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Reality Star Struck

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 5, Episode 14 (95)

Original Air Date - February 11, 2013


As Valentine's Day approaches, Castle and the team investigate the death of a reality TV show star and drop hints at what they got each other for the big day, while Esposito has everyone puzzled by his evasiveness about his plans, and Ryan must continually rush home whenever Jenny feels the time is right to try for a baby.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

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  • Lachlan Buchanan - Stone Gower
  • Patrick Fabian - Peter Monroe
  • Julian Stone - Mike Chilean
  • Joseph Williamson - Charles Green
  • Heather Ann Davis - Ashley Robinson
  • Nancy La Scala - Colette Robinson
  • Makinna Ridgway - Hannah Green
  • Jessica Manuel - Abby Hollins
  • Mark Elias - Jeff
  • Artie O'Daly - Building Manager




Castle: It’s a limited edition Star Wars light saber signed by George Lucas?
Beckett: Yes, because nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a Star Wars toy. Wait, wait! Please tell me that you didn’t get me a light saber for our first Valentine’s Day together!

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Ryan: Hey. Sorry I’m late.
Esposito: Jenny again?
Ryan: Yeah, her temperature spiked this morning and suddenly it’s show time. She’s got this baby-making down to a science.
Castle: Sounds romantic.
Ryan: I feel like a rooster in a hen house except for there’s only one hen, a very bossy hen.
Beckett: Ok, Espo, you and the rooster start a canvas…

Producer: You gotta find who did this. The audience will want to know.
Castle: Yeah, not to mention her family, the DA…

Castle: You’re a fan of Wives of Wall Street?
Capt. Gates: Oh yes! It’s the best show on TV. Why?
Castle: I don’t-I just assumed a woman like you would prefer more sophisticated fare.
Capt. Gates: Excuse me? What did you just say?
(Beckett’s cell phone rings and she quickly answers)
Beckett: Hey, Lanie. What’s up?

Esposito: We got a little mystery, here.
Castle: Besides your Valentine’s Day plans?
Esposito: Shh, shh.

Ryan: Hey. Sorry, I had to, uh, run home and-
Castle: Cock-a-doodle-do.

Castle: Wait?! Is this your Valentine’s Day gift to me? A complex mystery where nothing makes sense? You know me so well!
Esposito: I hate to interrupt your little, uh, love connection…

Castle: Capt. Gates, participating in the case, engaging in idle speculation. We are not so different, you and I. (Sees Gates’ disapproving look) There’s, there’s a difference. We’re different.

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Castle: Ok, but I’m warning you. I get competitive when it comes to giving gifts. I’d feel bad if yours wasn’t as good as mine.
Beckett: What if it’s better?
Castle: Better?
Beckett: Hm-mm.
Castle: How could it possibly be better?
Beckett: Oh, I guess it just depends on what you got me.

Castle: Any plans with Max?
Alexis: Uh, we’re going to just study together.
Castle: Doesn’t sound very special.
Alexis: I think we’ll mostly just study each other’s eyes.
Castle: And you, Mother?

Martha: I wish I had these reality shows in my day. No script, over-acting, screaming at everybody, what a gig.

Alexis: Oh my God, Dad? You’re still watching?
Castle: I can’t feel my butt.

Castle: Just one episode? That’s like eating just one potato chip.
Beckett: I usually eat just one potato chip.

Ms. Gower: I would like to talk to my attorney.
Beckett: Entertainment or criminal?

Capt. Gates: Bob and Penelope fake their break-up? And now poor, sweet, innocent Stone’s a killer? Is anything real on that reality show?
Ryan: Just the headache I get when I watch it.

Beckett: Lanie, you look great.
Lanie: Yeah? It’s not too much?
Beckett: No. It might be a little too much for Castle. Eyes up, bud.

Esposito: You look amazing, Lanie.
Lanie: Thanks, Javi. So what’s the plan?
Esposito: Uh, reservations at Le Fourneau.
Lanie: French? I love French.
Esposito: Je le sais, ma petite jolie.
Lanie: Ooh, au revoir.
Esposito: Au revoir.

