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© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Basic Details[edit]

Season 4, Episode 1 (59)

Original Air Date - September 19, 2011


Nothing is the same as Beckett, who barely survives being shot, returns to the precinct, intent upon solving her own shooting and her mother's murder, despite the fact that her new hard-nosed, by-the-book Captain Victoria Gates, has shut down the investigation. She reunites with Castle, with whom she cut off contact during her recovery, and he helps her get back into the job, despite worries from Alexis who now fears for her Dad's life. As Castle and Beckett go behind Gates' back and investigate the case, both hold onto to separate secrets that if discovered by the other could have disastrous consequences.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

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Jim Beckett: Stop it! All of you, just stop it! I won’t have you acting like three year olds while my daughter is fighting for her life.

Castle: He’s right, you know. This is my fault.
Martha: Richard Castle, don’t you dare blame yourself. You are not the one who shot her.
Castle: No, but I put her in the crosshairs.

Esposito: I don’t know about you, bro, but home is the last place I’m going. Not until we catch the sonuvabitch who did this.
Ryan: Right behind you.

Castle: If this guy’s some pro for hire he could be halfway to Cuba by now.
Esposito: Then we’ll go to Cuba and find his ass.

Beckett: You’re staring at me. I must look really bad.
Castle: No. I just never thought I’d see you again.

Beckett: I hear that you tried to save me.
Castle: Yeah, I, uh…you heard? You don’t remember me tackling you?
Beckett: No, I don’t remember much of anything. I, um, remember the podium, then I remember everything just going black.
Castle: You don’t remember…the gunshot?
Beckett: No.

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Ryan: Hey, Beckett. What are you doing here? Didn't think you’d be back until next week.
Beckett: Yeah, well. Two months of listening to crickets in my Dad’s cabin was drving me nuts.
Esposito: It’s ok. You don’t have to make excuses. We know you missed us. That’s why you couldn’t stay away.
Beckett: Shut up.

Gates: If my mother drops by, you can call her ma’am. Call me sir or Captain.

Gates: My precinct is no place for vendettas. Do we understand each other?
Beckett: (to Esposito and Ryan) I want my gun!

Cop: Vic’s sister identified him as a Dale Landers.
Ryan: Hmm, drummer for Particle Equation. They’ve been dating for six months. People Magazine, what?

Beckett: Kate. You can make it out to Kate.

Beckett: Castle, wait.
Castle: I did, for three months. You never called.
Beckett: Look, I know you’re angry…
Castle: You’re damn right I’m angry. I watched you die in that ambulance, did you know that? You know what that’s like? Watching the life drain out of someone you…someone care about.
Beckett: I told you I needed some time.
Castle: You said a few days.
Beckett: Well, I needed more.
Castle: You should have said that.
Beckett: Castle, look, I couldn’t call you. Ok? Not without dragging myself into everything that I was just trying to get some space from. I needed some time to just work through everything.
Castle: Josh help you with that?
Beckett: We broke up.

Beckett: I really, really liked him…but that wasn’t enough. After my mother was killed, something inside me changed. It’s like I built up this wall inside. I don’t know, I guess I just didn’t want to hurt like that again. I know I’m not gonna be able to be the kind of person that I wanna be, I know I’m not gonna…I’m not gonna be able to have the kind of relationship that I want until that wall comes down. And it’s not gonna happen ‘til I put this thing to rest.
Castle: Then I suppose we’re just gonna have to find these guys and take them down. Doesn’t mean I’m not still mad.

Beckett: We have to read that report. It’s just there’s one problem.
Castle: What?
Beckett: How are you gonna help if Gates kicked you out?
Castle: I only let her kick me out because there was no reason to stay.
Beckett: Oh.
Castle: She’ll take me back.

Gates: Detective?
Beckett: Yes?
Gates: You or that pal there, embarrass me like that again, I will bury you.

Beckett: Showing her up with the Mayor? You might as well have beaten a beehive with a bat.
Castle: Worked didn’t it? Besides it sure was great seeing her face twitch like that.

