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Rob Hanning

Rob Hanning joined Castle in season 4, making his debut with Demons and going on to write several significant episodes in the series, including Castle and Beckett's engagement in Valkyrie, the flashback episode Still and the conclusion to the Johanna Beckett story arc, Veritas, in season 6 (with Terence Paul Winter). He became an executive producer of the show in season 7 and will continue as one for season 8, having previously held that role on several shows, including Frasier.


Primary Writer on:

Additional Credits[edit]

  • Detroit 1-8-7 - consulting producer and writer
  • Courting Alex - creator, executive producer and writer
  • 8 Simple Rules - co-executive producer and writer
  • Hope & Faith - executive producer
  • Malcolm in the Middle - co-executive producer and writer
  • Frasier - executive producer, co-executive producer, co-producer, supervising producer and writer