally cool. I wouldn’t be jealous. (Sees Beckett’s skeptical look) Ok, maybe a little bit jealous.

Castle: Maybe it’s the actual murder victim from a stick man convention?
Beckett: Really? That’s the best that you can come up with?
Castle: Challenge accepted!

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Beckett: What are you doing with two grand in your pocket?
Castle: I’m a best-selling author. Why wouldn’t I have two grand in my pocket?

Percy: My mom loves his books. Ok. I’ll give you $1600, but it’ll cost 25.
Beckett: 18.
Percy: 23.
Beckett: Two grand and he’ll name a character in his next novel after your mom.
Castle: What? (Beckett elbows him in the side)
Percy: Sold.

Beckett: How did you even know that was gonna work?
Castle: Well, as a champion poker player, I am a student of body language. I could tell easily-
Beckett: You had absolutely no idea.
Castle: Not a clue.

Castle: You are so going to owe me for this.
Beckett: Castle, I don’t know if the department is going be able to reimburse you for all this.
Castle: (whispers) That’s not the owing I mean.

Esposito: Oh, you can give her something, but you can’t give me something.
Castle: Yeah, you already like me.

Castle: Wait! Twins! Of course, it all makes sense now. Wendell’s secret identity, Johann Fleming, is the same secret identity of Zan, the male half of the Wonder Twins. (Sees everyone’s confused faces) Wonder Twins? The Super Friends? Seriously, you guys! Do you not watch TV?

Castle: Do you know how hard it is, even for me, to get these reservations-
Alexis: If it’s reservations you care so much about, why don’t you just take your girlfriend!

Castle: I guess she feels like she’s being replaced, which is weird because she’s never done this before. Not with Gina, not with any of the hundreds of super-hot girlfriends-
Beckett: Ok, I don’t need to hear this.
Castle: Right.

Castle: I have ripped through everything in this room big enough to hide a bracelet and you know what I found?
Beckett: Nothing?
Castle: Absolutely nothing!

Beckett: Take your hand off your tool, Marco! (To a giggling Ryan and Esposito) Shut up.

Castle: You know what I love about this case?
Ryan: What’s that?
Castle: Finding a pretty pink bracelet in my belongings.
Ryan: You know you’re gonna have to return-
Castle: I know, Ryan! I know that. Can you just let me have this moment, this one small Treasure Island Indiana Jones moment?

Beckett: So where is the bracelet?
Castle: Wherever it is, it’s laughing at me.

© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Castle: I so wish I could kiss you right now.
Beckett: Yeah, I know.
Castle: (extends his hand for a handshake) This is me, softly touching your face, pulling you in for a long, slow kiss.
Beckett: (takes his hand and rubs her thumb on the back of Castle’s hand) And this is me kissing you back, running my hands through your hair.
Castle: Best handshake ever.
Beckett: Yeah.
Castle: I think my hand’s getting a little sweaty.
Beckett: I know. It’s kinda gross.
Castle: Sorry.
Beckett: No worries.

Alexis: How can you be so smart and so clueless at the same time?
Castle: Practice.

Alexis: It’s always been fine, because no matter what, I’d wake up and you’d be there and I’d know that everything’s fine. Castle: Oh, and when you wake up here…
Alexis: Then I’m here. And you’re there. Even though there is only five miles away, it’s not here.
Castle: Everything is going to be fine. And you are going to be fine. And though I am there, if you need me here, here’s where I’ll be.
Alexis: Dad, I know it’s been a while, but could you do it? One last time?
Castle: (looks under the bed) No monsters.
Alexis: You sure?
Castle: If there are, I’ll come running.

Castle: This is it. (smashes one of Capt. Gates’ rare ceramic dolls)
Beckett: Castle!
Castle: It’s empty. That can’t be, right?
Capt. Gates: (freaks out) What the hell-
Beckett: Sir, just breathe…

Castle: I’ve worked a lot of murder cases waiting patiently for the day I could unequivocally exclaim, the butler did it!

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Castle: It just goes to show you that everyone and everything has a story, including your little stick man there.
Beckett: (pulls it out of her desk drawer) So, you wanna take another shot?
Castle: Actually, no. I thought about what you said and you’re right. Just because we’ve been shaking hands…a lot…doesn’t mean that I have the right to pry, so when you are ready you’ll tell me.
Beckett: Coney Island. We had a reception at our place after my mom’s funeral and it was miserable. I was miserable and my Dad took my hand and he said ‘Let’s get the hell outta here, Katie.’ And we took the Q train and went up to Coney Island and we walked up and down that beach just enjoying ourselves. We’re still in our funeral clothes. And the best part was we made this little guy out of the twigs and twine that washed up on the shore.
Castle: Does that make that day a bad memory or a good one?
Beckett: Both. He’s a reminder that even on the worst days there’s the possibility for joy.
Castle: Nice.
Beckett: So, talk tonight?
Castle: (extends his hand & they shake) I can’t wait.

