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Basic Details

Season 8, Episode 3 (154)

Original Air Date - 5 October 2015


Beckett and her crew investigate the murder of a college student, but when they go to inform the dean Beckett finds Castle has already finagled a stint as a guest lecturer - so he can solve the case and "win back" his wife.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kelly Rowan - Dean Carla Feller
  • Christine Adams - Dr. Barbara Lillstrom
  • Madeleine Coghlan - Emily
  • Geoff Pierson - Mr. Smith




Lucy: Hi, I'm Lucy, your new home operating system. What's your name? Castle: I'm Rick, and ... and ... and ... My wife just left me. Lucy: Yikes. Sucks to be you, Rick.

Martha: He's going to be an absolute wreck. Alexis: And it's our job not to let him spin out. That's what the CDRK is for. Martha (reading card): 'Castle Depression Rescue Kit'. Alexis: Mm-hmm. Videogames, Sumatran civet coffee beans, enhanced Blu-rays of the original Twilight Zone and ... this. Martha (reading another card): 'Nine-Woof-Woof'? Alexis: Puppies at your doorstep in 30 minutes or less.

Dean: Aren't you two married? Castle: Yes, we are. Dean Feller, meet Captain Beckett of the 12th Precinct. Beckett (grabbing Castle by the bow tie): Yes. And husband and wife need a moment in private.

Esposito (undercover as a student, sitting down deliberately near Scott): So how's the talent in marketing class? Ryan (sitting down, also undercover as a student): Solid. Especially a top blonde named Jenny. Esposito: For real? Hey did you see that frat boy got murdered last night? Ryan: Ah yeah. I heard he got impaled! Ah, was it .. Peter ... something ... What house was he in? Esposito: No idea.. (to Scott) Hey bro? Do you know what house the dead dude was from? Scott: No, officer, I sure don't.

Beckett: I might know somebody. He's helped me out in the past, and he's connected to this world, but ... he's technically had, which means you're going to have to dig him up. Vikram: Just to be clear .. you mean he faked his own death and is hiding under a new identity which you need me to uncover? Beckett: Yeah. Vikram. Good.'Cause I'm not huge fan of shovelling.

Beckett: Castle, go home. You're drunk.
Castle: No, I'm not! I'm - casing the crack - um - cracking the case!

Student dressed as Frankenstein (coming over to Beckett): You're pretty hot for a cop! Beckett (without turning round): I have a gun. Student: Right (walks away)

Full Episode Recap


  • Victim: Peter Garber
Cause of death: Impaled on a sharp, protruding tree branch
  • Perp: Emily
Motive: Revenge for Peter winning the scholarship she wanted, by sleeping with the dean

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