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One Life to Lose

Basic Details[edit]

Season 3, Episode 18 (52)

Original Air Date - March 21, 2011


When the head writer of a soap opera is found dead on the set with an axe in her back, Castle and Beckett discover there are any number of suspects with plenty to hide. He also discovers his mother's connection to one of the show's stars and an amusing secret about Beckett.

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Castle: Why would anyone want to kill a writer?
Beckett: Oh, so many reasons.

Castle: Or maybe Sarah discovered that Greek billionaire Mikos had invented a machine that could cause blizzards that would plunge the entire world into an ice age.
Beckett: Really? You're going to go with an evil weather machine?
Castle: It already happened. On General Hospital.

Esposito: The fans weren’t happy.
Lanie: You’re damn right we weren’t happy! Ashley Conrad was the matriarch of Temptation Lane for 30 years and then all of a sudden WHACK!
Beckett: Lanie!
Lanie: Right.

Esposito: Ms. Bronson, what time did you leave the studio last night?
Mandy Bronson: We wrapped at six, then I went straight home. I um... I drew a bath, poured a glass of wine, put on a little John Legend, then I slipped into my silk robe and let the bubbles soak every inch of my body.
Esposito: Wow.
Ryan: Dude.
Esposito: Dude…
Ryan: (seriously) Dude.
Esposito: I’m just…

Ryan: What about you, Mr. Hastings?
Lance Hastings: Ditto for me.
Ryan: You also drew a bubble bath and listened to John Legend?

Castle: Fox-can? Joseph Fox and Angela Cannon…how did you know their names?
Beckett: Uh, one of the uniforms briefed me.
Castle: Oh. And shippers? Relationship fans?
Beckett: Castle, I do read, you know?

Beckett: What's the matter, homicidal fan not soapy enough for you?
Castle: You know when you say "Soapy" I conjure up images of...
Beckett: Castle focus.
Castle: I am.
Beckett: On our suspect!
Castle: Oh.

Beckett: I mean, you saw how obsessive she was. She invests in these fictional relationships. She cares if Angela's gonna get back with Alfonzo, if Margarets going to survive her cancer scare. I mean...
Castle: Oh my God!
Beckett: What?
Castle: You watch Temptation Lane.
Beckett: What? No.
Castle: No one said anything about Margaret's cancer scare. You know a lot about shippers, you know about FoxCan. You are a fan. A big fat Temptation Lane fan.
Beckett: Ok, maybe I watched it like once or twice.

Castle: It's just so delightfully not you.
Beckett: So says the guy who rattles off plot points from General Hospital.
Castle: Oh, that is completely different. That, is for research.
Esposito: What was for research?
Beckett and Castle: (simultaneously) Nothing.

Castle: Esplanie.
Beckett: What?
Castle: Lanie and Esposito like Foxcan, we can call them Esplanie. Which is perfect because they're always Esplaining things.

Beckett: (to Esposito) Lanie, loves diamonds.

Castle: "Diamonds are forever like my devotion to you." Who writes notes this cheesy?

Esposito: Obviously, you haven’t seen Chiquitas.
Castle: As in bananas?
Esposito: No, as in telenovella. I used to watch it growing up with my grandmother. Bro, there was this one episode where Gabriella discovered that her husband was sleeping with her evil twin sister Teresita, only to later find out that she had multiple personality disorder.
Castle: Wait, does that even qualify as cheating?
Esposito: Dude. Don’t over-think it.

Suspect: What do you mean she’s dead?
Castle: She’s dead. It only really has the one meaning.

Gloria Chambers: Now if denial is a crime, I plead guilty.
Beckett: Good to know. How do you plead on murder?

Castle: Feeling lonely, betrayed, she seeks comfort in the arms of this mystery man.
Beckett: And she decides that she wants her husband back, so she writes his mistress, Mandy Bronson, off the show in order to save their marriage.
Castle: And the next step would be to get rid of the other man.
Beckett: So maybe the other man didn’t go off quietly into the might.
Ryan: Do you two practice this when we're not around?

Castle: You know, I could see why she fell for Gloria’s con. Sarah was motherless, childless. She was taking young writers under her wing. She’s looking for family.
Beckett: Wow, Castle, that’s a refreshingly down-to-earth theory.
Castle: Just trying to keep you on your toes.