Martha: After many hours of soul-searching, I have made a decision.
Castle: Have you now?
Martha: Yes. I have decided, out of the goodness of my heart that I will continue to live here-
Castle: Rent free.
Martha: Please don’t interrupt. I will continue to live here, so that you, Richard, will never ever be alone.
Castle: You’d do that for me, Mother?
Martha: It’s a parent’s sacrifice.

Full Episode Recap[edit]

A young woman lies in a pool of her own blood, which she uses to write a message before dying.

The next morning, at Richard Castle’s loft, he finds the living room filled with several large boxes of stuff Alexis, his daughter, has packed to take with her to college. He chides her that she can only take so much with her, but his mother, Martha, corrects him saying all women need “their stuff.” Martha reflects that it seems like just yesterday Castle was checking under Alexis’ bed for monsters then pulls Castle aside to ask him if he has told Alexis he is dating Detective Kate Beckett. This catches Castle by surprise, but Martha tells him she knows Beckett was hiding in the closet when she brought Alexis home from her graduation party. He suggests he tell her lest she come home from college and catch the two of them together, but Alexis overhears them and asks what they’re talking about.

Later that morning, as they walk to the crime scene, Castle tells Beckett how Martha and Alexis now know about their relationship and Beckett panics, thinking this will lead to Captain Victoria Gates finding out and their partnership ending. Castle promises that they will not tell, knowing what is risk, and Beckett, mollified, asks how Alexis took the news. He responds that she was preoccupied with her move and how he can’t understand why she wants to take so much to college. Beckett reassures him, saying the boxes are comforting reminders of a woman’s past and that she has lots of boxes herself, including, to Castle’s glee, a box reminding her of her kinky past.

They enter the crime scene and meet up with Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, who identifies the victim as Wendy Dupree and pronounces the cause of death as being a single gunshot wound to the chest. Beckett observes the word “LIE” written in blood next to the body and guesses the murder wasn’t done by a professional else Wendy would have died before writing the message. As Castle tries to decipher the meaning of Wendy’s message, Detective Javier Esposito shows Beckett her wallet, which indicates Wendy was from Philadelphia. He also says the front desk told him she checked into the hotel the day before and alone. His partner, Detective Kevin Ryan, finds an envelope stuffed with $4000 in cash and Beckett tells them to run Wendy’s financial records. Beckett rejoins Castle just as Esposito uncovers a threatening message on Wendy’s cell phone, vowing to make her pay for her lies. Beckett tells him to get a warrant for her cell phone records.

Later on at the precinct, Beckett and Castle have Wendy’s boss, Philly Cheese Steak restaurant owner Joe Pratt, in an interrogation room. He admits to sending the threatening text and says he was angry because she failed to make the previous night’s deposit and instead, called him, telling him it was an emergency and promising to make it up to him, but he wanted to confront her for stealing. However, when Beckett and Castle show him Wendy’s crime scene photo, he is shocked and says he’d only been in New York an hour before the cops picked him up.

At her desk, Beckett reports that the boss did buy a train ticket, but she doesn’t yet know which train. As Castle considers the murder board, Beckett realizes she is out of coffee. Castle offers to fill her up since he is also out, but Beckett volunteers to get them both a refill. She heads for the break room as her desk phone rings. Feeling confident, Castle answers it, to find Lanie on the other end. After chastising him for answering Beckett’s phone, she reports that she found traces of DNA and a partial fingerprint on a shell casing at the crime scene, which does not match Pratt or anyone else in the system. Castle roots through Beckett’s drawers looking for something to write the message on, and finds a stick figure made out of twigs in Beckett’s desk. Beckett returns and Castle hangs up on Lanie to relay her message. Beckett scolds him for going through her drawers, takes back the stick man, and tells him to stay out of her private stuff. Castle begins trying to guess at the story behind the keepsake, but is shot down by Beckett each time before being interrupted by Ryan who reports no suspicious activity in Wendy’s financials, but that she did charge a ride yesterday to a specific address and promised the cab driver she’d need a ride to same place the next day.

