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Season 1

Season 1 of Castle premiered on March 9, 2009. The season contained 10 episodes. Initially 13 were ordered but coming shortly after the writer's strike and at a time of budget cuts, Castle's order was reduced to 10 episodes.

The premiere garnered the highest number of viewers, with 11.6 million. Each episode came in lower in viewership week-by-week until Always Buy Retail, which had the lowest of the season. Fortunately, the show bounced back enough to be granted a second season.[1]

General Plot[edit]

After killing off his most successful character out of boredom, wealthy, handsome, and charming playboy murder mystery writer Richard Castle has a bad case of writer's block at the same time as intelligent, attractive, hard-nosed HYPD Homicide Detective Kate Beckett is investigating a series of murders she recognizes as copycat killings based on Castle's books. She invites him to consult on the case and as they work together, Castle is inspired to create a new character based on her then calls in a favor from his friend the Mayor of New York City to shadow Beckett and her team for research. While Castle is thrilled with the arrangement, Beckett is furious, calling him immature and uncontrollable. Nevertheless, a hint of romantic tension courses between both of them as the season progresses. Beckett's best friend, sassy Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, encourages her to act on it while Beckett's squad members, tough ex-military man Javier Esposito and his partner and perpetual butt-of-the-joke Irishman Kevin Ryan, tease her about it. Overseeing everything at the 12th precinct, is Beckett's mentor, the good-natured Captain Roy Montgomery. On the home front, Castle's ex-Broadway Diva mother, Martha Rodgers moves back in with her son and his overachieving, level-headed, and responsible teenaged daughter Alexis after a boyfriend steals all her money. Both women conspire to keep Castle's ego in check and his life in perspective.


  • Beckett reveals to Castle that she became a cop after her mother, Johanna Beckett, was murdered and the case went unsolved. Her father became an alcoholic, but recovered, so Beckett wears his watch on her wrist and her mother's ring on a chain around her neck to remember both. This is the only plot line that transcends all seasons.
  • Alexis gets her first kiss from a crush who asks her to a school dance.
  • Beckett reunites with an ex-boyfriend, FBI Agent Will Sorenson, to work a kidnapping case, and a competition for her attention ensues between him and Castle. He also reveals that Castle's books got Beckett through her grief after her mother died.
  • poker games at his loft, sometimes with other famous murder mystery writers, become a way for Castle to entertain his new friends and to sort through his confusion about homicide cases.
  • Castle begins bringing Beckett her favorite type of coffee, at first as a favor, then as a sign that he respects her and cares for her.
  • Castle reveals that his new character, based on Beckett, is named Nikki Heat.
  • Castle's first ex-wife, and Alexis' birth mother, returns and embarrasses Castle at every turn.
  • We also meet Castle's second ex-wife, Gina Cowell, who is also his publisher.
  • Castle offers to help Beckett look into her mother's case, but she threatens to end their partnership if he does, going on to say that trying to solve the case herself when she first joined the force almost ruined her.
  • The season ends when Castle finds a lead in Johanna Beckett's case and tells Beckett, who is stunned at his betrayal.

Weird Crime Scenes[edit]

  • A woman is stabbed to death, covered in red flower petals with large yellow flowers placed over her eyes.
  • A nanny is found stuffed in a clothes dryer.
  • The body of a New York City Councilman is found rolled up in a large rug
  • A woman is found frozen and hanging from a scaffold at a construction site
  • A wealthy woman is found stuffed in her mansion's wall safe with one of her fingers chopped off
  • A former environmental activist is found in a bathtub full of oil
  • A plastic surgeon is found in his car with a plastic bag over his head.


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