Castle: Everyone has an alibi.
Beckett: Yeah, well, somebody out there doesn’t and we are gonna find them.
Castle: Maybe we should sleep on it. (Beckett looks at Castle) Separately! (whispers) Why Katherine Beckett, I never.

Castle: "The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King." Hamlet.

Ryan: I found a new route that’ll get us to The Old Haunt in eight minutes. You up for a beer? C’mon. I know the owner.

Beckett: I was 9 and I had to get my tonsils taken out and I was miserable. And so my mom took time off of work and stayed with me, and cuddled up in front of the TV on the couch and watched episodes of Temptation Lane. So every time I see it now, it just makes me feel like home and safe. So there you go, judge away.
Castle: My DVR would make yours look like Masterpiece Theater. But I am glad to know this about you.


  • This episode is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the long-running daytime soap opera One Life to Live, on which Nathan Fillion got his start in television, playing Joey Buchanan. Seamus Dever also worked on a soap early in his career, appearing on General Hospital as Dr. Ian Devlin.
  • Jon Huertas admitted to having a crush on Jane Seymour.[1]
  • The soap opera set for Temptation Lane was actually the set for All My Children. Two actors from that show, Rebecca Budig and Cameron Mathison, guest star here as soap actors.
  • Corbin Bernsen guest stars on this episode. In real life his mother was the late Jeanne Cooper, known as the grande dame of American soap operas, starring on The Young and the Restless from 1973 until her death in 2013. Corbin also appeared on that same series.

Featured Music[edit]

  • Takin' Care of Business performed by the Bachman Turner Overdrive - Castle finds Martha cleaning the loft kitchen
  • Got to Be performed by Latch Key Kid

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Two actors on the fictional soap opera Temptation Lane are shooting a steamy love scene, when the woman hears her husband arrive home. Her male lover opens the bedroom closet door to hide and is surprised when a woman’s body falls out with a fire axe in her back. He looks to the crew for an indication that the body is a prank, but sees no one else is laughing. Then he recognizes the victim.

At his loft, Richard Castle enters the kitchen to find his mother, Martha Rodgers, cleaning out the refrigerator. He teases her about her past lack of domestic habits and she explains that the space for her acting school won’t be ready for another month, her granddaughter and Castle’s daughter, Alexis, is busy studying for her Advanced Placement exams, and her lunch date cancelled, so she decided to clean the kitchen to keep herself from going stir crazy. Castle’s cell phone rings and he answers to find it is Detective Kate Beckett calling. She tells him there has been a murder at 1777 21st Street and Castle jots down the address, promising to meet her there. He hangs up and Martha, looking scared, approaches her son to say she recognizes the address as that of the television studio where the soap opera Temptation Lane, on which Martha appeared years ago, is filmed. She offers to go with him, but he declines saying such a situation requires trained professionals. He promises to text her updates, however, when she reminds him that he is neither a trained nor a professional detective.

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At the studio, Detective Javier Esposito tells Castle and Beckett that the victim is Sarah Cutler, one of the writers. As they walk through the set and after Beckett teases about how many reasons there are to kill a writer, Castle spins a wild tale taken from ‘’General Hospital’’, about how Sara discovered that a millionaire had invented a weather machine designed to throw the world into a new Ice Age. Beckett is skeptical, as usual, but Castle reminds them that they are entering a world of high drama, twists, and intrigue, so a fantastic motive is called for.

Upon seeing the body, Castle guesses that the killer “walks amongst us.” Medical Examiner Lanie Parish explains to Beckett that Sara died when the axe severed her spinal cord and her lungs filled up with blood, causing her to drown. She puts the time of death between 7 and 11p.m. the night before. Esposito adds that the axe is the fire axe used on set and the crew thinks it is symbolic since when Sara was made head writer, one of the first things she did was to kill off a major recurring character with an axe, which saved the show, but angered the fans. Lanie enthusiastically agrees that the fans were angry clearly revealing that she is a fan of the show, but Beckett quickly brings her back to the case. Lanie goes on to say that according to CSU, Sara was killed on the set, dragged into the closet, and the crime scene cleaned up. This indicates to Castle that the killer had knowledge of the layout of the set. Detective Kevin Ryan joins them and says that stage security told him while other stages were guarded the stage where Sara died was not meaning, to Beckett, that someone from the outside could have gotten in, contradicting Castle’s theory. Beckett tells Ryan and Esposito to talk to the actors who found Sara and she and Castle will interview Sara’s husband, one of the show’s directors.

