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Basic Details

Season 8, Episode 3 (154)

Original Air Date - 5 October 2015


Beckett and her crew investigate the murder of a college student, but when they go to inform the dean Beckett finds Castle has already finagled a stint as a guest lecturer - so he can solve the case and "win back" his wife.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kelly Rowan - Dean Carla Feller
  • Christine Adams - Dr. Barbara Lillstrom
  • Madeleine Coghlan - Emily
  • Geoff Pierson - Mr. Smith




Beckett: Castle, go home. You're drunk.
Castle: No, I'm not! I'm - casing the crack - um - cracking the case!

Full Episode Recap


  • Victim: Peter Garber
Cause of death: Impaled on a sharp, protruding tree branch
  • Perp: Emily
Motive: Revenge for Peter winning the scholarship she wanted, by sleeping with the dean

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