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Basic Details

Season 2, Episode 23 (33)

Original Air Date - May 10, 2010


A robbery-homicide prompts Beckett to invite Demming to assist on a case, giving Castle a ringside seat to their budding romance. When it becomes clear that the two men have very different ideas about how to proceed, the investigation becomes an unspoken competition for Beckett’s attention, one in which each man races to solve the case, as Beckett referees between her two admirers.

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Michael Trucco – Detective Tom Demming
  • Paul Carafotes – Lukas Canby
  • Julie Claire – Lisa Jenkins
  • Stephen Full – Benny
  • Monica Garcia – Cleaning Lady
  • Jennifer Hall – Rebecca Strong
  • Jim Hoffmaster – Clerk
  • Melanie Lewis – Daphne
  • Kasey Mahaffy – Lance Newman
  • William R. Moses – Blake Wilder
  • Ella Thomas – Natasha Piper


  • John Terlesky



Castle: Schlemming. What about him?
Alexis: Well, he seems like he kinda came up out of nowhere.
Castle: Yeah, well, I can't argue with that.
Alexis: He's coming off a bit like a doofus.
Castle: You think?
Alexis: I think you should lose him.
Castle: If only it was this easy.

Martha: I have to go soon, because it's closing. The critics are saying it's a … (whispers) "train wreck."
Castle: Oh, there's the Martha Rodgers I know.

(Castle is showing Ryan and Esposito designer men’s shaving cream invented by their latest murder victim, much to Beckett’s chagrin)
Beckett: Guys... a man has been murdered here.
Castle: And we are...honoring his legacy.
Lanie: Mm. It's like Sex and the City, only with boys.

Castle: I'm not sure why everybody's jumping to the conclusion that this murder was about the stolen books.
Beckett: Maybe because they're missing.
Castle: The message on the mirror suggests an intention to kill, a motive of some kind. Stealing books-- just a crime of opportunity.
Beckett: And now who's jumping to conclusions?
Castle: I just hate to see anybody waste their time. The key here is the message, not the books.
Beckett: I think we should pursue both lines of investigation.
Castle: Well, he's your boyfriend.
Beckett: Excuse me?
Castle: I'm sorry. Am I jumping to conclusions again?
Beckett: It's none of your business.

Beckett: I cannot believe that you asked for samples.
Castle: She said anything we needed. Besides, it's not for me. It's for Ryan and Esposito.
Beckett: Don't you mean Charlotte and Miranda?
Castle: Wait a minute. That would make me Carrie.
Beckett: You're so metrosexual for even knowing that.
Castle: I only watched that show out of the corner of my eye when my mother had it on. That so did not come out right.

Martha: In life, you just have to accept the fact that not everything is gonna go your way.

Beckett: Where were you Sunday night?
Lukas: Home...alone.
Demming: Well, I wouldn't worry. You won't be alone in your cell. Rikers is overcrowded these days.

Castle: They're supposed to be finding that homeless guy. I don't know how they're gonna do that when all they can do is make goo-goo eyes at each other.
Ryan: Beckett's a good cop. She can canvass and make goo-goo eyes at the same time.

Ryan: Besides, chances are, this book guy that Demming's got in the lockup did it.
Castle: Oh, don't say that.
Ryan: What? Ooh. You want to be the one to crack it, not Demming, right?
Castle: Well, the guy is not even Homicide. Doesn't that bug you just a little?
Ryan: Maybe a little. But that's not why it bugs you, is it?

Beckett: Castle and Demming were right about the two of them all along.
Capt. Montgomery: Nice of you to give them both the satisfaction of taking down their suspect.
Beckett: Oh, well, it's the least I can do...Male vanity being what it is.

(Beckett doesn’t know that Castle just caught her kissing Demming and is upset)
Beckett: Castle? What are you still doing here?
Castle: Hey. Just about to leave myself. Good job closing the case.
Beckett: Yeah. Well, we make a good team.

Featured Songs

  • "Workin' Man's Blues" performed by Aceyalone
  • "Crash and Burn" performed by Lifehouse plays during the scene where Richard Castle sees Kate Beckett kissing Tom Demming.
  • "You And Me Belong" performed by Jes.

Full Episode Recap


Who: Damian Wilder
Found: in his bed
Where Killed: where found
How: first: single shot to the chest (missed his heart), stayed alive for quite a while (25 minutes) until second: he was hit on the head (bludgeoned) by a heavy object


  • Lisa Jenkins, the shooter is head of product development at his company
  • Blake Wilder, did the bludgeoning, is Damian's cousin

Motive: cover up and Greed

  • Lisa didn't want to do jail time for being in charge of a dangerous product
  • Blake didn't want Damian to announce the product recall because the value of his stock would drop.

Blackmailer: Rebecca Strong
Motive: since it appeared that Damian Wilder didn't care that his product was dangerous, she though that she could force the issue. She returned all of the money that LISA or BLAKE paid her because THEY didn't want the information to get out. And she did NOT kill anyone.