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© 2012-2013 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Castle: Ah, the magic of Valentine’s Day is upon us.
Capt. Gates: Mr. Castle, my office. Now.
Castle: And there it goes.

Capt. Gates: (reading Castle's note) ‘You are beauty, passion, and fierce intellect. Be my Valentine. Rick.’
Castle: Is that all I wrote on there?

Beckett: Open it.
(Castle opens a drawer in Beckett’s dresser and, finding it empty, feels around inside)
Castle: Maybe it’s in another drawer.
Beckett: It is the drawer. It’s your drawer. I mean, I know it’s not a light saber or-
Castle: No. It’s perfect.
(They kiss)
Beckett: Happy Valentine’s Day. Now take your clothes off, put them in your drawer and meet me in the bed.

Featured Music[edit]

  • The Money Song performed by KC

Full Episode Recap[edit]

The producers of the reality show Wives of Wall Street debate the direction of the show: either focus on the single Hannah or equally on all the wives. A young man interrupts saying the police are calling about a murder.

As they approach the crime scene, Richard Castle tries to guess what his girlfriend Detective Kate Beckett got him for Valentine’s Day, but she reveals nothing, saying simply he will love his gift. They find Detective Javier Esposito who is sketchy about his plans for the special day. He reports that their victim is Hannah Green, star of the show Wives of Wall Street which Castle says he hated the one time he watched it. Medical Examiner Lanie Parish pegs time of death at around 10 or 10:30 the night before and Esposito says a bus driver who drove past at 11 saw her in the shelter, but thought she was asleep. Esposito also notes that while Hannah’s purse and cell phone are missing, a diamond bracelet on her wrist is not. Castle points out the pricey kitchen knife that is the murder weapon and Lanie says she thinks Hannah fought back since she has abrasions on her wrists and genetic material under her fingernails. Esposito also says that Hannah didn’t live in the area and the show wasn’t shooting nearby. His partner, Detective Kevin Ryan, arrives; apologizing for being late and explains that he was delayed by his wife who thought that morning was perfect for trying to conceive a baby. Beckett tells the guys to canvas the area while she and Castle talk to the producers of the show.

At the show’s production offices, producer Peter Monroe shows Castle and Beckett the last footage shot of Hannah and says she was ratings gold. Beckett notices that Hannah’s outfit in the video is the same as what she died wearing and Peter says it was shot the day before Hannah was killed, making Beckett wonder what she did after the shoot. Peter explains that Hannah was brought in to be fashion mogul Penelope Foster’s assistant and to play up the small-town-girl-in-the-big-city angle. He adds that when you put a group of strong-willed women together conflicts are bound to arise, but Hannah was part of the family. Beckett asks for all her video footage and Peter suggests they talk to Hannah’s brother, Charlie, with whom he knows she had trouble.

At the precinct, Ryan and Esposito talk to Charlie, who says he’d warned Hannah about how the show was hurting her family, but she ignored him. He also mentions that Hannah slept with a married man.

In the conference room later, Beckett, Castle, and Esposito watch video where Penelope confronts Hannah about her sleeping with Penelope’s husband, Bob. Esposito says Hannah and Bob even moved into together, which Beckett remembers that Peter said nothing about. Captain Victoria Gates enters and shows herself to be a huge fan of the show, surprising Castle. Beckett’s cell phone rings and Lanie tells her she is sending a picture of a fingernail fragment she found in Hannah’s hair and that she is running DNA on it. Once she receives the picture, Castle notices that it matches one of Penelope’s nails from the video.

At the studio, Castle and Beckett force their way into a shoot and place Penelope, who has no sympathy for Hannah, under arrest.