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Ryan and Esposito interview actors Mandy Bronson and Lance Hastings, who both praise Sara’s talent and kindness, and snipe at each other continuously. Sara says she left the studio around 6 after filming wrapped and she went home. She then, noticing how Esposito seems to be enamored of her, seductively tells him how she took a bath and listened to music all night. Ryan notices his partner’s interest and subtly reminds him he is in a relationship with Lanie. Lance says he left after filming wrapped as well and that he last saw Sara when she came down to the set before he and Mandy shot a love scene.

Beckett and Castle talk to Sara’s husband, Vince Bowers, who says he last saw his wife on set at around 6p.m. before he went home. Beckett asks if he was at all concerned when Sara didn’t come home and he says, since Sara was head writer, long hours at the office were to be expected. He goes on to say that, while Sara did have to make tough decisions about the show’s characters, nobody on the show would ever hurt her. He then remembers an encounter Sara had a week prior with a crazed fan who won a set visit and had to be removed by security. He identifies the person only as Foxcanlover, a “shipper” who runs a blog about the show, and whose real identity Sara’s assistant, Reese Harmon, would know. Beckett explains to Castle the meaning of shipper and how Foxcan indicates a relationship between characters Joseph Fox, Lance Hastings’ character, and Angela Cannon, Mandy Bronson’s character. Castle is momentarily surprised at Beckett’s knowledge, but is interrupted when a distraught older woman runs to Vince and hugs him. He introduces her as Sara’s mother, Gloria Chambers, who says she gave Sara up for adoption when she was younger and only recently reunited with her. Beckett promises to find the killer and Gloria angrily threatens to sue the city if she doesn’t.

As Castle and Beckett walk back through the set to find Sara’s assistant, Castle is still surprised at Gloria’s threat to sue, but Beckett quiets him, saying everyone deals with grief differently. Castle then suggests, despite Beckett’s continued skepticism, that Gloria is “a gold-digging opportunist” who has weaseled her way back into Sara’s life because she needs an organ transplant. He next asks Beckett how she knew about Foxcan and she says a uniformed officer told her. Undeterred, he asks how she knew about shippers and Beckett reminds him that it is common knowledge anyone can read anywhere. They find Reese sitting on the set, staring at the white outline where Sara’s body fell, tears streaking her face.

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Reese leads Castle and Beckett into Sara’s office and tells them Foxcanlover’s real name is Carrie Edwards. Castle asks why, if Sara was working late, she didn’t stay and Reese says she normally would, but Sara told her to go to a mixer sponsored by the network’s Fellowship Program since she believed in mentoring young writers. Reese then shows the two Foxcanlover’s blog, where they see Carrie posted one message about failing to complete a mission on set and another about how Sara has stabbed the fans in the back and it’s “time to give her the axe.”

Back at the precinct, Castle and Beckett interview Carrie Edwards in an interrogation room. Initially, she is excited about Sara’s death and wants to broadcast the news on Twitter, but changes her mind after getting a severe look from Beckett. Carrie denies killing Sara, saying she bought the set visit because she was worried that another group of fans, who want Angela Cannon to be with another character, were swaying Sara to their side. She then adds that she was organizing a protest whereby fans who wanted Angela to be with Joseph Cannon would send axes to the network demanding that Sara be fired. She gives her alibi as being at home with her parents chatting with other fans.