Esposito: You ready for this?
Beckett: You’re kidding right?

Beckett: I’m out of line? I’m not the one who falsified that report.
Halstead: Get out of my station.
Beckett: Who set that fire? Who had you cover it up?!
Halstead: Get out!
Beckett: You tell them that I’m coming after them! And you tell them, that I’ll find them!

Beckett: It wasn’t an accident. I know it wasn’t an accident.
Castle: You can’t know that.
Beckett: I can because if this was an accident then I’ve got nowhere to start. If this was an accident, then I’ve got nothing. The guy who shot me is gone, Dick Coonan, gone, Hal Lockwood, gone, Montgomery, gone, my Mom, everybody is gone Castle.

Martha: You are not gonna change her, Richard. She’s gonna keep going out there and she’s gonna keep digging.
Castle: Not if I stop her. She’ll listen to me. I can steer her away.
Martha: For how long?
Castle: I’m not gonna lost her again.

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Alexis: You act like this is all about her, but you were standing right next to her. You could have been shot. Hell, I could have been shot.
Castle: That’s why I have to do this. Make sure they stay away.
Alexis: Yeah? You need to grow up, Dad. You’re a writer not a cop. Stop pretending.

Castle: Do you remember what you told me the first time I brought up your mother’s case? That if you got started again, you wouldn’t stop. That it would probably destroy you.
Beckett: Yeah well, I didn’t have any leads then.
Castle: You don’t have any now.
Beckett: Look, Castle, I got a little emotional last night. I’m…I’m fine.
Castle: No, you’re not. And you know you’re not. Been back here three days you’re already in a free fall. I’m not telling you to walk away, I’m just saying give it time. You know, just until you get your bearings again.
Beckett: How am I supposed to get my bearings when someone out there wants me dead?
Castle: By not letting them rob you of your life. I promise you, we will figure this out. We’re gonna find them and we’re gonna make them pay...just not today.
Beckett: Castle, if I don’t do this, I don’t know who I am.
Castle: You’re who you always were. You’re the one who honors the victims. You’re the one who can bring Sonia’s family some peace.

Castle: When they came home, they thought they were alone.
Beckett: Meanwhile, while they’re out of the room, the killer slips out, spikes their drinks, and then slips back into his hiding place where he…
Castle: Or she…
Beckett: Waits for them to pass out.
Esposito: Literally lying in wait.
Ryan: That’s creepy.
Beckett: And then a couple of hours later, he slips out again, grabs the pillow and bam, and then he…
Castle: Or she…
Beckett: Wipes the gun clean and puts it into Dale’s hand.
Castle: He wakes up. He panics. He runs. All the while, our killer bides his time, waiting until the body is discovered before he makes his…
Beckett: Or her…
Castle: Escape.

Castle: So how’s it feel?
Beckett: It’s not enough…but it’s enough for now. Thank you for having my back in there.
Castle: That’s what partners are for. Oh and hey, we’ll figure it out. That wall inside won’t be there forever.

Castle: You’re right. I do need to grow up. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. Everything that’s happened, happened because of me. And I need to be there for her. I owe her that.

Alexis: Does she make you happy?
Castle: Yes, she does.
Alexis: Is it enough?
Castle: It’s enough for now.
Alexis: Okay.

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Castle: Okay.
Alexis: Dad, don’t grow up too much, okay?
Castle: Hey, it’s me we’re talking about.

Dr. Burke: What’s on your mind?
Beckett: I don’t even know where to start.
Dr. Burke: Why don’t we start with the shooting. Is any of it coming back to you?
Beckett: I lied…before.
Dr. Burke: What do you remember?
Beckett: I remember everything.


  • Tamala Jones said, of the opening scene where Lanie begs Beckett not to die: "That was a very exhausting day for me. I'm not one of those actresses that could just cry when somebody says 'Okay, action! Tears!'...So I had to be in a very sad, sad place the whole day. I didn't joke around. I didn't get to laugh, which is not like us at Castle, because we're laughing in between takes. I had to stay in the moment the whole time and I hope that it paid off."[1]
  • When Castle goes to visit Beckett in the hospital, about nine minutes into the episode, Mr Smith surreptitiously passes by him dressed as a doctor.

