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Season 5

Season 5 of Castle is set to premiere on September 24, 2012. Originally, it was to include 23 episodes, but late in the season, ABC ordered one additional episode.

General Plot[edit]

As Castle and Beckett adjust to being a couple, obstacles loom in their path, including the conspiracy behind Beckett's mother's murder, attractive female reporters and handsome British cops, disagreeing parents, the hard-nosed Captain Gates, and their own personal doubts and fears. Meanwhile, Alexis begins college at Columbia University, Ryan and his wife work at having a baby, and Esposito and Lanie get back together.


  • Castle and Beckett uncover the identity of the man behind the conspiracy that killed her mother: Senator William Bracken. Beckett strikes a deal with him that she won't go public with what she knows about him if he promises to stop trying to kill her.
  • Beckett takes back her resignation and serves a suspension.
  • Ryan discovers that Castle and Beckett are together while they investigate a murder at his house in the Hamptons.
  • Castle is implicated in a murder which proves to be a set up by the serial killer, 3XK, leaving Beckett to fight to save his life and prove his innocence.
  • The team is featured in a documentary when the leader of an up-and-coming band is murdered.
  • Castle and Beckett introduce their parents to each other and become worried when they don't hit it off.
  • Alexis moves into her dorm room at Columbia University.
  • Castle and Beckett spend their first Christmas as a couple.
  • Castle's ex-wife, Meredith, visits to take care of a sick Alexis and plants doubt in Beckett's mind about the future of her new relationship.
  • Esposito takes care of a young boy who is connected to their latest victim and, to set him on the straight-and-narrow, shares a bit about his own past.
  • Beckett is forced to protect Senator Bracken when he becomes the target of an assassin.
  • Castle and Beckett spend their first Valentine's Day as a couple, with Beckett designating a drawer in her bedroom for him.
  • Alexis is kidnapped and Castle meets his father, a CIA spy going by the name Jackson Hunt.
  • Ryan must re-assume his identity as a drug runner in an Irish mob family, reuniting him with a former flame, to solve a murder.
  • Ryan and Jenny decide to try to have a baby, and eventually are successful.
  • Beckett rejects the advances of a wealthy, handsome businessman who is apparently the target of a killer.
  • Beckett is approached about a job with the U.S. Attorney General's office and takes the offer seriously, since Castle seems to be taking her for granted.
  • Castle agrees to let Alexis go on a trip to Costa Rica, despite misgivings about her safety.
  • Castle proposes to Beckett after finding out she kept her interview with the U.S. Attorney General's office from him.

Weird Crime Scenes[edit]

  • A woman is found tacked to her apartment ceiling.
  • The star of a cancelled science-fiction television show is murdered at a Comic Con.
  • Castle and Beckett find themselves wandering the streets of New York with a witness to a vicious murder, without a method of contacting anyone.
  • The team investigates the apparent death of Santa Clause when he falls from the sky and lands in a park.
  • A night club owner is strangled to death with a woman's brassiere.
  • The team investigate the death of two people who Castle fears are the victims of a cursed video.
  • A baker is found dead in a vat of cake batter.
  • Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a woman, who appears to have been killed by Bigfoot.
  • While investigating two bomb explosions, Beckett accidentally steps on a motion-sensitive bomb, requiring her to stay still while Castle recalls how their relationship started.
  • A man is killed when his car is blown up, apparently by a missile fired by an unmanned drone.
  • A woman is found floating in the water tower to a seedy motel.