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Castle and Beckett find the address to be a self-storage warehouse, whose manager recognizes Wendy and says she had signed up for an auction of the contents of units whose rent payments are delinquent. This tells Castle that Wendy planned to use the $4000 to bid on a certain unit, but the manager doesn’t know which one. It then hits Castle that Wendy didn’t mean to write “LIE”, but rather the number of the unit she wanted, 317. The manager confirms that unit is up for auction as they speak.

As they approach the auction, Beckett calls Ryan at the precinct to ask him to run the name of the owner of the unit, Johann Fleming. Even though the unit seems to contain random junk, Beckett is sure she cannot secure a warrant quick enough to stop the auction, so Castle begins bidding, telling Beckett he has $2000 in his pocket he can spend. He nearly wins, until a mysterious man arrives and outbids him. As the bidding approaches Castle’s limit, Beckett convinces a large man, Percy, to give her his $1600 in cash in exchange for a check from Castle for $2000 and Castle including Percy’s mother, who is a fan of his books, in his next novel. He agrees and Castle outbids the strange man and wins the contents of the unit. Percy tells Castle his mother’s name is Eunice then leaves.

At the precinct, Castle has moved the contents of the unit into the conference room and promises Beckett will owe him for his favor, but she doubts the department can pay him back. He whispers that he doesn’t mean monetary reimbursement and she grins at him, as Ryan reports that Johann Fleming and his address do not exist. Esposito notices some high-end climbing gear amongst the paraphernalia, which Castle offers to sell to him, but is interrupted by a furious Captain Gates ordering him to remove the junk from the precinct. Beckett tells her it is possibly related to their latest investigation, but she ignores her, having noticed the ceramic doll Castle is holding. She tells him she has searched her whole life for that very doll, which will complete her collection, so Castle, to Esposito’s annoyance, gives it to her. Gates thanks him and drifts back to her office. Ryan then finds tax returns for a Wendell Dupree, whose date of birth is the same as Wendy’s, meaning they are twins. Castle then realizes that Johann Fleming was an alias inspired by a cartoon and is frustrated when neither Beckett, nor the boys know what he is talking about. Beckett suggests they find Wendell and heads back to work.

Later on, Esposito is drinking coffee in the precinct break room and watching Gates coo over her doll when Ryan joins him and says Wendell and Wendy’s parents died in a car crash when they were teenagers and it seemed like Wendell never got over it. He moved from place to place and had frequent brushes with the law before being hit by a subway train six weeks ago, which explains why the bill for the storage unit went unpaid. Unfortunately, no video exists of his death, since the security cameras in the station were broken, telling Ryan they could have a double homicide on their hands.

Later, Beckett hangs up from talking to one of Wendy’s co-workers who says she was convinced Wendell was murdered since the day before Wendell died, he’d called Wendy and told her all their problems had been solved. As Castle roots through the contents of the storage unit, Beckett suggests they look into Wendell’s background, and Ryan tells her his last job was as a chauffeur for wealthy socialite Angelica Henley.

That evening, Beckett and Castle find Angelica giving a formal party at her mansion. She is surprised to find that Johann was actually Wendell and says he had been cleared of responsibility when she had reported a robbery in her home two days before he died. She claims the thief took a valuable diamond bracelet out of her wall safe, leading Castle and Beckett to suspect Wendell was killed because he did it.

That night, Castle returns home, excited that a $4 million bracelet is amongst the stuff her bought at the auction. A depressed-looking Alexis reminds him Beckett will likely take it back as evidence, but Castle refuses to let the possibility ruin his mood since he planned on taking Alexis out for dinner on her last night at home. However, she asks if they can cancel then storms out to her bedroom when he objects.

The next morning in the precinct conference room, Beckett is worried at Alexis’ reaction and Castle suspects she feels like she has been replaced, but is confused since she has never responded in the same way when he was with any of his previous girlfriends. Not wanting to hear about them, Beckett heads to the murder board with Castle telling her he was handle Alexis. Ryan and Esposito sneak up on them, but they don’t miss a beat, so Ryan can report that uniforms are looking for the bracelet in Wendell’s stuff and that Robbery sent over the report on Angelica’s break in. They determined that it was a two-man job, with one cutting the security and the other rappelling from the roof into a window, which explains the climbing gear in the storage unit. Castle and Beckett spin the theory that Wendell’s partner decided he wanted the bracelet for himself, but he kills Wendell before figuring out where he hid it, Wendy becomes suspicious, and picks up the trail, but is killed too. Beckett then wonders if the man who Castle outbid at the auction might be Wendell’s partner since he was so intent on winning.

