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The Perps and why they did it .......... To see the Victims list click here

Season 1[edit]

Flowers For Your Grave

[1] Harrison Tisdale ... money, revenge

Nanny McDead

[2] Chloe Richardson ... "love", jealousy

Hedge Fund Homeboys

[3] Brandon ... jealousy

Hell Hath No Fury

[4] Laurie Horn ... infidelity, blackmail, money
[5] Frank Nesbit ... political scandal

A Chill Goes Through Her Veins

[6] Samuel Cavanagh ... jealousy
[7] Charles Wyler ... friendship, cover up (helped his friend dispose of the body)
[8] Ben Davidson ... Revenge

Always Buy Retail

[9] Mukhta Baylor, the "Butcher of Benin" ... needed forged, smuggled passport

Home is Where the Heart Stops

[10] unnamed "shot caller" ... Robbery & "punish" uncooperative victims by beatings and murder
[11] Paul Reynolds aka Chad Nellis ... "forced" to supply inside information to thieves


[12] Allison Goldman (attempted murder) ... money for her "true" story of the bombing
[13] Susan Mailer aka Mary Wright ... self defense
[14] Lee Wax (according to Castle) ... morally responsible, wanted a true crime story to write

Little Girl Lost

[15] Theresa Candela ... anger / revenge / punishment
[16] Nina Mendola ... worked with Theresa

A Death in the Family

[17] Carla "Cold-Blood" Dante ... mob hit, looking for information

Season 2[edit]

Deep in Death

[18] "Tattooed Russian" ... loansharking, make an example of
[19] Luther Whitehead ... body snatching, desecration of a body
[20] Luther's Accomplice #1 ... body snatching, desecration of a body
[21] Luther's Accomplice #2 ... body snatching, desecration of a body

The Double Down

[22] Jason Cosway ... tired of being married, deal to have Eric Marx kill Ashley Cosway
[23] Eric Marx ... wanted Frank's apartment, deal to have Jason Cosway kill Frank Anderson (Eric's father in law)

Inventing The Girl

[24] Travis McBoyd (Jenna's husband) ... jealousy, thought she was having an affair. Murdered for "wrong" reason

Fool Me Once

[25] Sue ... continue the con for a $1,000,000 - greed

When The Bough Breaks

[26] Dr. Cameron Talbot ... cover up baby swap - a healthy baby for his with incurable disease

Vampire Weekend

[27] Janice Freeman (killed three) ... jealousy and to cover up prior murder

Famous Last Words

[28] Ian Busch ... cover up his rape of the victim

Kill The Messenger

[29] Frank Davis ... Cover Up, Robbery, "Following Orders"
[30] Prison Guard Patterson ... money / pay off / bribery
[31] Lenanne Wellesley ... felt she was "crossed", asked Frank to "take care of it"

Love Me Dead

[32] John Knox (was a vic too) ... hostile takeover of prostitution ring
[33] Scarlett Price ... greed, wanted sole possession of prostitution ring

One Man's Treasure

[34] Lance Carlberg ... cover up environmental damage

The Fifth Bullet

[35] George Heller going by the name Darius Langley ... greed, and cover up attempted murder

A Rose for Everafter

[36] Ted "Uncle Teddy" Murphy ... Greed / Embezzlement

Sucker Punch

[37] Richard "Dick" Coonan aka Rathborn ... hired killer (also murdered his brother). Also see Knockdown

The Third Man

[38] Stan Kopck ... Greed, betrayal

Suicide Squeeze

[39] Robert "Bobby" Fox ... cover up

The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

[40] Danielle ... jealous and angry

Tick, Tick, Tick. – (Part 1)

[41] Ben Conrad (presumed) ... grief over a dog being killed (presumed). see Boom below

Boom – (Part 2)

[42] Scott Dunn ... serial killer (multiple times / places)


[43] Dr. Stanford Raynes ... jealousy and cover up

The Late Shaft

[44] Hank McPhee ... misguided loyalty, didn't want to be cast aside

Den of Thieves

[45] Lt. Stan Holliwell of Internal Affairs ... protection of organized crime
[46] Victor Racine,head of the organized crime ring ... protection

Food To Die For

[47] David Nicolaides ... jealousy


[48] Lisa Jenkins ... cover up
[49] Blake Wilder ... greed
[50] Rebecca Strong ... blackmail (didn't kill anyone and returned the money)

A Deadly Game

[51] Mr. Fisher, husband of Andrea Fisher ... jealousy, infidelity

Season 3[edit]

A Deadly Affair

[52] Kitty Canary ... greed, counterfeiting
[53] Earl Canary ... greed, counterfeiting

He’s Dead, She’s Dead

[54] Paula Casillas ... cover up her murder of her husband

Under the Gun

[55] Brooke Carver ... greed


[56] Troy Kenworth ... revenge

Anatomy of a Murder

[57] Manuel Calderon ... cover up ("protecting" his brother). murdered for "wrong" reason