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Paramedics rush Detective Kate Beckett, unconscious and bleeding, into the emergency room with her best friend, Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, perched on top of her begging her to live and holding her hands to Beckett’s gunshot wound to staunch the bleeding. A doctor catches up to them and takes over Beckett’s care, leaving Lanie distraught. Richard Castle catches up to her as she breaks down.

Beckett is wheeled into an ER suite where her boyfriend, surgeon Josh Davidson, meets her and realizes his girlfriend is his new patient when he takes off her oxygen mask. He asks for another doctor to be paged since he cannot work on Beckett and goes to work. He sews up some of her wounds before the other doctor, a Doctor Kovacs, arrives.

Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito arrive in the ER furiously barking orders to other cops into their cell phones. Lanie joins them and collapses into her boyfriend Esposito’s arms, while Ryan tells Castle their shooter has disappeared. Esposito puts in that they did recover the weapon, which is favored by military Special Forces. Castle’s mother, Martha Rodgers, and daughter, Alexis arrive and hug Castle. Lastly, Beckett’s father Jim appears wanting to know where his daughter is.

Josh exits the ER suite and angrily confronts Esposito and the group of Beckett’s friends about how she could have been shot by a sniper at the funeral for Captain Roy Montgomery. Esposito guesses it had to do with Beckett’s mother’s murder case and Castle tells him he tried to save her, but Josh is not pacified and shoves Castle roughly against a wall. Castle makes to retaliate, but Ryan holds him back as Esposito does the same for Josh, who blames Beckett’s shooting and Montgomery’s death on Castle. Alexis defends her father fiercely before Jim Beckett steps in and reminds them to stop fighting while Beckett could be dying.

Dr. Kovacs discovers that the bullet nicked a ventricle in Beckett’s heart and the resultant bleeding is compressing her heart, making it harder for it to pump. As he repairs the damage, Beckett’s heart begins beating abnormally and Dr. Kovacs uses a defibrillator to shock it into a normal rhythm. On his second attempt, Beckett’s heart stops.

Josh stalks away as Castle despondently tells Martha that he blames himself for Beckett being shot. He also tells her how he finally told Beckett he loved her. A little later, Dr. Kovacs emerges from surgery and tells Jim Beckett that while his daughter did go into cardiac arrest, they brought her back and she made it through surgery fine. He tells everyone, save Jim, to go home, but Ryan and Esposito refuse in determination to find who tried to kill Beckett. Martha tells Castle to go with them.

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At the precinct, Esposito shows Ryan and Castle the sniper’s gun. He goes onto say that the Department of Defense told him that the gun had been issued to a Navy SEAL who was killed in action seven years ago. His body was recovered, but not his gun. Ryan adds that a number of the cops that were questioned said they noticed a man in a groundskeeper’s uniform take cover behind a tree after the shooting, but the cemetery groundskeeping staff said nobody should have been in the area. Esposito guesses he disappeared during the melee after the shooting. Castle says if the guy was a hired assassin, he could have left the country by now, and Esposito vows to go anywhere to find him. Castle recalls how Montgomery said that his sacrificing himself would put an end to the danger, so he can’t figure out why Beckett would have been targeted.

In another part of town, a man named Smith retrieves his mail and finds a large manila envelope sent to him by Montgomery.

The next morning, Castle awakens in the precinct, having fallen asleep at a desk. His cell phone rings and he answers.