Beckett and Esposito find Felix Gozarian’s apartment and, suspecting he is trying to run, they burst through his door, only are buried by boxes of random junk. They bounce back and get him to freeze. Once settled, he apologizes, saying he thought they were trying to rob him and that he makes his money buying the contents of storage lockers and reselling what he finds. He claims he didn’t know what was in the unit, but says that when he signed up, someone offered him $500 to be his proxy for unit 317. Initially he refused, but then he got curious so he went to the auction intent upon winning. Beckett asks if the guy was at the auction and Felix says he never saw the guy again, but agrees to sit with a sketch artist.

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Later, Beckett finds Castle in the conference room, still looking through Wendell’s things, and tells him Felix’s alibi checked out and that Ryan and Esposito are trying to identify the man in his sketch. Castle admits has found nothing big enough to hide a bracelet in, but notes a lot of weird stuff was in the unit, like a book on prosthetic eye manufacturing. Beckett returns to her desk, more confused than ever about where the bracelet is since the evidence suggests it should have been in the storage unit. Castle then makes another effort at guessing the story behind Beckett’s stick man, but fails again. Captain Gates approaches and, to both Castle’s and Beckett’s surprise, announces she loved Frozen Heat, and asks him to sign her copy. She thanks him again for the doll then gleefully heads back to her office.

Just then, Ryan pokes his head out of another conference room, saying he has an update for them. He brings up a picture of Marco Vinstroli, whose van was ticketed for parking illegally the night of Angelica’s break-in. He notes that his driver’s license picture matches Felix’s sketch and that the storage unit owner rented him a unit on the same floor as Wendell’s, so he looked at their surveillance footage. He plays a clip from five hours before the auction which shows Marco using a key to access Wendell’s unit and removing what looks like a safe, which they all suspect contained the bracelet.

Beckett and the boys track down Marco and find him just before he can break open the safe. As Castle and Ryan watch a welder work on the safe, Beckett and Esposito interrogate Marco. Once confronted with all their evidence, he admits he helped Wendell break in after he paid him $5000 to cut the alarm. Wendell seemed happy afterward, so they went their separate ways until he read about the bracelet’s being stolen in the newspaper, broke into Wendell’s and found the key to his storage unit. He monitored auction notices and when he found one under Johann’s name, he used to key to take the safe. Meanwhile, the welder finishes opening the safe, Castle looks inside and finds it empty.

Later on, at Beckett’s desk, Castle laments the situation and how nothing about the case makes sense. Beckett wonders if Angelica was lying to them, so she digs into her financial background and finds that she was scheduled for a bankruptcy hearing a week ago that was cancelled after she made a $2 million payment to her creditors. She and Castle theorize that Wendell didn’t actually steal anything from Angelica, but rather she paid him to make it look like she’d been robbed so she could collect the insurance money on the bracelet then she killed Wendell to make sure he didn’t talk and Wendy, in turn, when she became suspicious about Wendell’s death. Excited by their new theory, Castle and Beckett forget themselves and nearly kiss, but recover and take long drinks from their coffees.

At Angelica’s house, Angelica is furious with them for the intrusion until Esposito shows her their search warrant and Ryan offers to tear her wall safe out of the wall to find the bracelet. Angelica agrees to open it and Beckett finds the bracelet inside.

In an interrogation room, Beckett questions Angelica who denies hiring Wendell to break into her home. She explains she found her home had been robbed and panicked until she realized nothing had been stolen, she invented a clever way to save herself from bankruptcy proceedings. When Beckett asks her about Wendell’s and Wendy’s murders, she lawyers up.

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Outside, Beckett tells Castle she suspects that Angelica admitted to insurance fraud in hopes of dodging a murder rap and since she will likely do anything to avoid losing her wealth. Castle still is stumped by how the storage locker figures into the case against Angelica and wonders if something in there that is not valuable to him and Beckett was in fact valuable to Wendell and Wendy. Unable to figure it out, he tells Beckett he must leave since he has to move Alexis into college in the morning. He offers to walk her out, but she wants to remain behind to dig into Angelica’s alibi. Castle looks deep into Beckett’s eyes and wishes he could kiss her. She agrees and he puts out his hand for a handshake. When she takes it, he says it represents his pulling her in for a long, slow kiss. She rubs her thumb over the back of his hand and tells him the gesture represents her kissing him back and running her fingers through his hair. They stare at each other, gripping hands tightly, until Castle says his palm is starting to sweat and they part.