In the precinct break room, Beckett makes herself a cup of coffee while Castle says he doesn’t think Carrie is their killer. Beckett teases him that a homicidal fan as their murderer isn’t “soapy enough,” which Castle says conjures up racy images in his head. Beckett brings him back down to earth and explains how obsessive a fan Carrie is. During her explanation, she lets an unmentioned plot point from the show slip and Castle realizes Beckett is a big fan of the show. She denies this and tries to leave the break room, but Castle blocks her path until she finally admits she may have watched the show occasionally. Castle calls such a revelation out of character for her, who teases him about his own love of ‘’General Hospital’’. Castle claims his watching the show is simply research, just as Esposito approaches. He confirmed Carrie’s alibi and says that of most of the cast and crew also checked out, but that he found a mysterious notation in Sara’s calendar that her assistant and her husband don’t recognize. Both also say that Sara was upset when she returned from these meetings. Ryan enters and says he found out that Vince and Sara have been separated and that Vince hasn’t lived in Sara’s apartment for months, a fact Beckett remembers that Vince failed to mention earlier.

On the set, Castle and Beckett confront Vince with their knowledge and he admits that he separated from Sara because her hectic work schedule left him no time with her. Beckett suggests that Sara kicked Vince out and demanded a divorce, so he killed her. He denies this, and after some prodding, finally admits that after leaving the set the day of the murder, he went straight to a hotel to meet Mandy Bronson, his lover. He says around 7p.m. Mandy got an email from Sara about new script pages and left the hotel to go home to memorize them, but he stayed.

As they leave the set, Castle doubts Vince is their killer. Beckett guesses because his motive as soon-to-be-ex is too ordinary, but Castle plugs away, saying they should shift their focus to Mandy. Beckett wonders if Vince is lying about the email, but agrees that Mandy has explaining to do. This stirs an idea in Castle and he tells Beckett they can refer to Lanie and Esposito as “Esplainie”, since they typically explain things.

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Both are interrupted when Castle spies Martha entering the set. She says she is grieving Sara’s death and that even though she didn’t know Sara, anyone who has ever been on a soap opera feels the loss. She also volunteers to be a mole on set to help them solve the case, especially since she and Lance Hastings were a couple both on and off the show when Martha played a recurring character in a three week run. After telling Castle and Beckett how her character married his character and then had several brushes with death, she excuses herself to greet Lance with a warm hug.

In Sara’s office, Reese logs into Sara’s email for Castle and Beckett where they find the message Sara sent to Mandy. It asks her to return to the studio as soon as possible and has script pages attached in which Mandy’s character is killed off, thus giving her a motive to kill Sara.

Back at the precinct, Mandy sits in an interrogation room while Esposito and Castle watch her in an observation room and marvel at her beauty. Castle fills Esposito in on how he and Beckett believe that Sara found out about Mandy’s affair with her husband and wrote her off the show to get rid of her. Esposito says it reminds him of a Spanish soap opera he used to watch with his grandmother.

Beckett enters the interrogation room and asks Mandy how she felt about her character being killed off. Mandy says Sara probably wrote a death scene for each character to keep the actors in line. Mandy admits to confronting Sara, who wanted to save her marriage by getting rid of her, but denies killing her. She adds that when Sara seemed unwilling to change her mind, she went to see Peter Connelly to sleep with him in hopes of convincing him to change Sara’s mind.

Peter Connelly confirms that Sara spent the night at his apartment and that he agreed to speak to Sara to keep Mandy’s character on the show. As they talk, Reese walks by and Peter tells her to go to writer’s room and help out. Reese is very pleased and rushes off, leading Castle to wonder how desperate Peter is for help. He says that while he may publish one book a year, they put out over 200 scripts in the same time and since Reese brought up a script that Sara liked, he’ll use her to help if she is willing. They end the interview as Beckett’s cell phone rings. Esposito explains that Vince’s alibi checked out and Ryan discovered the odd notations in Sara’s calendar were meetings at a coffee shop. Her next scheduled meeting is in an hour.

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Castle and Beckett arrive at the coffee shop and ask a barista, Lauren Goldberg, if she can identify Sara. She says she can, then becomes hysterical when Beckett tells her Sara is dead. Lauren explains her grief by saying that Sara had promised to read a screenplay she wrote and possibly get her an agent, but now that she is dead, her chance is gone. Beckett, through looks and glares, convinces Castle to make the same offer to Lauren if she will tell them who Sara met. Lauren agrees and points out the man Sara would meet, who just arrived. The man identifies himself as Johnny Dimes, a private investigator who Sara hired to look into Gloria Chambers, who turns out not to be Sara’s mother at all.