Later on, he approaches the entrance to the ward where Beckett is recovering carrying a bouquet of flowers. He enters and finds Josh visiting Beckett, who despite looking weak and pale, greets him warmly. Josh kisses Beckett and leaves, but not without giving Castle an icy stare. At first, Castle can only stare at Beckett, and when she asks him about it, he says he simply never thought he’d see her again. He adds his flowers to the bouquets others have brought and sits in a chair next to Beckett’s bed. Beckett jokes that since most of the people visiting when she woke up were from the precinct that she’ll never live the shooting down and Castle agrees. She then says someone told her how Castle tried to save her from being shot and Castle is surprised that she doesn’t remember his tackling her. She says all she remembers is standing at the podium and nothing afterwards. She goes on to say how the memory of Montgomery lying dead haunts her and that he should have let her help him the night he died. Castle insists that Beckett would have been killed too, but she disagrees. She then ends the discussion saying she is tired. Castle stands up to leave, promising to talk to her tomorrow. Beckett tells him she needs space and agrees to call him when she’s ready to see him again. He agrees and leaves.

That night, Smith rifles through the file sent to him by Montgomery that includes photos of Johanna Beckett, John Raglan, and Castle, and old police case files. He also studies newspaper accounts of Beckett’s shooting. He grows angry and places a call to the U.S. Capitol.

Months later, Beckett is applauded as she apprehensively returns to work. Ryan and Esposito greet her, saying they didn’t she’d be back until next week. Beckett says that spending two months at her Dad’s cabin had her going a little crazy, but Esposito teases her about missing them. Beckett jokingly tells him to shut up and asks for an update on her shooting. Both tell her how the shooter has disappeared and facial recognition and license plates gleaned from surveillance cameras resulted in no leads. The DNA extracted off the gun didn’t match anyone in the system. Ryan asks if Castle had filled her in on the details and she reveals that she hasn’t spoken to him since the shooting because she needed space. The guys tell her how Castle spent most of the summer in the precinct working on the case, before the new Captain, Victoria Gates, kicked him out. Ryan tells Beckett that Gates came from Internal Affairs, is nicknamed “Iron” Gates, and is as “by the book” as they come. Realizing the Castle and Beckett haven’t communicated in months, Ryan prompts Esposito, who tells Beckett how Castle thought he discovered a money trail to the guy who ordered the hit on Beckett’s mother, but the bank Montgomery and his partners were using to stash their money closed down. Gates shut down the investigation before they could locate the bank records and since they had no new leads on the sniper who tried to killed Beckett. They never told her about the bank records since it would implicate Montgomery in the conspiracy.

Beckett enters Gates’ office, introduces herself, and presents her with her psychological evaluation that indicates that she is ready to return to duty. Gates congratulates her on being the youngest woman to make detective, having beaten her by six weeks, and returns her badge to her, but refuses to give her gun back until she requalifies as a proficient shooter, per regulations. Beckett asks about her case and Gates explains how she shut it down for a lack of new evidence. Beckett respectfully requests that she take a shot at it, and Gates staunchly refuses, saying her precinct is no place for vendettas despite whatever Montgomery may have allowed.

Back at her desk, Beckett expresses her frustration at not being given her gun and the guys agree, but say it isn’t a big deal. She asks for the bank files, but Ryan says Castle has them so Gates wouldn’t find them in the precinct. He continues, saying things are different under her and they need to be much more careful or they could lose their badges. Ryan’s cell phone rings and he steps away to answer it, leaving Beckett to tell Esposito how she has no plans to get caught looking into her shooting. Ryan says they got a new murder and invites Beckett to join them, but she refuses.

At the crime scene, Ryan says that if Beckett keeps pushing, all of them could lose their jobs. Esposito says she could also lose her life. They notice drugs and alcohol nearby where the body was found and Lanie chimes in to give her report: victim is Sonia Gilbert who Ryan recognizes as a notorious party girl. Lanie says she was shot multiple times in the chest and that the killer used a pillow as a suppressor. Ryan observes that given the cause of death, it’s a good thing Beckett didn’t join them, to which Lanie expresses surprise that Beckett is back since they haven’t spoken in weeks. A uniformed cop tells them the apartment’s alarm system was activated around 10p.m. the night before after Gilbert and her boyfriend were seen returning to the apartment and it wasn’t deactivated until 9a.m. this morning, around the time the boyfriend was seen leaving. Lanie estimates the time of death to be between 3 and 4 a.m., indicating to Esposito that the boyfriend, Dale Landers, could be the killer. Ryan recognizes Landers as the drummer in a heavy metal band. Esposito orders an APB on Landers and they head for the exit. Ryan observes how Castle would have liked this case and wonders if Beckett can convince Gates to let him come back. Esposito doubts he’ll want to since Beckett cut off contact with him.