[58] Marcus Gates (killed two, attempted a third) ... controlled by 3XK
[59] Jerry Tyson (3XK's name this time - killed six) ... serial killer

Almost Famous

[60] Michael Grant ... cover up scams

Murder Most Fowl

[61] Robert Kincaid ... mastermind of kidnapping and heist
[62] Unnamed 1 ... part of heist in the elevator with Robert Kincaid
[63] Unnamed 2 ... kidnapping as part of the heist and murder to cover up kidnapping

Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind

[64] Dr. Charles Vaughn ... cover up espionage
[65] Ung Kyu ... espionage

Last Call

[66] Steven Heisler ... greed

Nikki Heat

[67] Scott Donner ... Money, lust, revenge

Poof, You're Dead

[68] Christian Dahl ... cover up his own apparent death


[69] Hal Lockwood (John Doe) ... continue cover up of Johanna Beckett's murder (responsible for 2 murder this episode)
[70] Hal Lockwood has 3 unnamed henchmen (one lookout-survived, two torturers) ... cover up Johanna Beckett murder
[71] Unknown police officer (presumably) * (see Knockout below) ... kidnapping gone wrong, Joe Pulgatti currently serving time for this murder
[72] Joe Pulgatti ... mob enforcer presumably innocent of the murder he is in prison for

Lucky Stiff

[73] Shawn York ... greed. wanted the $117 million lottery ticket
[74] Marvin 'Oz' Osminkowski ... revenge for the beating he received

The Final Nail

[75] Amber Patinelli ... love, lust, jealousy
[76] Michael Rutherford ... got paid to kill Philip Westlake
[77] Damian Westlake ... greed and revenge, paid to have his father killed


See Countdown


[78] Radford Hayes going by the stolen identity of Kevin McCann ... cover up terrorist activity
[79] Jack Cochran ... cover up terrorist plot
[80] Evan Bauer ... cover up terrorist plot

One Life to Lose

[81] Reese Harmon ... Cover up plagiarism

Law and Murder

[82] Stephen Addison ... Cover Up his accidental shooting of his sister

Slice of Death

[83] Monica Wyatt ... Cover Up her heroin distribution business
[84] Harley Romero ... orders ... worked for Monica Wyatt ("Cavallo")

The Dead Pool

[85] Rob "The Rocket" Tredwyck ... Cover up his prior steroid use

To Love and Die in LA

[86] Russell Ganz ... Greed / Cover up
[87] Donald Mannis ... thug that worked for Ganz
[88] Violet Young ... tricked (presumably) into helping

Pretty Dead

[89] Justin Hankel ... stop a blackmailer (he though-wrongly) and to cover up his murder of the "blackmailer"


[90] Hal Lockwood ... Completing Mission / Cover Up (responsible for 3 murders in this episode)
[91] Three Unnamed Henchmen ... work with Lockwood to complete mission
[92] Captain Roy Montgomery ... cover up the murder of Bob Armen because he was the "Third Cop"
[93] Unknown / Unseen Sniper ... hired killer of "the Dragon"

Season 4[edit]


Heroes and Villains

Head Case

Kick the Ballistics

Eye of the Beholder


Cops and Robbers

Heartbreak Hotel



Til Death Do Us Part

Dial M for Mayor

An Embarrassment of Bitches

The Blue Butterfly



Once Upon a Crime

A Dance with Death

47 Seconds

The Limey


Undead Again


Season 5[edit]

After the Storm

Cloudy with a Chance of Murder

Secret's Safe With Me

Murder, He Wrote

Probable Cause

The Final Frontier

Swan Song

After Hours

Secret Santa

Significant Others

Under the Influence

Death Gone Crazy


Reality Star Struck



Scared to Death

The Wild Rover

The Lives of Others - 100th episode in the series

The Fast and the Furriest


The Squab and the Quail

The Human Factor


Season 6[edit]



Need To Know

Number One Fan

Time Will Tell

Get A Clue

Like Father, Like Daughter

A Murder is Forever


The Good, the Bad, and the Baby

Under Fire

Deep Cover


Dressed to Kill

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Room 147

In the Belly of the Beast

The Way of the Ninja

The Greater Good

That 70s Show

Law and Boarder


For Better or Worse

Season 7[edit]



Clear and Present Danger

Child's Play

Meme is Murder

The Time of Our Lives

Once Upon a Time in the West

Kill Switch

Last Action Hero

Bad Santa

Castle, P.I.

Private Eye Caramba!

I, Witness

Resurrection (part 1 of 2)

Reckoning (part 2 of 2)

The Wrong Stuff

Hong Kong Hustle

At Close Range

Habeas Corpse


In Plane Sight

Dead From New York

Hollander's Woods