Back at the precinct, Beckett tells Castle that Gloria Chambers showed up three years ago claiming to be Sara’s birth mother but Sara got suspicious and hired Johnny to look into her background. Castle tosses out yet another wild idea about why Gloria inserted herself into Sara’s life, but Beckett bets it was simply for money since Gloria has a history of insurance fraud and former husbands from whom she took lots of money. She adds that an all points bulletin has been issued for Gloria, but her apartment is empty and the building manager said he saw her leaving that morning with a suitcase. Beckett theorizes that Sara found out about Gloria’s past from Johnny Dimes, confronted her, and Gloria killed her to avoid exposure. Castle agrees with this idea, adding that having played a grieving widow before, Gloria knew when to get out of town to avoid heat from the police. Just then, Esposito gets off the elevator with a disguised Gloria Chambers in handcuffs, having been caught trying to buy a plane ticket to the Bahamas. She claims to need to get away from all of her memories of Sara, but Beckett doesn’t buy it.

In an interrogation room, Beckett and Castle confront Gloria, whose real name is Charlene Sellers, about her criminal past: fraud, embezzlement, and two ex-husbands eager to get thousands of dollars that she stole from them back. She calls the fraud and embezzlement charges misunderstandings and says the money her ex-husbands want back was also hers since she married them. Castle reveals how they know that she heard in an interview that Sara was adopted, so she posed as her birth mother to get herself written into Sara’s will to the tune of $300,000. Gloria denies killing Sara and suggests that both look into the man who recently gave Sara an expensive pair of earrings which, she figured, were an apology after they broke up. She then gives her alibi as being at a race track, betting on horse races.

Esposito confirms Gloria’s alibi about being at the racetrack to Castle’s dismay, as Ryan enters and says that according to Vince’s financial records, he didn’t buy the earrings Charlene talked about which cost $10,000. Castle and Beckett then build a theory, to Ryan’s and Esposito’s amusement, that Sara fell into an affair out of loneliness, but decides she wants Vince back, so she writes Mandy off the show and is murdered when she tries to get rid of her lover as well. Beckett orders Ryan and Esposito to find out who bought the earrings, since they are exclusive to a boutique in Chelsea.

Later, Beckett confirms Gloria’s alibi. Castle then observes how he could understand how Sara would fall for Gloria’s con since Sara was interested in helping up-and-coming writers and had no other family, meaning she wanted one of her own. Beckett is surprised at such a normal theory when Ryan and Esposito return and reveal that Lance Hastings bought the earrings for Sara and that he lied to them in their initial interview when he said he went home after wrapping shooting the day of the murder. According to his credit card records, a cab picked him up and took him to the studio around 8p.m. Beckett tells them to pick up Lance, but Ryan says uniformed officers didn’t find him at his apartment and he’s not answering his cell phone. Castle remembers that Martha was talking to him earlier on set and immediately calls home to find her. Alexis answers and says Martha is with Lance, scaring Beckett and Castle into thinking she is with their murderer.

At the studio, Beckett tries reassuring Castle that his mother is, but when they overhear Lance threaten Martha from his dressing room and Martha scream, Castle kicks in the door and they burst inside, Beckett with her gun drawn. They find Lance holding a knife to Martha’s throat and Castle drags her away from him while Beckett orders him to drop the knife. Martha tells them to relax and Lance finally drops the knife to show that it is a rubber prop. Lance admits they were working on a scene and Martha admits it was her idea for a date.

In an interrogation room, Beckett and Castle confront Lance about his lying to Ryan and Esposito. He denies that he and Sara were in a relationship and says he went to meet her to thank her for agreeing to let him out of his contract with the show so he could shoot a movie. The earrings were an extra inducement to get her to agree. When he arrived, he found Sara upset and reading a script. When he asked her what was going on, she said someone had betrayed her.

At Sara’s office, Beckett finds the agreement that would let Lance out of his contract, verifying his story. Castle laments how Martha will never let him forget his mistake since he spoiled her “moment.” Beckett wonders who could have betrayed Sara. Castle guesses Gloria, but Beckett reminds him she had already cut her out of her life and suspects Vince. Castle counters this by saying that by the time Lance arrived, Sara had already confronted Mandy, meaning she had decided to stay with Vince. Beckett puts in that Sara still could have had doubts about her marriage when Castle brings up that Vince has an alibi, like everyone else. Beckett is confident they will find out who doesn’t and they will to the killer. Castle suggests they sleep on it, eliciting a suspicious look from Beckett, which he quickly quashes, saying he meant they sleep on it “separately.” He leaves the office muttering under his breath as Beckett, still amused, watches him.

