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Richard Castle Timeline

The Early Years

  • Age 10-11: Martha was in a touring company for A Chorus Line and Castle almost had to repeat 5th grade. (need reference)
  • Prior to age 14: Castle (Richard Alexander Rogers at that time – see age 18) attends various private schools
    • HEDGE – Castle: “I’ve been kicked out of all of New York’s finer educational institutions at least once.”
    • NAIL – Damien “Remember when you first came to Edgewick?... I was the one that told them to give you a chance.”)
  • Age 14: (8th-9th grade) Castle sent to Edgewick Academy. He is already writing. Castle receives first encouragement to be a writer from editor.
    • From NAIL
Castle: When I was 14, my mom sent me to Edgewick Academy. I was homesick and I didn’t have any friends so I wrote about it. One day I submitted a story to the literary magazine and Damian Westlake was the editor.
Beckett: …and he published it.
Castle: More than that. He called me down to his office, he sat me down and he said, ‘Ricky, you have a great talent.’ No one had ever said anything like that to me before. Damian encouraged me he critiqued me. He always made me to dig a little deeper. Without him I’m a lawyer, I’m a grifter, I’m a rodeo clown, but I am not a writer. Without him, I’m not me.”
  • Age 18? Castle changes his name from Richard Alexander Rogers to Richard Edgar Castle – Edgar for Edgar Allen Poe
    • Castle in HE’S DEAD – “My given name is Richard Alexander Rogers
    • In ROSE – Kyra refers to him as Rick Castle so he had already changed his name

College Years

  • Age 18-19: (Freshman/Sophomore year college) Castle meets Kyra in college and where together for 3 years.
    • Castle to Beckett in ROSE - "you weren't asking really loudly."
  • Writes his first novel in college early in his relationship with Kyra
    • Castle in LUCKY - "Writing your first best seller in college is like winning the lottery"
  • Blows all his money from first book in 6 months (still attending college assumed)
    • Castle in LUCKY - on Money " …magnified my inner child. I spent it all in 6 months…"
  • Age 21: Summer between Junior and Senior Years – Kyra talked about spending it on the roof with Castle, while he was writing second novel. He had already spent most of his proceeds from his first novel.
    • Kyra in ROSE - "He was just Rick – fresh off his first bestseller…"
  • Finishes his second book: A Rose For Ever After and he dedicates it to Kyra who graduates and goes to London. He doesn't follow her because she says she needs space.

Early 20’s

  • Writes more bestsellers
  • New York social scene
  • Socialites / Celebutants
  • Red-headed actresses

The Daddy Years

  • Age 22-23?: Alexis conceived and Castle marries Meredith
    • Castle in ROSE – "I thought it was the right thing to do at the time."
  • Alexis born and DaddyCastle is born - he is main caregiver.
    • In NANNY Alexis says “Thanks for being my nanny.”
    • In NANNY - Castle looks at picture of him walking with Alexis age 3?
    • Meredith is not around due to acting gigs.
In NANNY Castle to Alexis – Your mother and I decided if someone was going to screw you up we wanted it to be me.
  • Castle realizes he wants to be free to spend time with Alexis.
In LUCKY – The only luxury I truly care about it freedom - freedom to write, to spend time with Alexis. Having that money just allows me to live life on my terms.
  • Age 25-26? Castle is divorced after Meredith's affair.
    • In RETAIL - On their divorce
Meredith: “makes you wonder why we ever got divorced?”
Castle: “I know, right? I mean except for you having an affair with your director and serving me with divorce papers…”
  • Castle gets custody of Alexis (reference to Meredith filming and not in town)
  • Keeps social life separate from home life.
  • Still part of NYC social scene.
  • Private play-date clubs
In NAIL - Castle refers to being a member of Verit Club “Not much more than a bed… yes, I am a member.”
  • More Books
  • Meets other authors - Cannell, Patterson
  • Book research
Vodoo (RETAIL),
Mafia (FAMILY) (Other references)

Pre Kathryn Beckett

  • Age 34-35? Marries Gina, his publisher at Black Pawn Publishing House. (no reference to when)
  • Trouble in marriage with Gina, Gina on the outside of his relationship with Alexis
    • Gina in ANATOMY - “You tried to build a wall around you and Alexis”
  • Age 36? Castle and Gina divorce. Unknown who started the divorce process.
    • In FLOWERS - “I’ve already spent that advance – divorcing you.”
  • Martha moves in with Castle and Alexis.
    • FLOWERS - Alexis: "For what? Letting her move in? I think it's kind of sweet."
  • Storm Fall the last Derek Storm Book is published
    • In FLOWERS - numerous references to Castle killing off Derek Storm during book launch party and in subsequent episodes (as late as FOOD in season 2)

and the ride begins

  • Castle meets Beckett at the book launch party for Storm Fall.
The first thing Castle says to Beckett "where would you like it?"
  • Their Last Conversation in FLOWERS
Beckett: Well, I guess this is it.
Castle: It doesn't have to be. We could go to dinner, debrief each other.
Beckett: Why Castle? So I can be another one of your conquests?
Castle: Or I can be one of yours.
Beckett: It was nice to meet you, Castle.
Castle: It's too bad, it would've been great.
Beckett (whispers in Castle's ear): You have no idea...
  • and the rest is history!