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Real Richard Castle Novels[edit]

The following are books released in the real world and are available to purchase. They are the same books Richard Castle is writing throughout the television series.

Nikki Heat Novels[edit]

Nikki Heat is the fictional character based on Detective Kate Beckett.

Derrick Storm Novels[edit]

Derrick Storm is the protagonist of Richard Castle's highly popular series of novels. In the first Castle episode, Castle attends the launch party for the final book in the series, Storm Fall, in which Castle killed off Derrick. In 2012, Hyperion books released three short novels, or novellas, in which Castle brought Storm back from the dead. The first full-length Derrick Storm book to be released to the public, Storm Front, was released in May, 2013, followed by Wild Storm in 2014.

Amazon.com has released A Brewing Storm, A Raging Storm, and A Bloody Storm as one package, Storm Surge, for the Kindle e-reader and as Ultimate Storm in hardcover.

Derrick Storm Graphic Novels[edit]

The following are graphic novels based on four Derrick Storm novels written by Castle before the series started. Although the text versions of the novels do not exist in the real world, the graphic novels do, and are intended to to be seen as 'adaptations' of the originals. Comic book publisher Marvel originally planned a total of five books in the series: in the event four were published.

Fictional Richard Castle Novels[edit]

Below is a list of Derrick Storm books referenced in Castle but not released to the public for purchase.

Derrick Storm Novels[edit]

Storm Fall[edit]

The last of the original series of Derrick Storm novels

  • Flowers For Your Grave (episode 1.1) - Castle meets Beckett at the launch party for this book.
  • Hell Hath No Fury (episode 1.4) – Martha visits a bookstore to see how well sales are going, and phones Castle in a panic. Later on, Castle performs a reading of the final scene to a tearful audience at Broadway Books and Beckett arrives to catch the end.
  • The Time of Our Lives (episode 7.6) - In the parallel universe, Captain Beckett is seen reading Storm Fall in her office.
Gathering Storm[edit]
  • Flowers For Your Grave (episode 1.1) – Kyle's apartment – there are two different spines shown with this title
Unholy Storm[edit]

The sixth Derrick Storm novel

  • Always Buy Retail, (episode 1.6) – Castle mentions it while standing over the 1st murder victim, and reads some of it to Beckett at the loft
  • Exists in the real world as a graphic novel, published 2014
Storm's Last Stand[edit]
Storm Season[edit]
Storm Rising[edit]
  • Home is Where the Heart Stops (episode 1.7) - Castle mentions Powell as the inspiration for the jewel thief
  • Cuffed (episode 4.10) - Castle says he worked with one of the best safe-crackers "in the biz" while writing this book
  • Number One Fan (episode 6,4) – hostage-taker Emma Riggs asks Castle: "What are Pierre Dubois's last words?", to find out if it's really Castle she's talking to.
Storm's Break[edit]
Storm Warning[edit]
  • Fool Me Once (episode 2.4) - Beckett and Castle meet the CIA agent whom Castle interviewed for information on the clandestine service.
Storm Approaching[edit]
  • Flowers For Your Grave (episode 1.1) – When Alexis and her father talk in hallway of their loft, it is the first cover hanging on wall. The view is a little blurry.
Storm Watch[edit]
A Calm Before The Storm[edit]
  • Not seen or mentioned in the series, but a prop copy of the book exists, and the title also exists in the real world as a Derrick Storm graphic novel. It therefore must be one of the original Derrick Storm titles, because all the graphic novels are new versions of books in the original Storm series.
Driving Storm[edit]
  • Not seen or mentioned in the series, but listed on Castle's website as one of the original Derrick Storm books. (However, see also the entry for Storm Watch.)
Deadly Storm[edit]

The first Derrick Storm novel

  • Knockout - Castle reveals the cover artwork for the graphic novel of Deadly Storm, adapted from his novel
  • Heroes and Villains – Castle is seen promoting the graphic novel at a convention
  • Exists in the real world as a graphic novel, published 2011
Tropical Storm (unpublished)[edit]
  • Driven (episode 7.1) - Started but abandoned because Castle realised the plot – a supervillain tries to control the weather – was 'terrible'. Castle tries to convince Beckett that he would never have camped in the tent where his belongings were found because research he did for the book made him frightened of tsunamis.

Other Novels[edit]

Death of a Prom Queen[edit]
Flowers For Your Grave[edit]
Hell Hath No Fury[edit]
A Skull at Springtime[edit]
At Dusk We Die[edit]
When It Comes to Slaughter[edit]
A Rose for Everafter[edit]
In a Hail of Bullets[edit]
  • Biography for Heat Wave; Revealed as Castle's first novel
  • Last Call - Castle tells Beckett the book was mostly written in a booth at the prohibition-era bar The Old Haunt.
Kissed and Killed[edit]
  • Referenced in original pilot
One Bullet One Heart[edit]

Novel mentioned on Richard Castle's website [1].

  • Bullets and Bracelets - this is NOT one of Richard Castle's books
  • Dead Man's Chest - this is NOT one of Richard Castle's books

Novels by Victoria St. Clair[edit]

Victoria St. Clair is a pseudonym of Jameson Rook, one of the main characters in Castle's Nikki Heat series, which he uses to publish romance novels written when he's not working on a magazine article.