Castle is in the middle of a book signing for his latest Nikki Heat book, Heat Rises and tries to put on a good face, but cannot help but be reminded of his anger over Beckett cutting off contact. To his surprise, she arrives and asks him to sign her book. She waits for him to finish the signing and tries to talk to him, but he refuses saying he waited long enough to hear from her. He goes on to say how upsetting it was for him to watch her die in the ambulance and she says she couldn’t talk to him because he would have reminded her of everything she needed to get away from. Castle asks if Josh helped her and she says they broke up.

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They continue talking while sitting on a swing set at a nearby playground. They make small talk about the book before Castle asks why she and josh broke up. Beckett confesses that her liking him a lot wasn’t enough because she figured out she built up a wall inside when her mom died and now realizes that she can only have the relationship she wants and be the person she wants to be, once the wall comes down and her mother’s murder is solved. Castle, despite being still mad, agrees to help her and says that the bank files were destroyed in a warehouse fire. Beckett says they need to read the report of the fire investigator to be sure it wasn’t altered or that the fire was accidental. Castle doubts this, but Beckett is insistent and wonders how he’s going to help her if Gates won’t let him back in the precinct. Castle says he only left because there was no reason for him to stay and is confident she will let him return.

The next day Castle and Beckett wait to speak to Gates while she takes an angry phone call from the Mayor who insists she let Castle come back. She is furious that he went over her head and lets him come back, but promises no leeway if he makes a mistake. He leaves and Gates starts in Beckett, threatening to “bury” her if she and Castle pull a similar stunt. Beckett agrees and presents the paper target from the shooting range with all several bulls-eyes as proof of her requalification to have her gun back.

She joins Castle outside and is amused at his tactics to get Gates to change her mind. He says he enjoyed watching her face twitch and both join Ryan at the murder board. He says Dale Landers is still unaccounted for. Castle asks about a motive and Ryan guesses that since Gilbert and Landers had been fighting recently, that Landers killed her when she wanted to break up with him. Esposito’s whispers from nearby interrupt them. They retreat to a secluded corner of the precinct where Esposito hands over the fire inspector’s report on the warehouse fire while Ryan watches for Gates. Beckett notices that the fire broke out three weeks after her mom’s murder, which they all doubt is a coincidence. Castle suspects that someone set the fire to destroy evidence and the link to her mom’s killer, but Beckett says the investigator ruled the fire an accident. They all agree that the report could have been altered and Castle suggests they speak to him since Esposito says he is still alive. Gates breaks up their discussion by calling for Ryan, Esposito, and Beckett that their APB on Dale Landers registered a hit at the band’s practice garage. Beckett tells Castle to hide the file and heads out with the guys.

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At the warehouse, Esposito checks with Beckett that she is ready to go in and she assures him she is. He agrees, but says he and Ryan will be the first in. They, including Castle, burst in and Ryan and Esposito quickly corral Landers’ bandmates, leaving Beckett to chase after the fleeing Landers. She corners him at a locked door, but he pulls a gun on her and she freezes. Her breathing increases and she cannot bring herself to aim at him or even speak, instead focusing on the barrel aimed at her chest. Ryan and Esposito finally arrive to take him into custody as Ryan notices Landers’ gun is the same caliber as that which killed Gilbert, but Landers says it isn’t his. They fail to notice that Beckett has trouble reholstering her gun because her hand is shaking.

Later, at the precinct, Castle and Beckett watch from an observation room as Ryan and Esposito try to get Landers to confess. Castle confronts Beckett about her freezing up and her shaky hands, but she confidently insists she is fine and that it won’t happen again. She gets up to leave, saying she wants to continue looking into her mom’s case and he follows her.

