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'''Beckett:''' That man is Jerry Tyson, also known as 3XK. And I am sure that no one here is more familiar with him than Castle.<br>  
'''Beckett:''' That man is Jerry Tyson, also known as 3XK. And I am sure that no one here is more familiar with him than Castle.<br>  
'''Castle:''' Uh, a dubious distinction.<br><br>
'''Castle:''' Uh, a dubious distinction.<br><br>
[[File:CastlelistenstoDrNieman.jpg|thumb|right|© 2014-2015 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.]]
'''Dr. Nieman:''' I thought you stopped working on cases.<br>
'''Dr. Nieman:''' I thought you stopped working on cases.<br>
'''Castle:''' For you I made an exception.<br><br>
'''Castle:''' For you I made an exception.<br><br>

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© 2014-2015 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2014-2015 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Basic Details

Season 7, Episode 14 (142)

Original Air Date - February 9, 2015


A young blonde woman with a criminal past, who is also a patient of Dr. Kelly Nieman, is murdered and the prime suspect is Michael Boudreau, a man who looks exactly like Beckett's and Castle's nemesis Jerry Tyson, also known as the serial killer 3XK. As the clock ticks, the team at the precinct races to match 3XK's DNA with Boudreau's and to prove that Nieman and Tyson are accomplices. But the search may cost one of the team their lives.

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Main Cast

© 2014-2015 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Guest Cast

  • Michael Mosley - Jerry Tyson, 3XK/Michael Boudreau
  • Annie Wersching - Dr. Kelly Nieman
  • Maya Stojan - Tory Ellis, NYPD Tech
  • Laura Coover - Amy Barrett/Susan Watts
  • Amy Rosoff - Katrina, Susan Watts' former roommate
  • Lily Knight - Gretchen Cutler, Tyson's mother
  • Maya Goodwin - Laura, New Start Horizons employee




© 2014-2015 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Martha: Richard, it pains me to admit it, but I am in your debt.
Castle: Yes. Deeply. But if you’d like to start paying rent –
Martha: No, no, no. I mean, I owe you a debt of gratitude.
Castle: Oh.

Castle: And where are you off to?
Alexis: Oh, I signed up for an escort service. I have to meet a client.
Castle: What? A what?
Alexis: I just wanted to see if you were listening. I’m going to the library to study.
Castle: Not cool.

Castle: A goodbye kiss? When did that start?
Beckett: Just now. Yeah, no, I’m as surprised as you are.
Castle: I don’t know if I’m surprised. I mean, you are pretty lovable.
Beckett: Well, you raised a great person, so.
Castle: Mmm, you say that now. You weren’t here for the beginning.
Beckett: And next time I will be.
Castle: Next time? Are you saying that you’re … thinking about it?
Beckett: Yeah. About it. About my job. About we’re whether we’re ready. If there’s ever a right time.
Castle: There never is. But there’s never a wrong time, either.

Lanie: I can’t prove it, but my gut says this is Nieman’s work. She was in on the murders of Pam Hodges and Daniel Santos, and you could never nail her for it. Maybe this time you can. Kate, are you still there?
(Kate is staring at a video screen that is cycling through pictures of Dr. Nieman at foundation fundraisers)
Beckett: Lane, uh…it’s not just your gut. Kelly Nieman is a part of this and I’m looking right at her.

Beckett: We meet again. Like the song says.
Dr. Nieman: Kate Beckett. Such lovely features. What skilled hands could do with you.

Beckett: Does this refresh your memory? She got a job that apparently doesn’t exist. She also had cosmetic surgery performed by you.
Dr. Nieman: You must be mistaken. I never forget a face. Especially if I cut it.

Beckett: That man is Jerry Tyson, also known as 3XK. And I am sure that no one here is more familiar with him than Castle.
Castle: Uh, a dubious distinction.

© 2014-2015 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Dr. Nieman: I thought you stopped working on cases.
Castle: For you I made an exception.

Ryan: What I wouldn’t give to be in that box with Jerry Tyson.
Esposito: Well, we arrested him. He’s going away. I’m good with that.
Ryan: Yeah, but he didn’t take your gun and get someone killed with it.

Castle: I never thought this day would come. Not only can we prove Jerry Tyson is alive but we have him in custody.

Castle: Kind of a role reversal, isn’t it?
Tyson: Not sure what you mean.
Castle: Oh, sure you do. Wasn’t so long ago you were in here visiting me.
Tyson: You’ve got me confused with Tyson again.
Castle: You were dressed in a police uniform and I was in there where you are now. What a feeling that must have been. That kind of power over someone. How does it feel now, Jerry?

Castle: These are all just toys.
Beckett: Yeah, I don’t think we can pull DNA from any of this.
Castle: No, but I mean, these were Jerry Tyson’s toys. They’re just so normal.
Beckett: What’d you expect? Dead animals? Shrunken heads?

Beckett: Kelly Nieman is here. She’s waiting for him to be released.
Castle: I look forward to her profound disappointment. You know, I remember back at the motel, when I saw him turn. When I knew who he was and he knew I knew. It all came to me a second too late. I’ve relived that moment so many times, knowing that my mistake set him free and cost people lives.
Beckett: You were almost one of those people.
Castle: And now I have a chance to help put the genie back in the bottle. Which is a terrible metaphor, because that guy is no genie. Who’d want three wishes from him, right?

Castle: I met Gretchen Cutler.
Tyson: I’m not familiar with that name.
Castle: You know what she said? She said, nothing she ever did could have turned you into what you are. Is that true? Because I get the feeling it isn’t. I get the feeling she’s the first person you ever wanted to kill. But…that would be too obvious. Better to hunt blonde women who look like Gretchen once did. See, that way she’d have to see their faces on the news and know that you’re out there killing them because of you. Now you’ve taken it to the next level, haven’t you? I came across the photo of Gretchen Cutler when she was young. Susan Watts and Amy Barrett look just like her, thanks to Kelly Nieman. She supplied you with perfect, compliant victims. How many were there? Not just two. Five? Ten? Twenty? After all, you don’t have to hunt them anymore. You raise them. Like livestock.
Castle: It’s you.
Tyson: Yes, it is. (They stare each other down) If by ‘you’ you mean Mike Boudreau.

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  • Victim: Susan Watts
    • Cause of Death: Strangled

  • Victim: Kate Beckett
    • Crime: Kidnapped and drugged