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Recurring Characters

(In order of number of episodes)

Sidney Perlmutter (Arye Gross)

Medical Examiner Sidney Perlmutter; © 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
A curmudgeonly Medical Examiner who makes no secret of the fact that he does not like Castle.

He appears in the following episodes:

Pi (Myko Olivier)

Alexis' New Age, fruitarian boyfriend when she returns from a summer trip to South America. He appears in the season 6 episodes:

Jim Beckett (Scott Paulin)

Kate Beckett's father. He appears in:

He also appears in a photo in A Chill Goes Through Her Veins and was in a deleted scene in Knockdown.

Jenny Ryan (Juliana Dever)

Detective Kevin Ryan's sweet girlfriend, fiancee, and finally wife. She appears in:

Josh Davidson (Victor Webster)

A motorcycle-riding cardiac surgeon who Beckett dates for about a year.

He appears in:

Tom Demming (Michael Trucco)

A handsome robbery detective whom Kate Beckett dates briefly. He appears in the last 4 episodes of season 2.

Gina Cowell (Monet Mazur)

Castle's publisher and second ex-wife. She appears in:

She also appears in a picture on Castle's phone in Poof, You're Dead in season 3.

Dr. Carter Burke (Michael Dorn)

An NYPD psychologist who Beckett sees for counseling after being shot. He appears in:

Meredith (Darby Stanton)

Castle's first ex-wife and Alexis' mother who Castle calls the "Deep Fried Twinkie" because of her crazy, over-dramatic ways. She appears in

Will Sorenson (Bailey Chase)

An attractive FBI Agent and ex-boyfriend of Beckett's who she dated before she met Castle. He appears in season 1 episodes Little Girl Lost and A Death in the Family.

Mike Royce (Jason Beghe)

Detective Kate Beckett's former training officer, and an early love. He appears in Under the Gun and To Love and Die in LA in season 3.

Ashley (Ken Baumann)

Alexis's first serious boyfriend and first love. He appears in Punked


Martha's unseen boyfriend who dies early in season 3.

Triple Killer (Michael Mosley)

A sadistic serial killer who killed 6 women four years before Castle and Beckett met, disappeared, then returns to killing. He appears in 3XK in season 3 and Probable Cause in season 5.

Robert Weldon, Mayor of New York City (Joseph C. Phillipsl season 1 & Derek Webster, season 4)

A friend and fan of Castle's books who allows him to shadow Beckett. Castle has nicknamed him "Big Cheese" and he occasionally joins him for poker at his apartment. Joseph Phillips plays him in 2 episodes, and Derek Webster in 1. He appears in:

Rachel McCord (Lisa Edelstein)

Beckett's tough, but empathetic partner during her short tenure with the U.S. Attorney General's office in Washington, DC. She appears in:

Tory Ellis (Maya Stojan)

An intelligent and attractive NYPD Tech officer. She appears in:

Hal Lockwood (Max Martini)

A trained assassin who worked under the same mad who ordered the hit on Johanna Beckett and also kills Detective Raglan, who originally investigated her murder. He appears in season 3 episodes

Dr. Holloway (Phil LaMarr)

A psychologist with the NYPD. He appears in season 2 in:

Gilbert Mazzarra (Danny Nucci)

A detective friend and former colleague of Esposito's. He appears in season 2 in:

Detective Roselyn Karpowski (Diana-Maria Riva)

A colleague of Beckett's at the precinct. She appears in season 2 in:

Dr. Clark Murray (Robert Picardo)

A forensic pathologist known as "Dr. Death" and friend of Castle's. He appears in:

Judge Markway (Dan Castellaneta)

A golfing friend of Castle's who periodically joins him for poker games at his apartment. He appears in season 1 episodes:

Grant "Sully" Sullivan (Joshua Bitton)

The rookie NYPD homicide detective who takes Beckett's desk at the 12th when she takes a job in Washington, DC. He appears in:

Beau Randolph (Jordan Belfi)

The sleazy producer of a series of college girl videos. Appears in 2 episodes.