In interrogation, Ryan and Esposito confront Landers with their evidence, but he insists he didn’t kill her. He admits to returning to Gilbert’s apartment with her, but says he blacked out at some point and when he woke up he found her dead and himself holding the gun. Esposito and Ryan both doubt how he could have slept through the firing of six gunshots, but he refuses to crack. A little later, Ryan and Esposito brief Gates on the case, and she tells them to tell the DA to file charges of first degree murder. They go to carry out her order, but she stops them, asking where Castle and Beckett went. Ryan fumbles, but Esposito says they are verifying eyewitness accounts since it is a high-profile case and want to be sure no mistakes are made. Gates is dubious, but goes along.

At a fire station where Rod Halstead is Captain, Halstead reviews the file on the warehouse fire and recalls that it was due to faulty wiring. He says the file hasn’t been altered and denies omitting anything. Castle goes to leave, but Beckett accuses Halstead of bowing to pressure and deliberately leaving information out of the report. Halstead tells her she is out of line, but she accuses him of falsifying the report. Halstead throws her out as Beckett angrily demands to know who set the fire and who had him cover it up. Castle leads her away as she tells Halstead to let whoever he is covering for know that she is on their case. Outside the station, Beckett insists Halstead is lying and Castle keeps his doubts to himself. Beckett calls Esposito and asks him to pull everything he can find on Halstead and send it to her apartment.

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Back at precinct, Ryan and Esposito watch Landers confer with his lawyers in an interrogation room. Esposito tells Ryan that Beckett wants background on Halstead and indicates that her meet with him didn’t go well. Ryan expresses his confusion as to why Landers would hang around for six hours after her killed Sonia Gilbert, if he is their killer. Esposito says he doubts anything Landers did that night was rational, but Ryan worries that if he is asking questions, the jury will do the same.

That night at Beckett’s apartment, Castle reviews Halstead’s file which indicates he is a brave and decorated firefighter, unlikely to have to gotten himself involved in anything shady. Beckett says they’ve been surprised before, so Castle tries to connect Halstead to Montgomery or the other deceased cops he was kidnapping mobsters with, Gary McAllister and john Raglan, but can’t since the cops’ backgrounds show no connection to Halstead. Beckett speculates that he could have a target of opportunity because he needed money, but Castle says his financial records don’t bear that out. He suggests that Halstead is a dead end that the fire was an accident. Beckett is unmoved saying it can’t be an accident because if it is, she has no more avenues to investigate. She then grows emotional as she lists all the people who she could talk to about the case who have either disappeared or been killed, including her mother, calling them all “gone.”

That night at his loft, Castle continues to review the case, but is interrupted by Alexis who wonders why he wasn’t home for dinner. He simply says he was working and she correctly guesses that he was with Beckett. Alexis recalls how he said he wasn’t going to back to the precinct and he begins to tell her how it’s just for the one case, but she refuses to hear him out and walks off, saying leftovers are in the kitchen. His phone rings and he answers to find Smith on the other end. He identifies himself as a friend of Montgomery’s and says they have to talk.

The next morning in his office Castle tells Martha how Smith said he received files from Montgomery that if made public would hurt some very powerful people and that he and Montgomery were using the files to keep Montgomery’s family and Beckett safe. He didn’t receive them until the day after Beckett was shot and can protect her as long as she backs off from her investigation. If she doesn’t he can’t guarantee her safety. Martha says he has to tell Beckett, but Castle says if he does, she’ll go straight for him and risk getting herself killed anyway and he does not want to lose her again. He further believes that he can convince her to back off. He steps into the loft living room where Alexis confronts him again with prolonging his involvement with Beckett. Castle tells her not to reveal what she obviously overheard and that he has to help Beckett to keep her and all of them safe. Alexis reminds him how he, or herself or Martha could have been shot and tells Castle to grow up and stop pretending he is a cop.

