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Seamus Dever

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A veteran of stage, screen and television, actor Seamus Dever plays NYPD Homicide Detective Kevin Ryan on Castle, one of the detectives working with Detective Kate Beckett and partner of Detective Javier Esposito.

Seamus wasn't involved in the series' pilot, but came on later after the show was picked up and the producers did some recasting: "After they shot their pilot presentation, which was only 37 minutes long, they did some recasting and I think they wanted someone that would be John’s [sic] partner. They liked John [sic] but they didn’t have someone who was a match…was the right height…had a similar sensibility. Someone suggested "how about an Irish cop" and when I heard about it I jumped on it and did all I could to get in on it. That’s how it came about...They like to make fun of me some times that I came late to the party…'Oh, you weren’t there for the pilot, you missed such a great time.'" [1]

If not for Seamus' guest role in the series Ghost Whisperer he may not have been cast in Castle. The two shows share a casting director and, as a result of his guest role on the show, Seamus was on their "radar" when the role for Castle came up and was invited to audition[2].

He has become good friends with Jon Huertas, who plays Kevin Ryan's partner, Javier Esposito, as well as with the rest of the cast. About his friendship with Jon, he has said: "John and I get along really well. He and I have a relationship based on carpentry! We’re always talking about fixing up our homes a lot...And we both enjoy wine…we’ve gone up to the wine country and drank too much! John’s [sic] really cool. We have such a natural rapport that we fell into, which is great. Everyone thinks we’re constantly in character. They’ll observe a conversation that John [sic] and I are having and ask 'are you guys playing this out?' And we’re like, 'no, that’s just the way we talk. We’re not acting here.'...We know each other really well. We work together very fast…we have a short hand now for everything. It’s really amazing." In turn, Jon said of Seamus: "Seamus is probably the most loyal person that I’ve ever had in my life. I think that Seamus would probably do anything for me. He would jump in front of a train for me, in front of a bus for me. One of the most loyal people I’ve had in life, so we’ve become really good friends. I didn’t see it right away, we had to get to know each other, but I’m really glad that we did."[1] [3]

Regarding his Castle character, he says he "absolutely" can relate to him. "I relate to the idea of someone being the young guy on the team. There's something to learn from everybody. I like his sense of smartass-ness. That's just like me in real life. I think he's a lot closer to me than a lot of the characters I've played in my life."[4]


  • Born July 27, 1976 in Flint, Michigan[5]
  • Is a lifetime member of The Actor's Studio[5] and an experienced stage actor.
  • Started acting in school plays because his parents were teachers and the children of teachers were often called upon to fill children's roles in the school plays.[6]
  • Got his first professional acting gig around age 12. It was a small part in Camelot for which he was paid $150[6]
  • Graduated from Northern Arizona University Flagstaff in three years, then went on to graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University where he earned two master's degrees.[6]


He met his wife, Juliana, who plays Ryan's girlfriend/fiancee/wife Jenny, while he was working in a bookstore: "she came in. I hit on her. It worked," he jokes.[7] They married on May 27, 2006.[8] Regarding the scene in Nikki Heat where he proposes to her, he told TV Guide it "was probably the most truthful moment I've had on the show."[9] Additionally, co-stars Nathan Fillion and Jon Huertas "are always hitting on" Juliana to tease Seamus.[10]. The two got another wedding in the episode Til Death Do Us Part when Detective Ryan marries Jenny. Of shooting the episode, Stana Katic said: “I loved being able to see Juliana walk in with her wedding gown, because it was the kind of gown that she wanted when they were young actors getting married but they didn’t have the finances they needed to make the wedding as large as maybe it would have been in their dreams. This was a chance to kind of do a ‘second take,’ and it was fantastic to be a part of that real-life experience as well as that ‘movie-life’ experience.”[11]

Selected Television Roles[edit]

  • Dark Blue - Nick Perry, in episodes 2.9 and 2.10
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Adam Gilford/Drew Rich, in episodes 6.3 and 9.8
  • Ghost Whisperer - Rich Henderson, episode 4.4
  • Army Wives - Dr. Chris Ferlinghetti, in 7 episodes
  • Mad Men - Chuck, in episode 2.1
  • General Hospital - Dr. Ian Devlin, in 45 episodes
  • CSI: Miami - Paul Billings, in episode 5.23
  • NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service - Graham Thomas, in episode 4.3
  • CSI: NY - Charles Cooper, in episode 2.18
  • Charmed - Mitchell Haines, in episode 7.19
  • JAG - Caden Duran, in episode 10.17
  • Cold Case - Hank Dempsey, in episode 2.4
  • Without a Trace - Ronald Phelps, in episode 2.9
  • Crossing Jordan - Tom Murch, in episode 1.6

Selected Film Roles[edit]

  • Hollywoodland (2006) - Phillip



  • Along with Castle co-star Stana Katic, started an initiative called The Alternative Travel Project, which promotes environmentally-friendly modes of transportation by encouraging people to travel using means other than a car.
  • Is a vegetarian.[5]
  • In the season 2 Halloween episode Vampire Weekend, Ryan attends a Halloween party at Castle's loft dressed in blue surgical scrubs and a white lab coat as a nod to his character from General Hospital.
  • Watches TV shows The Borgias, Modern Family, and Dexter.[12]
  • Would like to have The Borgias star Colm Feore guest star on Castle as Detective Ryan's father.[4]
  • Is a fan of the cartoon Voltron.[13]
  • Growing up was a big fan of Robert Picardo, so he was shocked when Picardo guest starred on Castle and asked for an autograph from him and Jon Huertas.[6]
  • Would love to play Jake Giddies from Chinatown if a sequel is ever made[6]. It is also his favorite movie of all time.[14]
  • Worked for a time at a prestigious theater company in Russia[6]
  • Prior to being cast on Castle he had never met any of his castmates, except Susan Sullivan, with whom he did a reading (auditioned for a part). And Stana Katic had seen him a play.[15]
  • As of the beginning of 2012, his favorite Castle episodes are Kick the Ballistics, Cuffed, and Sucker Punch while his favorite guest star was Eddie Shinn, who played Johnny Vong in Sucker Punch.[16]
  • His favorite cartoon is Rocky and Bullwinkle[17]


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