The next morning, Martha hugs Alexis in her dorm room and bids her good bye then steps outside, leaving Castle alone with his daughter. Seeing her sigh heavily, he moves to sit with her on her bed and reassures her that no matter what happens between him and Beckett, she will never replace his only child in his heart. Alexis denies she was worried about such a thing and confesses that she will miss being close to her father, even though she is only five miles away, and since being near him meant everything in her life would be OK. Castle assures her that everything will be fine, but if she needs him, he will come. He stands, kisses Alexis on the forehead and goes to leave, but Alexis stops him, asking if he will check under the bed like he used to. He does so and pronounces it monster-free, but promises that he’ll come running if one does show up. He kisses her again then leaves.

Outside, he tries to explain away his tears as allergies, but Martha sees through him and they hug tearfully. Seeing a woman pull something out of a backpack over Martha’s shoulder strikes Castle with an idea and he runs off, telling her to take a cab home.

He arrives at the precinct, breathlessly telling Beckett that whatever Wendy was searching for will be found in something that was in the storage unit and that would only have significance to twins. He enters Captain Gates’ office and finds one of her two ceramic dolls which were fashioned in the image of the Gemini twins from mythology. Before Beckett can stop him, he drops one on the floor to break it open, but finds it empty. Having heard the smash, Gates enters and is horrified at what Castle has done, angrily exclaiming that the doll he just broke was her own personal doll so Wendell could not have hidden anything in it. It then occurs to him that the item must be in the other doll, so he smashes that one and merely finds a glass eye and a USB drive inside.

Later on, As Gates sweeps up her office and casts Castle and furious eye, Beckett and the boys go through the photos of the accident of Wendell and Wendy’s parents. Ryan recalls how the Dupree’s car was rear-ended, sending it down an embankment and that authorities suspect that if the person responsible had helped them, they would have lived, but they fled the scene instead. Another photo from the scene is of a broken glass eye and Castle figures out that Wendell moved around so much because he was obsessed with finding who was responsible for his parents’ deaths. He broke into Angelica’s house in order to compare the glass eye from the accident scene to that owned by the person he suspected caused the accident.

At Angelica’s, she refuses to talk to Beckett her attorney present. Castle intercedes and dramatically declares that her butler did it, and points to Kirby. Beckett explains that he caused the accident that killed the Duprees, and when Wendell was hired and stole his glass eye, he killed him, then Wendy to keep the secret. Kirby defends himself, saying they can’t prove their accusation, but Beckett tells him the DNA found on the shell casing at Wendy’s crime scene matched that on the eye Wendell stole. Kirby sinks into a chair and confesses that he worked so hard to put the night of the Dupree’s death behind him and he figured he shouldn’t suffer since he couldn’t bring them back. Beckett arrests him for Wendy’s and Wendell’s murders and guess that the State of Pennsylvania will add two counts of vehicular manslaughter to the charges.

At the precinct, Beckett tells Gates that Kirby confessed to everything. She compliments Beckett, but glares at Castle before entering her office. He and Beckett return to her desk where he admits that he is content to wait for her to explain the story behind her stick man. She describes how, after her mother’s funeral, she and her father went to Coney Island and had a magical day walking on the beach and putting the man together from sticks and twine that washed up on shore.
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It stands as a reminder that even on the most miserable days the possibility of joy still exists. Castle is impressed and stands to leave. She asks if he’ll call her later and he extends his hand to her for another handshake and says he can’t wait, then leaves.

He arrives home to find three boxes Alexis has left behind, one of which includes a medal Castle gave to her when she learned to ride a bike. He fingers the medal lovingly, but Martha breaks his reverie, dramatically promising to continue to live with him so he will never be alone. Castle is flattered, but Martha says it is merely part of a parents’ sacrifice. She leaves him alone to sit and hold Alexis’ medal.


  • Victim: Wendy Dupree
    • Cause of Death: Gunshot wound

  • Victim: Wendell Dupree, a.k.a. Johann Fleming
    • Cause of Death: Hit by a subway train car

  • Victims: Mr. and Mrs. Dupree, parents of Wendy and Wendell
    • Cause of Death: Bled to death after their car crashed into an embankment

  • Perp: Kirby Smith
    • Motive: Guilt: He caused the accident that killed Wendy and Wendell's parents and when both siblings began digging into the accident, he killed them both to keep them quiet

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