In an interrogation room, Penelope is defiant, even when Beckett shows her a lab report confirming that the fingernail from Hannah’s hair matches her own DNA. Beckett suspects Bob is involved, but Penelope doubts it, saying that Hannah was only using him to up her profile on the show. She admits that she and Hannah did have an altercation the night before Hannah died. Hannah waited for her outside the studio to beg for her job back after Penelope fired her for the affair and after Hannah began to have problems working for Margot, the Wife who ran a cosmetics business. Penelope broke her nail when she pulled Hannah’s hair and Hannah took off. She gives an alibi of being in kickboxing class.

Meanwhile, Bob tells Ryan and Esposito that he and Hannah were in love and that he didn’t see Hannah at all the day before she was killed, leaving him worried.

Beckett confirms Penelope’s alibi and says while no fingerprints were found on the knife, a fire retardant chemical, antimony oxide, was found on its handle and it looks to be new. Esposito joins Castle and Beckett at the murder board, and posts a photo that a fan posted on a fan site of Hannah entering a building twenty minutes before she was killed. Captain Gates identifies the building as being Margot’s residence which also happens to be nearby the murder scene.

At Margot’s apartment, Margot confirms that Hannah visited her the night was killed to apologize for not showing up for an important shoot. She explains that she hired Hannah to develop a clothing line with her son, Stone, and in an effort to get some screen time for herself since Hannah’s affair with Penelope’s husband had been the focus of the show over the last few months. She gives an alibi of being home on the phone with her entertainment attorney talking about Stone and his fiancée, Ashley’s, spin off show.

At the precinct, Beckett confirms Margot’s alibi and Castle reminds her that any of the thousands of subscribers to the show’s fan site would have seen the posted photo of Hannah entering Margot’s building. Esposito arrives and says Hannah’s financial records show regular deposits of $5,000 into her bank account which her family and people on the show cannot explain. He also notes that her credit card activity indicates that when she should have been at the shoot with Margot she was at a dive bar with a guy who the bartender is working with a sketch artist to identify. Ryan joins them, looking disheveled and apologizes again, saying this will likely be his least romantic Valentine’s Day. He explains that after her fight with Hannah and before arriving at Margot’s Hannah’s phone was completely silent as if she’d disappeared for a day.

In the morgue, Lanie says she found alluadia, a plant that originates in Madagascar, under Hannah’s fingernails. She also says that the defensive wounds on her wrists came from 24 hours before she was killed and that one wound on her left wrist matches markings from the diamond bracelet Hannah wore on her right wrist, meaning her hands were tied together and for several hours. Beckett and Castle now know Hannah was held hostage.

That night at the precinct, Beckett, Castle, and Ryan go over all the questions the case has raised. Castle wonders if Beckett contrived the case as his Valentine’s Day present, but Esposito bursts his bubble saying he spoke to a cabbie who dropped Hannah off at Margot’s and who said he picked her up at the intersection of 78th and Lexington, leaving them no nearer to figuring out where she was held. Captain Gates joins them, saying a contact of hers said that aluadia is used in green sustainable architecture, so it’s doubtful Hannah actually was in Madagascar. Beckett tells him and Ryan to canvas the area around where the cabbie picked up Hannah for green buildings and they leave. Captain Gates suggests Castle and Beckett watch Wives of Wall Street in case the episodes yield further clues to the murder. She heads back to her office as Castle and Beckett gather their cots to leave for the night. Castle invites Beckett to his loft to watch the show, but she begs off, not wanting to be badgered about her Valentine’s Day present. Castle admits she is getting his competitive juices flowing and Beckett bets her present is better than his.

At his loft, Castle shows his daughter, Alexis, and his mother, Martha Rodgers, the sapphire earrings he got Beckett for Valentine’s Day and both agree she will love them. Martha suggests he slip them into her coat pocket when she’s not looking for an extra surprise and Castle agrees. Castle asks both about their Valentine’s Day plans and Alexis says she and Max will study each other while Martha will do dramatic readings of love letters at her acting school. Castle invites them to join him in watching Wives of Wall Street and they agree, but quickly regret it. However, Castle soon becomes so engrossed in the show that he stays up all night watching every episode.

