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Basic Details

Season 7, Episode 15 (143)

Original Air Date - February 16, 2015


The team at the 12th precinct races to find Beckett before she becomes the next victim of Jerry Tyson, the serial killer known as 3XK, and his accomplice Dr. Kelly Nieman. Unfortunately, Castle finds himself playing Tyson's game and realizes that to save Beckett before it's too late, they have to take the game to Tyson.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Michael Mosley - Jerry Tyson, 3XK
  • Annie Wersching - Dr. Kelly Nieman
  • Maya Stojan - Tory Ellis, NYPD Tech
  • Lee Tergesen - Marcus Gates
  • Laura Coover - Amy Barrett
  • Jamie McBride - Cop #2
  • Hiram A. Murray - Cop #1
  • Tony Nevada - ESU Team Leader
  • Theo Wilson - TV News Anchor




Full Episode Recap


  • Victim: Kate Beckett
    • Crime: Kidnapped and nearly had her face cut off

  • Victim: Sydney Novick
    • Cause of Death: Shot in the head with rifle

  • Victim/Perp: Jerry Tyson, 3XK
    • Motive: Revenge: He plotted with his accomplice, Dr. Kelly Nieman, to kidnap Beckett to torture Castle emotionally
    • Cause of Death: Shot by Esposito

  • Victim/Perp: Dr. Kelly Nieman
    • Motive: Revenge: She plotted with Jerry Tyson to kidnap Beckett to torture Castle and to steal Beckett's face which she planned to graft onto her own.
    • Cause of Death: Stabbed by Beckett with a surgical scalpel