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Notable Characters Season 5

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Season 5[edit]

After the Storm

  • Senator William Bracken turns out to be connected in some way to Johanna Beckett's murder, but Kate doesn't have enough evidence to arrest him for it.

Cloudy with a Chance of Murder

  • Kristina Coterra - Entertainment reporter who's known for interviewing subjects while in her bikini.

Secret's Safe With Me

Murder, He Wrote

  • Vincent "Vinny the Scar" Cardano, cousin to Sal Tenor from A Death in the Family, turns out to be a neighbor of the victim. Castle invites him over for some linguine and a bottle of red, but offends him by hinting that Vinny might know something about the crime.

Probable Cause

The Final Frontier

  • Gabriel Winters, a cocky actor from a long-gone sci-fi TV show, trading on his past fame for current, um, favors from lady fans.
  • Benjamin Donnelly, crafter and purveyor of realistic futuristic gadgets and weapons, including one that turns out to work all too well.
  • Stephanie Frye, an actor who spent years distancing herself from the TV show, only to find she might get sucked back into the fandom.

Swan Song

After Hours

Secret Santa

Significant Others

Under the Influence

Death Gone Crazy


Reality Star Struck



Scared to Death

The Wild Rover

The Lives of Others - 100th episode in the series

The Fast and the Furriest


The Squab and the Quail

The Human Factor