West Side Wally (Loren McCraley)

A homeless man who helps Beckett and her team with cases. Appears in 2 episodes.

Real life writers

Stephen J. Cannell, Michael Connelly, James Patterson, and Dennis Lehane all appear as themselves and friends of Castle's. Over periodic games of poker at Castle's apartment, they help Castle figure out murder cases that have he and Beckett stumped. Cannell appears in the series premiere and the first and final episodes of season 2, Patterson in the series premiere and final episode of season 2, and Connelly in the first and final episodes of season 2.

(alternate list restored below - need to make sure all this info is incorprotated above)

  • Sidney Perlmutter (Arye Gross) - The curmudgeonly Medical Examiner who doesn't like Castle very much. Appears in 12 episodes.
  • Jim Beckett (Scott Paulin) - Kate Beckett's lawyer father. Appears in 8 episodes.
  • Tory Ellis (Maya Stojan) - An attractive CSU Tech. Appears in 6 episodes.
  • Pi (Myko Olivier) - Alexis' fruitarian boyfriend. Appears in 6 episodes.
  • Dr. Carter Burke (Michael Dorn) - The NYPD psychiatrist Beckett sees to treat her post-traumatic stress disorder. Appears in 5 episodes)
  • Jenny Ryan (Juliana Dever) - Ryan's girlfriend/fiancee/wife. Appears in 5 episodes.
  • Josh Davidson (Victor Webster) - The heart surgeon Beckett dates briefly. Appears in 4 episodes.
  • Tom Demming (Michael Trucco) - A robbery detective Beckett dates at the end of season 4. Appears in 4 episodes.
  • Gina Cowell (Monet Mazur) - Castle's second wife, his girlfriend briefly, and his publisher. Appears in 3 episodes.
  • Ann Hastings (Valerie Azlynn) - NYPD beat cop who Beckett & Castle discover moonlights as a crime-fighting vigilante. Appears in 3 episodes.
  • Ashley (Ken Baumann) - Alexis' first serious boyfriend. Appears in 3 episodes.
  • Triple Killer/3XK (Michael Mosley) - A sadistic serial killer who repeatedly eludes capture. Appears in 3 episodes.
  • Rachel McCord (Lisa Edelstein) - Beckett's partner when she worked in Washington, DC. Appears in 3 episodes.
  • Meredith (Darby Stanchfield) - Castle's first wife and Alexis' mother. Appears in 2 episodes.
  • Will Sorenson (Bailey Chase) - An FBI Agent who Beckett dated for 6 months. Appears in 2 episodes.
  • Jordan Shaw (Dana Delany) - An FBI Agent and profiler who Castle admires. Appears in 2 episodes.
  • William Bracken (Jack Coleman) - The U.S. Senator who ordered Beckett's mother's murder. Appears in 2 episodes.
  • Roselyn Karpowski (Diana Maria Riva) - One of Beckett's detective colleagues. Appears in 2 episodes.
  • Judge Markway (Dan Castellaneta) - A judge with whom Castle occasionally plays golf. Appears in 2 episodes.
  • Mike Royce (Jason Beghe) - Beckett's training officer from when she started with the NYPD. Appears in 2 episodes.
  • Mayor Robert Weldon (Joseph C. Phillips/Derek Webster) - Mayor of New York City, from whom Castle has permission to shadow Beckett. Joseph Phillips plays him in 2 episodes, and Derek Webster in 1.
  • Dr. Clark Murray (Robert Picardo) - Known as "Dr. Death", Castle and Lanie enlist his help with cases that relate to Beckett's mother's murder. Appears in 2 episodes.
  • Grant "Sully" Sullivan (Joshua Bitton) - The sloppy homicide detective who takes Beckett's desk when she leaves to work in DC. Appears in 2 episodes.
  • Gilbert Mazzarra (Danny Nucci) - A detective friend of Esposito's. Appears in 2 episodes.