At the precinct, Castle brings Beckett her usual coffee and sees she is reviewing the file of the warehouse fire. Castle reminds her of how when he first brought up her mom’s case, she said she wouldn’t stop and that it would probably destroy her. She says she didn’t have any leads at the time, but Castle says she still doesn’t. Beckett tries to change the subject by apologizing for getting emotional the night before and maintains she is fine. Castle refuses to accept this and asks her to step away from the case to give it to time. He promises to help her find the people behind the conspiracy and to make them pay, but says it won’t happen today. Beckett says she doesn’t know who she is if she back off, and Castle tells her she’s the same person she always was: someone who fights for the victim so their family can have peace.

She reluctantly asks Ryan and Esposito for an update on the case and they say that CSU found traces of barbiturates on the wine glasses in Sonia Gilbert’s apartment, meaning she and Landers were drugged after they got there. Castle and the guys insist that since nobody entered or left the apartment between 10p.m. and 9a.m. that Landers has to be the shooter, but Beckett wonders if the killer could have been there the whole time, just in hiding.

At the murder scene, Castle, Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito do a walk through, reviewing everything they know. Castle and Beckett built the theory that the killer hid when Landers and Gilbert got home, waited to them to leave the room, spiked their drinks, and returned to his hiding place where he waited for them to pass out. He then shoots Gilbert and puts the gun in Landers’ hand to frame him. Landers wakes up, finds the body, panics and runs off while the killer is still there and escapes after Landers leaves. Castle looks under the blood-soaked mattress where Gilbert’s body was found and sees that blood has seeped through it and onto the floor, but a good amount of it is missing from under the bed, as if something else caught it. Castle uses a blue light and finds a fingerprint on the mattress frame.

Back at the precinct, Ryan matches the fingerprint to Landers’ band mate Mitch Yancey. The gang heads back to the band’s rehearsal space, once again with Ryan and Esposito ahead of Beckett of Castle. They disappear to search for Yancey, leaving Castle and Beckett alone. Yancey suddenly appears and aims a gun straight at Beckett, demanding that she let him go. She begins to freeze, but Castle encourages her, she finds her voice, holds her ground, and is able to get him to drop the gun so she can arrest him.

Later, the group fills Gates in the arrest, saying that Gilbert had been cheating on Landers with Yancey for over a year and when he wanted them to break up, she ended the relationship with Yancey, so he killed her and framed Landers. Gates tells them to cut Landers lose and says she’ll brief the press. Castle asks Beckett how it feels to have made an arrest, and she says while it isn’t what she’d hoped for, it’s enough for the moment. She thanks him for helping her out and he responds that it’s what partners are for. She goes to leave and Castle reminds her that they’ll figure the case out so her walls won’t be up forever.

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That night at his loft, Castle approaches Alexis as she works on homework. He agrees that he needs to grow up, but says he has to keep working with Beckett to make up for everything that he caused to happen and because he owes it to Beckett. Alexis asks if Beckett makes him happy and he says she does which is enough for him for the time being. Alexis admits she is fine, but cautions her father against growing up too much. He kisses her and reminds her that “it’s me we’re talking about,” and heads into his office. He closes the double doors behind him and brings up the electronic screen where he plots out his books to reveal his own murder board for Johanna Beckett’s case.

In another part of town, an emotionally shaken Beckett meets with the NYPD psychologist, saying he must be surprised to see her since she passed her psychological evaluation already. He says everyone is different and asks what is on her mind. She answers that there is so much that she doesn’t know where to start. He suggests they begin with the shooting and she admits she lied before, saying she remembers everything that happened, including Castle’s “I love you.”

Filming Locations[edit]

  • Playground scene: Grand Hope Park, Downtown Los Angeles


  • Sonia Gilbert: notorious party girl
  • Cause of death: several gun shot wounds to the chest

  • Killer: Mitch Yancey, bandmate of Sonia's boyfriend
  • Motive: jealousy: Sonia had been seeing Mitch behind her boyfriend's back and when Mitch asked her to break up with him, she dumped Mitch instead, so he killed her and tried to frame her boyfriend for the crime.


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