At the precinct, Castle exits the elevator with Captain Gates in the midst of an enthusiastic discussion of the show. They find Beckett at the murder board and she admits she only watched one episode of the show the night before. She reports that the canvas has yielded no results for aluadia, but Esposito comes up with the sketch of the man Hannah was seen at the dive bar with. Castle identifies it as being Mike Chilean, host of the TV show The Shark Pool.

In interrogation, Mike says he thought their meet was a date, but that Hannah pitched him her plans for an organic clothing line, even though Margot was planning on backing her. Mike then says that Hannah told him she planned on leaving the show, to which he responded that doing so would sink her plans since her name recognition from the show guaranteed a profit.

In the break room, Castle slips the earrings into Beckett’s coat while she makes herself tea. Captain Gates enters and says that a pretzel vendor remembered seeing Hannah entering a building that is certified to be environmentally friendly and which has aluadia in the wallpaper, around the time she disappeared. Beckett grabs for her coat, but Castle finds it isn’t the one he put the earrings in. To his dismay, he sees Captain Gates take the coat that contains the earrings.

A building security staffer identifies Hannah as entering the building on the night in question and leads Castle and Beckett to the apartment she visited. Beckett hears pounding coming from inside and enters with her gun drawn. They find the bedroom and inside are Penelope and Bob making love.

In the observation room, Beckett reports to Castle and Captain Gates that neither Bob nor Penelope will talk. As Ryan explains that the holding company that owns the apartment was set up by Bob after he began his affair with Hannah, Castle tries to slip the earrings out of Gates’ jacket pocket, but fails. He makes another effort when Esposito reports that the $5,000 deposits into Hannah’s checking account match with $5,000 withdrawals from Penelope’s account, meaning Penelope was paying Hannah, but Beckett can’t figure out why since neither will talk. Castle and Captain Gates suggest she use a page from Penelope’s book to scare Bob, the weaker of the two. She reluctantly agrees and re-enters the interrogation room.

Bob refuses to talk, but Beckett yells at him to sit down and shut up. As Castle and Gates watch from the observation room and Castle tries to recover the earrings, she tells him they know the apartment is his and threatens to charge him with kidnapping and murder. When Bob continues to deny his involvement, Beckett flips over the table in the room and Bob finally spills that his affair with Hannah was just for ratings. He explains that Stone’s and Ashley’s engagement was sucking up all the ratings and in response, Penelope’s clothing sales had dropped off, so they paid Hannah to go along with the charade of having an affair with Bob. However, the night she disappeared, Hannah met with Bob and Penelope at his apartment and threatened to leave the show since she was tired of having the reputation of a home wrecker and go public about the faked affair. They panicked, tied her up in the apartment, and called Peter Monroe for advice. He came over, told them to leave and said he’d deal with Hannah.

At Peter Monroe’s office, Peter denies any involvement in Hannah’s murder and admits that Penelope and bob called him about Hannah. He says he offered Hannah more money and her own series, but she would accept anything, so he had no choice but to let her go. He went to a bar and waited for the news to break, but nothing happened.

Beckett confirms Peter’s alibi leaving Margot as a possible suspect since Hannah was at her apartment after getting away from Penelope and Bob. Both doubt Margot’s story since Hannah was so adamant about leaving the show and Esposito agrees, saying the front door buzzer on Margot’s apartment connects to her phone and her phone records indicate that Hannah arrived at 9:57, but Margot’s financial records show she wasn’t in the apartment at that time. As Castle and Beckett head towards the elevator, Castle pauses as he passes Gates’ office. Beckett confronts him about his odd behavior with Gates all day.

As they arrive at Margot’s building, Beckett chastises Castle, but he claims he was just trying to surprise her. He confirms that he included a romantic note with the earrings, but can’t remember if he put Beckett’s name on it. Both vow to get the earrings back first thing upon their return to the precinct as they buzz to enter Margot’s apartment.

