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Ruben Santiago-Hudson

Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Captain Montgomery, © 2009-2010 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

A respected actor on stage and screen, Ruben Santiago-Hudson played NYPD Captain Roy Montgomery, commander of the 12th precinct and mentor to Detective Kate Beckett until the end of season 3 when his character was killed.

Co-star Jon Huertas said of Ruben after he left the show: "He kinda had this wisdom about him that he shared with us on set a lot. And he was the type of guy that we could go to." Added Seamus Dever: "We liked to call him the only adult on set." [1] Stana Katic called him "a dear friend" and "A phenomenal man, father, writer, director, Tony Award Winning actor, role model and my dear Captain. Every once in a while, you encounter an actor, a talent that can serve as mentor and friend... Someone whose experience and character serve as a source of wisdom and inspiration in the creative and professional. Ruben is that actor for me on the set of Castle".[2]

When talking about what drives him, he said "I'm driven by things that mean something to me...I'm driven by: will this make a difference in people's lives? And in people's perceptions of each other? Will this make a difference of the distorted images that I see of my people all the time? Will this make us all see clearer, the contributions, the beauty, the humanity of my people. And it kind of turns people off in Hollywood and I've been accused of having an agenda. And I guess they're right to a certain extent, because what I would love for us all as people to come together, closer, all of us from every background, and I think I can help do that. I think art is transcending...that's what drives me, excites me, and it makes me feel that I have purpose."[2]


Tony-Award winner Ruben Santiago-Hudson was born November 24, 1956 in Lackawanna, New York. His mother is African-American and his father is Puerto Rican and was a railroad worker.

He began acting around the second grade when a teacher wanted to channel the energy he had and put him in a play. Eventually he fell in love with the attention he got in the theater since he didn't get that kind of attention from his mother, who was going through a rough time.

He put his experiences growing up in Lackawanna into his one-man show Lackawanna Blues, which Ruben wrote and in which he portrayed over 20 different characters. He later adapted the play for a highly-acclaimed 2005 HBO special which was nominated for an Emmy and a Writers Guild of America Award.

In 1996, he won a Tony Award as Best Actor in a Featured Role in a Play for Seven Guitars. His best friend the late Gregory Hines took him out before the ceremony to get a tuxedo and was there to congratulate him on his win.[2] Despite his film and television career, he considers the theater his first love.

He is married to Jeannie Santiago and has four children. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball.[2]

Other Projects[edit]

As of May, 2010, Ruben has the following projects in development:[2]

  • Writing a play called Your Blues Ain't Sweet Like Mine
  • Directing two plays in New York
  • Writing a pilot he plans to pitch in L.A. about the first black police commissioner in Philadelphia
  • Retained the rights to a movie he wrote and sold to HBO 5 years ago called Love in the Driest Season. Actor Taraji Henson has agreed to play the lead role

Theater Work[edit]

  • Buddy Bolden in Jelly's Last Jam
  • Wrote and portrayed various characters in Lackawanna Blues
  • Seven Guitars
  • Ricky Roma in Glengarry Glen Ross

Selected Television Appearances[edit]

  • Law and Order - Attorney Winters (6 episodes)
  • Canterbury's Law" - Judge Joe Stanley (1 episode)
  • Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit - Carols Guzman (1 episode)
  • All My Children - Dr. Zeke McMillan #1 (unknown episodes)
  • Third Watch - Det. Wolfort (1 episode)
  • The West Wing - Morris Tolliver (1 episode)
  • Touched by an Angel - Dr. Joe (1 episode)
  • Spawn - Jess Chapel (7 episodes)
  • Early Edition - Emmett Brown (2 episodes)
  • New York Undercover - Johnny (2 episodes)
  • Gargoyles - Gabriel (3 episodes)
  • NYPD Blue - Otis (2 episodes)
  • Dear John - Curtis (4 episodes)
  • Another World - Billy Cooper #1 (unknown episodes)
  • Life Goes On - Mr. Serno (1 episode)
  • Amen - Fireman (1 episode)

Selected Filmography[edit]

  • The Invention of Lying - Landlord (2009)
  • Long Island Confidential (TV) - Calvin Burke (2008)
  • American Gangster - Doc (2007)
  • Mr. Brooks - Hawkins (2007)
  • Lackawanna Blues - Freddie Cobbs (2005)
  • The Red Sneakers (TV) - Uncle Joe (2002)
  • American Tragedy (TV) - Christopher Darden (2000)
  • Shaft - Jimmy Groves (2000)
  • The Devil's Advocate - Leamon Heath (1997)
  • Bleeding Hearts - Todd (1994)
  • Blown Away - Blanket (1994)
  • Coming to America - Street Hustler (1988)

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