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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
According to Director [[Andrew Marlowe]], the shot where [[Kate Beckett]] looks meaningfully at the chair usually occupied by [[Richard Castle]] and is interrupted by [[Tom Demming]], was the last scene of the episode that was shot - at around 5:30 in the morning.
== Full Episode Recap ==
== Full Episode Recap ==

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Basic Details

Season 2, Episode 23

Original Air Date: May 10, 2010

Also Aired On:


A robbery-homicide prompts Beckett to invite Demming to assist on a case, giving Castle a ringside seat to their budding romance. When it becomes clear that the two men have very different ideas about how to proceed, the investigation becomes an unspoken competition for Beckett’s attention, one in which each man races to solve the case, as Beckett referees between her two admirers.

Episode Images


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Michael Trucco – Det. Tom Demming
  • Paul Carafotes – Lukas Canby
  • Julie Claire – Lisa Jenkins
  • Stephen Full – Benny
  • Monica Garcia – Cleaning Lady
  • Jennifer Hall – Rebecca Strong
  • Jim Hoffmaster – Clerk
  • Melanie Lewis – Daphne
  • Kasey Mahaffy – Lance Newman
  • William R. Moses – Blake Wilder
  • Ella Thomas – Natasha Piper


  • John Terlesky


Ratings Information

Date Viewers (Mil) 18-49 Demo
May 10, 2010 11.42 2.6
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Full Episode Recap

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