Castle arrives home at his loft to find Alexis and Martha on the couch together. Alexis tells him how she heard from Martha about his rescue and Castle tries to defend himself, saying he deserves some credit for being willing to confront even perceived danger. Nevertheless, Martha hands him a catalog in which she has selected an outfit for him to buy her as an apology. Martha then holds up the screenplay Castle got from Lauren the barista and praises her writing. Castle seems reluctant to read the script at all, but Martha tells him he must as Alexis points out that he is procrastinating. Castle denies this, and tells the women that he now believes that whoever Sara told Lance betrayed her is their killer. As Martha dramatically describes how he is unlikely to figure this out since soap operas are chocked full of both written and real dramatic storylines, Castle reads some of Lauren’s script and has a revelation.

The next day Beckett meets Castle at the ‘’Temptation Lane’’ set eager to make an arrest. Castle asks her to relax since they are about to shoot a scene he wrote which will reveal the killer’s identity and hopefully get a confession. They hurry back to the control room as shooting begins. In the scene, Lance’s character, Joseph, confronts Mandy’s character, Angela, about her plagiarizing a research paper she wrote to win a fellowship. He says he stopped by a coffee shop and a barista asked him to read an article she wrote, which ended up being identical to Angela’s paper. As the scene plays out, Reese looks more and more worried. When Vince, the director, yells cut, she is confused, saying this isn’t the script they rehearsed previously. Castle then tells her to read the subtext of the scene and Reese says she may have mixed up scripts and reminds everyone she was at the fellowship mixer the night Sara died. Castle tells her that nobody remembered seeing her after 8p.m. and Beckett says she has officers at her apartment searching for her bloody clothing that she wore when she killed Sara. Finally, Reese comes clean that she was frustrated by the lack of time she had to write her own script since she had so many menial chores to do for Sara and was so under appreciated despite all the work and effort she put into her job. She refused to let Sara take the opportunity away from her believing that after all her hard work, she deserved it.

At the precinct, uniformed officers lead Reese away in handcuffs as Castle, Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan muse over her motive, which Beckett calls ordinary before heading back to her desk. When Castle mentions that there is no shortcut in writing, Ryan brings up how he found a shortcut to The Old Haunt, the bar Castle owns, and invites him and Esposito to join him for a beer. Esposito agrees, but Castle says he’ll be along shortly. The guy leave and Castle watches Beckett at her desk for a moment with a glint in his eye, before picking an envelope up off a desk nearby. He hands it to Beckett, calling it a present. She opens it and smiles broadly at the contents: a signed cast photo of ‘’Temptation Lane’’. Castle then leans on her desk and Beckett describes how she has been a fan of the show ever since she was nine and her mother stayed with her when she had her tonsils taken out. They would curl up on the couch together and watch the show, so watching it as an adult makes her feel safe. Castle then tells her he appreciates that she shared something so personal with him, and in the middle of their eyes meeting, Beckett’s cell phone rings, registering a call from her boyfriend Josh. She is reluctant to answer, but Castle gets up to leave her alone and walks out of the precinct. Beckett thanks him and finally answers the call.

Back at his loft, Castle finds Martha on the couch with Lance, the two of them seeming to be rehearsing a touching love scene. He announces his presence, but Martha says they are merely talking. When Lance kisses one of Martha’s fingers, it finally hits Castle that they are not rehearsing and, embarrassed and seriously grossed out, he excuses himself.


Who: Sarah Cutler, writer on the daytime soap opera, Temptation Lane
Found: in the closet on the set of Temptation Lane
Where Killed: just outside the closet

How: Fire Axe in the back - severing her spinal chord. Lungs then filled with blood.
Killer: Reese Harmon, assistant to Sarah
Motive: Cover up plagiarism of someone else's script


  1. Michael Ausiello interview with Jon Huertas & Seamus Dever posted July 28, 2011, TVLine.com

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