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Poof, You're Dead

Basic Details

Season 3, Episode 12

Original Air Date January 10, 2011


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Gilles Marini – Tobias Strange
  • Chadwick Boseman - Chuck Russell
  • Brett Cullen - Christian Dahl
  • Carrie Genzel - Naomi Dahl
  • Jeff Hephner - Edmund / Zalman Drake
  • Vanessa Lengies - Eliza Winter
  • Lenny Schmidt - Jerome Aspenall
  • Adrian Sparks - Thaddeus Magnus
  • Henry Hayashi - Lawyer





When asked for an interview with Fancast.com]], about working with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, guest star Gilles Marini called Nathan "the nicest guy you could ever meet...very charming and very polite...an excellent actor". He called Stana "a beautiful woman" and said the two "get along really well."[1] In a different interview with the website Staying In, he called Castle his "guilty pleasure" and said he and his wife watch the show every week. He also said the way Nathan and Stana "welcomed me in was really beautiful. They all get along really well. It's a beautiful atmosphere. It's why the show works. That was really a point I wanted to make whenever I had an interview. This is why the show is great – because everybody gets along. Everybody works together. It was a great experience...."[2]

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