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Richard Castle Timeline


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The Early Years[edit]

  • Age 10-11: Martha was in a touring company for A Chorus Line and Castle almost had to repeat 5th grade.
    • RETAIL - "You remember your touring production of A Chorus Line? I almost had to repeat fifth grade."
  • Age 11: While staying with a friend in New Hampshire, Castle comes across his first dead body - and the person responsible for the killing.
    • WOODS - "I was 11 years old. My mother was touring with Pippin. I was in New Hampshire, staying with the family of a classmate for President's Day weekend. Their home abutted a few hundred acres of state forest called Hollander's Woods."
  • Prior to age 14: Castle (Richard Alexander Rodgers at that time – see age 18) attends various private schools
    • HEDGE – Castle: “I’ve been kicked out of all of New York’s finer educational institutions at least once.”
    • NAIL – Damien: “Remember when you first came to Edgewyck?... I was the one that told them to give you a chance.”)
  • Age 13-14: (8th grade) Sherry Ort breaks Castle's heart, steals his lunch money, and laughs about it with her friends.
  • Age 14: (9th grade) Castle sent to Edgewyck Academy. He is already writing. Castle receives first encouragement to be a writer from editor.
Castle: When I was 14, my mom sent me to Edgewyck Academy. I was homesick and I didn’t have any friends so I wrote about it. One day I submitted a story to the literary magazine and Damian Westlake was the editor.
Beckett: …and he published it.
Castle: More than that. He called me down to his office, he sat me down and he said, ‘Ricky, you have a great talent.’ No one had ever said anything like that to me before. Damian encouraged me; he critiqued me. He always made me dig a little deeper. Without him I’m a lawyer, I’m a grifter, I’m a rodeo clown, but I am not a writer. Without him, I’m not me.”
  • Age unknown: Castle pays another student to write a term paper for him, but is ashamed of himself, which motivated him to be as good a writer as everyone thought he was.
    • ROVER - "It goes back to my boarding school days. My first semester, I was in danger of flunking out. I needed an A on my term paper...Someone else [wrote it]. And I paid him $250."
  • Age 16-17: (11th grade) Castle breaks up with his girlfriend Lizzie, whom Martha later says was "darling".
    • ANATOMY - Martha: "I stopped being emotionally invested in your girlfriends after you dumped that darling Lizzie in the eleventh grade."
  • Age 18? Castle changes his name from Richard Alexander Rodgers to Richard Edgar Castle – Edgar for Edgar Allen Poe
    • Castle in HE’S DEAD – “My given name is Richard Alexander Rodgers."
    • In ROSE – Kyra refers to him as Rick Castle, so he had already changed his name when she first knew him.

College Years[edit]

  • Age 18-19: (Freshman/Sophomore year college) Castle meets Kyra in college and they're together for nearly 3 years.
    • Castle to Beckett in ROSE - "You were not-asking very loudly."
  • Writes his first novel in college, before or early in his relationship with Kyra - In A Hail of Bullets
    • In LAST Castle tells Beckett that he wrote most of his first book sitting in a booth at the Old Haunt
    • Castle in LUCKY - "Writing your first best seller in college is like winning the lottery."
  • Blows all his money from first book in 6 months (still attending college assumed)
    • Castle in LUCKY - on money " it…magnified my inner child. I spent it all in 6 months…"
  • Age 21: Summer between Junior and Senior Years – Kyra talked about spending it on the roof with Castle, while he was writing his second novel. He had already spent most of his proceeds from his first novel.
    • Kyra in ROSE - "He was just Rick – fresh off his first bestseller…"
  • Finishes his second book: A Rose for Everafter; he dedicates it to Kyra, who graduates and goes to London. He doesn't follow her because she says she needs space.

Early 20’s[edit]

  • Writes more bestsellers
  • New York social scene
  • Socialites / Celebutantes
  • Red-headed actresses

The Daddy Years[edit]

  • Age 22-23?: Alexis conceived and Castle marries Meredith
    • Castle in ROSE – "I thought it was the right thing to do at the time."
  • Alexis born and DaddyCastle is born - he is main caregiver.
    • In NANNY Alexis says “Thanks for being my nanny.”
    • In NANNY - Castle looks at picture of him walking with Alexis age 3?
    • Meredith is not around due to acting gigs.
In NANNY Castle to Alexis – Your mother and I decided if someone was going to screw you up we wanted it to be me.
In NANNY Castle to Beckett: Do you know how many lonely single mothers there are in a Manhattan playground? And there I was, between marriages.
  • Castle realizes he wants to be free to spend time with Alexis.
In LUCKY – The only luxury I truly care about it freedom - freedom to write, to spend time with Alexis. Having that money just allows me to live life on my terms.
  • Age 24-27? Castle is divorced after Meredith's affair.
Meredith: “Makes you wonder why we ever got divorced?”
Castle: “I know, right? I mean except for you having an affair with your director, moving to Malibu and serving me with divorce papers…”
  • Castle gets custody of Alexis (reference to Meredith filming and not in town)
  • Moves into the loft after the divorce?
In ONCE UPON, Castle says he "wrote 20 bestsellers" in the loft's study. At that point, he had written 25 books in total (by the most likely count). That would mean he had written five books by age ?24, before moving in, which sounds about right. If the loft had been their marital home, the total would probably be higher than 20.
  • Keeps social life separate from home life.
    • Still part of NYC social scene.
    • Private play-date clubs
In NAIL - Castle refers to being a member of the Varick Club: “Not much more than a bed… yes, I am a member.”
  • Writes More Books
    • Researches information to make his book authentic
Vodoo (RETAIL)
Mafia (FAMILY)
Safe-cracking (CUFFED)
Custom caskets (MESSENGER)
Jewel thieves (HEART)
Spycraft (ONCE, SETUP)
(Other references)
  • Meets other Authors and starts playing poker with them
    • Steven J. Cannell
    • James Patterson
    • Michael Connelly

Pre Katherine Beckett[edit]

  • Age 29-30? Last time Castle sees Agent Sophia Turner before they reunite in Season 4. She inspires the character of Clara Strike in the Derrick Storm series. Castle and Sophia sleep together and have a short-lived relationship.
  • Age 31-35? Marries Gina, his publisher at Black Pawn Publishing House. (no reference to when, but Alexis is young enough that they each buy her a doll one Christmas)
    • Castle in ANATOMY - “But yours was so creepy. Its eyes followed you.”
  • Trouble in marriage with Gina, Gina on the outside of his relationship with Alexis
    • Gina in ANATOMY - “You tried to build a wall around you and Alexis.”
  • Age 36-38? Castle and Gina divorce. Unknown who started the divorce process.
    • In FLOWERS- “I’ve already spent that advance – divorcing you.”
  • Martha moves in with Castle and Alexis.
    • FLOWERS- Alexis: "For what? Letting her move in? I think it's kind of sweet."
  • Storm Fall the last Derrick Storm Book is published
    • In FLOWERS - numerous references to Castle killing off Derrick Storm during book launch party and in subsequent episodes (as late as HUSTLE in season 7)

and the Ride Begins[edit]

  • Castle meets Beckett at the book launch party for Storm Fall.
The first thing Castle says to Beckett "where would you like it?"
Beckett: Well, I guess this is it.
Castle: It doesn't have to be. We could go to dinner, debrief each other.
Beckett: Why Castle? So I can be another one of your conquests?
Castle: Or I can be one of yours.
Beckett: It was nice to meet you, Castle.
Castle: It's too bad, it would've been great.
Beckett (whispers in Castle's ear): You have no idea...
  • and the rest is history!