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Season 8

Castle season 8 premiered on Monday, September 21, 2015 with a two-part story broadcast over two weeks, XY and XX.

General Plot[edit]

Beckett has been promoted to captain of the 12th precinct after Captain Gates herself is promoted to 1PP. On her first day of her new job, Beckett disappears and Castle becomes involved in a frantic chase to find her as it emerges that a mysterious hit team is targeting all the agents at the attorney-general's office in DC with whom Beckett briefly worked in Season 6.

Castle has set himself up properly as a PI again, on the grounds that Beckett will be going out on fewer cases than before, and Alexis lends a hand with cases. In his hunt for Beckett, Castle also encounters a mysterious former British police officer and now a freelance security specialist, Hayley Shipton.


Weird Crime Scenes[edit]