Inside, they reveal what they know about Margot’s buzzer and that she lied to them about meeting Hannah the night she died. Castle says he knows her husband is out of the country, meaning Stone is the only person who could have buzzed Hannah in that night. Margot lawyers up.

At the precinct, Ryan tells Gates that they’ve found Stone at the airport waiting to hop a plane to Buenos Aires. She tells Ryan to get TSA to stop Stone and when she puts on her jacket, the earring box falls out of the pocket. She opens it up, reads the note, and is immediately angered.

In interrogation, Stone denies killing Hannah and says he was in love with her. The idea of his getting engaged to Ashley for the show was Margot’s idea and that over the last few weeks, Hannah couldn’t take what the show was doing to her and her family anymore, so both of them were looking for a way out, but there was too much at stake. The night she died, Hannah was hysterical and wanted to leave town with Stone for good, but Margot came home, and threw Hannah out, but Stone wouldn’t go with her. He did find her later, but Hannah said it was too late and that she never wanted to see any of them again. He said he left Hannah and took a walk by himself.

Outside, Castle admits to Beckett and Gates that Stone had motive and Beckett notes that he was the last person to see her alive. As Gates reminds them that they can’t tie Stone to the crime scene, Castle notices that Gates doesn’t have the earring box in her pocket and gestures so to Beckett. Ryan joins them and says that Stone and Ashley’s wedding registry included a set of the same type of knife that was used in the murder. Gates is confident this means Stone is their killer until Beckett reminds them all that the wedding presents go to the bride.

In the break room, Beckett and Castle interview Ashley who refuses to talk as she is confronted with more and more evidence against her: the same type of knife as the murder weapon is missing from the set in her apartment, the chemical antimony oxide, which was found on the knife handle, is used in her ceramics studio, and she must have seen the posted photo of Hannah entering Margot’s building the day she was killed. Ashley tries to leave, but can’t find her keys and in frustration, agrees to talk. She says she suspected Hannah and Stone were together, so when she saw the photo, she took the knife and just planned on scaring Hannah, but when she saw Stone kiss her, she waited until he left, followed Hannah, and killed her.

As they disassemble the murder board, Castle and Beckett wonder why Gates hasn’t confronted them, but Ryan’s leaving interrupts their thoughts. He tells them Jenny gave him the night off, making the occasion romantic after all. As he leaves, Lanie enters wearing a sexy, bright red dress, and Beckett tells Esposito that his date has arrived. Castle is shocked that Beckett didn’t reveal the secret to him, but Beckett says she was honoring a promise to Lanie. They complement Lanie on her dress and Esposito joins them, announcing that they are headed to a French restaurant. He and Lanie flirt in French briefly, before leaving together. As Castle basks in their reverie, Gates calls him into her office.

She shows him the earring box, reads him the note, which does not include Beckett’s name, and guesses that it is an immature way to get in her good graces. Castle goes along with it to cover up the real reason and agrees to watch his behavior from now on. Satisfied, Gates returns the earrings and leaves to spend the evening with her husband.

That night in Beckett’s bedroom, Beckett reassures Castle that Gates hated him anyway, so he’s really no worse off than before. Castle admits he is glad of the way Gates handled the whole mix up, apologizes to Beckett for the poor surprise, and promises to give her another gift. He comes up behind her as she stands in front of her bed, wraps his arms around her, and asks for his present. She slips away and points to a drawer in her dresser. Castle opens it and, finding it empty, pokes around inside and the outside, but finds nothing. Beckett tells him the drawer is his present for when he comes over and stays with her. He proclaims it to be perfect, even better than a light saber, and they kiss. Beckett tells him to take his clothes off, put them in his drawer, and to meet her in bed. She steps away and Castle excitedly begins to unbutton the cuffs of his shirt, but grumbles when the buttons get stuck.


  • Victim: Hannah Green
    • Cause of Death: Stabbed in the back, found on the Upper West Side

  • Perp: Ashley Robinson
    • Motive: Jealousy: She discovered her made-up fiancee was in love with Hannah and killed her to keep her from interfering with her own reality show.

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